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  1. Rise above it, bill. Thicko.
  2. Do you remember that awful joke I made about your poor wife?.....’Cuntybaws missus is so skinny, her tits are in single file’. The very next day you sent ‘walnut-a-head’ to my 12 year-old daughter’s school email address.
  3. Frank


    Fuck off you boring cunt.
  4. I know that, Ed. It’s just a little carrot for a set piece in another time. 🥕
  5. Cheap racist quips, paedophilic accusations, awful, awful timing and blatant plagiarism. You’re a fucking disgrace and an embarrassment to yourself.
  6. That nom of yours on food banks is rubbish. Did I mention I was away at the Norwich Arsenal game on Sunday?
  7. Frank


    It really is extraordinary to witness. You and thicko MC, aka Decimus Light, plagiarising his shit, which in turn is a rehash of my shit, doubled up from yesteryear, rolled into the same old repetitive bollocks and fired straight back at me. Stupendous dullards.
  8. Frank


    I was on the leaderboard a moment ago. If you take into account the 22 likes.. or points, plus the four from earlier today, that puts me on 28.... second from the top.
  9. Fuck off, Tim. You’re another plagiarising twat on a yellow-stained decimus loop.
  10. Reported. I’m sick to the back teeth of these puerile nonce accusations aimed at poor erroptile.
  11. Frank


  12. Agreed.. absolutely. You probably didn’t see the site in its previous form, and whilst it’s certainly nothing to be proud of, he simply stole my act.. minus the charm. He could be great, but like most of us with a natural talent, he’s just a bit fucked up.
  13. Let’s have a look at it.
  14. You’re missing my point entirely. I’m not overly keen on Salty either.. no sir. What upsets me more than anything, is that he’s winning the prolonged scraps between you. You’re far too aggressive and it appears that he’s laughing at you.
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