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  1. Well.. let’s hope so. When you’re on form, nothing else comes close. I guess it was inevitable that sooner or later a punter like Salty would come along and get under your skin. I can only hope that perhaps we both learn from this.
  2. 49. That’s all very well, but do you think you’ll ever make us laugh again?
  3. See someone, FFS. 

  4. I’ve had a PM warning from Baws this morning suggesting I give it all a rest. On a final note in this woeful episode, if you look a little deeper into decs recent history, I think you’ll find the man is really suffering.
  5. He gives off this air of nonchalance as if he’s above it all.. the take it or leave it approach. In reality the man is a desperate underachiever and without doubt, seriously fucked in the nut. One can only wish that his family fully support him this Christmas.
  6. Not a single ‘like’ in your last 22 posts, gone from the leaderboard, totally gone in the head, and gone from here. Good riddance. lol Fuck off. lol LOL.
  7. This has to be the worst you’ve ever been. Have you no shame?
  8. No one cares. Please, no fanfare.. just leave. 🖕🏼
  9. Fuck off Eddie you disgusting little polo-shirt-stone-washed-jean-wearing bloated commoner.
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