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  1. U cannot fault your assessment there Ratters, but Salford lads are good people. Rough and ready bet straight as a die.
  2. Eat shit and die die, cunt face. Manchester is brilliant.
  3. In them days, Manchester was a small and unimportant village of maybe 1,500 people. Not the glittering commercial hub and music centre it is now. Now Middleton, 5 miles north of here supplied high quality archers for the purpose of Frog twatting at Agincourt.
  4. I don't do them sort of things. The past has gone. The future is where it is at. (The further in reserve you were, the greater the opportunities for developing cirrhosis in a little Belgian village)
  5. Bill I think you are lonely because nobody likes you, you have no friends and you are a cunt.
  6. John Paul Jones and his Spams landed at Whitehaven in 1778. Half his raiding party stopped to the first pub and got pissed.(This must be before he joined Led Zeppelin) The Froggies landed at Fishguard in 1797. There they surrendered to a gang of Welch bints (hard to tell the difference to this day) and their boats got sunk by the Royal Navy. If England is so shit, why does everyone want to come here?
  7. Manky

    Cunt Judges

    Possibly on a remote island for a month then top the survivors. Save a fortune in bullets. After medical research requirements have been sorted.
  8. Manky


    Preparation H is for puffs, try Fiery Jack
  9. Manky

    Cunt Judges

    OK, shoot the fuckers in the head then leave the cunts.
  10. Manky

    Cunt Judges

    My lifelong belief was been that if you wish to live within a society abide by the rules of that society, roughly. I would fully support emptying the penal system into a shallow grave in some god forsaken shithole like Norfolk whilst singing a medley of Fratellis songs.
  11. Have you got me mixed up with someone who gives a fuck?
  12. Manky

    Cunt Judges

    I would arm all the police and shut the prison system down. Change the police motto to Behave or Die
  13. I know they were Normans. They still come under the heading of Johnny Foreigner so it is accurate enough. No edit required.
  14. I believe it is similar but kept at the site of a Wanker festival, you know, Ride of the Valkyries and such shit.
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