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  1. Ollyboro

    Philip Schofield

    I'd like to attach his testicles to a Swingball pole and spend a lovely summer afternoon hitting them around said Swingball pole whilst children from my neighborhood laugh and frolic with glee*. *I'd have detached his testicles from his body earlier and thrown said body into an industrial sewing machine. I feel it's important to keep in touch with your feminine side, Rev.
  2. Ollyboro

    People Who Send Their Children To Boarding School

    Difficult to say. Especially with this cock in my mouth.
  3. Ollyboro

    People Who Send Their Children To Boarding School

    Is this a euphemism for something sordid? I heard that when you went to get your prostate gland examined, the doctor removed his finger and said there was was nothing wrong with it. You immediately demanded a second opinion. Then a third, then a fourth, then a fist. You rancid little deviant.
  4. Ollyboro

    Philip Schofield

    I've told you once; you might have a chance if you remove whatever the fuck's causing that terrible stench from the the boot.
  5. Ollyboro

    Beauty and The Flid

    You suggesting he might introduce them to the corridor of uncertainty?
  6. Ollyboro

    Actor criticised for taking quadriplegic role

    It's pronounced Gizborough, Pen. As in, "Ow mate, giz that shovel so I can stove that stupid cunt's head in." Speaking of North East market towns, I was walking down Northallerton high street last week, and you know what I saw? I kid you not, I saw an entire family( that's a nonce-a-like dad, a borderline anorexic mother, a geeky daughter and a son, who if he doesn't get into rape, is almost certainly going to die a virgin) and every single one of them looked like Buddy fucking Holly (pre-crash). "That'll be the day", I hear you say, but it's true. I avoided eye contact and carried on caressing my big bopper.
  7. Ollyboro

    Actor criticised for taking quadriplegic role

    So you think a kid deserves to die because he broke a few motoring laws? Yeah, me too. There was a case in Guisborough last year. Some little cunt called Sonny Shithead was riding around on a stolen scooter when a vigilante decided enough was enough and stepped up to the oche. Hit the cunt right in the face with a spade (by spade I mean a digging implement, not a derogatory term for a coo...er, afro-anglo). Proper Tom and Jerry stuff. You can picture the spade vibrating as it connected with his stupid face. Anyhow, Shithead died. Magic darts. The local paper was full of mawkish shite from Shithead's family about a new star in heaven etc. Meanwhile poor old Mr Draper was landed with a six stretch. I'd have given him a community action reward. And a bigger, better shovel.
  8. Ollyboro

    Actor criticised for taking quadriplegic role

    I watched Boys From The Blackstuff again, just a few months ago, Eric. The pub scene in the final episode (George's Last Ride) is fucking hysterical. Sam Kelly played the landlord of the pub where Yosser met Shake Hands. Fucking glorious. The boozer it was filmed in was demolished in 2017. In a depressingly neat bit of symmetry, the Marton Country Club, Middlesbrough - in which the pilot episode was filmed in - closed its doors for the final time, in the same year. Makes you think. Makes you think what a pile of shit Frank is.
  9. Ollyboro

    MP harassment prompts police review

    Yup. Feral children - our own fault. Ditto underfunding of education, health, the filth etc. Pissed idiots fighting in town centres, an unfair and rigged tax system- all down to us and the choices we've made. Arseholes in cars, unworkable drug policies.... whatever blights our everyday lives can be laid directly at own front door. The EU has been a great Aunt Sally, and will continue to be so long after we leave.
  10. Ollyboro

    Actor criticised for taking quadriplegic role

    Given the subject matter under discussion with this nom, I would say that you putting a prick playing the part of cunt in his place is perfectly valid.
  11. Ollyboro

    The Interabled

    Good to have you back, Mrs C.
  12. Ollyboro

    Brimstone And Treacle

    Apparently some woman in a permanent vegetative state, from the permanently vegetative state of Arizona, has given birth. Fucking Hell. Most of my early sexual conquests involved one, or both, of the combatatives being in a state of comatose, but this is a bridge too fucking far. Either a doctor, nurse, or visitor has pumped this cabbage. Or an orderly. Or Neil. You decide.
  13. Ollyboro

    Your 2018 Cunt Of The Year Nominations

    Little Jimmy Osmond has had a stroke. 2019's got off to a fucking blinder. Ideally it would have been Donny, but I'll settle for the little cunt.
  14. My nomination for COTY only came into my conciousness a couple of hours before 2018 ended. Our Lass' mate works for one of the big supermarkets. Anyhow, a 32 year old (32 year old - not 22, or even 16) recently left his job, with this particular supermarket chain, to join the army. His entire army career lasted fewer than 25 days. He didn't like the army for the following reasons: They made him get up at 04:45 every morning. They made him make his bed and fold his clothes every morning. They made him have breakfast before 07.00 every morning. What the fuck was he expecting? Anyhow, after fewer than 25 days, he left the army. In the short time he was accepting Her Majesty's shilling, his parents - who he'd lived with prior to his army stint - moved from a three bedroom house in Middlesbrough, to a two bedroom house in Newcastle. And let his brother (who has just left the army - after many years service) move in with them. Thus leaving no room for laughing boy. Desperate for a job he went back to the supermarket. They were good enough to give him a job. Unfortunately his new hours are 04:00 - 11:00. He'd have got more of a lie- in if he'd stopped in the army. What a cunt.
  15. Ollyboro


    And thus the inevitable. A discussion on the Corner about machine guns. It was always going to happen. I'm just surprised it's taken this long.