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  1. The ugly and stupid

    This is a borderline breach of rule 4, by association. What do you reckon LadyP?
  2. RapeLawyers4You

    Do I get any compensation for the pain and discomfort caused when Jeremy Beadle used to fist me?, on the other hand..............
  3. RapeLawyers4You

    Fuck off Grot Bags. Lol
  4. RapeLawyers4You

    I got a Jim'll Fix It badge for playing Greensleeves on a Stylophone, do I get a double pay out?
  5. The X Factor

    And Punky has the popular xx ChroHomosome.
  6. Bull shitting cunts.

    Reported for the noms title potential reference to a fellow poster. (for the removal of doubt - Willy Stickers)
  7. Small Print

    i imagine its not as much of a cunt as a small penis. Perhaps Frank can confirm.
  8. Limp hand shakers

    If I wanted to hold hands with a man I would change to one of those gays that some posters on here seem to know a bit too much about what they get up to.
  9. The X Factor

    It's coming up to pantomime season, what do you fucking expect. "He's behind you", "let him have a chair". Don't give them a chair, give them a stool - a shitty brown stool, right in the face. I'd still go down on that Nicole ShirtsWringer even though Lewser Hamilton has been there. Give her some of my corner compote to slurp.
  10. Gretchen Rubin

    I find that hard to believe.
  11. Punkers message box

    There's nothing like the voice of experience to teach you how to handle rejection PunkerQuaker.
  12. Cunts whose front doors open outwards

    MC is referring to the Approved Documents that provide the GUIDANCE to support the Building Regulations. Guidance means there is no absolute requirement to follow it. What a stupid cunt he is. Those stupid bastards that overclad Grenfell followed the Building Regulations and look how well that turned out. Some stupid corner cutting white goods manufacturer didn't follow the guidance on how to build a fridge without it bursting into flames. Who would guess that would happen.......again and again. Beko, White Knight etc take note.
  13. Cunts who wear high visibility clothing

    You're not a true catholic until you've made the choir hit the high notes and then said a prayer or two to replenish your sin quota for the week. Fuck off inadequate belief thief.
  14. Burying a Brady

    I'm curious Pukey, how the fuck do you manage to grip a golf club with such limp wrists? Do you use your pretty mouth? When it's not gobbling cock obviously.