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  1. It’s late... I’m bored of you. Thick cunt hope you die soon.
  2. You obviously cannot fucking read or debate.... typical Labour left wing progressive mentality....attack the person not the arguement. I have specifically and clearly stated in context...we are discussing Corona viruses.....stop being a fucking prick and bringing the plague and rabies and cock diseases into it. There are many many medical reports on this strange action of this virus....granted nothing is conclusive as it’s all new..... but the fucking point is....it’s not acting normal.......Fucking idiot. if it was acting normal....a kettle and a sachet of Lemsip would be the solution. you really are a fucking dick. hope your family dies around you as you watch.
  3. True I used to luv a crispy findus pancake back in the day when a Breville Toasted sandwich was the height of northern Manchester sofistication. As for education, we all know that I have a far better education and qualifications than you...fact. You are also the product of the progressive left wing education system that teaches nothing. Challenges nothing. Accepts the agenda without question. Experts...what fucking experts do you think go on Sky News or the BBC.... those who ar funded and back the agenda. No one can challenge on the mainstream media..... it’s always been like this. Galaleo was imprisoned for being correct, but not in line with the agenda.... the world was fucking flat and created by God. You are in that camp right now. And you are a fucking cunt.
  4. This virus is in the host several days before it’s show symptoms...fact. When I say virus...I of course mean corona. Sorry I did not list out the entire pox, corona, herpes, etc, etc from the lancet you fucking dick. We are talking corona flu viruses hear. This is not bum aids week on TV that was 30 years ago. Not on Telly anymore....they are not interested in that story. Still kills way more than this Wong flu. This contagious point has been very well documented and spoken about....hence we are all in three weeks isolation you fucking prick. To ensure we are away long enough for symptoms to show. What a fucking prick you are.
  5. Wow...we’re the fuck have you been this past three weeks. This bat Wong flu has travelled the world in a few weeks... it’s main traits are that it is obviously very very contagious early in its hosts. They are not bed ridden with flu then contagious.....they are walking round feeling fine and spreading it again and again and again.....with no symptoms as a warning. Hence it’s spread very very quickly and effectively. This is without question...you must agree. Even the “Experts”. Agree and that’s important for your generation who need talking heads on shit fests like sky news and bbc to tell you the agenda to swallow. Bye the way I got an A in biology at O Level and A level.... we did advanced biological warfare and dirty bomb production..... it was an optional module..joke. Plus I spent several years decommissioning mod and BNFL facilities back in the day, so I have more than enough working knowledge of biological issues and contamination in particular. Seriously. there are some serious concerns not being raised in mainstream media about the origin, structure and targeted nature of this virus. It’s not normal....clearly. It’s a once in a lifetime event, not paralleled since 1918 Spanish flu. But that acted as all other corona viruses act....it took the very young and the old. Those without enough immunity. This does not. Ask why? Go on start asking a few questions? Why not impact the young with not enough natural immunity? Nature doesn’t work that way. It’s brutal. Doesn’t not spare the weak. You not intrigued yet? Wuhan just happens to be next to China’s biological labs..... still nothing going through your mind? Nothing suspicious worthy of some TV hacks report? It was detected in December in wuhan, by February Tom Hanks had it, Arsenals coach had it, people in the Amazon in Peru had it.....in just 10 weeks. That’s fucking really quick....especially as there was not really many cases being reported.....just a few 100 at that time.....and yet it was round the world. So it must have already passed through... millions of people with no symptoms. Coronas do not do that. They would have blown up in millions of hosts by such time.... But it was undetectable, hidden, washing through the world population.....like it was design to do so???? Even The doctor who blew the whistle on this was a young fit man....he died. Why? How? Nothing to report???. To you generation this is just a thing.... doesn’t concern you...we won’t get it...so I’m not that bothered. It’s designed to do that as well!!! Apathy. Nature doesn’t do apathy...or sympathetic....it does indiscriminate death. This is targeted. Strangely targeted. You must agree. What caused that? Ask yourself. Go on be a bit curious....I know your progressive Labour left wing education never allowed you to question the agenda.....but try it. The above are facts....not my bollox...but facts. It’s up to you to peice them together....and if you conclude this Wong flu is from Italy and is just a terrible natural disaster then I rest my case. The millennials are a bunt of dead between the ears zombie cunts who are fed on take always, Xbox and porn....to keep them subdued and stable.
