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  1. Dopey Pervs

    Is this the tripadvisor nom for fat fucking cunts?
  2. Dozy Oxford Graduate Cunt Faiz Siddiqui

    Reported to @Mrs Roops, you filthy bogtrotter.
  3. Bubba/Bill/Quince Minger

    Stubby you mong, what the fuck is going on here? Bender has been rightly fucked off and without him you’ve been found wanting and left flapping about like a special needs kid when they hear the ice cream van. I can’t see a way back for you from the pounding you’ve taken in the last 24 hours.
  4. Charles Manson

    I think I’m going to like you.
  5. Bubba/Bill/Quince Minger

    Splendid. Good evening.
  6. Bubba/Bill/Quince Minger

  7. Bubba/Bill/Quince Minger

    Entertain me.
  8. Bubba/Bill/Quince Minger

    I’ve always liked you, lugs, here’s a chance to make a name fir yourself. And then change it.
  9. Cheery cunts first thing in the morning

    Have you ever asked to look out of his window? Not (too) gay, but @Fender777 says the view is sublime.
  10. Driverless truck and car cunts

    You copied and pasted that from his LinkedIn testimonials, didn’t you?
  11. Driverless truck and car cunts

    I feel fucking sick, cheers.
  12. Driverless truck and car cunts

    InVision, schmInVision. Just award Eric 5,000 like you’ve done for yourself previously to piss Decs off, bring back the leaderboard; instate Quince as a mod and let’s have some fun.
  13. Driverless truck and car cunts

    I would’ve, if @Admin wasn’t such a fucking miserly old cunt and rationed more than 10 per 24 hours. I was going to splurge that many likes on you that you’d need an umbrella, but you can go fuck yourself now*, you impatient little cunt. *or just wait a couple of hours.
  14. Driverless truck and car cunts

  15. Driverless truck and car cunts

    I agree wholeheartedly with this, and most of your last post, (but I didn’t want to break the internet by quoting it, are you Dan, by the way?!). Apparently new drivers are taught how to change oil, pour in screen wash and change a tyre, etc., when surely the emphasis should be on how to drive the fucking car not fix it, as most cars pretty much drive themselves (irony noted) these days.