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  1. Billy, that has been happening for years now. I'd rather enjoy it if he did receive the call, the drill masters would have a fucking picnic with his like.
  2. Are you certain he didn't say "Crabs?"
  3. I suspect rather the same as Eddie if KFC announced it would begin serving a tofu type of chicken.
  4. They also dress in pink pyjama's and fall off cruise ships. I want them all dead. You as well!
  5. I address my drug problems every day...I keep trying to find some but dealers round here get their fucking heads crushed. I wish the same methodology would be deployed on poofs in your area!
  6. An uninteresting side note, one punter on this site fits easily into all six adjectives, however, I will not name him, because I know the cunt will resume posting. Discretion is the better part of valor, Billy!
  7. Ask Punky! He knows what is said while getting reamed! I think he knows in 30 languages!
  8. You know it's true. I'm rather certain you've also been here long to remember how wild this site used to be....two sections, one for sophistaced cunting, the other, in this threaded topic format for utter insanity. Altered posts, accusations of noncery, sock puppetry run amok... In a way, it was a lot of fun, if not impossible to follow. No topic ever survived, there was "civil discourse" in them. The original nom contributor would derail their own topics! Along comes the new set of rules, with them, a brand new subjective and selective style to enforcing them, and the brand of "new punters" with special protections....it went to shit.
  9. Is that why priests prefer the company of young boys?? Is that why you prance and ponce about in the men's giving blowies in exchange for pints and a pack of fags? Take your phony religious shite and shove them up your cavernous arse. You're about as catholic as Withers is intelligent.
  10. You aren't that heartless, Neil. You'd shag some birds that would make a destitute rail transient puke, so there is clearly a compassionate side to you. I'm going to say United Nations Cup will prevail in your dilemma.
  11. Catholics also aren't supposed to suck cock or take them up the arse, yet every night you do both.
  12. Punky, when ANYBODY cares about anything you have to say, I'll let you know! Until then, you can take assurance in putting yourself to sleep like you have the rest of us...I'd prefer you did it at Dignitas!
  13. Wither's let's put the recent past aside and speak factually. You've been here long enough to have personally witnessed the ban hammer fall on others for LENGTHY periods of time, for doing exactly what the three of you did. No need for denial, your tenure here would indicate that as fact. If it were me, and say Eric and Alf who did it to you, you'd be reacting similarly for objective enforcement of the rule, would you not? All I'm saying, is either the rule gets enforced uniformly and objectively, as she has stated and claims she does, or eliminate the fucking thing and take the board back to the fucking circus it was circa 2008.
  14. You did no time. If you had done time, Withers, you would have been able to read only. Therein rests my issue with Roops' selective enforcement tendencies. If you're not kissing her furry arse, you get the death penalty for using the word. Due to the public declaration of Pen being persona non grata, and blocked, and her public statement of disapproval, some of us have fallen from her graces, and do not receive the same treatment others have for the same crime. IMO, she should retire from modding...stick to the technical aspects of the software only. BTW, have I reminded you of what a spectacular spacker you are today?
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