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  1. "..but she wasn't on the Immediate Risk Register...."
  2. Currently 104 committees? The committees require a licence? Please stop ignoring these question, they will not go away, you're original argument is/was based on false information, since then you've been googling the shit out of it and still ignored these points. I will, however, point out that when I was "working with them" there were around 100 or so LRECs and a dozen MRECS, of which one person was often reponsible for running 15-20 of them alone, except in London where the useless cunts could only manage half a dozen each. Hence the point about personally identifiable, there were fuckall people running and working with them back then. This is all part of the master plan.
  3. Well you asked me to wear the fuckers..
  4. She will not post that fucking photo of the wine glass on the bench....
  5. Licence? Really? Still? The committees are part of the RHA which is an SHA. An SHA is part of the NHS and therefore the committees require no "licencing" since they are part of a statutory body. Committees are not "licenced" by anyone. The only Ethics Committees that count, are those in this organisation, why? because no research can be undertaken within the NHS, within NHS buildings, or with NHS patients without approval from the RHA and it's committee(s) in the respective area(s), irrespective of any other real or pseudo ethics committees from hospitals/universities/pharma. Still, where are the 104 committees that you mention? If you can't get your fucking facts right, then how can any of the rest of your shite be comprehended?
  6. Shut up Ape, that's about the best one -liner Punkers has done this year, I know that's not saying much but still, any improvement has to be applauded and encouraged, especially if a housebrick can be used as encouragement!
  7. Punkers likes a horse, cock. I remember seeing one particular punter running to the bookies at the races with a wad of notes his hand could hardly fit round, bright red grin on his face, he'd just come from talking to a trainer, put the fucking lot on one horse. He didn't come back for any winnings. Sad fucker.
  8. me? Cry to admin? You're confusing me with someone else, oh I remember, it's that mirror again, it's you.... You going to complain to one Mod that another Mod is bullying you again? Godwin's Law, another fucking useless comment from the sites resident Punker Washer.
  9. There is no derailement, we are quite clearly discussing your OP, you may not like the way it's going, but we are discussing it and comparing with your other nominations for their relative, er, merits... You fucktard.
  10. You never made me that offer!! She could, she's not rich, not at all, but she still could afford you.
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