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  1. All This Halloween Bollocks

    Don't talk Nonsense. The Argentinians were all wiped out by the Gentoos in Port Stanley during the 1982 war. Or was that the Paras, I always get those two mixed up.
  2. Nosey NHS cunts.

    hurrah, I scored two LOLS on the Bait Spunkrape Scale. That's going to be tough to beat my fellow cunts.
  3. All This Halloween Bollocks

    penguins, don't talk to me about those dapper well dressed little cunts and their fishy breath Ratty. The Falklands was infested with these useless smelly cunts
  4. Nosey NHS cunts.

    what the fuck has this got to do with Catholics cunts who play golf you diseased cunt.
  5. All This Halloween Bollocks

    this is totally out of order Ratty, Thaliomide is no joke, Please stop behaving like a fliddy mong.
  6. All This Halloween Bollocks

    There you see, Spunkrape just annotated me with a very well deserved cuntvote....now that's proper cunting and getting the right result.
  7. All This Halloween Bollocks

    you fucking stupid Frenchman, so from one statement you have discerned that I only go in that shop once a year and only to spend a paltry couple of quid on strimmer wire, how very wrong you are. why only last year I went in there and purchased some discounted out of date Walkers crisps and Newcastle brown ale that was on offer , I love those home bargain stores, you tend to meet a much more upmarket type of shopper than B and M bargains which is full of scutter cunts. By the way you got a like off Punkape, I think he is still hurting over his Catholic mauling.
  8. Coarse fishing

    I tried this fishing malarkey in West Smethwick park in the 70s......do you know I caught a 2 foot black ribbed knobbler Johnny on my second cast. I released it back into the wild for others to enjoy. A little courtesy costs nothing
  9. All This Halloween Bollocks

    Nonsense, Turbans and Dreadlocks are not classified as Halloween garb so your statement is false to say the least. Are you sure you did not mean Dudley, they seem to be evolving into some kind of demonic humanoid witchlike hybrid creation with tattoos and extreme body odour in that area.
  10. All This Halloween Bollocks

    shop smart shop "s"mart shotguns aisle two, sporting goods.
  11. All This Halloween Bollocks

    What the fuck is going on with this utter bollocks, Every fucking shop is full of this cheap Halloween shite aimed at getting the Chav mummy's to dress their malignant broods so they can vandalize peoples properties whilst begging for sweets. all under the guise of this Yank inspired bag of shite Any cunt taking part in this crap should be bent over and have a pumpkin inserted where the sun does not shine. All I wanted was a spool of grass strimmer wire but no, that sort of useful stuff has been cleared to make way for all this useless crud. I expect its been done before but it should be banned as far as I am concerned.
  12. More Transgender cunt bollocks

    I for one would like to help hasten your journey onto your next life, perhaps you could be reborn as a heterosexual Muslim in reward for all your good deeds in helping the gay community so tirelessly in this life. You deserve a break.
  13. More Transgender cunt bollocks

    Good work Quince.
  14. More Transgender cunt bollocks

    I merely complimented Catholics on all the good work they do with vulnerable young boys, I fail to see where you take offence Pinky in this statement.......Above all though, they are good honest people who would find it unthinkable to shield any sinners or sodomites in their clergy. I believe the Nuns are also like angels and really looked after infants from unmarried mothers, Unfortunately a lot of these poor infants succumbed to a little godly discipline but nothing unnatural about that or the high fatality rates.
  15. More Transgender cunt bollocks

    of course not, they are such nice people who espouse love and kindness, especially to vulnerable young boys.