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  1. How’s your quest to knock me off the leaderboard going? Not very well from what I can see! Stupid fucking cunt.
  2. Ate a load of the purple shit last night (spicy variety in a jar - delicious) and then drunk a load of red wine. Woke up with a hangover, went for a shit and was horrified. Then I remembered the beetroot. lol Fuck off.
  3. Have you been furloughed from your job as glory hole attendant at your local public toilet?
  4. If they get wind that you’re heading over on your mates “private jet” they’ll close up in a flash. And who can blame them?
  5. It’s delivered to me by Ocado, fuckface.
  6. Due to the evolving Coronavirus crisis, over on the Wong Flu id19.......part 2 thread there’s a special edition of “Roops speaks with great authority” on at the moment.
  7. How’s your dog-shit collection coming along?
  8. Or I could drink bleach, or jump into an industrial wood chipper. Why not just ask me to kill myself? Wanker!
  9. Could the same feat be accomplished with a wooden baseball bat? Could you have just said baseball bat? Stupid cunt.
  10. Can you explain the significance of the words in bold? Do you believe them to add weight to your absurd, idiotic argument?
  11. There's a stupid cunt that's going round Turning the Corner upside down Stoolstabber - ha-cha-cha-cha
  12. Fuck off Pen, you pathetic, sycophantic piece of shit.
  13. Shut the fuck up, you semen-swilling imbecile.
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