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  1. Bubba C

    The Digital Revolution

  2. Similarly, my wife is also a stupid fucking cunt behind the wheel of a 2 tonne weapon. I’ve just shat myself on the way home from a night out as we careered at break-neck speeds around every corner; at a pace that would turn Lewis Hamilton white. What was the emergency (I don’t hear you ask)? “To make a green light”. I want her dead, without me in the car.
  3. Bubba C

    The Digital Revolution

    This was quite amusing, arthur, bravo. But I think it best for all concerned if you and eric use the correct vernacular - in this case ‘attic’. Good evening.
  4. Bubba C

    The British Beard and Moustache Championships

    The obvious joke, but funny as fuck all the same.
  5. Bubba C

    Middle Class parents on holiday

    Glory holes?
  6. Bubba C

    Golden showers.

    F I S T I N G
  7. Now then, now then. I’ll get me shell suit.
  8. Bubba C

    Cunts who ask you if you have a spare cigarette

    What a weird little oddball you are. Are you on a watch list?
  9. If you intend to bore me to death with hilarious stories of your killer dogs, being bullied by your brothers, shoehorning jimmy saville impersonations into any post or some mind-numbingly tedious jokes that end with you getting your coat, you’ll probably come out on top. Idiot.
  10. Bubba C


    Mostly the drugs. You?
  11. Bubba C

    Jessica Fletcher, interfering cunt

    Mongy, I couldn’t be arsed with this - was it any good?
  12. Fancy a fuck? I’ve got a team of scaffolders ready to go. Xx
  13. Bubba C


    Fucking fantasist bollocks.