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  1. However, transsexual freaks that are a disgusting amalgam of both sexes are evidently welcome.
  2. I refer you to a previous post I made, asking you to explore the meaning of irony.
  3. All your material combined into a single sentence of utter drivel. Congratulations.
  4. I’ve just logged in after a lovely day with my family and friends. We’ve been out enjoying the sunshine, enjoying some drinks and BBQ food together and generally having a very nice time. What, exactly, have you done today, other than post a mobius loop-like stream of utter fucking drivel - just like you do every shitting day of your pathetic existence? Lol. Fuck off.
  5. Get out a dictionary and look up what irony means, you boring, repetitive, monotonous waste of fucking oxygen.
  6. New user name, same dog-obsessed weirdo wanker. Fuck off you creepy little prick.
  7. Frank - this is no way to ingratiate yourself with the members of CC. Sort your shit out, and if at all possible, brutally murder Withers.
  8. You have some explaining of your own to do...
  9. There was no such inference. That you are a semen-guzzling poof was, however, clearly inferred, and with very good reason. Fucking poof. lol. Fuck off.
  10. The ‘tard likes this - says it all really.
  11. Is he supposed to be pleased that a sneaking, sycophantic fuck-pig wanker is warming to him? Personally I can’t see him giving a flying fuck what you think. I certainly don’t.
  12. You’re full of spunk tonight. Etc. Etc. Wanker.
  13. I suspect the cum would need flecks of shit in it, but other than this minor detail, I think you’ve got the formula spot on.
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