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  1. Cunts who leave abusive notes on Ambulances

    I take it the test drive you took on the Brain Ripper was a success? Fucking idiot.
  2. Cunts who leave abusive notes on Ambulances

    She might be a horrible fucking cunt, but her spelling and grammar are on a level Stubby and Fender could only dream of achieving.
  3. Password security cunts

    Could you tell us all what it means to you being the thickest dullard on the corner? Simpleton. Thanks @William T.D. Stickers, you’ve done the right thing.
  4. Password security cunts

    I’d have to say absolutely fucking not, you inbred Luddite. The world as we knew it has been changed for the better through technological advancement in recent times. Cue every Fucking muppet stating “the interweb is a breeding ground for nonces”. Fuck off.
  5. Blasphemous Pineapples

    Reported. Contravention of Rule 10.
  6. Matthew Falder

    Is this the script for Shawshank Redemption 2? Awful.
  7. Cock n Cunt butchery

    Repeat bollocks. Fuck off, you stammering idiot.
  8. Curling

    You stupid fucking cunt.
  9. Sir Cliff Richard

    Evening, thicko. Fuck off.
  10. Sir Cliff Richard

    Is this serious? So during your offspring/s’ formative years, they never stayed away from you or Mr Roops for just 1 night? You’ll have to excuse me if I say I find that to be utter bollocks.
  11. Accidents

    Nobody liked this, because it’s dreadful. Fuck off, you stupid little cunt.
  12. Accidents

    No. I was taking a shit.
  13. Accidents

    I thought MikeFuckingD was dead?
  14. Ungrateful Fucking Bastards

    Maybe you should’ve put your greasy little micro penis away after you’d finished pissing in the street before you approached her. Pile of shit.