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  1. Wizardsleeve

    Black Friday

    You're not the worst on here, Arthur.
  2. Wizardsleeve

    Cunts With Stretched Earlobes

    If skin will stretch that much, why couldn't the body modification cunt stretch the skin around his neck over his fucking head and suffocate the thick fucking knob end?
  3. Wizardsleeve

    The meteoric rise of Ranesh Ramanathan and Richard Ayoade

    He did mention the Ashes in another thread, tempting the fates of a catastrophic outbreak of cricket banter, I think that automatically sets him high in the dribbling window licking spaz crowd.
  4. Wizardsleeve

    Richard Baker

    Good times.
  5. Wizardsleeve

    Richard Baker

    I'd give you a like, but you don't reciprocate! Tight fisted bastard!
  6. Wizardsleeve

    Black Friday

    Roops, sometimes your words are like speaking to Hannibal Lecter!
  7. Wizardsleeve

    Social Prescribing

    No possibility of proactive application, then?
  8. Wizardsleeve

    Social Prescribing

    What will you do when he asks for a sits bath with a raging erection and his usual lecherous grin.
  9. Wizardsleeve

    Richard Baker

    Don't bother. I posted the cunt a tenner for one, and he has yet to deliver.
  10. Wizardsleeve

    Ian Naude

  11. Wizardsleeve

    Black Friday

    Prof wasn't insane....just tedious beyond description.
  12. Wizardsleeve

    Social Prescribing

    Has Frank asked you to be his live in carer yet?
  13. Wizardsleeve

    Black Friday

    Nor one that will get fucked off. Even ProfB got the perma ban.
  14. Wizardsleeve

    Bench memorial plaques

    I must admit, as piss takes go, that did hit the mark. Twisted the knickers of absolutely fucking everybody over an absolutely cuntish practice!
  15. Wizardsleeve

    Tom Daley getting married - Wow

    Reported. Using Punkapes real name.