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  1. Is it because the hotel lobby music reminds you of the backing track to your favourite porn flicks and you're sat there with a stonking hard - on, unable to stand up for fear of the other punters realising what a filthy minded, self abuser you really are?
  2. There's a rumour that a new band is forthcoming, going by the name of Chuckle 'n' Dave.
  3. Well he reached the age of 74 so, "mustn't grumble". Fucking Rockney cunts.
  4. The gay bit I can understand but what makes them think a cock less weasel like yourself is a man?
  5. You sick, twisted cunt. Why shouldn't women get a choice?
  6. If you've also got a strong desire to join a golf club then I'm afraid your suspicions are well and truly confirmed.
  7. I disagree. They get paid just as much (relatively) and all they've got to do is move something on wheels to something that does all the lifting and emptying for them and then, and this seems the fucking difficult bit for them, return the bin to your driveway so you can still get your car in / out. Bring back black bin bags and metal bins to teach these lazy cunts a lesson.
  8. My old and trusted measure of "would I give her one up the shitter?" has come back with a negative on this one I'm afraid. Ergo, not really bothered on the outcome of this one. ps. I hope this doesn't make me look too much of a cunt on MumsNet....., sorry, I mean Cunts Corner.
  9. I just knew that believing in all this sky fairy nonsense would end up with someone getting terminally killed. Jesus christ almighty, they should ban it all in my opinion.
  10. FFS 'Baws, you must be able to locate an animation of Tufty the Squirrel getting run over whilst crossing the road because he was distracted by his furious and wanton wanking.
  11. Good nom. I vaguely remember one of the early National Lottery 'good causes' paid for some fucking white coat idiot to study Guinea Pigs in South America, which bizarrely coincided with the last time I purchased a ticket.
  12. An easy mistake to make when he's using the cheeks of his arse rather than his hands.
  13. I would imagine most normal folk wouldn't be bothered by these minor economic adjustments just so long as the membership fees of the golf club aren't effected.
  14. Faster than it takes Punkape to start playing with his wood at the mere mention of golf club membership.
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