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  1. Our Future Our Choice

    The whole open door culture of the EU is intrinsically linked with immigration from outside the EU. From what I read, Cork City is going to be open to a whole lot of incoming shit. Now that Sein Fein are no longer knee capping queers and foreigners, but hugging them instead, it looks like game, set and match to the establishment.
  2. Our Future Our Choice

    Yes there are. They have seen what is happening to UK plc, they don't like it and realise they are being fucked the same way. The sad thing for these people who want to protect the Irish identity is that they have even less to defend themselves with than the 17 plus million cunts here who want the same fucking thing and are being turned over.
  3. Our Future Our Choice

    I see this anxious, gaff prone, useless Prime Minister has made even more concessions to the EU. There is absolutely no chance of being free of the EU. What a bunch of self serving cunts.
  4. Cunts who leave abusive notes on Ambulances

    Never mind the fine or the criminal record this lady has, what goes around comes around. If she should ever call 999 for the ambulance service there will be an on screen alert on her address. Ambulance staff will not attend her address unless accompanied by plod. The crew or car will wait around the corner until a police officer is available.......this could all take some time. There isn't any shortage of these cunts on all the ambulance services' books.
  5. Our Future Our Choice

    Funny how many of these campaigns to throw the referendum result do not use a white British person to be the front, Gina Miller being another sponsored interfering cunt. This little wanker doesn't obviously understand a private ballot nor does he understand that 17,410,742 is greater than 16,141,241. He has little idea of democracy either by assuming a younger person's vote is worth more than an older person's. I don't give a fuck either that he purports to be knowledgeable of EU law. Sounds like to me he will need to do some re-training soon. Cunt.
  6. The Minister for Loneliness

    This bloke has moved before it all came out. He is just trying to call the shots before all the shit is dumped on his doorstep. Perhaps he is getting messaged by Max Clifford from the other side. The losers in all this are his children, again. My size 10's will be going through my TV if I see him on it ever again.
  7. Sir Cliff Richard

    I don't know about our Cliff. Some say he was known as Kitty at the Elm Guest House. As far as I am aware, the person who put this allegation on the web has not faced prosecution. My feelings about plod don't need to be reiterated.
  8. Breast not always best

    The transgender bollocks is over my red line, let alone a lactating man. Having said that, the spironolactone and domperidone used on this man are safe to take if a woman is breastfeeding. Perhaps my career aim of becoming a wet nurse may be in sight.
  9. The cost of Valentine's Day

    What is this fucking pony? A christian saint's day bastardised so corporate cunts can pick on the lowest common denominator, a male who wants his leg across.
  10. New Oxfam Work Experience Programme

    When I hear a government minister sanctimoniously preaching about the dodgy activities of charities I detect an odious hypocrisy. Of course, this sort of money squandering and sexual abuse hasn't been going on unchecked for years in the corridors of power in the museum that is the Palace of Westminster.
  11. Extreme Liberalism.

    Now, now. Don't get all anti-Mick. We are not all slippery cunts. Even a part plastic wanker such as I. Sinn Fein may have become a bum bandit worshipping bunch of liberals, but there are plenty of people fucked off with the EU in Ireland and want out of the shitty club. They also don't want their population to be increased by even more ponces coming in off the back of a lorry.
  12. Katie Cunting Price

    Who is this fucking person? How the fuck can she get the opportunity to sit her arse in front of a select committee. What fucking contribution has she made to society? I don't doubt they will lick the gravy from her arse as there is a mutual interest at stake here. They don't really give a fuck about her or her hoard of kids by various absent fathers, but they do care about shutting up cunts who cast the microscope over their shitty, shady dealings. If the evidence or testimony given by this horrendous person is responsible for curtailing free speech we might as well shut up shop now and be done with it. What a fucking sick joke. Cunts.
  13. Met Police

    I didn't know we still had police in this country. Since the word Force was removed from constabularies and replaced with the word Service, we have old bill without any skills in investigating crime. Sure they still are capable of a fit-up, but reporting a criminal matter to a wanker on the 101 number is just for statistical purposes and not meaningful in catching a toerag on the fucking rob. The average plod is a glorified social worker and a mental health support worker. The upper echelons are as bent as ever and the commissioners are all self interested, image building pointless political carpetbaggers. Needless to say, the Royal and Specialist protection unit is not afflicted by any of this fucking bollocks.
  14. This thick pair of cunts

    He's a steroid laden bodybuilder, ergo a cunt. Case closed.
  15. Unsolicited private medical checks

    As far as I can see every cunt has their dick in the hole, native or off the back of a fucking lorry. Those who shout loudest seem to get heard. If I thought money would not go into the pockets of profiteers, I would make it £50 minimum to see a GP and £200 for an A&E visit. Only exemption are those claiming state pension and children under 3 months. I find it rather odd there is a confusing internal funding system in the NHS that costs hundreds of millions per annum to administrate, but no wanker has the fucking political guts to suggest charging people for convenience care.