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  1. Quaint village pubs

    Is your new name PortugalApe ?
  2. Quaint village pubs

    Aye run away, like a whipped cur.
  3. Quaint village pubs

    Oh, silly me, so embarrassing. English teaching slag- hard g at the end of sssslaaagggG
  4. Quaint village pubs

    Bacon peddling tinkers, not a million miles off.
  5. Quaint village pubs

    Nobody gives a flying fuck about these obscure places , nor any dump that gets torn down on account of the revolving wretches that drink therein.
  6. Quaint village pubs

    Sorry, but I was never taken to one of these as a kid. Were your parents pub-to-pub bacon salesmen? Sorry- sales persons.
  7. Quaint village pubs

    What did these “hand driers” look like?
  8. Quaint village pubs

    Why don’t you wear a green scarf in Brighton? Is that some sort of bent signal to get turned into some sort of human windsock ?
  9. Quaint village pubs

    They do have AIDS. AIDS snd cancer. And high cholesterol. And acne. The ugly dirty rat loving cunts.
  10. Lack of evidence

    I wish you would go to Turkey for 10 years, and hopefully get bummed to death in some ghastly jail.
  11. Female football pundits

    You would likely fuck the corpses. lol cunt
  12. Apologists for drink driving celebrities

  13. £6 grand for curtains

    Give yourself a headectomy.
  14. Women's equality day

    They should try fucking talking less, and chilling out more. Stupid fucking cunts.
  15. The Cunts Corner Music Exchange lV