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  1. 'shithole countries'

    Thanks for posting that, great tune from the eighties.
  2. allocation of council houses

    Most of the Council houses nowadays are given to Africans and Muzzies, because they have 100 kids each. Fuckin oxygen thieves.
  3. Santa Claus

    Fuck you Santa.
  4. TOTP

    For some reason they've edited out Saville on TOTP2. Beeb cunts.
  5. The BBC's Perfect Christmas

    It's amazing how the BBC always manages to find all the poofs to interview. As usual, fuck all decent to watch on this shite fucking channel. Cunts
  6. Gender-neutral prefixes

    That's actually quite funny.? Fuck off.
  7. Those who don't believe or do not have faith in the lord

    Born again Christian eh? Cuntscorner must have really fried your brain. Soppy cunt.
  8. Abused women coming out of the Woodwork.

    There's no doubt Weinstein is a fucking dirty creep and he deserves to get whacked over it, but some of the shit coming out now, is just pure opportunistic bollocks.
  9. Abused women coming out of the Woodwork.

    I read that people complained about Spacey too, and his shenanigans were well known to people close to him.
  10. Abused women coming out of the Woodwork.

    This shit has got out of control. Every woman who has come into contact with a man, is now screaming sexual harassment 30 years later. Some tart today, Rebel Wilson, is the latest in a long line of bullshitters. Yeah OK love, have you looked in the mirror? No man would bother. Fuck Off.
  11. Hypochondriacs and Pisstakers

    What's the matter with you man? Have you never heard of Harold Shipman? He had the right idea.
  12. Sammy Lee

    Did he have 1 bollock?
  13. ITV royalty Clive Tyldesley

    Fucking hell, so that's what he looks like. Not surprised they never show the ugly cunt.
  14. Sammy Lee

    "Sammy Lee Sammy Lee, he's short he's round, he bounces on the ground".
  15. Goodbye, Nelson.

    Good nom, thousands of people, including myself, ripped the fucking bitch on social media. The abuse was outstanding. Dumb fucking cunt.