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  1. Ape


    An excellent assessment of the situation.
  2. Ape

    People who will not be watching the royal wedding

    Fuck off.
  3. Ape

    The Asparagas Season

    What a dreadfully punctuated piece of shit. Cancer!!
  4. Ape

    The Asparagas Season

    A perfect example of the point I made in my last post. Dull, humourless, uninteresting, unfunny wanker.
  5. Ape

    The Asparagas Season

    Everything in your life, including you, is grey. You speak in monotone, with no humour, interest or emotion. If anyone should be a cadaver, it’s you. Make it so. Oh, and fuck off.
  6. Ape

    Chinese Medicines (again)

    I’ve got some spack powder - would that do?
  7. Ape

    The Mutation Of The Left.

    Ratty - indulge me: what the fuck goes on inside your head, to make you post things such as this?
  8. Ape

    Chinese Medicines (again)

    Look at this beauty....family heirloom
  9. Ape

    People who bag up dog shit and then tie it to a tree

    Repeat bollocks.
  10. Ape

    wearing a baseball cap and reduced intelligence

    i has a pop at this subject a few years back, albeit about the positioning of the baseball cap, rather than the act of actually wearing one in the first place.
  11. Ape

    'Super' as an adverb

    Nope - you won’t ever find ‘eavens clogging up a nom with inane drivel. No sir.
  12. Ape

    'Super' as an adverb

    That’s a bit harsh. Are you on the blob?
  13. Ape

    'Super' as an adverb

    And what we’re left with, after all the pruning, is a fucking shit nom.
  14. Ape

    The magic of mushrooms

    Nobody would ever be jealous of you, except someone who desperately wanted to be a thick, repetitive, fantasist shit stabber.
  15. Ape

    The magic of mushrooms

    Frank - what the fuck are you playing at? You log in from time to time, and treat us to another oh-so-hilarious Rocky post, and then fuck off into the ether. Are you going to contribute anything to this site ever again?