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  1. It’s a humorous coincidence that you, in your own depraved way, also plough through filth for a living. Or should I say, you have your filth ploughed through.
  2. You’re never going to get a divorce that’s for sure. Who’d marry a weedy little faggot like you?
  3. Watch your step, cunt, or you’ll be in the cooler again.
  4. For a fake, nonexistent virus, that all the governments of the world must have agreed to collude on, it’s doing a pretty good job of killing people in their droves. You are nothing but a foil hat wearing moron.
  5. As he sits there, staring at you, he’s probably thinking “cunt”.
  6. I doubt it too. I had a look around Dosbods today, and quickly concluded that it’s a massive pile of shit. Truly dreadful.
  7. I wonder if he’ll swallow his pride, accept that he can’t behave the way he has been and make an effort to integrate into the complex CC environment.
  8. Oh really? Tell you what Frank, PM me what you believe to be my mothers address. If you’re correct, I will openly admit to all of CC. People will think twice about dismissing any future “I know where you live” comments, and you may gain a little more respect. Wanker.
  9. Er, Eric Cuntman would be my guess...
  10. Well there’s a surprise...
  11. You’re a noble guy RK, but this prick is way beyond taking advice.
  12. He’s starting to remind me of Jazz, but without any of the humour. He’ll be posting pantomime dame pictures before you know it. What an absolute prick.
  13. You’ve swatted nobody, Mr know-it-all. You’ve presented yourself as a target, so get used to it.
  14. Please, just spare us you. “I could of course upload them from one of my own web-site URLs, but then another cunt like myself would spam the fuck out of it!” What an absolute wanker.
  15. Well, he certainly had me fooled!
  16. We’ve all been fooled @Bubba C - he’s just playing with us. He’s just pretending to be utterly fucking shit.
  17. These bikes look good, and I’d quite like one. However it’s hard to justify the expense as I’m not a gangling spastic, and therefore able to ride a conventional bike.
  18. I’m sure you’ll find some other incoherent, unfunny, alcoholic wankers that you’ll get on like a house on fire with.
  19. How exciting! Come on “Roopsy” - let FuckFace have some more “bandwidth“! Or alternatively, explain to the fucking tedious cunt that he should use a picture hosting site and post links to his fascinating Nissan pictures, like pretty much every other forum on the planet.
  20. You’re so “in the know” with the motoring world it’s staggering! Who is Vikki Anderson?
  21. Ah, the namedropping has begun. Nothing says “rattled” more.
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