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    Hating millenialists, immigrants who sponge of the state, all politicians, lazy British people who cannot out perform a foreign person in the job market, feminists who are turning women into self indulged over zealous self righteous cunts, every single propaganda story that comes out of the BBC and every single equal rights policy that bends it so it’s not equal rights it unequal rights and this purculates down through society, people get a job because they are gay or black not because they are good at the job. Women in football tv pundit studios, wtf.

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  1. You fucking rascist bigoted cunt. Obviously a Labour voter.
  2. They will all burn in hell and they will all die of aids. The next strand will develop soon. Nature always finds a way.
  3. Both of the above were fucking useless wet cunts. Has the average black got any better off post Obama bin laden?
  4. Funny how the word CHINK can be used openly but Nigger, Wog, Paki and Gupters is not allowed. Why ?
  5. That’s just rascist. The Chinese culture goes back a long time and flicking kids cocks at a swimming pool has always been accepted behavior. You fucking fascist bigoted fucking white Anglo Saxon cunt.
  6. He does know his limitations. Only eight lots of spunk swallowed from old blokes in the toilet tonight.
  7. Oooooh Roops, talk dirty to me like that. I’m jealous !!!
  8. Monumental cunt


    They are crying for some proper cock, not the spring roll jap cock they are getting.
  9. Further to the recent escalation in the AGENDA in main stream film and tv where every white Anglo Saxon male role is being usurped by black, lezzza, cripple, gay, women who fuck dogs. TV advertising in the UK is now stooping to what is a new low of lows, but it’s so subtle I bet many have not clocked it yet. Eager to show how ALL INCLUSIVE they are, some companies are now advertising products with Downs kids. A couple of supermarkets have them, a holiday advert and some others are all currently running on the tv in the UK. However, what is the point of this? I understand the corporates pandering and chasing the pink gay pound. Although it’s only about 5% of the population they would have us think it’s worth trillions and force us to watch endless guys kissing on tv and holding hands etc in adverts. But when it comes to Down’s syndrome kids, what purchasing power do they have? What is the commercial market the sick fuck corporates are seeking to attract? Do downs kids actually shop ? When I see such an advert I immediately see a plant, an agenda, a perversion of a situation by a shite corporate to try and get a message over. However the message to me is that they are soo cold they are stooping to putting poor children with a condition on tv to make them, the corporates feel good about themselves, the big fucking heartless corporate wankers. Whats next, kids with cancer and bald heads flogging some shaving merchandise? Black kids doing sun cream ads. Flids with no arms using a fly mow on the lawn Gypsy kids advertising soapy suds wash gel. The dirty smelly bastards. Black crips in wheel chairs advertising summer holidays........no wait a minute that’s actually an advert being played during the Tour De France coverage!!! How many black kids actually go on a sunny holiday? Never mind ones in wheel chairs. It’s a fucking agenda. A sick one at that.
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