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  1. As pleased as I am to see the fucking huns thrown under the bus, I want all the quisling remoaning wankers not to vote for this so called new deal. The shitty EU has conceded a bit, despite the relative hamstrung position of the prime minister. If we had a government with a clear majority, the EU would have to concede a lot more. Fuck it, roll the dice again, see if Catweazle cunt will give us an election.
  2. It appears a deal could be on, so the DUP must be going under the bus. The pound has taken 4 cents off the dollar today. That pre cancerous cunt Cummings must have done the maths and be banking on the fact he has enough Liebour MP's in Northern shithouse constituencies that will back the deal. It looks as though the sitting of parliament on 19th October will be the day it is voted on. I dread to think what steaming pile of shit Johnson has stitched us up with. Mr Fucking Farage needs to stick about, if a deal goes through, the real horse trading begins.
  3. I am not sure people in the Republic would want to take on another 6 counties where nearly 50% of the inhabitants are frothing at the mouth, jack waving, ultra religious conservatives. Ireland has gone down the route of neo liberalism, mass immigration, cock chopping, rainbow flag waving and EU cuckoldry. They will want fuck all to do with these loonies in the North.
  4. Be that as it may, you have not reached sufficient altitude to see "the curve".
  5. Some of the absolute fucking dangerous garble that has come out of The Tavistock Clinic is coming back to bite. If a public enquiry was ever needed, this sordid joint needs a thorough once over. Cockchoppers HQ.
  6. I can't see this turd that Alexander Johnson has polished will come up smelling of roses. The pertinent question is when will these cuckolds in opposition possess a set of cobblers to have an election?
  7. Never mind all the Kerry Packer's in the crowd. Watching wheelchair users play basketball or tennis is more interesting than watching some of the prima donna norms. Proper commitment and doing for the sport, not the fucking money.
  8. Cunt. I'm changing my username.
  9. Doddery coco the fucking clown look-a-like. Old cunt fails to mention the natives still leave the place en masse. By the time there is a United Ireland, it will be the preserve of poofs, trannies, Greville Starkey's and bearded kids, but no fucking Micks
  10. No cunt in their right mind will vote for this bunch of fucking communists. Sexual deviants and facial shrapnel wearing lay about tits are the reach of his appeal.
  11. I don't agree. The tories under Boris have no intention of delivering Brexit. Brexit means leaving the institutions of the EU. A re-hashed May surrender deal does not deliver this.
  12. Don't get your feathers all ruffled. When I am handed a good caning I take it in good grace and recognise a quality comment.
  13. That's what they want you to believe. An election is inevitable, with or without a caretaker government for the interregnum. Who in their right mind is going to vote for fucking Corbyn or that sweaty Swinson? Leavers need to keep a cool head. Today's judgement tells us what we knew already..... Alexander Johnson is a serial liar.
  14. As an ardent leave voter I do not agree. Alexander Johnson has by his own actions put himself royally in the shit. I think the judgement of the court is absolutely right. You can't have a Prime Minister shutting down parliament when they choose, not now nor at any time in the future. Of course all of the people who brought this action are nailed on remainers, but their own judgement will come in the form of a general election. As I maintain, and nothing has changed in this respect, if you want Brexit, vote for Nigel Fucking Farage.
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