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  1. Cunt Judges

    I'm sorry to hear about that Wiz. Can you ensure you spread a little of your TB around to some of the more deserving members like Ape, Bill and Frank.
  2. Cunt Judges

    It's quiet in here tonight Wiz. Are you the WS to which Mrs Jungle Muff was referring to on the other thread??
  3. The Minister for Loneliness

    Lol. Classic Decimus. Zero effort. You really do work for a labour controlled local authority.
  4. The Minister for Loneliness

    Fucking hell. I'd rather be lonely, and gay. In that order, before anyone gets any ideas.
  5. The Sandcastle Day School

    Sounds a bit 'gay' to me
  6. Pegasus Airlines new under sea flights

    I think you will find Malaysian Airlines have already cornered the market in this.
  7. Online Petitions

    Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! George, Bungle and Geoffrey.
  8. David Cameron, the forgotten Cunt

    A 'pig' not in the true biological sense of the word, but nevertheless, she was pretty ugly. In my defence her mouth seemed far less dangerous than her gash which was more like a trawler man's welly.
  9. Online Petitions

    Still not has cheap as a female actor, I think you'll find.
  10. Online Petitions

    Yes. The reasoning for this is so that more of the budget can be spent on the special effects rather than actors wages. I am just guessing that a female Dr Who will be paid far less than a superior quality male actor.
  11. People stood outside talking all night.

    Presumably you either live on a council estate or are currently holidaying in Butlins. Either way, you should have had higher aspirations in life just like me and my mate, Punkape.
  12. Dennis K

    Not as incensed as I am when driving over the mini roundabout that has miraculously appeared for no discerning reason on the main road in Thorpe End. They must have had a left over tin of white supremacist paint.
  13. Dennis K

    Dare I remind you about 'Roundabouts'
  14. Heartbreak

    Sounds extremely similar to the method you must use before deciding to post a nom.
  15. Gwyneth Paltrow's coffee enemas

    Gwyneth does come across as a bit of a Mellow Bird.