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  1. It’s unlikely you could ever marry below yourself, unless you were to include the animal kingdom.
  2. You should seek help for your crack habit, you babbling fucking maniac.
  3. In order to “pick on me” you’d need to be a big beast. You’re a maggot.
  4. That would involve you not being a weedy little faggot, so it’s never going to happen. “Lol”.
  5. Glad you’re not rattled to the point you feel the need to continually name-drop me.
  6. I’ve noticed you seeding spackers with undeserved likes - I’m fucking watching you.
  7. You’d better not be trying to open a like mine in this idiot, Eric.
  8. Remember what I said about every single one of your posts being utter shit? Unsurprisingly, this latest offering is no exception.
  9. Indeed - closely followed by the old hag, desperately seeking to gain the attention of her idol.
  10. The risk for you, in any public space, is having someone take exception to your weedy, faggot face and subsequently kicking it in - I’d imagine.
  11. I think it’s fairly reasonable to expect even a vile moron like you to know what the risks are, you mindless cretin.
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