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  1. It's only the cheap seats that are occupied on here now. I'm off. Bonne chance.
  2. hopefully, a life support machine.
  3. Much more of this shit, and Roops will throw in the towel. I only hope it's a fully loaded menstrual one, and hits the boring cunt(s) full in the face.
  4. A dead Frank could still entertain many on here. Preferable to the drivel being posted of late. I can put up with Covid19 and global warming, but fucking Eric?
  5. You boring, stupid cunt. Remove the tin foil from your windows and bathroom mirror, and blink at the sunshine.
  6. Blame it on Margaret Thatcher, she shut most of the secure homes, and the window licking idiots migrate to sites like this. Add to this poor highway maintenance, sunshine buses flipping over, and escaping gurners turning up. How ironic would it be, if the Queen's flight crashed into Kunt Rollo's 'castle', and killed him and his family. Now that would be amusing.
  7. He has a point Ape. Personally, I find you unnerving when you are being polite.
  8. Learn to spell, you thick cunt. It's crackhead.
  9. Hopefully about to start a very long course of full on chemoradiation. It's about the only thing that gives you half a chance of a real come back. Cunt.
  10. I would certainly wear one, to feel less embarrassed, about standing in a field, flying a toy helicopter. lol lol
  11. Ed, what's happening? Site has been overrun by coarse, humorless tossers. Sort it, or fuck off.
  12. Without doubt, there have been more than a few Jamaicans in Punkapes over the centuries. lol lol
  13. @Ape™️ There is no end in sight. Unbearable
  14. If you're not using 'unbearable' anymore, can I have it?
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