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  1. Iam Ape

    Shape of things to come

    Is getting back into your good books something I should be aspiring to?
  2. Iam Ape

    Shape of things to come

  3. Iam Ape

    Toss pot hypocrites.

    Dancing in the Streets - what a load of total and utter fucking shit.
  4. Has she ever said “that hits the spot?” If she ever does, punch her in the throat as hard as you fucking can.
  5. Iam Ape

    Toss pot hypocrites.

    The Jam were fucking magnificent.
  6. Iam Ape

    Football comin home

    Well said Wolfers - he’s a fucking freak.
  7. Iam Ape

    Le French......all cunts

    Why are they all cunts? Please don’t tell me you’re basing this statement purely on their football victory - that would be the most predictable and boring thing anyone could ever say about the winners of the World Cup.
  8. Iam Ape

    Google fact cunts

    It’s a landscape video that plays in portrait. Is this some kind of sick fucking joke?
  9. Iam Ape

    Google fact cunts

    Portrait mode video wanker.
  10. Iam Ape

    Shape of things to come

    I’m glad to see that you’re just a casual observer in all this, and that you aren’t fucking OBSESSED with Brexit.
  11. Iam Ape

    Erectile disfunctionin older gents

    Why are you so determined to make a load of avatars in a virtual environment believe what you say about houses, cars, jobs, wife etc? Nobody else gives a fuck, but you clearly deem it of great importance, and this makes you a target. Going to Oxford Poly is no great claim to fame either. Also, it’s comical how you’ve suddenly gone on the defensive about your wife - you know, the “gook” you’ve referred to in several posts. I’m sure she’d be delighted to know you refer to her in such a derogatory way. You’re a fucking idiot.
  12. Iam Ape

    Businesses that get you to work for them For Free

    Don’t forget the cunts who proceed to get out a 2” thick wad of coupons they’ve been saving up for a year, that take 10 minutes to be counted and have a total discount value of £3.87.