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  1. Bubba C

    People who post stories just to stir up shit

    @Monumental cunt, at the risk of breaking the internet by quoting each and every one of your godawful drunken posts, I’d just like to thank you. You truly are the most unintentionally entertaining character I’ve ever seen on the corner, and, reading your posts first thing helps me with my morning shit. Im sure there’s a correlation somewhere. Cheers.
  2. Bubba C

    World Cup 2018 on TV

    Russia are doing well.
  3. Bubba C

    William 'Skunk' Hague

    Leave it, @Bubba C, just leave it.
  4. Bubba C

    World Cup 2018 on TV

    Not allowed in the stubby residence, too dangerous for some of the in/primates.
  5. Bubba C

    World Cup 2018 on TV

    Rat-a-tat-tattled. Xx
  6. Bubba C

    World Cup 2018 on TV

    stubby, you inbred little toad. I do believe you already received a PM regarding your papers, and then went into full on crybaby bed-wetting mode and invited in admin to deal with the clique. Why don’t you tell the class how that went down? Idiot.
  7. Bubba C

    World Cup 2018 on TV

    Credit where it’s due, it far exceeded my expectations.
  8. Bubba C

    World Cup 2018 on TV

    When are you going to attempt to be funny?
  9. Bubba C

    Eni Aluko

    You stupid cunt, Bubble.
  10. Bubba C

    Eni Aluko

    The second half has been like a pointless friendly. It seems the short-lived hope of an unexpected World Cup “coming home” may have been a bit premature after that dribbling Neanderthal Kane toed one in after 10 minutes.
  11. Bubba C

    Eni Aluko

    The metaphor of those flies on Sterling probably wasn’t lost on many. You may also have noticed Gypps edited her comment? Both versions were fucking dreadful.
  12. Bubba C

    Eni Aluko

    What are your lot up to?
  13. Bubba C

    Eni Aluko

    She probably has a bigger cock than most, too. Apart from Camberwell Gypsy.
  14. Bubba C

    Eni Aluko

    I listened to the dozy cunt on the radio earlier. Her pearl of wisdom for the day: “it’s less stressful as a fan than as a player at the World Cup”. I want her dead, though I suspect her brain may already be.
  15. Bubba C


    Whilst utterly fascinating, your story carries many of the worrying traits of someone who’s possibly well-versed in Megan’s Law.