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  1. More Transgender cunt bollocks

    I merely complimented Catholics on all the good work they do with vulnerable young boys, I fail to see where you take offence Pinky in this statement.......Above all though, they are good honest people who would find it unthinkable to shield any sinners or sodomites in their clergy. I believe the Nuns are also like angels and really looked after infants from unmarried mothers, Unfortunately a lot of these poor infants succumbed to a little godly discipline but nothing unnatural about that or the high fatality rates.
  2. More Transgender cunt bollocks

    of course not, they are such nice people who espouse love and kindness, especially to vulnerable young boys.
  3. More Transgender cunt bollocks

    still couldn't wait to buy it though could you.
  4. Shitty Computers

    mmm really, that sounds absolutely fascinating, so what did you do next call Rick for advice. You stupid cunt Roadkill, you have gone and put me on the same side as Spunkrape, a position which I always tried to avoid.
  5. RapeLawyers4You

    Bastard, somebody should just throw this cunt off the roof and have done with it.
  6. When the punishment does not fit the crime

    I don't think erectile dysfunction could necessarily be designated a disability Nackerpanzy......however I can perfectly understand why you run at night and not during visible light hours.
  7. The ugly and stupid

    using that same analogy I suppose its safe to assume that Spunkapes anus is more of an "open" prison.
  8. When the punishment does not fit the crime

    Outrageous Fine for merely picking up an abandoned cooker unit.....people should not leave these things in laybys if they don't want them recycled by conscientious chaps such as this Mr Weston No common sense these days.
  9. People WHo Have To Wear Name badges and Hair Nets

    Wiz, have you had a sudden attack of the "Lady Penelopes" to formulate such a dismal and pointless offering?
  10. Bull shitting cunts.

    Now look here Capitan a jokes a joke but its simply not on to call His Royal Highness Prince Philip an Anus, please apologise and retract it immediately.
  11. Let me guess, you are being treated for cerebral issues but the only safe access for injections is through your eye involving a needle nine inches in length, That should be just long enough to reach the outer edge of your brain buried deep in your head, Am I right?
  12. RapeLawyers4You

    Your hamster might have a very strong case...cunnilingus on a rodent is classed as bestiality, a serious offence and worth a shiny pound or two.
  13. RapeLawyers4You

    I always thought you was the lad that Jim fixed it for to "Milk a cow whilst blindfolded"
  14. RapeLawyers4You

    I am afraid the Winter Siblings have both moved on and no longer viable for an unsubstantiated claim. However, we would like see the photos of your ravaged back passage out of scientific interest and to warn others against St Bernard attack
  15. RapeLawyers4You

    Were you an inspiring Actress , Entertainer or in any way involved in showbusiness in the 70s 80s or 90s ? If so do you know that you should call us immediately You may not be aware but the government has set a deadline to make a claim for the following occurrences: Rape, with or without part being offered Unwanted Touching up Making you take a hot shower and insisting on towelling you down Cockflashing Making you Swallow when you wanted to spit Making you say "who's your Daddy" Not offering you the part unless you agreed to toss his salad Looking at you in a lewd way. Forcing you to administer a golden shower Forcefeeding you Pork Products In fact anything really, make sure it happened a long time ago, that there are no witnesses and that the person you are accusing has bags of cash ,and is some sort of big noise in Hollywood. We specialise in jumping on this sort of bandwagon and pretty much guarantee that we will get you some compo, if no compo is forthcoming just think of the publicity for your flagging career and pictures of you in the Daily Star and The Scum. We have hundreds of satisfied forgotten c list celebrities who got free money and publicity out of this free for all. You deserve some sort of compensation so Please hurry and contact us on the details below. L Swarm and Partners, Bandwagon House, StupidCunt Street, Wolverhampton.