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  1. I read an interview with Big Bri's daughter the other day. Definitely her father's daughter. The beard was identical. Anyway, she mentioned that, when she was a kid, it was years before she realised that the word "Cunt" was a swear word. Such was the frequency that Blessed used it. Come on then, which one of youse cunts is Brian Blessed? My money's on Pen.
  2. Nah. This cunt holds an altitude world record, has made it to the North Pole, talked judo with Putin, sparred with the Dalai Lamal, delivered a baby and bit through the umbilical cord.....I could go on. A cunt; yes. A cunt of a cunt; no. He was even in The Sweeney.
  3. Ollyboro


    You can imagine Corden logging in to answer questions from his adoring public and reading that little lot. Funny that you should mention Moyles, because I discovered how much of a cunt he is in almost exactly the same way that I discovered how much of a cunt JC is - I fantasize about crucifying the cunt. I saw both of them for the first time on Buzzcocks. In Moyles case, I had heard of him, but had no idea what he was like. After about fifteen minutes I knew all I needed to know. As for Corden....I can hand on heart say that I despised the porcine prick within seconds of catching sight of him. I had never heard of him and had no fucking clue what he did, but a couple of seconds of his fake laugh and obvious neediness was more than enough for me to head butt the nearest packet of fucking bacon. I'd like to stick a skewer up his arse, an apple in his gob and hang pasties just out of his reach.
  4. Ollyboro


    https://old.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/bqy5zf/i_am_james_corden_alongside_ben_winston_and_five/ Enjoy.
  5. Any reasonable interpretation of the law will surely conclude that this abrogation of duty is nothing less than high fucking treason. This ginger cuckoo needs locking in Belmarsh for the rest of his natural. His missus should be deported as an undesirable immediately. If she's prepared to broadcast an hours worth of clitty wing ding in a pay per view finger bobs special, I'd be happy to contribute to her air fare. The cunts.
  6. Ollyboro

    Ohhhh fuck

    No. But I was masturbating in some bushes recently, when a pair of Sainsbury's cockless y-fronts, heavily filled with semi-digested kebab meat and sweetcorn, landed on my sweaty head.
  7. Ollyboro


    JT would wank off Alois, to thank him for giving Adolf to the world. Spunkers would wank any bloke off. Apple would kill himself. Frank would wank himself off.
  8. It is a thing, JT. Over many, many years it has been proven that the local population will show disproportionate loyalty to the major employers in their area - even if they personally aren't employed by said employers. Thus folk living near the Chrysler factory would buy more Chryslers than the average, natives of Sheffield buy more cutlery and the residents of Kendal basically mainline mint cake etc etc. Judgie lives nextdoor to the dildo factory.
  9. That would explain his impeccable manners in apologising to the moose he raped at gunpoint.
  10. Apparently some weird cunt strip searched Mary Beard at an airport recently. Probably Heathrow, but fucking look it up yourselves, you lazy cunts. Surely it can't have been for sexual reasons? She must have set the metal detector off. "Ow, Mary Love! Any chance you can take the anvil out your y-fronts and come back through the detector?"
  11. Skiing: The act of delivering dual simultaneous hand-jobs simulating the motions of a cross-country skier. I have no doubt that the above mentioned places won't allow you within 10 miles of a public toilet.
  12. My 2 favourite ever reviews are, a Q magazine review of a New Kids On The Block remix album ( "about as useful and fulfilling as trying to dilute water") and a local newspaper's review of The Man With The Golden Gun. The entire review read: "Christopher Lee has 3 nipples, Roger Moore has one expression". FOFNCII
  13. As a matter of interest, Judy, when do you get your passport back from the authorities?
  14. On the subject of militants, JT, I recently discovered that Wayne Sleep is an ambassador for Prostate Cancer UK. A real eye opener that one.
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