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    The most expensive stone clad council house on the sink estate in darkest Gloucestershire
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    Hating millenialists, immigrants who sponge of the state, all politicians, lazy British people who cannot out perform a foreign person in the job market, feminists who are turning women into self indulged over zealous self righteous cunts, every single propaganda story that comes out of the BBC and every single equal rights policy that bends it so it’s not equal rights it unequal rights and this purculates down through society, people get a job because they are gay or black not because they are good at the job. Women in football tv pundit studios, wtf.

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  1. Monumental cunt


    I think modern western woman , or what ever it wants to be called, is a fucking horrible, spiteful, fat, ugly fucking peice of shit. Usually draped in a pair of fat filled black leggings and a grease stained t shirt from her last lovers wardrobe. How any of them get pregnant is beyond words. Rape is the only way I can suggest, if it’s possible for a 23 stone fat cunt to rape a sober man?
  2. Occasionally the BBC venture into the jungle and get burned when not enough Left wing political plants can be forced into the room. Warrington was good recently, Hartlepool is always impossible for the BBC bias to infiltrate. Fucking hate that fucking Fiona Bruce cunt, she is so fucking openly pro EU she needs sacking. She’s also shit at holding the debate together. Sack her.
  3. Don’t worry the child will be saved when the Muslim state imprisons the two dads and beheads them just before his 18th birthday.
  4. I buy sausages , eggs and bacon from the farm next door, cook them and eat them. If you can’t do that then you belong in a fucking care home. Stupid old cunts. if it’s raining I have my butler do it for me of course.
  5. Only if the singers got “blacked up” for it but left big white lips and wore white gloves. There’s a tv show in that idea. Wonder if channel 4 would take it from endermol?
  6. Fuck off dick head Iam the biggest Brexiteer on here you fucking chimp.
  7. Sadly it was all boarded up with graffiti on it.
  8. My post was just a review of what it looks like in a down trodden, austerity riddled, collapsing shit hole of a place. But I suppose you don’t need to hear any of this as you already live in such a place. Fucking peasant. I will gladly buy you a one way ticket if you want to join the crushed EU population. Fuck off. cunt
  9. That’s rascist. She speaks better English than you by the way you fat sweaty unloved cunt. Now go and suck a few cocks off in the bogs to earn your rent.
  10. So...what’s the problem. One more month of Brexit and listening to all this MP horse shit and I’m smoking my tits off on black mamba for the rest of my days in Decimuses smoke den.
  11. So in all the Brexit shit, the EU have smoke screened in a new law that will affect all aspects of internet use. They have sneakily voted in favor of upload filters which will bring about wide spread censorship of the interweb. Basically they don’t want anyone using the web to tell people in France how well we will be doing post Brexit. More alarmingly teenagers will not be able to download porn. Tell them that before they vote, the fucking thick cunts. That will change their support for this unelected nazi Government when snapface is shut down. sites like this will be shut down for sure, for being way too liberal gay and ethnic loving. The only web pages left will be John Lewis and the BBC, which is the propaganda channel for the EU. All other web pages will be shut down including Autotrader due to copyright laws on pictures of cars. Utter fucking wankers, killing the interweb. Cunts.
  12. Mrs Mongumental booked our Easter trip again this year and for some fucking reason chose Lisbon as the destination. I was open minded as one can be but was worried the place would be a decrepid, austere, run down, shit hole, and I was not disappointed. This shitty city of unemployed lazy cunts is literally falling down around their ears. There is not two buildings side by side that are both in good order, clean, with a fresh lick of paint. Every other building is either empty or a derelict squat. having had a decade of harsh EU austerity measures forced upon them, I think everyone should go there and see the handy work of the EU before we are forced to vote again in the inevitable rock paper scissors game before October. Portugal is a complete fucking mess. Went for a tour round the city, which has absolutely fuck all to see, except some graffiti on every wall in town. The tour guide was a very well spoken educated guy who had lost his finance job in the crash and was now forced to be a tourist guide to make ends meet. It made me think of Decimus and his impending arse renting career when a no deal Brexit kicks in. Lisbon is a B Tech Rio With an NVQ Golden Gate Bridge. Utterly fucking shit falling down place thanks to the EU austerity cunts. Take heed Ireland and Scotland those Brussels cunts won’t look after you.
  13. Iam a full blown brexiteer so the vote again shit is definately something Iam very strongly against , along with all you poor scum.
  14. Danny fucking Rose needs to grow a pair, the over paid, privileged, out of touch, soft arsed cunt. What he needs is a dose of living with the brothers in an African shanti town and experience some real hardships in life. Crapping on about how he can’t wait to get out of football (eeerrrrrrrr in five or six years) let’s not be too hasty there’s a shit load more lolly he wants to fucking Hoover up first. Rather than have any true balls and conviction and just refuse to play again until firmer action is taken against the naughty men who shouted some funny names at him. shame that other people simply have to get on with their lives despite being called chav bald fat ginger specky Welsh All Truely horrible hideous things to call people but those who suffer just get on with life. I’m sure Mr Rose is actually fine about the words he heard as no doubt he listened to them on his head phones a million times on the way to the ground, with Drake blasting the N word in his ears for hours. Rose is a Two faced fucking hypocritical black cunt. Shit footballer. Fuck off. Who would fucking miss you anyway. Just fucking retire now.
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