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  1. Drew P Pissflaps

    Kendrick Lamar

    It is my understanding that all little pricks have slant eyes. Better ask Pen as she's probably seen more than anyone else well ever know.
  2. Drew P Pissflaps

    Kendrick Lamar

    Does the name 'Marigold' mean anything to you? He regularly loitered on Barn Road wandering up and down with a pair of yellow Marigolds (other gloves are available), pretending to direct the traffic. He was as black as David Blunketts dog, although I believe everyone had to pretend he had a golden one. The racist cunt.
  3. Drew P Pissflaps

    Kendrick Lamar

    Well I'm black and I whole heartedly agree that this Kendrick Lamar cunt sounds like a total nigger. Can you be a racist against your own race? or is it just offensive whoever uses it? in which case the dumb Fuckwit needs to shut the fuck up and come up with some more elaborate lyrics.
  4. Drew P Pissflaps

    Death Penalty

    Well I disagree. I don't think it would be boring if we all agreed.
  5. Drew P Pissflaps

    Death Penalty

    Could we make them carry organ donor cards too? Then even if you make one or two errors of judgement at least someone benefits.
  6. Drew P Pissflaps

    Death Penalty

    To be fair if I was him I would probably have killed myself too but only after I was standing over the corpse of the driver and his passenger. What's the betting that HMP are providing psychological support services to the criminals yet the victims get fuck all to help them deal with the mental aftermath.
  7. Drew P Pissflaps

    Obese cunts in New Look

    Well make that a thousand and one you fucking fat, beached whale of a cunt.
  8. Drew P Pissflaps

    Obese cunts in New Look

    Let me explain in terms they understand. When you next go to McDonald's and purchase your 'go large' meal or XL burger take a minute to examine the pricing difference between your meal and the one that normal people buy. Now fuck off you fat, repulsive slag.
  9. Drew P Pissflaps

    People who bag up dog shit and then tie it to a tree

    When I was younger I used to redistribute dog shit under the door handles of Ford Capris. It was fucking hilarious watching their cunt drivers getting a mitt full of shit.
  10. Drew P Pissflaps

    People who bag up dog shit and then tie it to a tree

    This has already been established so,.. Repeat, repeat, repeat bollocks.
  11. Drew P Pissflaps

    Chinese Medicines (again)

    Quite right. Why is it never "eating the rotting feet of a city pigeon" that stops the stupid chinks cocks falling off. As Delia once slurred, "C'mon you yella's"
  12. Drew P Pissflaps

    Middle Class Rugby Union Fans

    What's the betting that those two rugby fellows weren't just sampling the alcohol at the after match party in Singapore.
  13. Drew P Pissflaps

    House Price Inflation

    It is a cunt indeed. I was all set to sell my rental property when it hit £300k but now it's valued at about £306k so I think I might reset my sell point to £350k.
  14. Drew P Pissflaps

    Ramadan 2018

    Does this mean my local Farm foods isn't likely to run out of pork scratchings for the next 30 days?
  15. Drew P Pissflaps

    No Brexit deal 'will up fish and chip prices'

    I fucking hate cod, it reminds me of Roops' growler (I imagine). Give me a nice piece of Vietnamese Catfish any day.