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  1. Technically, he is still a new member, and your comment is acrimonious. Reported.
  2. You do realise you won't get your subscription back, don't you?
  3. I like the pompous cunt Derek talking about his Sun Life Guaranteed Plan. Particularly the one where he takes a box of parsnips round to gurning June's house, and starts feeding them into her capacious cunt.
  4. Oh golly gosh, can I come too? I simply love a tet a tet over a sweet sherry.
  5. In the good old days you would have called me a lying cunt.
  6. So your Prime Minister now presides over the gayest parliament in the world. His star player will no doubt be Ahmad-Khan, a gay Muslim, and a lawmaker. Give it 2 years and it will be compulsory for all of you to fist each other in local parks, and bus shelters. Give it 3 years and local authority wards will be renamed. (Caister North will become Much Bumming North). What a bunch of cunts they are, and what a bigger bunch of cunts you all are for voting any of them in. I was considering moving back to the U.K in my dotage, but have decided to live out my days here, with my ring piece intact. Vivre & fuck off.
  7. Easily confused with a Cuntivulvapuss, which sprays you with something akin to herring oil. I prefer Triffids.
  8. Frank, I have noted that @Decimus has just been perusing your profile. I would have thought that reading the East Anglian Daily Times obituary notices would have been more entertaining, and livelier. lol lol & fuck off.
  9. I think I speak for the majority, when I say that a walk on Chesil Beach at high tide, in a force 10 storm, would do you the power of good (and us).
  10. I read Pen's drivel, as it is the best form of 'edging' when I am in the goose shed. My flock is getting bigger, with an even bigger sexual appetite. Can you now see why I don't want the soppy old bat banned?
  11. Witheredscrote

    Mike Brewer

    If memory serves me well, you were a bit of a soppy spastic cunt when you joined. Frank has been a member for 5+ years, and still is. Anyway, reported for driving away a new member. lol
  12. I rather like it, why don't members club together, buy ten, and shove them up Frank's capacious arsehole
  13. Having looked at Mr Fosket, I find it hard to believe that he feels trapped in his home, by any inbred indigenous yokels. I have always been made to feel welcome by Caister folk. Don't know why, I am outright rude to the cunts. lol
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