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  1. Shut the fuck up, you sad and old deluded cunt.
  2. Jazz’s noxious son was in a wheelchair for over sixteen years. His only impediment these days is a slight lisp, a wet fuck for a father and a weak hand shake.
  3. It’s no secret amongst the membership that I’m at a low ebb. However, apart from the one chinless doorkeeping freak who appears to ‘get’ you, the majority of the board wish you weren’t here. Move on.
  4. What a complete and utter fucking twat you are.
  5. Alf, you sparkless fucking wrinkler. This is a tragedy beyond belief. I’m literally in tears. Know what I mean?
  6. I’m here on the scene, Alf. The fucking thing has gone. Please, don’t start a sentence with ‘So’. Stupid old cunt.
  7. Settle down. Idiot.
  8. There’s a lot of negative vibes around, withers. I’ll always be here for you. See your PM.
  9. He’s not wrong though, is he? idiot.
  10. Frank

    Jussie Smollet

    Not really Alf. Every morning I run from my bijou residence next to St Paul’s Cathedral, across the Millennium Bridge, along the South Bank, over Westminster Bridge and into St James’s Park. I then wend my way through Soho and usually stop for a coffee on Frith Street. I love London.
  11. Frank

    Jussie Smollet

    I’m sorry, eric.. I’ve got nothing. From time to time some cunt has to put you in your place. You’re an idiot.
  12. Frank

    Jussie Smollet

    Shut up you fucking idiot.
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