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  1. ‘Even your two dot ellipsis ner ne ner nerrr bla......’ Listen to yourself, man.
  2. I like Wolfie.. he suffers. You’re a detestable little prick who needs a slap. If I come for you, you’ll know all about it. You've been warned.
  3. Your four-for-one shit is wearing very thin. ‘Pen, Withers, Frank.. naaa naa na naaa naaah, you’re all faacking shitcuuuunts’. Fuck off, Decimus. You’ve lost it, boy.
  4. Yes, I’m angry. It’s all shit, Wolfie. I’ve got fuckwit adolescent Billy in one ear, your carefully constructed insecure bollocks in the other, Withers topping the leaderboard, and now the return of Stubby Pecker.. posting in the style of a late-night bingo caller. Your fear of making the odd typo has zapped any comedy you might have in your tiny suburban mind. Loosen up you stupid fucking cunt.
  5. Frank

    Richard Huckle

    Punk has a point. I realise that almost everything appears in either black or white for you oldtimers, but fuck me, Alf, use your loaf.
  6. I feel for you, ed. I really do. I spent the entire evening at Barnet General A&E on Sunday night. My poor mum’s catheter was filling up with blood and I had to sit there for almost 5 hours amongst all those cunts. Those poor, poor nurses. Fortunatey a nice Bangladeshi Uber-man eventually dropped us back to Mill Hill. Mum said he was a lovely chap.. for a paki.
  7. Fuck off, Wolfie.. cunt. This is shit.
  8. I don’t know who you are. Nevertheless.. noted.
  9. You thick fucking emotionalistic faggot piece of shit. 

    1. Wizardsleeve


      Go jump in a fucking meat grinder you miserable heap of liquid shit!  

  10. You’ll never succeed if you continuously insist on having the last word. Let some things go. I’m probably your greatest fan, but you’ve made yourself look very immature this morning. How about a pictorial on all that baby shit in your ‘Barrat box’?
  11. ‘As I said, I don’t particularly care either way’. Stupid fucking cunt.
  12. I’m only here to wind people up. You included.. it appears. Grow up.
  13. I don’t like your approach. Adjust your tone and you might get some answers. Try avoiding the word ‘furnish’. Idiot.
  14. ‘Cowardice’ sums up the wiz character perfectly. You don’t have access to his ‘howdy’ mod posts that Mrs R refers to, but it’s an absolute fucking embarrassment. Think post-pubescent milky bar kid.
  15. You’ve completely gone.. shot through. Absolutely shot to pieces. Mrs R, see your PM.
  16. It’s only a website, ape. Until, of course, you wake up in the dead of night wearing my sphincter on your nose.
  17. My timing’s all over the place, Ape. It’s this weekend I’ve come to play! Are you going to let me in, or what?
  18. Ape I don’t know how on earth you’ve managed it, but after almost seven years posting in the style of a meek, self-doubting Wiz or Wolfie, you’ve finally found a bit of rhythm.. a groove. Good for you. Here, have this...
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