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  1. I understand. I really am going to hurt you, Ape. I promise not to touch Mrs A. Fuck you.
  2. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. You’ll be dead in the morning.
  3. Shut your mouth you stupid little shit.
  4. Huh. I don't see any brothers on the old electoral roll data I have. Are you lying?
  5. Correct me if wrong, ape, but you appear to be a little anxious.
  6. Ape, I've accumulated 43 Warning Points and had numerous bans over the years.. some for over 6 months. I've learnt my lesson and paid my dues. Anything else you have to say on the matter can wait until the weekend...
  7. Anybody can wish what they like. It’s another thing saying it. You make me sick. Fuck you.
  8. Reported. Mrs R, Eric has referred to my father, and I'm fine with that. However, Decimus' post is not only upsetting, it's fucking disgusting. I've never felt the need to report a fellow member before, but I think the boy is quite simply out of control.
  9. You're very rusty, Decimus. I won't tell you again.. less is more. Grow up.
  10. Well, the cuntman picked it up very early, but I suppose we are of a similar age. It's actually a very clever play on words combining the state of this fucking country, 80's pop music, and the idiot Salty Piss Flap. 6 reds and 6 pinks after a free ball, in-off on the final pink = ?
  11. You stupid fucking cunt.
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