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  1. The rantings of another piss soaked, ill informed, Quingo trapped geriatric. Stick your Daily Mail up your clinkered arse. Cunt.
  2. Exactly. Look at Frank, he hasn't eaten in 4 weeks. Mind you, he has removed the teeth from his hamster.
  3. I should imagine that everybody does, when they see you standing at the bar.
  4. What is the point of you posting? Like you, I am finished on here, but unlike you, I realise the fact. I am leaving with my dignity intact, unlike you. Spindly idiot.
  5. You would certainly know about that, you cock guzzling old tart.
  6. So, what you want is a site that suits you. Over inflated little cunt that you are.
  7. .... but it works for him, absolute cunt that he is. He will go on forever, like deep throating a goose.
  8. Good idea, keep plugging it.
  9. I can. You standing by my death bed, pissing on me.
  10. What is this. Track engineers stretching your leathery piss flaps?
  11. So many people with webbed hands in one room. I can imagine that when you all make a simultaneous grab for the Tesco fish paste sandwiches, it sounds like a load of circus sea lions clapping. Arf arf arf.
  12. Poor old Droopy, he can often be seen outside the Spar shop, his Quingo trying to mount a coin operated Dolphin kiddie ride. Masturbating, slopping Special Brew into his lap, and the air smelling of fetid semen and piss.
  13. I wager you can though. Probably being spit roasted in a Caister bus shelter thrice weekly. lol lol
  14. Cheer up Frank, you were great in your day.
  15. She has cold, and calculating eyes, like a goose.
  16. What, like in Roop's gusset, and a slug covered patio on a damp morning?
  17. Let's be honest here Droopy. The last time anybody asked you anything, it was the manager at your local Spar, getting you to remove your piss soaked Quingo from the shop.
  18. Don't get tetchy, just because she 'saw you off'. lol.
  19. I had to look this ginger cunt up. She seems absolutely ghastly. Why does your aunt like her? Has she dementia, is she a simple pikey?
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