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  1. Errrr so supporting the EU is not supporting the Establishment, bankers and big business........ are you fucking real. Are you one of those fucking remain cunts who thinks Brexit is bad. When actually no Brexit means we all kiss our ass goodbye and chain ourselves to the German influenced, run, controlled EU and all it’s big business interests. Fucking wake up, the lot of you. Being a radical anti establishment student SHOULD mean all the under 25s voting ROUSE !!! But obviously they are all that fucking thick they think their two weeks in Eye Beefa is going to stop. What a bunch of fucking limp millenialist snowflake turds. Not a fucking O level between them. Literally. GCSE simpleton cunts. The French are burning shit, the Italians are papering over the cracks, the Spanish are disintegrating literally before our eyes with a big split on the cards with Catalan, the Greeks are dead to the world, the Poles are not happy, the Hungarians are ignoring EU immigration laws, the Dutch voted out but were forced to play Rock Paper Scissors until the right answer was faked. The Irish are fucked in the next 5 years and will have a Muslim population of 10 million by 2025. What’s not to like about leaving the Titanic whilst the band is still playing?
  2. Over the past 20 years we have gradually seen the decline of democracy and politicians of any caliber. The days of Dennis Skinner, Margaret, Healy, Hessletine and Foot are long gone. Labour fell as a Social Party for the people when Tory Blair took over by swapping his blue Eton tie for a fake red socialist one. After Margaret there has been a succession of limp wristed grey men and a pig fucking toff. Nothing of substance. So we find ourselves with the dregs of Westminster a bunch of old militants, and liberalist cunts with no real leaders. No born leaders with gravity. Who the fuck was Milliband? Who the fuck is May? What is that beardy cunt all about? At this time of great need for a steady hand on the tiller we have a bunch of spineless, weak, surrender monkeys and idiots. All they are doing day by day is killing the one great thing we used to have in this country, democracy and parliament . Ok that’s two things. Neither will come out of this with any grace or favour. The people are sick to death with it all. Fed up with the to you, no to me, to you, chuckle brother approach. A vote was taken and then completely ignored by the out of touch MPs who are not representing the result of that vote. Acting like dictators, ignoring their own people, no better than the despots we usually overthrow with military might on a regular basis. 650 cunts all ignoring democracy at their peril. The French would go on the streets and burn some shit. Anybody got anything on the 29th March?
  3. Best fucking women on the planet. Dirty fucking slants. Luv em
  4. Yes but if they are found dead on the sofa in September, that means 9 months of unpaid credit card bills, what a fucking mess that will be on Credit Score dot com
  5. Democracy is a falsehood, a dream that never happened. Let’s go burn some shit.
  6. No !!! The fat lady has not sung yet. We are still doing nothing but leaving. There is NO remain option. Fuck off cunt
  7. Yes, but it’s so fucking important to know your credit score it’s fucking March before they can tear themselves away from their laptops to see its nearly fucking Easter.
  8. Let’s go burn some shit in the streets. It’s very French and all the rage.
  9. Well yes of course. Would be a fucking lunatic to try and ride a bike on just two wheels. Would simply fall over. Silly idea Roops.
  10. Good wood horse racing was ok last year. Done the York and Doncaster courses. Chester races is the best on the flat. Great setting.
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