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  1. Knock, knock. Who's there? Mrs Cuntman. I don't think so. No.
  2. Frank

    April cunts

    There will only ever be one Frank. I miss you Pen. Bisous.
  3. Frank

    Cheating Australian cricket cuntbreeds

    Shut up, Ape. Stupid cunt.
  4. Frank

    The PSA Test

    She may not look as great as she once did, but my God she's special! Try watching this without a trouser twitch at 4:20. Fuck off. lol LOL
  5. Frank


    I’ve decided to end it all. I lost my sister in the Marchioness disaster at Cannon Street in ‘89. I’m back here now and I’m going to join her at midnight. Goodbye William.
  6. Frank

    Monty Python

    I’m done, spot. I’ve just eaten my last meal at a Turkish next door to Fabric. I can’t stand myself. Unless a fellow moderator intervenes, I’ll be live streaming my final words via SSL here at midnight. Cover your arse you lanky old cunt.
  7. Frank

    Spit or Swallow

    Step aside, BubbaFuckingC. Loathsome sap.
  8. Frank

    The Beast From The East

  9. Frank

    The Beast From The East

    Sitting in a quiet bar in Theresa Town, Budapest, and they play this. I’m thinking of you, Eric.
  10. Frank

    Cunts who leave abusive notes on Ambulances

    There’s a lot going on in your posts.. even the short ones. It’s all too busy, and it makes me sick. Otherwise it’s great having a new regular. Welcome aboard.
  11. Frank

    The cost of Valentine's Day

    Don’t rise to this shit, quince. I’m targeting a certain member and I’d be grateful if you’d keep you’re fucking EG nose out of it.
  12. Frank

    Darren Osborne

    I’m the best on here.
  13. Frank

    The cost of Valentine's Day

    What do you know, you sly fuck? She copied my oxblood Bottega Veneta clutch bag exactly, to the stitch, for no more than 600 Dirham.
  14. Frank

    The cost of Valentine's Day

    I’m in the medina having a coffee with Fahawa, a fine leathersmith. She’s got an extra thumb. I’ve ordered two gym bags - a hermès knock-off without logo - in navy.