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  1. TA - Travel Anouncements

    I sincerely hope you suffer a massive heart attack this Christmas Ape. Ideally at the dinner table before the entire family.
  2. Jay Swingler

    Forget it alf, you silly old bastard. What do you know about the massé shot?
  3. Jay Swingler

    Alf you dozey old stoner, I’m home alone for a week and I’m not great with the Aga. Send me over one of your plagiarised recipes and I’ll do you a video in return.
  4. Jay Swingler

    What’s on you mind, Albert? Did you see that Guardian piece on those fatherless blacks who held hostage and tortured a young man from Croydon? They went on to burgle his poor parents’ house.. stealing cash, Rolex watches, designer handbags and sunglasses. Who do you turn to?
  5. Channel 4

    Snatch what in heaven's name is going on between you and Bill?
  6. The Special Relationship

    Pen, Decs is right.. I’m done here. It's over, my last ever post. I'd like to say that it's been a pleasure, but it hasn't. Admin, delete me please, I’m not coming back.
  7. Cycle helmets

    Dead-Dadded.. that was mine.
  8. The Special Relationship

    When you use that word, it gets right up my fucking nose.
  9. Cycle helmets

    I've been reflecting on my overall performance on these pages. How do you think I've fared this year compared to my 2015 chart-topper?
  10. The Special Relationship

    I don't want to revisit the awful and untimely death of your poor vulnerable folks. If you continue with this tired ollyboro-esque persona, I swear to god I'll destroy you this Christmas, Wiz.
  11. Cycle helmets

    Stubby doesn’t exist as far as I’m concerned. I’d like to know what happened to QC’s natural flair.
  12. Cycle helmets

    You inadvertently lifted ‘dead-dadded’ from one of my earlier posts when I discovered he’d been driving his father’s corpse up and down Sunset Blvd in the boot of the dead cunt’s clapped-out Mercedes.
  13. Cycle helmets

    ‘Admissions’ by Henry Marsh. Idiot.
  14. Bruno Langley

    I did. Here’s the B.J. Thomas version of Suspicious Minds. What do you think? Will he see Christmas out?