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  1. Wizardsleeve

    Shape of things to come

    I was momentarily tempted to use one of the ever so hilarious laughing emojii's, but decided it wasn't worth it. By now, you must have have sorted the notification button and set it to OFF?
  2. Wizardsleeve

    Shape of things to come

  3. Wizardsleeve

    Toss pot hypocrites.

    A chromosome or two deficient, I'd say.
  4. Wizardsleeve

    Toss pot hypocrites.

    Christ on a fucking stick, why wasn't this abomination smothered to death after birth???
  5. Wizardsleeve

    Le French......all cunts

    I should think this mathematical given, like the Pythagoras theorem. The French are indeed, cunts.
  6. Wizardsleeve

    Businesses that get you to work for them For Free

    Cracking nom, MC! You are spot on about the unseen piracy of these corporate fucking cunts! NEVER use the self service machines, we can't keep calling people like Panzy and Pen benefit scroungers when we go to these fucking atrocities which put and keep the intellectually disabled from gainful employment. I also remember the days of real service on airlines and trains. When some uneducated fuckwit would clear the table after a fine dining experience and load them into a large vessel for hand cleaning. Absolutely diabolical
  7. Wizardsleeve

    Fucking Asain car jacking cunts

    Who or what ever Anon is, I haven't the time to sort out thought processes, or lack thereof. Now, it has me as a Yank Russian. There are no fucking words!
  8. Wizardsleeve

    Fucking Asain car jacking cunts

    If I'm honest, MC....I really don't know what Pen/Anon is on about. I can only believe that he thinks I'm Russian, so I respond in fucking Russian.
  9. Wizardsleeve

    Fucking Asain car jacking cunts

    Если вы настаиваете на том, чтобы называть меня после русского, я отвечу по-русски.
  10. Wizardsleeve

    Fucking Asain car jacking cunts

    ты глупая!
  11. Wizardsleeve

    Litter Louts.

    Out of likes, Arsey.
  12. Wizardsleeve

    Litter Louts.

    Something is off in the universe, as I find myself in total agreement with you! It's not just MaccyD's, but any take away. Cunts who have never been taught respect for the parks and equipment; no respect for others who might wish to use them. They have a sense of utter disregard or unbelievable entitlement that somebody will sort it out for them. I do not fancy the idea of cameras hidden everywhere, but if it will get these littering wank stains attached to a bin mans detail picking up the shite, then I could be convinced they're a good thing.
  13. Wizardsleeve

    Fucking Asain car jacking cunts

    Dreams of russian fishing vessel adventures? If you have been ignoring medical advice, whatever it is you've been taking is quite obviously bad for you.
  14. Wizardsleeve

    Fucking Asain car jacking cunts

    Toothless rail yard homeless derelicts do not count as "contacts."