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  1. Shitty Computers

    I know more about ancient aliens and Bigfoot than I do about computers so I will declare myself unqualified to reply to this load of shit. I avoid the PC with Windows 8.1 and do everything on an Android tablet as part of my KISS (Keep it simple,stupid) life philosophy.
  2. The ugly and stupid

    He is French. Their capital is Berlin.
  3. When the punishment does not fit the crime

    I reckon the pikey cunt runs at night because it is too suspicious running home with a purloined 56" flat screen LCD TV in broad daylight.
  4. The ugly and stupid

    Personal attacks do not become you Mr. Stickers. I have always treated you with the respect you deserve, which frankly, was not a great deal. At one time I thought you must be standing on the shoulders of giants but now I realise I just underestimate the potency of an idiot in a big gang.
  5. The ugly and stupid

    No need. The old fart finished himself. He has not been the same since Ding used to cunt him 3 times in a row then do a multi-quote cunting to show his dominance.
  6. The ugly and stupid

    My 18th Century Mercator's projection map only goes as far south as McDonalds outside Dudley. Sorry.
  7. The ugly and stupid

    Not pointless. Not a non-sequitor. String tea kettle Abyssinian crisis effervescent is irrelevant. All I wanted to do was give Punkape a few dogging sites for his pleasure, stating the similarities between the Forest of Dean and Cheshire. Both are flat, except the Forest of Dean. Both are off the M5, except Cheshire. Then Stickers stuck his giant fucking nose in. The cunt.
  8. The ugly and stupid

    I know. I looked it up on a map. Now kindly show me where I actually state The Forest of Dean is in Cheshire. Now who is a thick cunt?
  9. The ugly and stupid

    I believe The Forest of Dean is on the UN list as a Site of Rampant Dogging, pretty typical of Cheshire.
  10. Lotto millionaire Jane Park

    ... but fuck ugly and rich. And a fucking mong to boot.
  11. Recycling Hitlers

    I left Jordan in Madame Tussaud's. 5 years later we still can't figure out which is the real one, but a clue might be that one Harvey keeps coming out with Ben Stokes impersonations.
  12. Recycling Hitlers

    Sticks and stones may break my bones. Calling me a northern monkey comes a distant second. Cockney wanker. (Best Viz character)
  13. Meterological Exaggeration

    But he wouldn't if he ever met one
  14. Meterological Exaggeration

    Using our £13 billion aid slush fund languishing in the establishments pockets, it is only fair that we should repopulate the devastated areas using cunts who speak the lingo, know the customs and can take their own homes with them. A pikey transplantation ticks all the boxes.
  15. Meterological Exaggeration

    I've done more damage with a sweaty fart. Fuck this bollocks about The Great Storm of 2017. A mere breeze. Three dead so far. Nobbut a Zephyr, a Mistral. A Chinook. Some lovely names for a light wind.