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  1. More Transgender cunt bollocks

    I don't understand all this cock chopping business. Maybe my ignorance underpins my intolerance of all this shit. I wish it was kept away from the media and out of the view of children.
  2. WOT, no Brexit plan!!

    You are not wrong. This whole process will descend deeper into chaos. A well planned hatchet job. Cunts.
  3. Meterological Exaggeration

  4. Richard Branson

    Fucking good job. Profiteers have no place in a tax payer funded health system. Greedy bastard already has a licence to print money with his train operating contracts.
  5. Meterological Exaggeration

    Jesus fucking Christ, I am beginning to wonder which part of the spectrum you are on.
  6. This topic is now closed to further replies

    I would like it on record that I am a stupid fucking cunt for listening to it for over 2 fucking weeks.
  7. This topic is now closed to further replies

    Noted, but I'm not getting the horn.
  8. Grassing cunt

    It matters not who is a grass or not, well not to me, because no cunt is going to grass me. What is evident, you are only happy if you have got some cunt to bash. I have had a couple of weeks of your current turf war. It's getting on my tits. Knock it on the head please or spend the weekend playing yourself.
  9. Cunt. It was a betting slip.
  10. Sally cuntbreed Jones

    So, Jihadi John is actually Nigel. This makes Sally Jones Nigella.
  11. Frank McGowan

    I'll hear no more of your sexual peccadilloes.
  12. Frank McGowan

    I'm no fan of queers, as long as it is not put in my face or my children's face, live and let live. I think the aptly named Frank has every right to be aggrieved. If someone shoved their fucking fat fingers up my bum piece I would consider a violent riposte.
  13. Daniel "I'm a trained fighter" Dooley

    Not sure. Perhaps he has a backlog of corpses to clear.
  14. Catalonia

    So they have declared independence........but wait, it's not legitimate. Where the fuck does abiding by the law come into having a revolution. Stinks of a stitch up. In mitigation, the Spicks are novices at this democracy caper.
  15. Car salesmen

    You have died 4 times and retired 3 times. You don't get out of this loony bin. Sit back down you silly old cunt.