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  1. Frank is back

    Been released from the cooler, then Frank?
  2. Nosey NHS cunts.

    I'm rather shocked you disapprove of these measures, Punkers. You're full of surprises lately, which is a refreshing change from what you're usually full of. Please defenestrate yourself.
  3. Coarse fishing

    Smoke, no...chewing tobacco....well your teeth and the cancers fizzing on your gumline and cheeks say it all.
  4. People WHo Have To Wear Name badges and Hair Nets

    Not every shared experience will make the team, Quince. I know that, as do most who post here. We're only really a few steps above Facebook, except we call the shots straight, fair and honest, unlike the sniveling, PC brigade cunts on that haven of faggots.
  5. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    The Aussie women's cricket team is warming up to give a right kicking to our lads prior to the ashes. Apple, have you considered how you will get on in the event the ashes do go back to Australia?

    fear not, Ratters, some of us DO understand.
  7. The ugly and stupid

    Reported for abusing family.
  8. When the punishment does not fit the crime

    Shoot them, as well!
  9. More Transgender cunt bollocks

    Hefner has always preferred blondes with larger than normal tits. His body isn't even cold yet, and the cunts have done this to his legacy! Fucking Disgraceful.
  10. People WHo Have To Wear Name badges and Hair Nets

    His misery in life while mildly stimulating, wasn't enough to finish the job, Quince.
  11. People WHo Have To Wear Name badges and Hair Nets

    LOL....you cunt!
  12. People WHo Have To Wear Name badges and Hair Nets

    I never cared for it. The blood spatter....err......bad music was grating.
  13. People WHo Have To Wear Name badges and Hair Nets

    No, I had to listen to an old bloke moaning and groaning about his having to go back to work and only being able to find a job in the food service industry. He thought he was CEO material, nobody else did, especially those who make hiring decisions. He just wouldn't shut up about it, and as people would continue walking away, he would still bray on. No unlike one of those cunts with a "The End Is Here" signs and you just want to beat them like a baby fucking seal.
  14. Rubbish Pen! It's a glass eye, and you enjoy getting skull fucked with the sausage jab!
  15. Bull shitting cunts.

    Don't you mean special NEEDS club, Edders? OK, with that obvious shot out of the way, how be you Edward?