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  1. The tosser will be on here in a minute, shouting about his 'business' trip to France. Boring balsa wood cunt that he is.
  2. Balsa wood addicted cunt. That is what you are dealing with here.
  3. If truth were told, he was probably trying to assess your mental state, and whether your long suffering wife and kid should be put into a safe house. Now fuck off, you latter day Les Patterson, and get back to ironing me.
  4. Christ on a bike, you really are one boring, thread killing cunt, the worst on this site by far, and that's after considering Stubby's contributions.
  5. That's Frank, and you call me senile.
  6. Actually, you mention it more than I do. Move on you sad cunt, and do Decs bidding E.G: add a few more irons.
  7. If I pointed a pencil in your eye, you'd fucking scream. lol lol
  8. AND very well hung. Ed can't fit his lunch box into a Ferrari.
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