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    The most expensive stone clad council house on the sink estate in darkest Gloucestershire
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    Hating millenialists, immigrants who sponge of the state, all politicians, lazy British people who cannot out perform a foreign person in the job market, feminists who are turning women into self indulged over zealous self righteous cunts, every single propaganda story that comes out of the BBC and every single equal rights policy that bends it so it’s not equal rights it unequal rights and this purculates down through society, people get a job because they are gay or black not because they are good at the job. Women in football tv pundit studios, wtf.

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  1. Monumental cunt

    Stupid bird box cunts

    He was fucking bang average. He has far more range to be playing a bit part alcoholic who doesn’t trust anybody and that turns out to be good advice as the new guy opens the windows and doors and Malc gets exposed in the garage with the door opening. ooops ruined it again what a cunt.
  2. Monumental cunt

    Philip Schofield

  3. Monumental cunt

    No speak the English .

    Init bruv...is all these brown cunts can say. Followed by some muzzer patowah brown cunts the lot of em.
  4. Monumental cunt

    Stupid bird box cunts

    No you just need a posh voice, a stutter, ruddy cheeks and ginger floppy hair. With those credentials, Major rank potential at least.
  5. Monumental cunt

    Stupid bird box cunts

    Shit film. Shit storyline, Badly acted, shit ending in the blind people’s home, just ruined it for all those who haven’t seen this shit. what a cunt
  6. Monumental cunt

    Preachy Gillette Ad

    Did you shoot it with pops shot gun, then jump a bridge in your general lee painted car as well?
  7. Monumental cunt

    Preachy Gillette Ad

    Fuck me, you actually sound like you got a pair of mans bollocks for Xmas. Muzzers don’t shave, they will inherit the earth as their men will not put up with such emasculation at all. I’m thinking of joining the muzz gang Just because of this advert, it’s so pivotal to western men’s society and future existence.
  8. Monumental cunt

    Dr James Watson

    Africans are obviously fucking dum asses. Whilst we build great cities and sailed the oceans centuries ago, the Africans hardly got beyond sticking a shap pointy thing on the end of a stick and wearing an animal skin. To quote Zulu, “bunch of savages isn’t it”. And that’s coming from Roops grandad, a Welshman.
  9. Monumental cunt

    BBC News website

    Just what this cuntry needs a fucking bohemian piano playing Muslim lesbian terrorist immigrant fucking politicized arrogant anti Anglophile campaigning cunt. She would get bottled in Toon back in the day. How times have changed soo quickly. Geordies have all become fuckin poofs
  10. Monumental cunt

    The Past Did Not Exist

    Yes, however the past teaches us everything. It’s all been done before and the failings of the past are there to see in the future. To quote some old cunt, “Lest we forget”. Such anti histic figure agendas are the spawn of Anit Anglo White Male existence. These are the minority loud cunts who shout about transgender, poofdom and other such shit, which is fine and I get they want to bum who they like. Great get on with your lives, but don’t then take that voice and rubbish the pillars of a great society that allowed you that voice. These cunts should fuck off to Africa, Middle East or the Far East and go and piss on Kim Juns tomb, see how long it is before they are tied to an anti aircraft gun fired into the air, detonated into a thousand pieces and have their blood sprayed onto the onlooking crowds faces as tanks crush their remains into the sports pitch below infront of a packed audience bussed in just for the occasion.
  11. Monumental cunt

    People using my living room as a garage

    It’s better than people using your wife as a spunk dump.
  12. Monumental cunt

    Beauty and The Flid

    Or is he fucking RICH. spaz whore fucker.
  13. Monumental cunt

    Cunts who put “sauce” bottle on the table

    Two wine gums. Bassets full strength ones of course though !
  14. Monumental cunt

    Cunts who put “sauce” bottle on the table

    Agreed. Any food that requires additional condiments from bottles is not food worthy of the table. i once made a chilli and amate asked for some brown sauce, he nearly lost his fucking eye with my fork, the fucking incooth cunt. No chef should have his work sprayed with brown shit to taste.