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  1. I met her twice, at a stud farm in NI, and both times she was a slag.
  2. This is a load of shite, and you sir, are a cunt. Hopefully you will have a fatal reaction - when I nut in your eye. lol
  3. I always knew there was something not quite right about that cunt.
  4. I was born with a dick, and these cunts can suck on it. Fucking astounding - there is seemingly a new category of people (previously known as either men or women) who absolutely must , to preserve their full rights , be recognised as what they are , or some shite. Possibly I am behind the times but frankly this sounds like a load of wank. Oh, sorry, you’re a cisgender rug licker NOT some sort of man woman’s body type cunt and it is imperative this is recognised by everyone in the country , and possibly you want some money. A 3 step program exists for you : 1- shut the fuck up 2- suck my dick 3- fuck off lol what is this shite? Corresponds with birth sex ... cisgender sɪsˈdʒɛndə/ adjective adjective: cis-gender denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender corresponds with their birth sex. "this new-found attention to the plight of black trans folks by primarily cisgender allies is timely and necessary"
  5. My line of questioning was entirely separate. No doubt you stumbled into some sort of situation like a cunt, made a further slag of yourself, got yourself duly reprimanded, and now you arrive at my door whinging like a woman. You fucking slaaaaag
  6. @William T.D. Stickers the time to explain your south Asian hijinks is nigh.
  7. I will say only this: much like flies, rats, and carrion - crows , others are attracted to zones affected by tidal wave disasters, and I don’t mean rubber ring salesmen.
  8. He offered me that grimy tin shack for the week. But I graciously declined, I dint want to be tarred with that brush, nor attract police attention.
  9. To be honest , I’ve been busy, but the odd glance I’ve taken has confirmed the sorry fact that you are all shit. The unfortunate fact is punkers seems to be the only funny cunt present. What do you intend to do about this ?
  10. Shut you cum-trap Eric. I’m worth ten of you. I’ve just touched down on holiday , so I’ll be able to ride a drunken wave .... bitch.
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