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  1. Witheredscrote

    McCain Chips

    You filthy fucking grass.
  2. Witheredscrote

    McCain Chips

    I don't think it is a joking matter, you grassing lard arse
  3. Witheredscrote

    McCain Chips

    Fuck off Eric, I've been dead for 2 years.
  4. Witheredscrote

    McCain Chips

    I'm not interested in your problems. Give me back my 'like', you fucking Nazi.
  5. Witheredscrote

    McCain Chips

    Forget this shit. In the last 24 hours somebody has removed one of my 'likes'. What do you intend to do about that? Probably nothing, you French hating cunt.
  6. Witheredscrote

    Everyday bombs

    Poor old Eric, wrong again, and guilty of stirring shit. The Nazi cunt probably stands alone in a pub, whilst other punters stand back, muttering 'unattended cunt'
  7. Witheredscrote

    Fruit teas and Fruit Smoothies

    Well golf it is then. At least I will be mixing with better people. You wouldn't be allowed in my club. Cretin. lol fuck off.
  8. Witheredscrote

    Fruit teas and Fruit Smoothies

    Luke, I trust your opinion. I am back from holiday in 2 days. Is it worth me getting involved here anymore, or should I bow out gracefully, and spend my time playing golf.
  9. Witheredscrote

    Paris Green

    This sick cunt, born a Peter, is serving life for sadistic torture and murder. He is to receive full transgender alignment at the cost of the British taxpayer. It will be carried out in a private hospital, at a cost of £20k+. Here, the fucking freak would be put in Baumettes Prison, Marseilles, and forgotten. The other inmates would certainly realign his gender (and his colon). Fuck off.
  10. Witheredscrote

    Poor white schools 'destroyed' by rankings

    MC, surprisingly I agree with what you say. I generally feel secure over here, as the French government put France, and the indigenous people, first. This puts us at odds with many, who look upon France as being selfish and uncaring. Good, and a fucking vive to that. Escargot, mushy peas, and chips for my dinner tonight.
  11. Witheredscrote

    Anthony Bourdain

    Frank, we were escorted off le Volcan yesterday, increased seismic activity. On the way down we met a man going up, leading a Yorkshire Terrier, and carrying 2 bottles of Rioja. I've found the thick cunt.
  12. Witheredscrote

    Anthony Bourdain

    Once again I interrupt my vacation, simply to say that you have made a complete arse of yourself. Wizardsleeve indeed.
  13. Witheredscrote

    Scaremongering Brexit bullshit

    Knacker, I just had to interrupt my well deserved vacation to say that the U.K aint leaving. Laffin Wivvers.
  14. Witheredscrote

    The arrest of Tommy Robinson

    I'm bored now Frank, sorry about the 'fuck offs', volcanic fumes in the eyes. Speak tomorrow