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  1. When the fun stops

    Stibbly, as close as we are, I am going to report you for accusations of noncery. In no way is Keith a nonce. Anyway, he poses no danger, his fingers are like Richmond sausages, and he could never find his tadger in the folds of fat.
  2. Hard as Fucking Nails

    You won't get anywhere with Luke. Today I witnessed a tabby tom cat walk into my garden, and spray up some daffodils. The wife later picked them, and now the whole house smells of cat piss. I have accepted that these things happen in life. Does this help put things into perspective.
  3. Monty Python

    If that is a picture of you, I'm glad you are not a free bleeder. If you were, it would resemble a dead badger with its throat cut.
  4. Shepherd Bushiri

    His dad probably named him after Shepherds Bush. It suits him, home of the BBC. Bogus Black Cunt
  5. Roger Bannister

    You would be sad too, if you ate nothing but own brand baked beans.
  6. Roger Bannister

    The only way the cunt will run again, is when they 'fire up' the crematorium. That will be under 4 minutes as well.
  7. Collective Nouns

    A hovering of apes
  8. Collective Nouns

    A purloin of pikeys
  9. Male Ankle Grooming

    Try it again, this time with a cut throat razor, and 9" lower. Your head won't grow back, but you will still be funnier,
  10. Losing to Scotland

    Get it right for fuck sake. Gaggle of geese, a ferreting of faggots. E.G: Punkape spends many a morning ferreting around in damp holes.
  11. Male Ankle Grooming

    I miss his wit
  12. Male Ankle Grooming

    Frank's dead
  13. Sinks too high to wash your cock and balls

    Yes, the bit between the mons veneris, and the arsehole
  14. Sinks too high to wash your cock and balls

    If she ever saw herself pissing in a mirror, I see her justification.
  15. WOT, no Brexit plan!!

    Today. Another dinner, another load of waffle, and another shafting of the British public. You ain't leaving.