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  1. You need to ask? Pile of shit.
  2. Wasn't he also a comedian that had long hair, and wore black tights. Did a silly walk routine.
  3. Roops, why is it that the Chinese can't take the piss out of Eric's name. I am aware it's a rubbery name but.....
  4. Roadkill = 1 year ban = removal of megaturd = lol lol lol
  5. You truly are a stupid thick twat. You come on here, yabba, fucking yabba, get coolered, but can still log in, can't post, but still look at what you are missing(?) Roops is one cruel cunt. I want to suck her minge. lol, and fuck off. Vivre
  6. You, and your narrow minded, bigoted, uneducated type are all the same to me. I'm truly sorry.
  7. Good show Punkers. I would have done also, but I've blocked the pretentious little turd. Comprehensive education indeed.
  8. Totally wasted on the present clientele. Rubberly joke
  9. I have only ever divulged my true French ancestry, and for which I am proud, to one member on this forum, and he is far more intelligent than you. So go on with the Nazi, goose, raped mother jibes, you unoriginal cunt. Decs & Stickers tired of them 3 years ago.
  10. I am probably considerably older than you, and remember this incident. President Galtiere was a Grade A cunt, the people, the conscripts (boys) were not. I had the honour of meeting 3 members of 2 Para. in 1984, and they said they would rather have shot the Falkland Islanders (ignorant inbreds, their words, not mine), than the Argie kids.
  11. Which reminds me. I used to like the plain black one. It reminded me of Winnie Mandela's love button, and I could chew and suck on it for 30 minutes.
  12. Here is one to ponder. A friend of mine was a radio officer on HMS Sheffield. He was killed, along with others, in the radio room, hit by an Exocet. His mother, and my mother were friends 'til the day they died. My mother was French, his mother said many months later 'If the French hadn't supplied the weapons, some other country would have'. We should all carry some guilt/shame.
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