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  1. Fucking shit. I hope you roll over in bed tonight, and choke on your own vomit.
  2. More like when spunk hits a cunt
  3. Pity it isn't polished mahogany, with a screw down lid. lol lol lol
  4. And if my grandson was an absolute cunt like you, I would be glad to be dead. Fuck off lol etc
  5. Lennon used to shag it 8 Days a week.
  6. She worked a lot with Cock Hudson. I wonder if they used to fist each other?
  7. In fact an Ox (or bull's) pizzle is long, very thin, and ejaculates within 10 seconds of penetration. A bit like Frank really.
  8. That Bradley Walsh, what a grade A shortarse turd. Constantly saying 'You're a better player than that' to thick bastards who have managed only £1,000. Tell them to get some education, you faux cockney cunt. I would love to fist Anne Hegerty though. Never seen the program myself.
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