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    Hating millenialists, immigrants who sponge of the state, all politicians, lazy British people who cannot out perform a foreign person in the job market, feminists who are turning women into self indulged over zealous self righteous cunts, every single propaganda story that comes out of the BBC and every single equal rights policy that bends it so it’s not equal rights it unequal rights and this purculates down through society, people get a job because they are gay or black not because they are good at the job. Women in football tv pundit studios, wtf.

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  1. Wow I must be out of practice. That’s even too bad for me Scrote !!!
  2. Somehow in the shit news fest that has been the B word and the EU. The cunts in the government have managed to slide under radar the censorship of the highest order on the World Wide Web. We are about to be the only country in the known universe that has banned internet porn. How the fuck have these cunts managed to do this? its the first main step to having the internet censored in a big way. its the end of cunts corner soon then we Will all have to give up social media then all that will be left is that shit fake ideological immigrant loving gay fuck fest BBC to get your news and entertainment. a dark day is about to happen. vpn here we cum
  3. Influencers are apparently all shined happy party people who we should all follow as they are tanned fit tattooed hedonistic wankers and are the sort who appear on Love Island then top themselves. Hideous people.
  4. This turd is a boring fucking unfunny ginger ugly cunt
  5. You have got to be joking. Women play football. Don’t believe you !
  6. Utd weren’t playing in Rome !
  7. Monumental cunt


    I think modern western woman , or what ever it wants to be called, is a fucking horrible, spiteful, fat, ugly fucking peice of shit. Usually draped in a pair of fat filled black leggings and a grease stained t shirt from her last lovers wardrobe. How any of them get pregnant is beyond words. Rape is the only way I can suggest, if it’s possible for a 23 stone fat cunt to rape a sober man?
  8. Occasionally the BBC venture into the jungle and get burned when not enough Left wing political plants can be forced into the room. Warrington was good recently, Hartlepool is always impossible for the BBC bias to infiltrate. Fucking hate that fucking Fiona Bruce cunt, she is so fucking openly pro EU she needs sacking. She’s also shit at holding the debate together. Sack her.
  9. Don’t worry the child will be saved when the Muslim state imprisons the two dads and beheads them just before his 18th birthday.
  10. I buy sausages , eggs and bacon from the farm next door, cook them and eat them. If you can’t do that then you belong in a fucking care home. Stupid old cunts. if it’s raining I have my butler do it for me of course.
  11. Only if the singers got “blacked up” for it but left big white lips and wore white gloves. There’s a tv show in that idea. Wonder if channel 4 would take it from endermol?
  12. Fuck off dick head Iam the biggest Brexiteer on here you fucking chimp.
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