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  1. luke swarm

    Dirty cunts who can't piss straight

    I assume that you are talking about urinals Stubbs and not your standard Armitage shanks toilet bowl, if this is the case then I suspect that either one or all three of your fellow 3 Blerks are midway thru some kind of Transgender transformation as its remarkably difficult to miss a urinal at point blank range even when pissed. There is a degree of splashback as most men know but nothing that would account for the carnage you are describing. That's why blerks don't wear white trousers. You should launch an investigation as to which one is displaying transgender tendencies, any subtle sartorial changes or a tendency to prefer wine instead of beer is the first symptoms, be careful.
  2. luke swarm

    Fergus Wilson

    He is right Decimus stop this futile nonsense, just because you landed the final thrust of the dagger does not make you a cunt murderer, we all have blood on our hands but Ding did deserve it for persisting his malicious multi-quote activities. He was warned often enough.
  3. luke swarm

    No Brexit deal 'will up fish and chip prices'

    this all very well Pen but what I want to know is more about your driving experiences on the A380 flyover, its gripping stuff you know
  4. luke swarm


    thats Mr Virgil Tibbs isnt it
  5. luke swarm

    My left foot.

    His Mum looks like Biffa Bacons Mum out of Viz, she could do with a couple of tattoos though.
  6. luke swarm

    The Pen Inn Roundabout at Newton Abbot

    Brilliant stuff and the best Nomination for ages Pen, my only small criticism was that you did not spend enough time describing the new lane layout completely, the structure of the new flyover and also last but not least, directions on alternative routes to give this traffic black spot a wide berth. But really great stuff nonetheless, I can see you set out to impress and believe me, you have. I am a little worried now about how you will in future surpass this utterly outstanding nomination but no doubt you are already working on your next masterpiece, loving your work.
  7. luke swarm


    ah I can see that you are unfamiliar with the Valley Commando's, these were girls who had a regular bus laid on from the welsh valleys to the RAF St Athan airman's club on a Thursday night to errr provide entertainment and other comforts. They were notorious for plain speaking and the forcible though pleasurable mass rape of young RAF airman who were as of yet unfamiliar with the opposite sex. They generally left carnage in their wake and struck fear into all who got on the wrong side of them. The Ladies pictured above are members of the WRAF (woman's royal air force) though are more popularly known as the "slotted airman"
  8. luke swarm

    Kendrick Lamar

    can you imagine the complete outrage if a black kid went to a Dolly Parton gig. I should think there are easier and less painful ways to commit suicide.
  9. luke swarm


    I Think you may be right Snowy, I wonder which one is truly the most dense, the competition is amazingly intense and I wouldn't like to put money on it. Penny has a long record of being a weapons grade Fuckwit but young Arseholes is proving a very worthy contender with a brain so dense that his neck vertebrae is in danger of collapsing under the weight.
  10. luke swarm


    I am glad you did mot pluralise the Wit Southern, she is the proud owner of just one single rather lonely wit and even that one is dying slowly from dementia.
  11. luke swarm

    Lest We Forget

    I agree totally, a man of your capabilities almost certainly has better things to do, you could start with getting an education.
  12. luke swarm


    not unwarranted I am afraid Decimus, I have to admit that I have been unkind to Arseholes on several posts recently, I may have been mistaken to adopt this policy because as Wolfie stated very recently it may be the fact that his computer is still embedded in utterly thick bastard mode. I think this may be a new type of virus and suspect that its transmitted from Pennys machine when she awards a like.
  13. luke swarm

    Kendrick Lamar

    I think I remember this one, wasn't it a contender for the Christmas no 1 about 7 years ago by Cliff Richards. It was wasn't it.
  14. luke swarm

    Kendrick Lamar

    In all my years I don't think I have ever come across a black man living in a bungalow, so Drews statement is patently untrue. I think he may just be tired and emotional....again
  15. luke swarm

    Kendrick Lamar

    A couple of errors with this Nom Eric, for a start these black chaps who bounce about on a stage with a baseball cap on and purport to sing are not in actual fact singing. Singing you see is a pleasurable melodic experience designed to uplift the spirit and gladden the heart (the smiths excepted), its not a collection of monosyllables and expletives shouted out whilst waving your arms about in a fliddy fashion. " Smack my Nigger bitch up and pop a cap in her ass (arse) yeah" is not a lyric but the utterings of one mong for the benefit of other tone deaf stupid mongs. This young stupid white mong girl should be punished severely for actually preferring black cock, its a fault with her upbringing and the parents have failed her badly. However she could have avoided the whole embarrassing spectacle if she had simply substituted the word "Jigger" instead of the N word which actually stands for Nigger. This would have defused the whole situation and she could have left the stage with her head held high.