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    Cotswolds away from all the city cunts only to find they all live here but only at weekends like migrant cunts with money
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    Nothing really interests me any more......but I do enjoy the occasional smirk when someone inadvertently does something that lets their fucking goody two shoes middle class halo slip to expose them and makes them look a cunt
  1. Monumental cunt

    social decline

    Can I just say the Police don’t give a shit about policing any area, not even the rich ones. They just sit in their cars nicking speeders.
  2. Monumental cunt

    social decline

    Stickers....I must note this very rare occurrence . As you have made me laugh.
  3. Monumental cunt


  4. Monumental cunt

    Asian peodo rings getting govn attension

    Watch I Roops, you are naming names and insinuating dubious acts. They could close down the. Web site for this and put you in prison. thats what you told me last week. bollocks
  5. Monumental cunt

    Useless scientists

    Phew, that’s a relief then. I didn’t know you was a senior member of the treasury and had direct access to the government pot of cash for shit science projects, like global warming, or climate change, as they now call it, because unfortunately the globe has cooled down the past few years !!!
  6. Monumental cunt

    Mums Net

    So you just live you life to what you think are Christian standards rather than do the Sunday rituals.
  7. Monumental cunt

    Mark Carney House Price slump fear monger

    I bet Ding is one of the “lost” on here, never to be seen again. I bet admin hooded, him, hands tied behind his back and marched him onto a transport plane, flow out over the Atlantic, heavy chains attached to his legs, cargo door opened at back of plane and slid out over the ocean.
  8. Monumental cunt

    Mark Carney House Price slump fear monger

    I said, learn a language, English is just slang n shit innit. French is proper hard to learn, especially when you are drunk half the time on their good wine. when do you take your GCSEs?
  9. Monumental cunt

    Useless scientists

    ROOPS !!!!!! You have been racist !!!!!! well done
  10. Monumental cunt

    Mark Carney House Price slump fear monger

    Yes. I agree our education system should make a language compulsory from infant 1 up to GCSE. Not just a few years in the middle and then drop it if you don’t like it. still doesn’t change the fact the French are generally, socialist, communist, lazy, objectionable, surrender monkey cunts nice cheese and wine though
  11. Monumental cunt

    Useless scientists

    Imaginary motor...... that was a lost arguement on your behalf. Cotswoldgate. Let’s not go there shall we. thinking of getting a Audi A3 2 litre diesel...is that fantasist? and An Alfa Guilia Quadrafoglio Need the Audi on days the Alfa not working
  12. Monumental cunt

    Pseudo homeless beggars

    It’s a new form of cancer found in your cereal. Sussex if nowhere near as good as north Cotswolds. What’s immigration like down there? I heard it’s transformed most towns overnight into refugee camps. I don’t want to be accused of bragging or one upmanship but I don’t have a mortgage either on my 4 deroom stone clad council shit hole in the Cotswolds. The council pay the rent for me as my Gook wife is down as being a political asylum seeker, she is also down as needing a car, health care and child benefit for three kids we haven’t got.
  13. Monumental cunt

    Mark Carney House Price slump fear monger

    I love France I just fucking hate the French. Will pop over for skiing at Xmas. England is a shit hole at Yule tide.
  14. Monumental cunt

    Mark Carney House Price slump fear monger

    What ever happened to Ding the Riocha? Banned? Gay plague? Bus?
  15. Monumental cunt

    Article 13

    Does anybody understand a fucking word that cunt says?