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  1. Let's get this right shall we. Eric has passed you over, and appointed a newbie as a member of 'The Cartel'. If being in the Mothercare Store Detectives Cartel means that much to you, I pity you, but don't try and take it out on me, you black, counter polishing cunt. Fuck off.
  2. I would have thought Eric's posts are about as much fiction as any member can stand.
  3. I hope you live on the ground floor. If all that steel you have got falls through the floor.............Fantasist wanker. lol.
  4. Bill, we are both hanging around this fucking site like bad smells. Mine's goose shit. What's yours, Toilet Duck?
  5. U.S recorded..... who gives a fuck. 30% this, 99% that. I am only convinced that you are a 100% cunt. Fuck off.
  6. Do you honestly think that he will rise to the weak jibes that Ewic, and you inflict on him. Judge is 'old school', been here since year dot of CC, the kebab scoffing leftie. I hate the fucking pervert, but reluctantly accept him, and leave him be. Fuck off.
  7. This made me laugh. Am I sick in the head?
  8. Ratty, your following grows. JG74 is Jagdgeschweder 74 "Molders" Very German, and fighter planes. Mods better tread lightly, or it's piano wire for them.
  9. Why? I think that says more than enough.
  10. To summarise , you are talking shit here, and more than often, you are full of it. lol.
  11. No staying at home for this dippy looking cunt. Boris' political advisor? @Eddie , he looks more like Ape on his way to Fatty's Car Wash.
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