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  1. Jamie Carragher

    Do you have village idiots in your kingdom, Rollo? Punkape would make an excellent one, as long as being a raving faggot isn’t frowned upon.
  2. BBC News. Again. Probably.

    Put on your tinfoil hat, and fuck off.
  3. Eh?

    After some Saturday night wanking material? You’re an utter disgrace and a complete poof.
  4. Eh?

    Your favourite kind: arse cancer.
  5. Sally cuntbreed Jones

    Have you ever considered finding something better to do with your life than writing fucking drivel like this? There’s not one ounce of humour in anything you post - just drab, dull, tedious shit.
  6. Allah is gay

    The nom is yet another example of what a gay-obsessed wanker the author is.
  7. Allah is gay

    Tell us more about your obsession with all things gay.
  8. Allah is gay

    Why don’t you put up a nom that has something to do with homosexuality? That’d be funny and original, wouldn’t it? Just admit you’re a fucking poof and be done with it.
  9. Allah is gay

    Have you nothing better to do with your life than post utter fucking drivel like this? You really are a complete fucking wanker.
  10. When the fun stops

    You are, without question, the most tedious and pathetic cunt ever to post on CC.
  11. Monty Python

    I though your levels of idiocy had reached their peak several weeks ago. It seems I was wrong, as lately you’ve evolved from idiot into complete cretin. Congratulations.
  12. Jim Bowen has kharked it.

    I just pray the grim reaper turns his attention to you next, you despicable piece of shit.
  13. life- like child sex dolls

    Why are you trawling through old threads, asking dormant members where they are? There are already plenty of people active on CC that think you’re a stupid little cunt - why do you want more?
  14. Ken Dodd is dead

    Pukeape lacks the intelligence to appreciate the humour of Peter Cook, and prefers to “lol” at old black and white movies of men throwing spunk pies in each other’s faces.