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  1. I'm giving you fair warning. Starting immediately, I am going to systematically start removing all the 'likes' I have awarded you over the last 3 years. I don't give a fuck about being banned. This is a measure of how much you disgust me, you slimy stick insect. Leader board indeed.
  2. Well to be honest, we mongrel French really enjoy a hairy growler. It is about the only time we get to clean our teeth.
  3. Got it in one. Did you see the video of him trying to find me. Fucking pathetic, I could have walked up to him, with a neon sign flashing Withers. Useless, overrated streak of piss.
  4. Don't get upset Eric. I'm off to the U.S Open in September. I'm entered into the Iron Lung Mixed Doubles.
  5. His obituary should nail it.
  6. @Eddie, I find it hard to believe that somebody of your type can be so modest. It is a known fact on here that your car collection would make Jay Leno give up the will to live.
  7. Sorry, no can do. I am fully booked writing Ape's material.
  8. It's always about you, isn't it?
  9. Yes, about 2,142 likes, but I bear the growler flashing cuntess no malice. Leader board manipulation indeed. C'est la vie.
  10. Steady on there. Where does that place me in you affections. Look at my ratio.
  11. I know it sticks in the craw Scotty, but at this time, we actually need the cunt. He could just see off Saucy Pisspot. FRANK, YOUR CORNER NEEDS YOU.
  12. If you're waiting for my come back, scrape it off granny's teeth.
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