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  1. Cunts corner on Twatbook.

    Still a tad fucked off but mist is clearing. Apart from this group, there's some funny stuff always on there, problem is half of them are always on a ban. Whole group was shutdown a month ago, but back again now. https://www.facebook.com/groups/392753724408570/
  2. Cunts corner on Twatbook.

    The facebook police just given me a 24 hour ban for posting a pic of serious hemorrhoids on a group called international wankers of the week, but leave a pic there of a full frontal hairy woman. I mean where's their standards is there anyone out there that would dip there tool anywhere near a big pile of grapes let alone a very hairy all over woman.
  3. Lindsay Lohan converted to Islam

    Daniella westbrooke could never do that, her lines are too wide.
  4. Disabled cunts on the buses

    Put the disabled seats on the upper deck and if a disabled and a chav get on drive under a low bridge.
  5. New Cunt on the block.

    Mr David? So your getting bored on them backbenches with fuck all to do now then.
  6. Sam Allardyce

    Why is it he looked just like graham taylor did sitting on that bench at the weekend, fucking clueless.
  7. Another boat tragedy

    If they like to risk life and limb with no regard for health and safety why the fuck do they want to come to europe?
  8. The things people would never say.

    Come in and rest you must be tired after that long tedious journey, just leave that funny looking vest on the side there, ooh and here is that list of upcoming concert events you asked for.
  9. Harry Potter

    Getting buggered by Hagred never did him any good.
  10. English Summertime

    Just came back from Aus, it was 15 degrees out there in melbourne they were all walking about in hats and coats. They thought i was fucking bonkers walking around in a tee shirt, no fucking resistance those wimpy fucking aussies.
  11. Kanye West

    The americans seem to have a habit of warming to idiots, where the fuck did that vanilla ice cunt go he would make a good vice pres.
  12. Aylesbury Sex Ring

    I thought the police went the way of the dinosaurs and dodo.
  13. Bracknell

    I went to Kendal once, uncanny how everyone looks related.
  14. Bracknell

    Bracknell is a paradise compared to South Ockenden, if god claims credit for creating that shitehole he is defiantly a cunt
  15. Semicolon Tattoos

    There will be a load more semi colon depressents, when the cunts realise a few years on it aint trendy anymore and they cant wash it off.