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  1. Yeah but touching children with your education at an early age is wrong Neil.
  2. It’s written in the Bible....a man shall not lay with another man. That’s why God invented AIDs, which has turned out to be disappointing to be fair. The current trend in education however, is to teach 5year olds about bumming, scissoring, dressing in your sisters clothes and lots of fucked up shit like that. Even adult are confused with the trans scene, poly sexuals, non binaries, etc.... so what will this do to a bunch of confused and immature children?... it’s fucking brain washing an entire generation into thinking sticking your dick up your mates arse is cool whilst wearing your nans Sunday best. What ever happened to childhood innocence????
  3. I always retort with.....me...fucking white privileged.....are you for fucking real you cunt. I was born into a working class family in a northern mill town with massive unemployment, a poor quality comprehensive school education, white teenage kids from such a background are NOT privileged, they are the forgotten. They are the disenfranchised. The silent massive majority that are constantly overlooked, pushed aside by a landslide of progressive liberalist woke social justice types who promote anything but the common man. Black, brown, yellow, gay, trans, even people from Yorkshire are treated with priority over ANY white kid from a normal everyday background. There is only ONE tv advert I can think of that even recognizes the white comprehensive school kid and that’s for the Royal Navy. Even the RAF has some fucking hyper minority black girl promoting a career flying jets. What utter fucking wank. Statistically there are about 4% of the population are black, let’s say 50% of that 4% are female, let’s say 10% of that are between 18 and 30 years old. That’s one fucking microscopic target market they are promoting. Of course white teenage lads from Oldham are all privileged and will join as fucking wing commanders ..... fucking shite. Anyone who sprouts on about white males being privileged need to walk the subways of a northern town to see the drugs, the poverty, and hopefully to get their fucking heads kicked in.
  4. Isn’t she the Welsh bird from the ONE SHOW?
  5. Nah....Allsop and her like were never fuckable. I’d rather fuck a fat fucking pig with Shergars teath. She is a massive cunt and is getting dangerously close to levels of cuntery only previously reached by Anna Ryder Richardson.
  6. You miss the point ...... over half of the BBC staff have cerebral palsy. Well they are all fucking spastics that’s for sure. I know which flid you mean. She’s about as funny as having cerebral palsy. There you see....an ironic joke. Talentless spastics at work, it must be so fucking cringeworthy for the other people on the program. Sometimes someone needs to step up and say, sorry luv but you are just shit at this and the license fee payers don’t think it appropriate to pay you for this fucking wank spaz chat ok. So run along and be a good girl, go lick those windows.
  7. The monsoon nature of weather in the Southern Hemisphere tropics bring about long periods of extreme drought followed by extreme downpour. Something you might have studied if you had been allowed out of your uncles cellar. You fucking cunt.
  8. People who build houses in Skelmersdale are also cunt who deserve them regularly being burnt to the ground.
  9. NO.....it’s fucking retarded Auzzie cunt developers treating the surrounding woods and forests like a second rate sink estate in Slough. Bunch of fat fucking Larger swilling bbq eating twats setting fires off all over the place. Fucking idiots. No sympathy. The reason why the Abos lived a nomadic lifestyle was exactly because they knew that shit got burnt down regularly in the tinder box woods. They knew not to build villages in there. Stop trying to make some shit cultural point for the sub humans.
  10. Are you describing a koala or an abo? “Cute with their little black noses”
  11. So the moaning fucking Australian criminals are having their shit box wooden houses scorched to the ground. Well it serves the fucking thick cunts right. If you fucking build millions of homes in what is regularly a tinder dry kindling box, then you get what you fucking deserve ! Such wide spread nationwide fires are obviously a product of two things. 1). Building to many fucking houses in the woods. 2). Their habitual burning of shit on a bbq. No doubt those fucking cunts were all having a Bar B. And they set the fucking woods on fire. No sympathy. Set of fucking burnt to a crisp homeless winging miserable cunts. I hope the koala is fucking extinct now.
  12. Does Canal street still have the C removed?
  13. You know this sort of behavior really gets on my tits you know, book ended sentence of hell. enjoy
  14. The main point is..... if just one bad egg got in the commission and became president and started side parting and strategically shaving their top lip, we would be in deep fucking trouble. I figured we were about 5 years from something truely orrible happening with the EU that fucking cripple us all. Some new speech hate law that had everyone ghosted away. Argentine 1978 style or Pol Pot 1976.....its happened many times before in many countries but countries are banned in the EU already. It’s ripe for a dictatorship. Glad we are out and it’s going to rapidly collapse.
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