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  1. “The whole thing was a right old Meghan” - spoken in a Danny Dyer cockney cunt voice.
  2. It’s strange Eric, but somehow I knew you’d like this film. Isn’t that amazing?
  3. Completely off topic, but Roadhouse is a fucking good film. Haven’t seen it for years and enjoying it immensely. Brad Wesley is, however, a cunt.
  4. Please - never speak to me again.
  5. A good piece of rump steak is one of my absolute favourite meals, and I cook it for the Ape family a few times a year, with chips, mushrooms, onion rings, tomatoes and peppercorn sauce. Steak should always be slightly pink after cooking, with a hint of blood in the juices. Cunts that cook it until it’s like leather should be flogged in public and have sea salt rubbed into their wounds. Fuck off.
  6. Sounds like someone’s on a cycle of their own at the moment...
  7. I saw him on TV last night and he annoyed me , so I made the post to spite the cunt. It was a half-hearted nom - it was shit.
  8. I don’t really think he’s a cunt either if I’m honest.
  9. What can I say? He’s a cunt. A massive, loudmouthed, bellowing cunt. Fuck off.
  10. @Earl of Punkape good evening you splendid fellow - how are you?
  11. Ape™️

    Reach Out

    Are you mentally ill?
  12. Ape™️

    Reach Out

    I had to contact an app developer recently as a particular feature had stopped working after an update. Anyway, when I received an email response from the developer I was thanked for “reaching out” to technical support, whereas I was under the impression I’d simply contacted them. After an admittedly helpful and useful response, the email ended by telling me not to hesitate to “reach out” to them again if I had any further questions. This is another vile Americanism that’s gradually polluting the English language, and I for one fucking detest it.
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