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  1. Neil, you and I are probably the closest on here when it comes to friendship. Knowing how excitable you get on an aeroplane, why don’t you fly over and be my guest at tomorrow night’s gig in Conil? My treat.
  2. The truth is, Withers, I can do no wrong. By simply logging in and farting in the general direction of the leaderboard puts me right up there with the top three. Eat shit.
  3. I’m the best on here, Neil. Morning.
  4. Let’s do that when I’m back in the UK in September. I’m on tour again with my Paco de Lucía tribute act, covering the bars and restaurants throughout the Cádiz province. Next gig this evening in Chiclana de la Frontera and everyone’s welcome. Look me up.. Pfwankía ed Kleftúcia (Paco de Lucia spelt backwards). Olé! Idiots.
  5. There’s a few members on here I’d love to meet for a beer. You’re not one of them. Not now, not ever.. never.
  6. Come on J, the majority of Eric’s posts these days are just him being facetous. He’s come a long way. Lighten up a little. Life is great in Andalusia! 🌞
  7. If you’d stop insisting on having the last word, and perhaps reducing your post count by 30-40 percent, then yes, I’d probably have to agree. Less is more. Learn that and fucking stick to it you stupid cunt.
  8. It’s not a joke, Eric. It’s a test. It might have taken you and Alf only three or four attempts before it clicked, but spare a thought for poor thick-stick Dr Cunt a few years ago over on the Eric Bristow thread. I thought I’d outline the very rare 501 nine-dart finish, checking out with eight bullseyes and splitting the 11’s. (8x50=500, split the elevens=1.) After no fewer than three pages, the idiot finally blew his top, earning himself a two month ban. Bear in mind punters wives were fair game back in those days.
  9. Sure but why oh why is it nearly always the blacks?
  10. Does it pain you as much as it pains me to have to edit that word?
  11. I’m going to right a little ditty for Darren.. to the theme tune to MASH.
  12. You don’t cut it here, doc. You never have. I can’t put my finger on it, I don’t know, maybe you’re too nice, too weak.. too Ollyboro. I like fluency. You have none.
  13. See my earlier correspondence with Salty. Ditto.
  14. You’re clearly upset, doc. I’ve pointed out the obvious and you’re practically foaming at the mouth! These things can’t go unchallenged. It was a ridiculously long rant, riddled with errors, on a pathetically weak target.
  15. You’ve also slightly exaggerated the figure Eddie quoted. Do I really need to go on? Like I said, your post was a rambling drunken pile of shit riddled with errors. You're a fucking bully and an utter, utter disgrace.
  16. Let’s start with ‘a contact makes a 200k loss’. I’ll get back to you in the morning with any others.
  17. I was merely pointing out, politely, that your illiterate, long-winded and irrational post was rubbish. Piling into Eddie in a drunken stupor is no better or worse than kicking some poor homeless cunt in the teeth.
  18. Doc if you’re not paralytic drunk, you might want to tap this one out again.
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