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  1. Proof that some men are utter cunts

    Get with the programme, Scotty Lad. Haven't you worked out Spunker's code yet? Every time the twisted little fruit uses the word 'Golf' he means 'Cock'. So, a round of golf = a round of cock. A golf club = a club full of cock. A golf course = a cock course ie a lay-by. Golf waterproofs = a condom. A golf tee = a cock beverage ie sperm.
  2. People who are a "bit of a character"

    Absolutely. Can you remember Steve Harrison, erstwhile England coach under the late, gre..er, mediocre Graham Taylor? His party piece was to perch on the edge of a wardrobe and expertly shit into a cup on the floor. John Barnes reckoned it boosted team morale no end. Naturally the FA sacked the dirty cunt. If I'm not mistaken Millwall and Crystal Palace sacked him for the same reason. If anything sums up the lamentable state of coaching in this country surely it's valuing the ability to shit in a cup off a wardrobe above actually coaching football.
  3. Frank's Funeral Arrangements

    Hoop Lane. How apt. Frank was a massive hoop.
  4. New GAYDAR AI

    Fuck me, BDS, I haven't seen such a poorly received introduction to the Corner since Ian Huntley joined and nominated 'Prick Teasing Pre-Teens'. You appear to be as welcome as Rolf fucking Harris in a birthing pool. Do fancy going for a drink?
  5. Our Future Prime Minister

    One of the problems with Islam is that there's no central authority, like the Pope, to keep the cunts in line and tell them who to hate. Instead, there's thousands of cunts running mosques giving their own interpretation of the Koran. As a white Protestant I consider myself lucky to have the Archbish of Cant and Her Maj to give me guidance. Although, unlike Liz, I'd never let a dying Greek ponce stick one up my shitter (insert own Frank gag). So what Johnny Muzz needs is a sort of Pope. Who better but ex-Pope Ratzinger? He's been at a loose end since he knocked the poping game on the head. And he already hates poofs and Jews AND can supply one of his old poping dresses for his new Superimam uniform. I wrote to Abu Hamza at Belmarsh prison asking for 1) His opinion on the subject, and 2) Asking if he'd be free to join the Nunthorpe Players in their Christmas panto of Peter Pan. Alas, it appears the mad cunt was extradited years ago.
  6. Our Future Prime Minister

    Britain shouldn't worry too much about Islam in general. It'll go the way of Christianity. It'll become something observed through traditions rather than a blanket belief. Obviously the security services need to watch arseholes like Choudary, and yes, there are more radicalised arseholes than previously. But the flip side of this is: Do more Muslim girls go to university, and go on to have careers? Do more Muslim boys go out drinking with white mates? Do more Muslims marry outside Islam? I think so, and these Muslims will bring up the next generation with little interest in the medieval practices of a bunch of mountain dwelling goat herders.
  7. Our Future Prime Minister

    By 2050? He'll never achieve all that by ten to nine. Stupid cunt.
  8. Our Future Prime Minister

    Bollocks. As long as I've got a faint whiff of cheese around my bell end, there's no way Michael fucking McIntyre will become Prime minister.
  9. A few years ago two of my mates were in Trafalgar Square (in London). Anyhow, they were approached by a Japanese family who asked if one of them would take a holiday snap of the four of them. As the lad with the camera lined them up, the other one stood on a step directly behind Mr and Mrs Nagasaki. So, somewhere in Japan, a Japanese family own a Japanese family photo album, containing a photograph of 4 Japanese faces........... ......but 9 Japs eyes.
  10. People who are a "bit of a character"

    There's a thin fucking line between being a bit of a character and being mentally ill. Oh look at him, with his wacky ways and funny dress sense. Ha!! Have you seen his haircut and all that jewellery....and...oh...he appears to have raped over a thousand kids on BBC premises.
  11. Punkape's Message Box

    The gist of your post is correct, RK, but to describe Pen as 'upstanding' is over egging the pudding. She's usually flat on her back, surrounded by empty cooking sherry bottles.
  12. David Guetta

    Even allowing for the assorted dance, Christmas, end of decade etc spin-offs, I don't think there has been a 1000 releases under the 'Now That's What I Call Music' moniker, Manks. Have you bought the same titles in different formats?
  13. Extreme paranoia about the omnipresent threat of noncing

    Nowt wrong with special needs discos, Snowy. I used to be in charge of the flid cloakroom at a special needs disco. The punters were truly charming. Tight as fuck when it came to tipping though. They'd never put their hands into their pockets. Mainly because they couldn't reach their pockets, but even fucking so.
  14. Extreme paranoia about the omnipresent threat of noncing

    The most obvious question being: What the fuck are you going on about? An adult cue? And a kids? Fuck me, Snowy, if you had a go at semaphore I reckon you could start WW3.
  15. Extreme paranoia about the omnipresent threat of noncing

    Fluffers haven't existed in the WOP (world of porn) World since 1998 - the year Viagra was passed for medical purposes. As soon as it became possible to give a porn stud a tablet to get hard, there was no need to employ fluffers. If you're going to crack gags about fluffers, the least you could do is cross reference your gags with chronological relevance to advances in the erectile dysfunction world.