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  1. Essure Coil Contraception Device.

    It's game over Francis, you're done, you spindly legged spastic.
  2. Essure Coil Contraception Device.

    Utter fucking idiot.
  3. Essure Coil Contraception Device.

    After reading this pile of shit, Proper, I've realised what I'm sure you did when you finished typing it, and that's the fact Spotter could've delivered it with more flair than you ever could. Are you unwell?
  4. Essure Coil Contraception Device.

  5. Jim Hart

    Shut up.
  6. Jim Hart

  7. Jim Hart

  8. General Butt Naked

    Not good, quince, in fact, I'd have you on a par with Pen after posting this shit. Up your game.
  9. You cunts.

    Not quite, but I'm fighting fire with fire here. Or in this case, idiot with simpleton. How's tricks? I've missed your oily presence slithering about the place. Did you know quince was released?
  10. Radicalised by the internet.

    Dylan, is that you?
  11. You cunts.

    friday haha rav 4 spanked new moter 4 burrn up hello jonh gotta the new moter HAHA no womans no fucking kids fuck off on bus. fuckers HEHE broom broom weeeee Idiot.
  12. Sheep shaggers

    Fair point, and oddly out of likes - probably the time difference. If the only discernible difference between the two protagonists is the colour of their clothes, the littleuns are fucked when Matalan have their next sale.
  13. Sheep shaggers

    Fuck me, what is that shit? Slenderman, not frank, everyone knows what that HIV ravaged faggot Kleftiko is. I was flicking through the channels a few weeks back and came across a (incorrectly labelled) documentary about the so-called phenomenon (again, Slenderman, not frank). What a pile of absolute fucking shit (for the avoidance of doubt, both Slenderman and frank). What a pair of make believe, stupid fucking cunts who'd make the world a better by place by not being in it.
  14. Spineless white people

    Alright lads?
  15. You cunts.

    What's a splitarse?