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  1. Ape


    Fuck off.
  2. Ape


    I regard him a thinking mans idiot. Not an idiot in the traditional sense - he has a degree of intelligence in his posts, but an idiot nevertheless.
  3. Ape

    Bruno Tonioli

    How’s the golfing holiday going? You’ve still got time to dredge up five year old noms, so I’d say you’re officially a bullshitting faggot poof-cunt.
  4. Ape


    If you had a dog shit collection? If? Of course you’ve got a fucking dog shit collection, you sinister little weirdo.
  5. Quality nomination. Absolutely first class.
  6. You’re an eloquent cunt RK, and I envy you. Now that’s two cunts I’m envious of.
  7. Fucking hell! “I respond to comments according to the spirit in which they were meant”? 300 posts in and you’re some kind of seasoned expert on CC etiquette?
  8. Aren’t you supposed to be on a golfing holiday?
  9. Yes, just one of the many, many things.
  10. Is it? Isn’t that convenient! Always handy to have a rule that you can fall back on to prevent you answering a question!
  11. Hahahaha! Being a comedic genius is clearly one trait. But what about the others? Come on - indulge me.
  12. Indulge me and list all the things about you that you believe I’m envious of.
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