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  1. Drew P Pissflaps

    Litter Louts.

    Snowy you cunt. I hope you're paying attention and will pull your fucking head out of your arse and listen to what this raving loon is on about. You need to complete your bin round at 7pm.
  2. Drew P Pissflaps

    Fucking Asain car jacking cunts

    Panzy puts a Citroën badge on his to not only make his car annoying to steal, but bizarrely it seems to make the occupant quite an annoying cunt too.
  3. Drew P Pissflaps

    Football comin home

    I hate to admit it but Scrotes and his team of French faggots played well. What surprised me most was how fast Mbappe can run on the attack, I can't even begin to imagine how fast he is when he's going in the usual direction of the French, and retreating.
  4. Drew P Pissflaps

    Red cross flag flyers.

    Can you believe there's some twat on another thread that reckons they had their car knicked in under 10 seconds with a 1forall4 remote control.
  5. Drew P Pissflaps

    Lynx Gold advert

    I brought some of this recently, it was an Impulse purchase. I'll get my Donkey Jacket.
  6. Drew P Pissflaps

    Red cross flag flyers.

    Fuck off 'eavens you cunt. Do you know where I can get a Croatian flag to drape over Mankys' bicycle?
  7. Drew P Pissflaps

    Football comin home

    I see they are trying to identify an England supporter that walked over an emergency vehicle in London. In London? presuming because they support England then they are probably English. This in itself should narrow it down a fucking lot since it appears 90% of the occupants of London are from overseas. Now, back to the supporter, the stupid fucking slag is probably more worried about her body image and how she just about managed to total a commercial vehicle by lowering her fat useless arse onto the bonnet when she's finally identified. Just for the record, I wouldn't but I'm definite Neil would.
  8. Drew P Pissflaps

    Diego Maradona

    Looks like he's always been a wanker with that bandage for RSI on his wrist. But his little button mushroom would even look tiny in Jeremy Beadles hand.
  9. Drew P Pissflaps

    Topless men

    Sounds like your usual chat up line and I was right about the Blue Oyster.
  10. Drew P Pissflaps

    Football comin home

    I quite like your new avatar, Ape.
  11. Drew P Pissflaps

    Miserable cunt neighbours

    I had the feeling that quite a few punters would have HEARD this before. Whereas I really only said it to the thick cunts at my school, Heartsease (in)Comprehensive.
  12. Drew P Pissflaps

    Miserable cunt neighbours

    I see your problem, you don't think. You see, at any other time of year smoking out of an upstairs window would be fine. The latent heat energy in the smoke causes it to rise above the colder air outside and dissipate harmlessly above the roof of your hovel. Unfortunately, if it's 25°+ outside this isn't going to happen - simple physics, you fucking mong. If you had paid attention at school you could have got a decent higher paid job like me and brought yourself a place without any stairs, let alone any upstairs windows. Joey Deakin!
  13. Drew P Pissflaps

    Novichok Mk 2

    Imagine the look of despair on the entire teams faces (apart from the coach, probably - like PE Teachers, they all seem to have gay desires) if this cunt turns out to be one of the 'rescuers'.
  14. Drew P Pissflaps

    The Next Chairperson of BBC Question Time

    Rob Rinder! Now there's a guy who would ask the right questions, would remain impartial and, most importantly of all, appears gay.