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  1. Bubba C

    conor mcgregor chat shit get banged.

    Fascinating. Kill yourself.
  2. Bubba C

    Ministry of Suicide

    I have no idea what Ben 10 is, Eric; but it sounds wrong. Reported.
  3. Bubba C

    Ministry of Suicide

  4. Bubba C

    Anjem Choudary dangerous cunt

    I think you’ve had enough.
  5. Bubba C

    Ministry of Suicide

    Suicide Squad. Lol.
  6. Bubba C

    Top spec cars / Top spac drivers

    Who the fuck are you, and what the fuck is this dreary pile of shit? Fuck off.
  7. Bubba C

    Middle Class Recreational Drug Users to be targetted

    Just say “neigh”. And then kill yourself.
  8. Bubba C

    Pudsey Bear

    @Drew P Pissflaps
  9. Bubba C


    Fat Neil?
  10. Bubba C


    Spot fucking on. If the girl was so sensitive, then she should’ve asked for a list of ingredients/allergens. Also, I note the grieving father had the clarity of mind to ask his mother to go to a local Pret and take a photo to see if allergen warning stickers were being displayed. Funny, I thought he’d have been preoccupied with his daughters fight for life. And, this might just be me, but how do you not see/taste a sesame seed?
  11. Bubba C

    Goodbye Sky .. Hello Comcast

    WHAM. The group, not the team.
  12. He’s a filthy fucking fat pervert. Good morning.
  13. @Ollyboro, having spent the last 2 hours watching my cunt in law spew her disgusting, wrinkly arse up all over the walls of her puce bedroom, I have to say, this is a great nom. She fucking stinks, her vomit fucking reaks, and I’ve seen her hideous, cancer ravaged, mastectomied (non) breast in all its pancake-like glory as she careered down the hallway before pissing her tenas and crying. After quaffing a whole 3 glasses of house wine and a whiff of Prosecco to get her in such a state, I justifiably want her and her family, dead.
  14. Bubba C

    The Digital Revolution

    Meat injection, probably. Slag.