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  1. That can fuck right off into Caerphilly. It’s a fucking dump.
  2. Are you saying they all look the same?
  3. You’re combination of Sagem phone and remedial sausage fingers means you’ve misspelt your username. I believe it should be Dumb Cunt. Are you purposely trying to be thick as fuck and awful at this, or are you naturally retarded? This is a rhetorical question (which means I don’t need you to answer). Fuck off.
  4. My family died, stubs. That’s why I was away for so long. I’d appreciate if you didn’t raise the topic further or you can consider yourself reported.
  5. Bubba C

    Dominic Cummings

    Are you grooming the thick cunt?
  6. Bubba C

    Wong flu -Id19

    I’ve missed you, stubs. How are the family?
  7. Bubba C

    Wong flu -Id19

    I always love a grammar correction on a pompous post. eavans, you filthy smackhead, what do you have to say for yourself?
  8. Bubba C

    Wong flu -Id19

    Fuck me. I’d hoped the cancer had taken him the way of his stupid cunt fake wife and withers. Just realised that withers is also alive. This is a bad day.
  9. Bubba C

    Netflix films

    He’s still got that rusting shit-bucket he calls a car? Still devoid of taste I see; his car washing business is probably fucked due to C19.
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