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  1. I see you’re no less shit after your time away! Even @Erroreptile404 could have devised a better response. Stop fighting the cancer, and just die.
  2. Fucking idiot. Top yourself.

  3. I’m out enjoying the fruits of my labour - just fitted a diesel night heater to our log cabin, so I’m in a tee shirt and watching a movie, in almost tropical warmth. I’m going to try and slip a finger up Mrs A quite soon, as she’s quite pissed.
  4. What are you doing tonight Frank? Any plans to go out or do something interesting?
  5. Ape™️


    If a good buddy is someone that finds you mind-numbingly boring, that finds you immeasurably tedious, that finds you spectacularly shit then yes, I’m your good buddy.
  6. Ape™️


    You’re, cretin. It’s you’re.
  7. Ape™️


    You’ll never appreciate the irony of this comment, you utter cretin.
  8. Ape™️


    Is this what The Corner has been reduced to? What an unadulterated load of utter fucking shit. Stupid prick.
  9. Still trying to reassert your authority on here Frank? You need to realise that things have moved on, and you are no longer big-man-on-campus. Dig deep into your buckets o’flids, and do a fucking video. Failing that, you know what to do.
  10. Oh I don’t know - why not fucking kill yourself, you boring, repetitive, meaningless waste of oxygen?
  11. Frank - what exactly are you playing at? Is this all part of your planned return to power, or are you just being an irritating prick?
  12. Agreed - it speaks volumes about what a weird little cunt he is.
  13. Well, you’ve won the race to the bottom. It’s impossible for you to become any more shit.
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