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    Robbie Williams

    I’m in France on business at the moment, and there’s an unsavoury aroma everywhere. Do you think it could be Withers?
  2. You’re wasting your time trying to explain such things to the deranged sack of shit.
  3. Stupid little spastic wanker. Fuck off and die.
  4. What about eating baked beans or going on all-inclusive holidays in Portugal? What about Airfix glue sniffing? Would these be considered blasphemous too? Cretin.
  5. The vile piece of shit shows no empathy for anyone.
  6. Wind your thick, racist troll neck in for a minute and try having a little compassion for the innocent people who have been senselessly murdered, and the families that are left picking up the pieces of their shattered lives. You can be amusing at times, but at others you fucking disgust me.
  7. Let’s all make claims to do things that we can’t shall we? Then we can all use the 👌 emoji and try and appear clever. Prick.
  8. Yeah - I bet he’s absolutely shitting himself.
  9. But you really do want to do this - the only problem is that you can’t. You wish you could, but you can’t.
  10. What a spectacularly fucking stupid cunt you are.
  11. Anyone with half a brain would see that Eric and I were taking the piss out of a stupid, repetitive little cunt with our comments. Care to take a guess as to who the stupid, repetitive little cunt in question is?
  12. Please accept my apologies for not awarding any likes tonight - I had higher things to do involving irons and Withers.
  13. Make sure you pay special attention to the abnormally large muscle structure of Espacktiles wanking arm.
  14. You sound rattled, Espacktile. Is your games console downloading some big updates, leaving you with fuck all else to do?
  15. What about the stunning cathedral?
  16. I’m personally gutted the 737 Max 8 has been grounded, as it’s going to mess up my Tesco all-inclusive resort holiday in Portugal, where I was going to eat baked beans every day, fly toy helicopters and sniff Airfix glue. @Earl of Punkape and @Flatline - lol lol Fuck off.
  17. The thingy that tells the flight computer what angle the plane is at gave false readings. I asked Roops the question to determine if she’s also an expert on avionics, to add to all the other things she’s an expert on.
  18. Loving isn’t the word I’d use...
  19. Did you know all this or have you looked it up?
  20. Errr yes, Drew, that’s it. You got me. How can I hope to compete with someone of your cutting wit and intellect? #drewsday
  21. (S)he may be misspelling it, but (s)he is certainly having no trouble being it. The nomination is a lazy, moronic pile of utter fucking shit.
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