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  1. June Kenton

    Far from it Apeymatey, I wish Bert bon voyage, but I fear I have had my day here. I leave this site to the Cliquemaster and his like. The cancer didn't get me, apathy did. R.I.P. MikeD, Ding, Snatch, Gong Farmer (forgive me, I sinned )
  2. Dennis K

    Lay off him Ape, he's a friend of mine. Got it?
  3. NHS Winter Crisis v64.0

    Bert still talks fondly about them. Keep an eye on him Eric, he is a CC rising star. He is releasing an Easter video. Fuck Frank.
  4. Bert, slow down, or you will blow your cover.
  5. Heartbreak

    It does pose the question, if this plasterer IS a friend of yours, does Pen, as much as I hate the stupid slag, deserve a spastic daubing her reveals? Fuck off and drive into a wall.
  6. NHS Winter Crisis v64.0

    Bert spent a few years as a roady with Los Lobos, and they helped him a lot. He has now got rythme.
  7. Dennis K

    Go Pricky, go. Smash the clique to smithereens. A years supply of fine French wine, gratuit, if you succeed. Cliquemeister, you have been warned.
  8. Nigel Farage

    Cliquemeister, if you actually think that Bert is a thick, useless cunt, then you are a stupid twat. I know this as a certainty, or I wouldn't be sponsoring him. He is here for the duration drinking fine French wine...
  9. TUI

    Aint nobody loves me better than you, aint nobody loves me better than you, whoa, whoa, aint nobody loves me better than you...........
  10. Heartbreak

  11. Cunts Who Smoke in Public Doorways

    I asked Ape about Snitch's whereabouts, not you. Keep your truffle hunting snout out of it.
  12. Cunts Who Smoke in Public Doorways

    Fuck him.
  13. Cunts Who Smoke in Public Doorways

    Talking of which, where's Snatch? lol fuck off.
  14. Cunts Who Smoke in Public Doorways

    PROPER. Get a handle on this fucking shit, and make it fast
  15. "Hennys" cider and Vindaloo

    At last, another diarrhea nom, probably the first this year. Just what the corner needs right now. At least it makes a change from what Quincy posts. Look at my nom 'Je suis un Filthy Cunt ', apart from being better than yours, it is of some importance. Frank asks if I have cancer for the first time, and Scotty was at the top of his game.