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  1. Piles

    Thanks for sharing.
  2. Bayreuth Tapestry returns

    I’m fairly confident Withers is dead by now. Or am I confusing confident with hopeful?
  3. Bayreuth Tapestry returns

    Is this similar to the Bayeux tapestry?
  4. The Sandcastle Day School

    You really are a spectacularly fucking stupid shit-cunt wanker. I fucking detest you and all you stand for. Fuck off.
  5. Pegasus Airlines new under sea flights

    Shut up, you sycophantic little weasel.
  6. Pegasus Airlines new under sea flights

    Are you attempting to groom Albert? You disgust me.
  7. Pegasus Airlines new under sea flights

    Made. Are you some kind of imbecile?
  8. Cunting Australian Flu

    I’d have thought flu would be the least of your worries. lol. Fuck off.
  9. Richard Osman

    I’ve no idea, although I suspect Dan’s had a bottle of whisky for his tea. He’s an utter prick.
  10. Richard Osman

    Frank McCunt. He’s a fucking disgrace.
  11. Richard Osman

    You fucking wanker.
  12. People Who Talk About Ancestry

    I can just imagine you walking round your hovel, in a royalty-themed fancy dress costume. All rise for King Cocksucker!
  13. Nigel Farage

    When it comes to Lady P, I’d rather it was just dead.
  14. Nigel Farage

    Don’t presume to know what I mean, rodent.
  15. Nigel Farage

    Fuck off, you septic old slag.