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    Cotswolds away from all the city cunts only to find they all live here but only at weekends like migrant cunts with money
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    Nothing really interests me any more......but I do enjoy the occasional smirk when someone inadvertently does something that lets their fucking goody two shoes middle class halo slip to expose them and makes them look a cunt
  1. Bud Light.... dilly dilly

    Dilly Dilly chant from silly middle class public school boy drinking games, now utilized on shite American piss water advert on tv. its bad enough ever coming across this ridiculous chant when surrounded by floppy haired, ruddy cheeked cunts all wobbling about because they have had 1/4 of a bottle of old speckled hen. However now the tv advertising campaign have got hold of it, practically every advert on the Telly is that fucking king type bloke praising a chap for bringing some beers....of course..there is then the token black lady dressed in medieval clothing....who gets a dilly dilly. Black women in medieval Britain...as if Patel !!! its a cunts advert for a cunts beer. Bud fucking light....what a pile o shite.....Dilly Dilly
  2. England World Cup Squad

    Gareth,yes Iam one of those cunts who missed a penalty Southgate has just named his squad for the, soon to be banned so what the fuck are we bothering for, World Cup. its just so despirate now all the premier league is overfilled with Carlos Kickaballs. Our squad consists of the followings shite goalkeepers ...bottom three relegation team, shit has been playing for a fight club, previously relegated youngster and a no name. defence.....center backs all utter shite with no champions league experience or currently not even playing. Half decent wing back and a fucking Munich. midfield.... glass ankles, village idiot, assorted fucking relegation fodder and Raheem he’s top of the league. forwards.... He’s one of our own, injured. Vardy non league until 26 !!! Who the fuck remembers Welbeck? iam off to the local B&Q to see if they are stocking any Nerve Agent that I can spread randomly around St. George’s park. I couldn’t survive another thrashing at the hands of a bunch of part time frozen fishermen iam surprised the FA haven’t made a new fucking stupid rule that a bird has to play in the squad. They are fucking everywhere else in football these days. Not that anyone fucking cares a shit about birds football. Gareth Southgate is a cunt. The squad he has picked are all useless cunts. FA are fucking cunts obvs. .
  3. Stephen Hawking is no longer talking

    Control, alt, delete......
  4. Allah is gay

    Alan’s snackbar!!!
  5. Female football pundits

    That would win a BAFTA but no black people would have to get harmed of course. Could we also see Jose Moanrhinio get trampled to death by a horse ridden by Jamie Carragher. Gebbing a big green on his dead corpse. The finally being Garry Linaker topping himself by jumping off the top of the stands...in slow mo....after having to watch his ex getting fucked by that fat bloke on repeat video. She’s such a fucking slut. Best celebrity sex tape ever. That’s the sex angle covered in the plot and the grand finally. fuck the BAFTAS. We are onto a fucking OSCAR with this script. get your tux sorted. we are off to fuck Merrill up the arse at an afters party. that will give the bitch something to moan about. Wienstein production of course.
  6. £6 grand for curtains

    Have you ever seen a real pair of bollocks. my neighbors are cunts
  7. £6 grand for curtains

    I know ... iam a bit rusty. Too much time in the cooler. Did I say my new neighbors are from Somalia. Does that improve the nom?
  8. £6 grand for curtains

    Just spoke to the new couple next door. Couldn’t just do the pleasant small talk, just went straight in with how they have just paid £6000 on curtains. i already have them down as being massive Cunts ! i miss the Hitlers, such good neighbors.
  9. Flo & Joan Nationwide Ads.

    So this is an advert for Nationwide. I thought it was for assisted suicides.
  10. Women's equality day

    They have tits and a cunt....we have a set of balls and a cock. How the fuck can we be equal? We are meant to be fucking different otherwise my mum would be my dads uncles brother. Which of course would be true if I was from the Lake District.
  11. Female football pundits

    The politically correct over indulging gender warped world of television, has now gone full throttle on force feeding us the notion that because a couple of our Lezzers have kicked a ball in front of a crowds of 38 people, they know everything there is to know about football. Not satisfied with forcing their kick a ball activities upon the main BBC sports web page up alongside the Premier League. The TV world of fags and queens are now thinking it’s totally fine and dandy for some blonde bint to hold a conversation at half time in the CHampions league as to what she would do, and from her experience, what she would be changing. It’s like taking some young lad from playing football in the Evostick Conference South and putting him on national television and having us all hang on his every word as to how he would try and tactically set up against the anslaught of De Bruyner, Silva, etc. women footballers please do not do it. You are being played as a token. A token gesture that makes a mockery of you. It completely undermines the women’s game rather than enhances its profile. I respect jacky Oakley and Gabby Logan as TV anchor ladies but not some under talented dolly who is really all about self promotion and magazine covers, telling me the virtues of the 4,3,3 system. What the fuck is this low spectator sport of women’s football being falsely elevated to the heights of Premier League punditry. Well Gabby when I was playing in the women’s cup final at Stratford town fc infront of 38 people I got really nervous, just like Raheem must be feeling taking that penalty against Real Madrid.......it’s fucking laughable. the TV cunts who are forcing this shit on the sporting public, need fucking trampling on by Liverpool fans again !
  12. Grumpy primary school caretakers.

    Errrr it’s cunts corner. The point is to name the cunts of the world. Wtf. are you ill
  13. Britain First

    So you are a fully paid up member of Britain First then? thought so
  14. Spit or Swallow

    They are all sucking each other off constantly so to spit becomes a gag reflex to them that they are not in control of what the fuck made you buy property in Dudley? £8 Quid could buy a street. It’s a shit hole.
  15. Gwyneth Paltrow's coffee enemas

    I’d stick some extra thick cream up her arse. She’s just not good looking enough to put up with the shit she comes out with if she didn’t do anal and then put a pan of chips on, I’d fuck her off. she would have to order the taxi though.