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    Cotswolds away from all the city cunts only to find they all live here but only at weekends like migrant cunts with money
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    Nothing really interests me any more......but I do enjoy the occasional smirk when someone inadvertently does something that lets their fucking goody two shoes middle class halo slip to expose them and makes them look a cunt
  1. Female footy commentators

    That Jackie aoakley is as fit as fuck though and can talk all she likes whilst I watch the footy on the telly. Beats having to watch and listen to Lauro and Hansen.
  2. Cunts whose front doors open outwards

    Doors that open outwards onto a street are not built to building regulations. Same goes for gates. I say knock these houses down as a penance for being stupid cunts. That will teach them!!!
  3. Frank McGowan

    I would get banned for 6 months for this....so I like it.
  4. Sophie Stevenson

    What a fucking stupid fucking pig. Utter slag who deserves what she gets. No doubt she will comfort eat her way back up to 22 stone now.
  5. Sally cuntbreed Jones

    God forgives you.
  6. Sally cuntbreed Jones

  7. Fat bastards

    To be fair all those midlands towns are full of slim Easter European hookers. Not fat people. The fat people are all congregated in Rugby. 100% overweight population living entirely on pork and fried produce. Even the pizzas are fried. Fattest town I have ever had the misfortune to go to. Full of cheap cider, off,licences elasticated waist trouser shops and 50 mobility scooters on every pavement. Your vision of fatsville is complete in this town.
  8. No longer being able to wear heels.

    Fuck me....you have quoted the Guardian. What a cunt. Full stop !
  9. No longer being able to wear heels.

    Give your knees a rest then and stop taking it up the arse !

    Sat in bed bored. Using you as a cure for insomnia. It works. Night night
  11. Petrol or Service Stations

    Just pay the 4 shillings you peasant and inflate the tyres on the Fraser Nash for me.
  12. Meghan Markle

    Yes to be fair the ginger and the bald one have both batted well out of their league. A Middleton, markle threes up would be pure heaven.

    Do YOU ever post anything? Except a shit stained crap paper off your arse once per day. I fucking take liberty at you trying to get all high and mighty you fucking cunt. Now entertain me bitch, go on Nom the shit out of a topic. Go on. cunt
  14. Mike Brewer

    No...I was being a dick. He was a bigger dick. He wanted £25. I offerered £13 he settled on £32. It's the usually cunt conversation at the end of each show. Such a wanker.
  15. Mike Brewer

    Ok you have a point.