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  1. The most obvious thing to point out is the mascot sporting a headscarf. I know she's only about five, but I hope she was properly frisked...just in case. Where's Big Jock when you need him?
  2. Nigel's pro-Brexit march is going well. Reports suggest that as many as seventy stupid cunts are still marching. Not Nigel himself, of course. He's got other things to do. Remember the plot to kidnap Pilate's wife in The Life Of Brian? When the glorious leader Reg couldn't go along because he had a bad back...There is a rumour that, in a bid to bolster their numbers, the marchers are thinking of hiring some eastern Europeans.
  3. Several years after coming out, Smith has come out again. But not as a woofter this time. No, he's come out as a "non-binary genderqueer". Apparently this doesn't mean an attention seeking bowel botherer. No, he's a turd tickler who doesn't identify as a bloke. Or something. Otherwise known as a cunt. Hopefully the next time he comes out he comes out as a corpse. I believe he's a practicing Catholic.
  4. I've only ever met one Muslim Maori, and he was a cunt*. On an admittedly small sample size, I'd say the World's got better. *The cunt punched me for doing an improvised Haka with an improvised burqa** **The improvised burqa involved a couple of pairs of his cancerous mother's heavily shitted in pants.
  5. Clearly this biscuit wanking cunt needs prosecuting for gross incompetence. With a fucking machine gun in his hand and thousands of micks to aim at he killed - at the very fucking most - thirteen. Useless cunt. Send him into Kilburn with a bag of Semtex. If he doesn't take at least fourteen out, then do him for treason.
  6. Probably because of the bandages on your head, Fends. And if you ever refer to me as a spastic again, I'll wheel myself over and hit you with my colostomy suitcase.
  7. This silly girl really hasn't helped herself. Had she said that she was full of regret (even if she was lying) perhaps there would have been more sympathy. Instead she gives it the full Édith Piaf. I'm afraid this just plays into Joe Cunt's view of the likes of Hamza and Choudary ie a bunch of piss taking cunts, who don't want to be part of wider society, but do want (literally) the benefits. If it's legal to keep her out, we should do so. There are plenty of Islamic countries that'll have her. However, I don't want the Government breaking British laws to fuck her off. We all have a duty to be vigilant when it comes to the threat of terrorism. I have recently started following several swarthy taxi driver types around. At first I thought I had uncovered a terrorist cell, above a kebab shop. But after further investigation, it became apparent that the dozen or so Asian blokes, who were forever in and out the place, were merely running an ad hoc youth club for girls between the ages of 11-15. I had to laugh when one of the girls exited the flat with chilli sauce all over the back of her jeans.
  8. Reported. To Roops and MI5. For encouraging an act of terrorism. And for being a poof. MI5 will probably recruit you.
  9. You're forever bashing the Bishop, Apers. And you're always having a go at Pen as well.
  10. I'd consider knocking the woof woof on the head if I were you. Otherwise people will start thinking that you're a cunt of the stupid variety. And Frank might bum you.
  11. Agreed. Especially if they're micks.
  12. I suspect after a protracted legal battle Queen Herod will be allowed back into the country. The only option open after that will be to keep her moustache in quarantine for six months. Imagine the state of her cludge.
  13. Not anymore, I'm afraid. She's the shape of an overused beanbag these days. No doubt Mitchell has gone from not believing his good luck to not believing his bad luck. I shudder to think how much her Greggs pie bills come to. Her stools must be particularly unpleasant. I reckon Mitchell spends an inordinate amount of time snapping them.
  14. Ollyboro

    The French

    On the subject of stinking arse-wipes, I notice Crufts started on Thursday; Frank hasn't been on since Wednesday. Coincidence? I think not. Anybody watching needs to keep an eye out for a AIDS ravaged streak of shit wandering around with a hard on. Report him to the nearest RSPCA officer.
  15. "Oooh, I don't know that one. I wasn't even born then." Because, obviously, a person can only know about something if it occurred during their lifetime. Which makes history redundant. It's one of the reasons why I walk around with a permanently itchy arse and heavily skidded undercrackers. Because wiping your arse was invented before I was born. Ditto The Race Relations Act.
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