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  1. For me it's the burka wearing bumberclats who take up the whole pavement with fully loaded three seater buggies and another two kids in tow, they move along at a snails pace with the phone wedged in the burka gibbering away - these spoon faced fuckers only have two speeds, slow and fucking stop
  2. Spatchcock

    Torture makes an official return

    With a side order of anything with benedict cumberbitch in it.....its inhumane i tell you!
  3. Is that an ox tongue in a human cheek........
  4. The scales have fallen from joe publics eyes finally - overpriced tasteless slop promoted by the king of spackers and lapped up by spackers - wait till next week when arse clown james o'brian of LBC radio starts his horseshit - he's so far up the spackers arse you can't tell where one ends and the other one begins.....
  5. Spatchcock


    Utter horseshit
  6. Spatchcock

    Ed Balls. What a cunt.

    Mrs balls aka yvette cooper or as my mate calls her "pin head" a bird with a smaller head you will struggle to find
  7. Spatchcock

    Own Smith Labour Party

    Yada yada yada let's get onto the more irritating subject of "how many times can i say LGBT " chutney ferret owen jones, methinks this cockwallet has an arse like a windsock and a gob to match, i would say "stick a sock in it or I'll stick my cock in it" however this guy could probably suck a golf ball through a garden hose so I'll leave it at that
  8. Spatchcock

    Bootsy Collins

    Had never heard of this sunglasses wearing yellow barrel of monkey spunk, quick look at you tube to confirm my suspicions and what do you know, a complete cock wallet....would love to bootsy my steel toecap dewalt boot up his red rosy rectum ...cunt
  9. Spatchcock

    Byron Burger boycott

    Sir......you are a bellend of the highest order, i salute you!
  10. Spatchcock


    Never, and i do mean never trust a spacker with an ox tongue. ....
  11. Spatchcock

    Cunt goes berserk on German train

    One word. ....mossad, think what happened after the Munich massacre, golda meir told mossad to get medieval on their arses, and thats what they did for over a decade, exploding telephones(I'm not talking samsung galaxy here) people getting shot in their beds etc, you can picture the scene.....Mohammed bothering a goats arse only to find at the vinegar stroke not only is it a fake goat but its ringpiece is in fact a proximity fuse - alluah akbar!!
  12. Spatchcock

    Simon Pegg

    Went to a robbie williams concert years ago, under duress i might add with my missus, in the flesh the cunts got a head like a tin of paint, can't sing or entertain for shit, i found the whole experience quite disturbing - sweaty babbling fuckstick - for once she wasn't referring about me
  13. Spatchcock

    Old bill who like to "nosh the cosh"

    Sorry to keep banging on about it but for fucks sake - really?
  14. What the fuck is going on with this country, only weeks after the wholesale slaughter of gays in Orlando, our capital city is rammed full of chutney ferrets and our police force....sorry service are more interested in mincing about with the public and proposing to each other, i now also find out there is a twitter feed dedicated to old bill who like to cross dress, play the pink oboe , munch the rug etc can we please stop pandering to these minority groups and get back to some good old fashioned policing
  15. Spatchcock

    Policewomen's tits

    Dancing around like a bunch of cunts last week, flopping the yer baps out this week, what in the name of fuck is it gonna be next week....Mind how you go !