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    Cotswolds away from all the city cunts only to find they all live here but only at weekends like migrant cunts with money
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    Nothing really interests me any more......but I do enjoy the occasional smirk when someone inadvertently does something that lets their fucking goody two shoes middle class halo slip to expose them and makes them look a cunt
  1. Monumental cunt

    DIY cunt next door

    We have a cunt next door who is addicted to mowing his lawn, hedge trimming, burning shit and rotating his veg patch. At 6.45am or recently he’s moved to 10.22pm before switching the fucking things off. He is known in the village simply as lawnmower man... or dickhead for short. He stands in his garden on the corner of the road and he waves at every inbred he knows, and the silly cunts bib their horns on there noisy shit box Japanese pick up trucks. Fucking inbred mother, sister, brother dad types with extra fingers and clef lips. Shouting hello nob head, hello ! As they drive past. He is a massive prick and I can only think he stops at night only to pop onto the ineterweb and sign into his account as APE. Now that would be a top cunt.
  2. Monumental cunt

    £10,000 Feckless millennial scum handout

    Yeah right.....what a cunt you are. Go smoke some spice and eat a pizza. That’s the only contribution to society you will ever be. Finished your GCSE exams yet. Fucking fail them all you retarded fucking cunt.
  3. Monumental cunt

    £10,000 Feckless millennial scum handout

    It’s not that we had it tough.....it’s the fact the snow flakes just want, nay, demand, we fucking pay them all ten grand for fuck all. What a set of cunts.
  4. Monumental cunt

    Songbirds 'disappearing' from France

    It was teed up at at the net, so I simply had to volley it ......shame to ignore a good immigrant bashing when it’s available.
  5. Monumental cunt

    Songbirds 'disappearing' from France

    Wtf.....mon cunt here dick wad. There is only one cunt like me
  6. Monumental cunt


    No, but apparently a bloke died in Nigeria recently and was found to have over £20million in gold stashed in his house, was found dead at his laptop with thousands of unanswered emails on the screen. Shame.
  7. Monumental cunt


    Nah....this was a patsy. Too easy.
  8. Monumental cunt


    I play with you Roops and you know it. You must admit it was a very shit nom.
  9. Monumental cunt

    £10,000 Feckless millennial scum handout

    The only way I can communicate with you is...fuck off cunt
  10. Monumental cunt

    £10,000 Feckless millennial scum handout

    Because they are slackers and nursing is a real job.
  11. Monumental cunt

    £10,000 Feckless millennial scum handout

    Youth of today you soft self centered self important egotistical cunts. You are offended by a word, you top yourself over a digital bullying, you sit on you play stations all day and do fuck all, then have the nerve to say we have had it all our own way and we are so lucky we should donate you worthless snowflake cunts ten grand each to spunk on spice, Ibiza, whores and junk food. Back in the day and I mean the 80s and 90s we had no mobile phones, we had no tinternet, we had no easy fucking life. We rode to our mates or to our jobs on cycles, we walked to school because mummy didn’t have a £85 k Range Rover to ferry our preciously fat arses to school. when we got to work meeting rooms had ash trays and fag smoke filling your lungs. Dinner was a home made sandwich in a plastic box called Tupa wear, as maccy ds did not exist. Your boss could openly call you a fuckwit and nothing was said as it was all part of learning the ropes and made sure you didn’t fuck up. You leant quick or got fucking battered. interst rates were at 15% and the mortgage was like paying a small countries GDP. Credit and loans were hard to get and banks looked on second incomes from your bird as fucking useless as she was going to give up work and have kids wasn’t she, bless her. cars fell apart and you had to spend every other weekend mending some part that had fallen off and they rusted with holes in the bodywork. You don’t see that anymore. so don’t fucking say we had it easy and that you are hard done to. Fucking hell, you don’t even have to run down to Mr Mc Nobbies grumble mag shop if you want afresh wank. You just type in porn and you get wall to wall clunge to spunk your nuts over. grow up and get a fucking job......to you that means...leave college, bum around in a part time job, save a bit of cash, then fuck off to Ibiza for a couple of seasons fucking young dirties every night of the week. Then you expect to start in a piss easy job on at least £40k a week and live the life of a playboy slacker like all those dump cunts in the magazines. They have sold you a dream, a fucking story, but unfortunately it’s not fucking real. It’s a life of shit work for you my thick cunt. Now go clean the toilets, empty the bins, it’s nearly 10.30 and the menu changes to burgers so it’s going to get busy. Chop chop soft cunt.
  12. Monumental cunt

    No Brexit deal 'will up fish and chip prices'

    I prefer chips curry and a jumbo sausage. The EU can fuck off.
  13. Monumental cunt

    Corporate whores

    Get yourself a van and a lawn mower. You are more cut out for that life than corporate life.
  14. Monumental cunt

    Internets 'Wild West' laws.

    I don’t think this will ever be policed as you say. Littering the street is an offense, but who gives a shit. There are billions of web sites, so who is going to sit in there digital panda car and monitor them all? Plus the first cunts who try and enforce a SHUT UP law will get fucked at the next election. Snow flakes don’t like anyone tampering with their fucking WiFi !!!
  15. Monumental cunt

    Songbirds 'disappearing' from France

    No...they just fucking shoot them. Migrating birds in October get felled from the sky’s by tens of thousands of French cunts with guns. They hunt the shit out of everything in Autumn. Shame they don’t do they same with immigrants.