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  1. Aside from the atrocious spelling and grammar, I liked this.
  2. Bubba C


    Who is this ‘pete’? And what happened to that cotswold stone mong? Nice to see frank’s family are dying though.
  3. Bubba C


    Eric, what’s going on here? I’ve got pins and needles from sitting on the bog for so long, looking for something entertaining on the corner. Worse still, that hideous faux-French fuck is still breathing.
  4. Bubba C

    They/Them cunts

    I was talking to Stubby, fuck off.
  5. Bubba C

    They/Them cunts

    Stubby, who the fuck was this?
  6. Vroom, vroom, weeeeee.
  7. Utterly dreadful. You’re obviously the thick yank fuck who’s sullying the sacred CC halls. I think you’re done here
  8. Have you ever seen a man eat his own head?
  9. Chuck Norris doesn’t do push-ups, he does earth-downs.
  10. There’s a yank and a frog on the corner? What the fuck has been going on here?
  11. You misspelt ‘punters’, you filthy old cunt. Good evening.
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