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  1. Fuck off Eddie you disgusting little polo-shirt-stone-washed-jean-wearing bloated commoner.
  2. Yes I do. Come on over, Decimus. I double dare you.
  3. Billy you’re such as easy target, it’s literally made me feel sick. I’ll give it a rest and wait for thicker than thick MC’s return.
  4. I do the jazz standards between 12 and 3 on their Steinway grand. Idiot.
  5. Ape I’ll be at Fortnum’s this afternoon from midday onwards. If you or any other thicko would care to join me, ask for Mr K at reception on the fourth.
  6. Awful, awful timing, especially the last paragraph.
  7. Cross-dressing insecure little man.
  8. You have the brain of a teenage late-developer. You fucking thick cunt. Get off my site!
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