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  1. Really? Claw hammers? Idiot.
  2. Please heeelp me mend... my broken heart, and let me live again. ,
  3. Barry Gibb lost his falsetto in the early 90's. He's still loved by millions. If you've managed to find time to converse with this old cunt, you might want to have a look at Eric Cuntman's nonce accusing content. An absolute fucking disgrace.
  4. What the fuck are you doing coming on here and making a fuss about nothing? If it was anyone else Mrs R would quite rightly fuck this over to the Open Corner in a shot. Lead by example. Idiot.
  5. 14 pounds is next to fuck all. Fuck off Proper, you niggardly old cunt.
  6. I seem to bring out the worst in our fellow members. Fuck me, Judge. I’m not one to stir the pot, but how that idiot Cuntman avoided a ban is anyone’s guess. Good on you.
  7. The horse has bolted. Using the flyer ID to cover ones discrepancies won’t wash here, punk. Anyway, over to you.
  8. Indeed. It was a confidence issue I was addressing, not a grammatical one. Searching through the archives to prove a point make you look very, very insecure. Take comfort knowing that I like you.
  9. It’s been a while and I think others remember the details more than I do. I honestly couldn’t believe how far I took him. A supposedly semi-intelligent man not only turned up for his pre-theatre dinner, he actually called me to lodge a complaint. Marvellous.
  10. This retort appears to be on loop, J. What else you got?
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