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  1. The Christmas episode with Sam Kinison as his guardian angel was brilliant. Looking up to heaven:"you can turn water into wine but you can't send me to Earth with some booze??? LOVE YA! You have to give me a minute with this Bundy, I thoght I was here to save a human soul!"
  2. Wizardsleeve


    Your time would be better spent opening your femoral artery with a Stanley knife. Fuck off
  3. Al: "Am I the only one surprised that with the three of you here, it's the mouse I'm trying to kill?"
  4. Buy him a real gun and tell him how to get to Cheshire....and Wales...
  5. I have to admit, Neil, when I read the thread title and the author, I felt a chill go up my spine that you had proven the old wives tale true. You can't imagine my relief after having sifted through the post and responses.
  6. I hope you live far and away from Neil.
  7. Not really...just think Al and Peggy...
  8. Nice to see I'm getting my touch back.
  9. Some heavy rain and fog...a nice steep cliff....I'll wait for the good news.
  10. Why? Just nick the fucker! It's what Gyps would do!
  11. Fucking tease! Vulcan rotary cannons, M134's, pick axes, claw hammers....excuse me, I'll be back in a short while!
  12. He did. If it actually were "toady," it would have been pick axes at dawn!
  13. In recent months, I had been called worse, Eric. I can give old Fends a pass for such a transgression!
  14. Is that Billy's (NOT King Billy) dad, Ratty???
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