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  1. Fuck off you self-righteous wanker.
  2. As opposed to some people, whose egos are almost galactic.
  3. Their phones will be brimming with electrons they’ve stolen from Wetherspoons too, the thieving cunts. Still, despite having better phones than you, I bet they know absolutely fuck all about proper battery power management.
  4. Yeah, you really got me. Have another can of Special Brew to celebrate.
  5. Brilliant! Your entire comment is based on the work of @Earl of Punkape and @Witheredscrote. Try and think up something original, of your own making. Such comments simply pander to the bottom feeders of this site, as illustrated by the “likes” you’ve received.
  6. Stick to drinking yourself to death, and keep your red, swollen nose out of my business, you humourless fucking wanker. Lol. Fuck off.
  7. Just checking. I’m certainly not aware of the internet speeds of other countries. The internet speed of other countries doesn’t rank anywhere in my need-to-know list.
  8. Did you know this? Be honest now. Did you know this or did you go to the trouble of looking it up?
  9. Ratty, you’re a fucking maniac.
  10. Ape

    Chubby Brides

    This is the stuff of legend! Fuck me, the replacement Cuntwad looks like she must have her own local gravity.
  11. Ape

    Danny Baker

    This is how I imagine Pukeape to be, except the fluid in the syringes would be something other than narcotics.
  12. Ape

    Danny Baker

    I fucking love that episode of The Boosh. Totally surreal.
  13. Ape

    Danny Baker

    That’s a given.
  14. Ape

    Danny Baker

    Unbearable. Truly unbearable.
  15. Ape


    And there it is - the final proof.
  16. Ape


    This post speaks volumes about what an idiot you are, especially as you felt it necessary to add the hilarious little edit. Withers and Pukeape can, on occasion, make this whole “beans” thing amusing. But you just can’t carry it off, and your relentless attempts to do so only serve to make you look a bigger prick than I ever believed possible. Quite a feat in itself.
  17. @Earl of Punkape - you fucking wanker.
  18. As utterly fucking bizarre (and totally fucking shit) nominations go, this sets the bar at a new high.
  19. Are you playing this weekend, you fucking idiot?
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