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  1. Wizardsleeve

    social decline

    Unlike you, I don't live for an audience. I'm not the one beating the drum about who lives on the leaderboard. DO you even remember the time this place had no leaderboard? It was cunting... honest cunting. You were great then, because you didn't have to depend on likes to justify your existence. Forget the fucking leaderboard, Frank. If you ever want to reclaim your greatness, it's the only chance you have,.
  2. Wizardsleeve

    social decline

    "Poor Pen?" Speaking of missing the mark, that one is despised by one and all, how do you not see that? Frank, I'm your only remaining supporter here on these hallowed pages. I've been here long enough to remember when you were actually relevant. I alone provide you your opportunity to relive your glory days, proof as if it were needed is who liked your post...the Corners biggest no life and wife abuser. You are an ungrateful cunt.
  3. Wizardsleeve

    social decline

    We all have to be something, Frankie.
  4. Wizardsleeve

    social decline

    It's the crusty semen in your beard, Frank. Use shampoo! Filthy cunt!
  5. Wizardsleeve

    social decline

    I'm concerned about you, Frank. You sound rather down. You aren't having thoughts of self harm, are you?
  6. Wizardsleeve

    Rob Beckett

    That's Punky's line, Ratty!
  7. Wizardsleeve


    What's pink, black and has 17 nipples? The trash bin behind the cancer ward.
  8. Wizardsleeve

    social decline

    Are they hiring servers? Frank's AIDS ravaged body doesn't have the muscle mass to hold a tray.
  9. Wizardsleeve


    For all of humanity, every religion deserves a fair and equitable punishment for their crimes. I suggest this:
  10. Wizardsleeve

    Wankers who support footballist teams hundreds of miles away

    All we need now is For Applescruff to turn up and...I'll omit the rest.
  11. Wizardsleeve

    Rob Beckett

    I'm going to get cunted for this. Three responses in a row; I've known so few Robert's in my life who weren't cunts, Newman gets it on principle. Before the cunting starts, bear in mind, I could have multi-quoted!
  12. Wizardsleeve

    Rob Beckett

    Are you trying to negotiate a rate on his behalf, Ratters?
  13. Wizardsleeve

    Rob Beckett

    Never heard of her.
  14. Wizardsleeve

    Rob Beckett

    Spotto's style is uniquely dry and distinct. His poignant observations appeal to common sense, which is so clearly lacking in human kind anymore, we can't help but laugh. It's like hearing a eulogy where the speaker makes a comment about the deceased all could relate to and know as total bollocks, and laugh, as inappropriate as it is to do so at such a somber event.
  15. Wizardsleeve

    Rob Beckett

    To say nothing of the Laotian lady boys lost up there.