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  1. Please tell me the furnace you had built from Auschwitz brick is fired and ready for Monday evening, and you will grow tired of Pen expeditiously???
  2. I'm off to buy lottery! Lucky fucking day, that!
  3. Nobody has been aggressive or threatening towards you. You are receiving a typical Cunts Corner Welcome. Even REAL newbs are treated this way. Before I forget again, do fuck off! Just wanted to get that out of the way.
  4. On the contrary, people like you are commonplace. One need only look in benefit centres, and run down bedsits with free internet connections, and your sort can be found in staggeringly large numbers.
  5. Indeed...was it a tampon string, or some poor bastard with the end of his life line quickly disappearing as if it had been cut from it's anchor bolt...we may never know.
  6. Can't stand the heat and all that...This forum was created to abuse cunts from all about the world. You're going to make "friends" rather quickly round here, methinks.
  7. Save the likes, Eric. It's "Moi" from days gone by. Admin should be fucking her off sometime soon.
  8. This one has been here before, Roadie. Might I add, it has been removed before, on more than one occasion, as well. @Pussy Galore You're not long here, "Moi!" When Roops sorts out the multi, you'll be off again.
  9. This is the first thread of yours I've read, and let me just say, I'm already sick to death of you! Where others MIGHT encourage you to kill yourself, I will simply ask politely...will you please leave immediately? If I have to ask again, it will be far less civilised.
  10. You can perform the world's first brain transplant...remove what Punkape has currently, replace it with a sock full of popcorn and increase his IQ by 100 points.
  11. Punkers, I condemn ALL politicians. I have done so many times in the past, that is no secret. I truly and solemnly believe they are all evil fucking cunts, and deserve a slow, gory, painful, excruciating death. I will not comment on your grammatical and spelling inadequacies, as you are lcearly self conscious about those already made clear to you by the members here, and it's a safe bet, your entire lineage.
  12. It's better than Tesco's, or for you, the skip bin at Burger King.
  13. Wizardsleeve


    I'm out of likes, Doc. The Buffalo Bill reference gets one when I'm reloaded.
  14. Wizardsleeve


    Too gaudy and garish for my liking. Compression spandex....that's the "in" thing I believe. As a cold weather base layer, and for keeping muscle tissue warm and invigorated, it can't be beat. If you have to spend a lot of time on your feet and legs, give it a go, you won't regret it.
  15. Does he have a dragon tattoo on his back in your dream?
  16. Wizardsleeve


    She's a gymnast, and a damned good one. Her athletic ability is second to none...but as you say, her thighs could put an Anaconda's constricting ability to shame....it's how I want to go!
  17. Well, naked at school wasn't exactly a dream. Physical aspects of education required some degree of nudity to change into and out of kit and showers. Then there was allowing yourself to be hurled starkers into the ladies lockers...good times.
  18. Hmm...I was under the impression he was castrated shortly after being shat out.
  19. You have that dream too? I thought it was just me.
  20. Wizardsleeve


    Katelyn Ohashi looks better in a leotard.
  21. McDonalds, Wetherspoons, KFC...all shit. What ever happened to cooking at home? All the hidden fees that go into the corporate pricing structure, you're getting it up the backside just looking at their fucking menus. FFS, go to Sainsbury's buy some fresh produce and cook for yourself or selves if you're married or have a significant other...I won't go into Punky's well documented proclivities.
  22. The only one I see having a thrombo is Roops. I and few others have blocked the idiot Pen. Big fucking deal. She's bringing up ancient fucking history about it, probably in an attempt to reignite some feud between Decs and myself, because we happen to find ourselves in agreement on the matter....her motivation? HITS for the site. Feuds generate traffic. I come here because it does have entertainment value. MOST of the members are fun to converse with and take the piss out of the world with...not all, but most. I have three cunts on ignore...Pen, Albert and Roops. If she wants to burst a vessel in her head, that's on her....no sweat off my balls at all. Same if Pen falls under one of his precious fucking trains. I have no beef with Decs...nor do I have one with Roops, I just won't be reading the her posts anymore. As far as trampling on Rules...pot...kettle....black.
  23. Always start wit the confessionals and of course the "rectory" which they no doubt, believe to be a part of the human anatomy not meant for tearing from deviant activities in said confessionals.
  24. STFU you sniveling pile of shit. You're as much a catholic as Pen is interesting. Fuck off....and die...there's a good chap.
  25. Nobody is going to like the cunt. If he were to buy a dog to get a friend, it would run into traffic.
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