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  1. Fucking Hell! David Duke's let himself go.
  2. And like most snowballs, I'm also sexually aggressive and charmless.
  3. Pleasant? You've missed the job description.
  4. Imagine, if you will, we're both Hollywood stars making a fairly generic Hollywood "movie". You're the baddie; I'm a furious John Wayne....bent on revenge!! At the end of the film, I'd point a gun right in your Downs Syndrome face and say (menacingly)" You're the cancer....I'm the chemo. Cunt."
  5. Bollocks. Let's have it right, Ceebers; fuck all wrong with the WiFi in Bongo Bongo Land. It's more a case of the local filth denying you access as a condition of your visa, following your last visit, when your viewing habits were described as "beyond the pale".
  6. Penicillin wasn't invented until the 1920s. Had Our Lord The Baby Jesus turned water into antibiotics, nocunt there would have known what the cunt was on about. Had Our Lord The Baby Jesus explained that by having two of these pills three times a day the people present would all feel a bit better - BUT NO ALCOHOL - they'd have told him to fuck off. Remember, this was at a wedding. You can't turn up at a wedding and ban drink. The cunt was playing to his audience. Typical circumcisionist victim.
  7. It was about three in the morning and I was in a 24 hour bar in Turkey, when the barman put the chairs on tables, turned the lights off, locked the door and fucked off. It was pitch fucking black. Then from about a foot away I heard my mate ask, " Olly.....are you still there?"
  8. This ex-Egghead, and current user of love eggs, has started a GoFundMe page in an attempt to save his house. So far he's raised £3k. So that's the last of Spunkers' ppi refund from Latex Pants Catalogue down the shitter. What an opportune time for him to reveal that after a thirty year battle he's also dying of AIDS. I had no idea that bankruptcy exacerbates the symptoms of AIDS. On the plus side he's keeping his spirits up by going out running every day, which considering he's definitely dying of AIDS is no mean fucking feat. The cunt.
  9. I'm more than prepared to carry on with my seduction of Judge in private, but unfortunately, we're on different wings.
  10. That's very kind of you, Judge. Enjoy what's left of your kebab, old boy.
  11. The cunts on here complaining about women being on the blob are probably the exact same identical cunts who criticised Gary fucking Glitter for his preference of premenstrual women. Show some fucking consistency.
  12. Saw the nom title and assumed Neil had diversified.
  13. But nowhere near as much as a cunt as his brother-in-law.
  14. I wouldn't worry about it, mate. Knowing the gay bars of Norwich doesn't make you a poof. Knowing about Hitler doesn't make you a Nazi, knowing about Sir James Vincent Wilson Savile (OBE, KCSG, 31 October 1926-29 October 2011) doesn't make you a nonce, knowing and not giving a fuck about Harvey Price doesn't make you Dwight Yorke, and knowing about Frank doesn't make you a coprophile.
  15. Nevermind the gentrification of Norwich Train Station, what about the pedestrianisation of Norwich city centre. Traders still need access to Diiiixxons. I assume Norwich still has a Dixons and Our Price.
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