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  1. Ollyboro

    Blubbing women

    I've misread this thread title as Blubbery women, which leads me on to.....HAVE YOU SEEN THE FUCKING SIZE OF CHARLIE DIMMOCK!?! I was never particularly aroused by the fat fitted ginger trout, but given a gallon of Henry Weston Special Reserve I'd have probably shot one up her shitter, on the strict understanding that she didn't tell anycunt (especially that suspiciously perky uphill gardener Titchmarsh). Now, I haven't clapped eyes on this gushing gusseted spunktoon for about 15 years. I can only assume she's spent her time growing lard trees. She's fucking massive. The fat, greedy cunt.
  2. Oh to have been born in Munich. Fair enough it would have meant being a mullet sporting kraut with a massive dose of ancestral guilt, but I'd have seen my country win fuck knows how many tournaments and my club win trophies every fucking year. Still, I've always got England's 1997 Tournoi triumph and Boro's 2004 League Cup to cling on to.
  3. Nowt to do with being a loyal and committed supporter. It's about the pathetic neediness which drives glory boy fans to jump on a more successful bandwagon. Yes, there are people who might have have moved to another area at a young age, whose family have supported a club for generations, in which case that's fair enough. I doubt these people make up 5% of the type of fan we're talking about. So when they start playing Premiership games at 6am GMT, in Beijing, or wherever, presumably you'll have nothing to complain about? Since it doesn't matter where fans are from, or where clubs are based,and these Chinese fans are fans too. In fact let's get rid of names that identify where a Club's based and call the teams The Warriors, or The Panthers.
  4. I once had an argument with a Boro born and bred Liverpool fan. I asked him which club his mates supported. All of them supported Boro. So I put the following scenario to him: Liverpool are at the Riverside and he and his mates are jumped by a bunch of thieving scouse wankers. Who does he fight with? "Er... depends if it was over football", was his weak as piss reply. Having a successful football club provides a town, or city, a direct financial boost. So by supporting a team miles away a cunt is putting the success of that town above their own. Any northerner supporting Arsenal, or Spurs-or even worse Ch*lsea- is the worst kind of footballing Uncle Tom. Fuck me there 's the odd cunt wandering around Middlesbrough in a Ch*lsea top. Fucking Ch*lsea. These are the wankers who tried to smash the entire town up in 1988(although, to be fair, it did double the house prices). The fans of these clubs look down on northerners and always have done. And London-based cunts who support Manure, or Victimpool are supporting clubs from areas they actively put down and who despise them in return. It's the worst kind of bandwagon jumping and the perpetrators should be corralled into a disused quarry filled with festering shit. Miles away from their homes.
  5. Ollyboro


    There's something called The Greengrocer's Apostasy. Which is when a previously devout greengrocer starts selling non-Halal cabbage's.
  6. Ollyboro

    Pseudo homeless beggars

    "Go to London! I guarantee you'll either be mugged or not appreciated. Catch the train to London, stopping at Rejection, Disappointment, Backstabbing Central and Shattered Dreams Parkway." AHA!! Evening, Alan.
  7. Ollyboro

    Rob Beckett

    Nonsense. How can anycunt forget Ron Davies "Looking At Badgers" comedic tour de force. I've often wondered if Ron and Spotter are one and the same. And there's Simon Weston's face.
  8. Ollyboro

    Rob Beckett

    Has the look of Judge Rinder inserting his head so far up Matt Goss' rectum that he's wearing him as a mask. His mouth must be worth 50k on the illegal ivory market.
  9. Ollyboro

    Mark Carney House Price slump fear monger

    Another repeat pearler from the Corner's very own one trick prick. You are Gina Yashere and I claim my ten naira.
  10. Ollyboro

    Mark Carney House Price slump fear monger

    So your 16 year old is sat at home with fifty grand, waiting for a downturn in house prices, is he? You are Jacob Rees Mong and I claim my 2 shillings and sixpence. What a barrel of fucking laughs he must be. "Hey, MC Jnr, do you fancy taking some drugs and fucking some girls?" "No, I think not. I'd rather stay at home waiting for a correction in the housing market and concentrate on remaining a virgin actually. That way I can move away from my stupid cunt of a Father asap without any danger of me reproducing another dullard like me."
  11. Ollyboro

    Mark Wahlberg's Life

    Er, no. You nominated Mark Wahlberg, I nominated his life. Two very different things. Hitler was a cunt, but what a life. Adoration, a nice mountain retreat and a testicle to tickle. Yes, he was responsible for unbelievable cruelty, but he never had to eat a bagel. So fuck off.
  12. Ollyboro

    Mark Wahlberg's Life

    This cunt has revealed how at the age of 47 he still manages to have the body of a freakishly stupid cunt. His typical day consists of: 1) 2.30am wake up 2) 2.45am prayer time 3) 3.15am breakfast 4) 3.40-5.15am workout 5) 5.30am post-workout meal 6) 6am shower 7) 7.30am golf ?) 8.00am snack 9) 9.30am cryo chamber recovery 10) 10.30am snack 11) 11am family time/meetings/work calls 12) 1pm lunch 13) 2pm meetings/work calls 14) 3pm pick up kids @ school 15) 3.30pm snack 16) 4pm workout #2 17) 5pm shower 18) 5.30pm dinner/family time 19) 7.30pm bedtime Punkers does 1,2,3, 6(golden),7,12,14,17(brown),18 and 19. Which makes him just over 50% of the cunt Wahlberg is.
  13. Ollyboro

    Naa'imur Zakariyah Rahman

    I see Anjem Choudary is about to be released after serving half of his five year sentence. Hopefully he's had time to reflect on his misdemeanors and no longer wishes destruction to the Western way of life. I'd like to think during his time in prison he's encountered more positive influences. Indeed he need only look at England cricketer Moeen Ali to realise that it's possible, with hard work and dedication, for a person of Asian heritage to play a constructive part in modern Britain. Even if they have got a stupid fucking beard. Fuck off Frank. You interminable tit.
  14. Ollyboro

    England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    Much appreciated that. I was sat in the car, waiting for her. To kill a bit of time I started playing Scrabble against my phone (genius level). To be honest I was getting a bit of a hiding, when I decided to have a quick look at the Corner. I saw your name and was inspired. I logged back into Scrabble. From the top right triple word score I placed my H tile, got my K tile on the double letter score and scored 131 points by playing HACKNEYED down the board and across the word ARSEHOLE. So cheers, Fred. You utter bore.
  15. Ollyboro

    England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    Huge congratulations to Jimmy Anderson on becoming the third highest test wicket taker in history (Murali great guy; greater chucker).