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  1. Frank

    BBC sports personality of the year

    Cringeworthy wet sap.
  2. Frank

    Standing in the door

  3. Frank

    Standing in the door

    I knew this would all backfire on me, RK. Who do I turn to?
  4. Frank

    Standing in the door

    Fuck off Scotty. Drip.
  5. Frank

    Standing in the door

    Don’t get ahead of yourself, snowy. You come across as nothing more than an insecure piece of shit.
  6. Frank

    painting railings

    I had another laryngospasm this morning, tot. Do you remember Loppylugs in Edgware?
  7. Frank

    painting railings

    Get fucked you ridiculous piece of shit.
  8. Frank

    painting railings

    I think you’ll find that people do. If I put it to the membership and win a majority, would you agree to disappear forever?
  9. Frank

    painting railings

    Could a video save me?
  10. Frank

    painting railings

    Shut your fucking mouth.
  11. Frank

    Cunts who get massive Xmas bonuses

    I did wonder what brand of watch would sit well next to a pair of frayed and stonewashed three-quarter-length jeans. A vulgar oversized Breitling of course. For 20k you could’ve bought an elegant pre-owned PP.