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  1. Don't antagonize him Ape. It's no fun being savaged by a stick insect.
  2. Yes, and Welsh benders like rugby. Gareth Thomas has announced he is HIV, and crying like a soppy cunt. Bubba has logged in today, obviously looking for an arse cheek to cry on. Coincidence, I think not. lol lol
  3. Au contraire. What is really making you sick is the fact that Ape, Fend, and now Billy (yes that twat) are on the leader board. You are finished, and you know it. Fuck off loser
  4. It is a known fact that there are no disabled in cannibalistic tribes. They always eat their vegetables.
  5. Look at the board you stupid cunt. Ape still at No.2. Fuck off.
  6. Wait for some cretin to pull you up on 'spelled', not knowing that you use Australian English.
  7. Fun times indeed. I was in NY, 1990, and sat in the bleachers, at the old Yankee Stadium. My Septic mates, and I, had a great time, drinking draught Guinness!
  8. Want a meet? I am easy to find, I will be holding a white flag stained with goose shit, standing on a tall viaduct, middle of France. I will demonstrate entente cordiale with a brick.
  9. I have no aspirations in a CC direction
  10. @Ape still at No2, and now that thick cunt Fend at No.3. Where does that leave you Frank?
  11. More like a Corsican bog pan. Cracked, full of shit, never works, and full of STD's
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