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  1. The FlidSpack Game

    Consider Ape enraged. Livid. Seething. Furious.
  2. Frank is back

    Do you really think that anyone has ever been the slightest bit interested in anything you say or do ever, Frank?
  3. Shitty Computers

    Why don’t you burn RK an ISO, as a peace offering?
  4. Shitty Computers

    Yeah, obviously. I bet there are thick cunts out there that didn’t know that. Fucking idiots.
  5. WOT, no Brexit plan!!

    Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha! Fucking class! Wanker.
  6. WOT, no Brexit plan!!

    Indeed. I voted remain, with the caveat that you were brutally executed.
  7. People WHo Have To Wear Name badges and Hair Nets

    Are we to assume that this is the modern day replacement for your “shite in the mouth” catchphrase?
  8. Good final lines to a novel

    Give it a like then, you tight-fisted rodent.
  9. Good final lines to a novel

    Pen took her picture of Vangelis, her eye syringe and her shit nom portfolio, and headed to the airport ticket office. “One way economy to Bern please” she calmly asked the agent.
  10. Go to Switzerland and have an injection.
  11. Meterological Exaggeration

    “Planks” are easy to fly anyway - especially high wing ones. Fuck off.
  12. Generally this sentence is written with the second ‘of’ replaced by ‘in’. Fuck off.
  13. Meterological Exaggeration

    And have you been flying? If so, what?