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  1. Fucked by Facebook

    Nothing at all. We are talking of Ding in the past tense. He would have lived within an hour's drive of me, so he could easily be a proto, trainee, apprentice wannabe Manc
  2. All This Halloween Bollocks

    Dudley Lenny Henry Mornington Crescent.
  3. All This Halloween Bollocks

    Has Luke got Halloween mixed up with Trick or Treating? Although Halloween is due nationwide next week, one look at Wolverhampton would have you believe it was all year round there.
  4. Fucked by Facebook

    Ding was a Yorkshireman. Too thick to do anything right.
  5. Fucked by Facebook

    Facebook is for cunts, that is widely accepted on this site. It does have a good side to it. Benefit fiddling cunts getting PIP stopped as they are shown playing rugby whilst claiming they are wheelchair bound. Fiances caught with pictures of their 'other' family, including wife and 5 kids. The latest is a scouse former model, photographed on the piss while supposedly laid up with novoviroshits or some such bollocks. Maybe we should consider Facebook as an ally, it does a decent job of cunting the thicker fuckers in society.
  6. People with a "funny" eye.

    Lost in the mists of time. She was Welsh. I sobered up just in time.
  7. People with a "funny" eye.

    I finished with my cross eyed girlfriend. While she was seeing me, she was also seeing someone else.
  8. More Transgender cunt bollocks

    I never have onion rings from fast food outlets within 10 miles of the synagogue
  9. More Transgender cunt bollocks

    I overheard the priest say, "Transiet mihi choirboy, hoc uno tantum catur scinditur" To say I was shocked would be a lie as I don't understand Latin.
  10. Shitty Computers

    I know more about ancient aliens and Bigfoot than I do about computers so I will declare myself unqualified to reply to this load of shit. I avoid the PC with Windows 8.1 and do everything on an Android tablet as part of my KISS (Keep it simple,stupid) life philosophy.
  11. The ugly and stupid

    He is French. Their capital is Berlin.
  12. When the punishment does not fit the crime

    I reckon the pikey cunt runs at night because it is too suspicious running home with a purloined 56" flat screen LCD TV in broad daylight.
  13. The ugly and stupid

    Personal attacks do not become you Mr. Stickers. I have always treated you with the respect you deserve, which frankly, was not a great deal. At one time I thought you must be standing on the shoulders of giants but now I realise I just underestimate the potency of an idiot in a big gang.
  14. The ugly and stupid

    No need. The old fart finished himself. He has not been the same since Ding used to cunt him 3 times in a row then do a multi-quote cunting to show his dominance.
  15. The ugly and stupid

    My 18th Century Mercator's projection map only goes as far south as McDonalds outside Dudley. Sorry.