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  1. Lotto millionaire Jane Park

    Ha. Aye see
  2. More Transgender cunt bollocks

    Well said Luke. You are truly the sarciest cunt here, and I salute you for not only it, but the posh tone of it. Quality. I would add however , I am not sure about his thinking behind bigging up the biggest pack of peedos ever. Careful who you rub shoulders with and all that Punkers. Especially if they are peedo priests and bitter, baby smothering nuns. Punkape: I advise you to desist with this bollocks lest you are branded with the hottest possible brand. Catholicism is an utter load of shit, you are a cunt, and let's leave it at that unless you care to point out something about Catholicism that doesn't involve fiddling kids, if indeed this is possible. Im going to hound you on this forever, and also incite others to do so as the cause is worthy and the ammo lying all over the place.Wrong fucking horse son. not lol, catch a grip
  3. More Transgender cunt bollocks

    Only in institutional paedophilia. Eh? On an undeniable, widespread basis. You would look like less of a cunt joining isis. fuck off lol
  4. People WHo Have To Wear Name badges and Hair Nets

    Fucking disappointing wiz. Take it you finished yerself off in the bogs aye?
  5. Lotto millionaire Jane Park

    I'm assuming you took no notice of that shite. Fucking Frank, he never steps up and takes the load right in the face, like a man. You hear me Franko? I could kiss you, were your face not alike an Alsace pizza, you old- get this it's a good texter- you old fag8.
  6. The ugly and stupid

    You sound a little too certain.
  7. The ugly and stupid

    Not enough to spell my name correctly. The lobster fork bit was ok though.
  8. Lotto millionaire Jane Park

    I'm not at all sure about you. There is definitely a funny thread somewhere but also a lazy arse brevity going on, indicating to me that you are a cunt. I don't think you're giving this serious business proper attention. I think we'll be ok if you can sort this out
  9. Meterological Exaggeration

    A spell in the cooler should sort this "Decimus" chap out nicely. Show me your beaver, without delay.
  10. Lotto millionaire Jane Park

    Spunk in your face.
  11. People WHo Have To Wear Name badges and Hair Nets

    I went to the sub club for a 40th birthday thing a couple of weeks ago- a fucking 40th. I'm 42 and have no reason to be in these fucking places. Fucking embarrassing. Nobody seemed to be that off their nuts either. I was though. I had 2 ectos, a gram and a half of chop, and had 3 valiums for later, though obviously I necked the lot straight away. Also had about 14 pints too. Fuck off lol
  12. People WHo Have To Wear Name badges and Hair Nets

    How long did it take him to cum?
  13. People WHo Have To Wear Name badges and Hair Nets

    Your bingo wing. Fat fucker. lol
  14. Lotto millionaire Jane Park

    I would
  15. Lotto millionaire Jane Park

    Your auntie was understandably cheap.