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  1. BBC News. Again. Probably.

    Fellow cunts, our little Albert's real name is Bellend Brownhatter the 5th He resides at 6 baker street, Hull HU28HP. He drives a rusty piece of shit Vauxhall not quite blue, not quite purple, but has a giant cock painted on the drivers door, and even the criminal community won't go near it for the smell of diseased arse. His parents are siblings, mong siblings, left alone for 30 seconds too long.
  2. BBC News. Again. Probably.

    Don't address me unless I instruct you to do so. You are nothing...actually less than nothing. Punkape is more valuable than you. Consider yourself warned.
  3. Allah is gay

    Punky is a special case. He does it in arseless leather pants and vicar's collar.
  4. Lack of evidence

    Murder, dismemberment, nicking her jewelry after dead, I'm fine with all that. Please, just don't rape the disgusting, unwashed fish minging hag. That would just be gross.
  5. BBC News. Again. Probably.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. You decided to watch the parade of utter shit not once, but twice. You're the cunt! Fuck off.
  6. Sally cuntbreed Jones

    I'm impressed, Pen. You were able to take a technical glitch with the board software and turn it into a biting insult. Is there no limit to your tedium?
  7. Happy saint paddys day

    You made your point, pansy boy. As dreary and pathetic as it was, you made it in the first post. I think you're probably knackered today, so pour a bottle of sleeping tablets into your bottle of Bushmills, and take a long nap.
  8. Sally cuntbreed Jones

    Rattled. Albert, you post like a scouse girly with a stutter. You truly are in over your head, here. .
  9. Sally cuntbreed Jones

    Rattled. Albert, you post like a scouse girly with a stutter. You truly are in over your head, here. .
  10. Sally cuntbreed Jones

    Soak the hammers in a Viagra solution! Maybe there is a Swedish pump for them? If only Punky were online to clarify that!
  11. Sally cuntbreed Jones

    Would it be possible to get old punkers in and have him read the bible to us while we dissect the two cretins? While he's reading the bible, you can project some nunsploitation porn on the wall.
  12. Sally cuntbreed Jones

    I would like to torment him in Hannibal Lecter style, convincing him to slice off parts of his face and feed it to his own dogs.
  13. Bud Light.... dilly dilly

    Going back to a nom about drinks and whiskey, I mentioned I do enjoy Jack Daniels over ice. It occurred to me, you may have been taking the piss.
  14. NHS Doctors Surgeries

    It's "know" you illiterate fucking cretin. You failed at convincing me to let you suck my dick, so you move onto Eric? Fuck off, you gangling AIDS ravaged bender.
  15. When the fun stops

    Anything is possible on the Corner. Back when the place was still rather new, it had two boards one was for more spohisticated and humourous cunting, the other, which was in the current format of threaded topics, was an absolute fucking circus. All sort of unsavoury types turned up and had a go. Albert, I suspect, is one of those former spastics trying to relive past idiocy.