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  1. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    What’s all this about prairies and shit?
  2. Blind Cunts

    Ok bby X
  3. The Minister for Loneliness

    He left me out. Cunt.
  4. Blind Cunts

    Two slags in one statement
  5. Blind Cunts

    Stickers, though slag you be, you are, to me, tidy. If that roops touches a hair on your head , I will go mental, and withhold the dick she craves. Whos laughing now Roops, you saucy slag?
  6. Blind Cunts

    Aye no worries. In all honesty I would prefer Friday, if that’s ok? Promise will be on form then, am at a barbecue in Belfast then.
  7. Nigel Farage

    What’s up? War? War is bad
  8. Blind Cunts

    You are fucking useless. Do something funny for all these fine folk, or don’t. If I’m being honest, I cannot remember a single jape of yours- truly yours, you coat tail hanging leech. its simple bubba-.get onto my Cunt vCunt thread, nominate a topic of your own choosing , call me as adversery, and let the people choose. You are at a disadvantage , on account of me having a better brain than you; despite my habits, I can wipe the comedy floor with you. Fucking easy. Square go then - I hope you best me, as I will get to read it. Do it. Qc
  9. Blind Cunts

    Shut up Eric , unless you care to suggest a topic on my Cunt v Cunt thread. I would whip you.
  10. Blind Cunts

    How did Hellen Keller get mayo in her hair?
  11. Blind Cunts

    You have blindness on the cairds. From the spunk in your eyes.
  12. Blind Cunts

    Sorry. That is fucking quality
  13. Blind Cunts

    It isn’t that bright, not indoors anyway you sunglass wearing faggots. Unless you are about to piano up a top pop tune, I suggest you man the fuck up and stop waving your head from side to side like a black woman criticising a blacker man. Mmm- mmm. You do not have radar and it does not do anything apart from irritate us normal, sighted cunts. Medically speaking, wanking less would be a step in the right direction. This would be a step up from fucking a Labrador, you glassy eyed perverts. You think nobody has noticed ? Wrong. I am told the acoustic sense is heightened after the loss of sight, maybe not like a super hero, but some way. Whatever the case- listen with both ears:- FUCK OFF
  14. Piles

    pile driver, the cause.
  15. Cunt Judges

    A minute ago you were all for letting them loose.