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  1. Has anyone noticed Espacktile’s new signature? ”If you don't eat yer pudding, you can't have any meat How can you have any meat if you don't beat yer meat?" Perhaps it’s just me, but it sounds like the signature of a weird, gay little wanker.
  2. So you prefer it direct from source then?
  3. Do you eat tinned congealed semen?
  4. Absolutely nothing wrong with cauliflower - it’s delicious. Fuck off.
  5. Two comedy geniuses, at the top of their game. What a pair of fucking idiots.
  6. How long do you have to wait before you can change your shit-cunt user name? You’re a fucking embarrassment.
  7. Ape

    Fancy Dress Invite

    Shut up fart-knocker.
  8. And as a certainty, you’re drinking your own elixir, you fucking freak.
  9. The lining would be way more silver if it were dead.
  10. 7 minutes - slower than I expected, but it had to stick its nose in.
  11. Sorry, I have no idea what you are talking about. I think it’s best if you refrain from any further contact with me.
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