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  1. It's an easy assumption to make considering how weak a character you are. If I had to sum you up in one word... shoulderless.
  2. Bend do you still own any teddy boy outfits?
  3. You're coming across like a grey-suited Thursday night drinker. No one likes you.
  4. I was politely asking if you'd elaborate. What watches have far more class, defined by the quality of their movement, at far less money than a Cartier?
  5. I have an uncanny knack of making certain members look stupendously fucking dim. During Decs absence, I'm probably the best on here.
  6. That's not true, doc. Tell me your thoughts on watches defined by the quality of their movement.
  7. I just took another look at that suburban bingo arm on your old lady. I've seen smoother skin on a tortoise.
  8. Ed I sincerely hope these are random google pics and not some poor lady - God forbid your wife - you're emotionally attached to. I think there might be something wrong with you.
  9. Ape if you study closely the swollen right foot, you'll agree that the curling-in big toe is almost identical to that of a sloth.
  10. Doc you’re out of your depth.I’ve told you time and time again.. you’ll never make it work here. Fuck off.
  11. Something not quite right with those toes. My God she’s horrible.
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