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  1. We were once fairly close. I set up an eyeball in Carlshalton and I’m afraid to say she’s as ugly as she sounds.
  2. Someone’s got to say it, gyps; we’re all thinking it. Idiot.
  3. I think it’s only reasonable that you answer the question, you thick fucking idiot. What are the risks, dipshit?
  4. Seriously, it’s a great nomination and worthy of note. What are the risks involved?
  5. Considering I practically raped your ponytail arse when you first joined, you’ve become rather good at this.
  6. It’s called ‘tinto de verano’ you fucking idiot. A refreshing summer drink popular throughout Spain. Delicious.
  7. Gyps we need to talk.
  8. Frank

    BBC News

    That sounds tasty, Billy, but I can’t imagine ever seeing myself in Palmers Green. Not now, not ever.. never. I’m outside the National Theatre on the South Bank, sheltering from the rain and listening to Peter Green’s ‘Man of the World’. It’s pretty miserable but overall life is great.
  9. Frank

    BBC News

    I remember seeing Willie play against Perrie Mans at the B&H Masters in Wembley back in ‘79. Mans potted the final black with his cue behind his back. I’m glad he’s dead. God bless you Willie.
  10. Frank

    BBC News

    I tend to agree with most of the shit you come out with on here. Sometimes it raises a smile. However, you’re wrong in this instance. Accept it, apologise, and move on. You’re lonely.. I’ll forgive you.
  11. Frank

    BBC News

    https://www.basingstokegazette.co.uk/news/18519156.viral-claim-veteran-throat-slashed-london-protests-proved-false/ Racist thick fucking pig.
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