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  1. The Great Devon Cream Tea Controversy

    If it is then I would advise seeing a doctor urgently, that fanny batter has badly curdled by the look of it.
  2. Hard as Fucking Nails

    that's wonderful Scrotes, you have such a well measured and philosophical approach to life from which we could all take a lesson. And its good to see you taking young Drew to one side to try and talk sense into that poor deluded chap, its about time someone took the time to work with Drew to help him unravel the mess which is his life. On the bright side I suppose the smell of Cats piss is a pleasant change from the usual smell of your open sewer type French ablutions so enjoy the delicate odour from those daffodils whilst it lasts.
  3. Jim Bowen has kharked it.

    Your description above would encompass the majority of your Golf club membership omitting the important fact that it does not exist and that if it did in fact exist it would be comprised solely for the use of the homeless gay fraternity.
  4. Hard as Fucking Nails

    and that's exactly my rant if you read it...prod Putin, what the hell have we got to prod him with, fuckall and he knows it.
  5. Hard as Fucking Nails

    quite right Drew, in that no one wants your opinion.
  6. Hard as Fucking Nails

    and you would allow any foreign cunt to kill at will on our soil. bravo.
  7. Hard as Fucking Nails

    you seem to miss the point deliberately but I wont pursue this any further, I would say that we probably paid handsomely for whatever secrets he had for sale and maybe these secrets saved a few lives on our side. Putin had no right to allow his operatives to function over here, none at all.
  8. Hard as Fucking Nails

    total irrelevance, what you said was that the Russians and by implication any other foreign power can come over here and eliminate any cunt who they deem disloyal. Thereby totally making the laws of this land obsolete in that someone can expect to go about their business without fear of a horrible death by any despot around the world. Perhaps we should also allow some of our middle eastern countries free access to their traitors so they can tie a few loose ends.
  9. Hard as Fucking Nails

    this is an outrageous statement Decimus surely you meant Manchester.
  10. Hard as Fucking Nails

    My solution would involve sending you over, that should inflict an inordinate amount of pain into any society, you piece of diseased rectal matter.
  11. Hard as Fucking Nails

    oh that's all right then. tell you what lets give a free ticket to every cunt on the run over here from around the world shall we, come on the law does not apply to you chaps because these cunts deserve it. After all the Russian government is a fair minded and rational government who believe in the rule of law and order right, I mean Putin has just been elected again in a full and fair process that demonstrates democracy is alive and well. I wonder how that Policeman is doing who was the first responder to this incident, he does not matter either really does he,
  12. Cunts who assume other cunts read the Daily Mail

    Panzy, can you desist in goading Jewdy into yet another pointless Brexit tit for tat and I told you so type exchange, its just that its getting rather tedious and repetitive. I would prefer if you just told him what a spectacularly stupid cunt he is and not just on this one done to death subject As to the Nom itself, it is a worthy one and everyone should take the opportunity to undermine this cunticidal cuntnugget cove as the dailymailesque narrow minded bigot he obviously is judging by his hatred of anything that is of the left. Although I get the feeling that the Daily Mail may be too serious for Fucknugget, he sounds more of a Sun "reader"
  13. Hard as Fucking Nails

    So, the Russians can come over here and spray deadly nerve agents in crowded restaurants to try and kill a couple of turncoats with absolute impunity. They disseminated this military grade killing agent without regard that it could have also killed unconnected diners, passers by and the emergency services who would inevitably attend. Our tough as a penny steak Response goes something like this , tell us why you did this Russia, tell us now or we will huff and puff and have no choice but to ask you politely again. And now we will get the usual expulsion of diplomats from both sides. Oh and to really get tough non of our ministers or royal family will attend the world cup, that will fucking show you riusski cunts that no one messes with us and gets off lightly. What happened to the days when we would simply send over a few double O Bond type hard cunts to despatch a few of the Russians to compensate for our inconvenience, if the incidence was a minor one, then we would simply start a small proxy war somewhere to fight it out. I see that another Russian defector has also been found mysteriously dead, this is along with several others who also died in suspicious circumstances. This is a rogue nation with a gangster in charge, Putin does not understand anything other than strength, we have no strength therefore we are of no consequence, don't look to Europe for any help, remember we told them to fuck off, don't look to the USA for any help, Putins got Trump in his pocket with those videos of Trump with his face in the minges of some soviet prostitutes.
  14. Shepherd Bushiri

    a large scale violent event in the natural world. eg "That volcanic eruption was right Catholiclysmic innit "
  15. Shepherd Bushiri

    you fail to understand a true religion Eric, to be a true Christian one must from time to time massacre a rival village as they are heretics and must be cleansed in a holy fire. Especially the woman and children who are inherently full of sin. Its the only sure way to get into heaven my friend.