  6. Lol....you have me so wrong...I have never smoked, Iam not overweight with a BMI of 25 , I did a 100 mile bike race the other week, so my lungs are fine, and I’m nowhere near being 60 never mind 70. To be honest the office I work in has had 3 confirmed cases and so I have been exposed to the virus. It’s very contagious and has spread around the world since December to Tom Hanks, to Boris to tribes in the Amazon....so I reckon I have definately been exposed to it in the office and I show no signs of any symptoms. It’s fat gay cunts like yourself with dubious acquired immune deficiency problems that should worry, especially because you are fucking hugely overweight so out of shape you can’t climb stairs and eat take away shit every night from Deliveroo... get sweating fat gay cunt, people under 30 are getting it and suffering immensely because they are sooo unfit. That’s you. its a shame it may miss you because let’s face it, alone in your dirty little bedsit, you have been self isolating for years haven’t you.
  7. “Experts”. What the fuck? Do you think main stream media is interested in getting the truth out there. You fucking naive cunt. Your generation just swallows a spunk full of media without any question. Experts....they are just Talking Heads. Stooges put on the screen to spout the agenda. No one ever gets on who says the truth..if the truth does not fit the agenda. Even the term Spanish flu has been edited from most Experts reports....as it’s considered offensive. The fact it fucking killed 70million in 1918 is irrelevant. This is Wong flu from China....but that fact is being distorted by Experts now. Some are actually calling it an Italian problem..... you fucking deluded cunt. wake up. Get WOKE Experts my arse.....fucking the most laughable comment you have ever made. And you’ve made a few. Now fuck off you cunt.
  8. Now if you went to a museum you would see Somalians stealing the objects, Lithuanians stealing the marble floors and smell the Asians as they don’t wipe their arses properly and only wash their hands if the water is as polluted as the Ganges. Welcome to modern London. Fucking great.
  9. Fuck off you dick.... 1). The common cold and all viruses are infectious right at the point they begin to show symptoms. Every cunt knows that fact. The main point about Wong bat flu is it is highly contagious.....several days before ANY symptoms. Read the point again. 2/10 see me after class. 2) Spain and Italy are indeed a statistical problem that needs further investigation....why so many in those countries? No one in main stream is even asking that question. For fear of upsetting them. It can’t even be called Spanish flu or Wong flu....because that’s rascist. It’s fucking bat Wong flu and the dirty filthy bastards in wop land have shit health services that are run down and poorly administered. But no one can say that. Spain and Italy have been economic basket cases for decades....are you telling me they have a fine upstanding paid for health service ready to deal with this shit. No they fucking don’t. Thanks to decades of EU economic poverty under the German Jack boot. Italy by the way are fucking off out of the EU....sooner than later based upon this weeks discussions about Wong flu bail outs.....from the EU central bank which wants to put them in a position similar to Greece with harsh repayment terms.....when this isn’t an Italian problem ....it’s every bodies problem. There is some merit in the family units living together....but if that’s the case why aren’t other countries suffering more? India, Pakistan, Tipton. Where 15 to a house is not uncommon.
  10. Off course they will.... they have a population problem. Engineer a mild flu bug that kills the weak and infirm only..... suspiciously not the young who don’t have an immunity back catalogue yet?? !!!! What’s not to like. It’s a fucking dirty bomb totally engineered.
  11. “Known” scientific knowledge......so you are in the worlds flat club....pre 1556. Iam too sceptical to swallow the mainstream story IF the evidence appears to be contrary. Brexit was always going to be a good thing....we didn’t have the euro for a good reason..... economically having our own interst rate control was simply critical. On Wong flu. It just staggers me that this thing has swept around the world so quickly and yet the young who have not built up sufficient immunity by years are completely unaffected...if fit. The location of the source right next to chinas biological labs is too much of a coincidence for my liking. The modern cunt these days is more interested in the right story rather than the real story. Get the story out first not get the right story out....and the story best be PC woke and progressive agenda compliant.....so to call this Wong flu, Chinese flu, wuhan flu....is not allowed. If Watergate was to happen now....the cunts would be more upset and cloud the issue and miss the point of corruption....because they would be deeply offended and spend all their time crying about the use of the words “ Deepthroat” for the spy agent. Totally missing the key points and picking on identity politics. This is fucking manufactured Wong flu from a set of shifty Yellow cunts who are at trade war with the world and in particular the USA. it’s a dirty bomb. By the way the Egyptians knew scientifically the world was round 4000 years ago. But cunts like you bullied the conversation until the 16th century. It’s no different now.
  12. Yes but the only productive people are in the city.....the rest are fucking immicunts who at best clean up or hand out blow jobs to the tired workers. Hangers on and filth. Walking around the districts of London is like a fucking 3rd world cuntry. They have shown themselves to be fucking animals in this current human malware situation as well. Fighting over bog roll...fucking animals.
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