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  1. Iam Ape

    Shamina Begum

    For once you’ve posted something worthy of a like.
  2. Iam Ape

    Shamina Begum

    Poor old Ratty is getting a bit crabby of late.
  3. Here he is! The alpha fail!
  4. Just the kind of comment I’d expect from a simplistic cretin. Thanks for confirming my suspicions.
  5. Are you absolutely sure she doesn’t think you’re a simplistic cretin?
  6. Why? Does Roops think you’re a simplistic cretin too?
  7. Thanks for your expert appraisal of Honda cars, you fucking idiot.
  8. Iam Ape

    Shamina Begum

    Someone’s tired.
  9. Iam Ape

    Shamina Begum

    Its cunt index says it all. High volume, high throughput bollocks.
  10. Iam Ape

    BREXIT Part XI

    I see your temporary exile hasn’t made you any less of a thick, loud mouthed, racist fucking idiot. A brief scan of your latest contributions to the site reveal the usual references to “muzzies”, “browns”, “noirs” etc. What a vile piece of shit you are.
  11. Iam Ape

    Cunts who confuse plus fours with plus twos

    You seem to forget that while he’s frantically wanking, he’s being injected from behind with fluids, by Mtembe. He can avoid dehydration for months using this method, just as if he were wearing a Fremen stillsuit.
  12. Iam Ape

    Cunts who confuse plus fours with plus twos

    Whatever clothing old Pukeape wears, there’ll be a common feature: Fucking poof.
  13. Iam Ape

    Cunts who confuse plus fours with plus twos

    You stupid fucking wanker.
  14. Iam Ape

    Cunts who don't have a lobster pick set

    Dredging through comments made almost two years ago is the hallmark of a fucking cretin. lol. Fuck off.