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  1. Cupid Stunt

    Poor prisoners

    Absolute fucking shite as per usual.
  2. Cupid Stunt


    Dear BDS, I actually feel sorry for you. You evidently are such a brain-dead dumb-fuck I don't think you realize what a gargantuan cunt you are making of yourself. I await your witty and humorous riposte with bated breath but in the meantime, I respectively suggest you go fuck yourself. Yours etc
  3. Cupid Stunt

    Pigeon fanciers

    Another thing, show us some proof before you make up libellous bollocks like this.
  4. Cupid Stunt

    Pigeon fanciers

    You stupid ignorant cunt, don't you know that pigeons have saved many human lives particularly during the two World Wars? Anyway, it's inbred not inbreed you fucking wanker.
  5. Cupid Stunt

    Bloke Locks Wife in Car

    I don't believe what I've just witnessed. I was sat in my village local enjoying my liquid Sunday lunch gazing out the bay window and dreamingly thinking of days of yore when a car pulled up outside with a man driver and woman passenger. The man got out and was crossing the street to enter the pub when it suddenly dawned on him something was missing. When the light bulb eventually went on in his thick inbred head, he realized he had 'inadvertently' locked his other half in the car. Now, instead of manning up and just leaving her there, the dopey fucker obviously terrified of repercussions rushes across the road to let the old trouble and strife out of the vehicle. What an opportunity wasted. He really should have left her in the car (she could have cracked open a window, I mean it's not the same as leaving a child or a beloved family pet in there for fuck's sake) and enjoyed a couple or three nag-free hours in the boozer. He would have been able to have as many pints as he wanted, flirted with the waitresses while he ate his lunch, chatted up the not unattractive barmaid, broke wind with impunity, and have a good laugh and a joke with the locals at the bar but the stupid cunt blew it. After he's wanked himself off tonight because he's received the cold shoulder, I hope the twat realizes the error of his ways.
  6. Cupid Stunt


    So it's OK for this pretentious, talentless areshole to vandalize somebody's property but it's not OK for someone to do the same to his cuntish 'artwork'? What a fucking country we live in.
  7. Cupid Stunt

    Brooklyn Beckham's Photography "Skills".

    One could argue that you're a cunt but it would be a very one-sided argument.
  8. Cupid Stunt

    Pikey wars at Cobham Services.

    I don't know, Manky, apparently the fucking cunt was deservedly battered to death with a spade.
  9. Cupid Stunt

    Britain First

    One thing's for sure, you are quite clearly more of a cunt than anyone here. And anybody who accuses someone of being a cretin but can't spell 'you' should shut the fuck up.
  10. Cupid Stunt

    Diane Abbott planning to run for Mayor of London

    What a pile of shit.
  11. Cupid Stunt

    London terror attack

    Quite clearly, the touch-feely approach doesn't work and I don't understand why we have to reach out to the Muslim population as is if it's our fault that they are murdering innocent people. Any change has to come from within and the fucking useless Muslim Council of Britain has to do more to eradicate the radicalisation and the hate-preaching which undoubtedly comes for some of it's Mosques. If that means shutting down some of them, then so be it. If that makes me a racist, then I'm a racist, quite frankly I don't fucking care anymore.
  12. Cupid Stunt

    Cunts Who Don't Know How To Sharpen Kitchen Knives

    The only fucking swords you like are pork swords, you irritating twat.
  13. Cupid Stunt

    United Airlines

    Should have waited until they were at 30,000 feet and then ejected the fucker.
  14. Cupid Stunt

    The Boat Race

    Shouldn't that be a chip on EACH shoulder? Otherwise it's just one fucking long chip.