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  1. Well, we won't be listening to Jo Fucking Swinson any longer. Where the fuck is godsquad, anti batty Farron?
  2. Arron Banks handed her arse on a plate to her. On the plus side, it looks like the postal vote, ballot box stuffing peacefuls in Peterborough have been fucked off too.
  3. Listening to the remainer cocksucker Heidi Allen still in denial that cunts want the referendum result implemented. Staggering ignorance and arrogance.
  4. I will be waiting up to see Chuka Ummuna and Anna Soubry cunts get their P45's. I will be making offensive gestures at the screen as the cameras zoom in on their miserable, traitorous fucking faces. I also demand that second referendum, war criminal Campbell is press ganged to a TV studio, so I can give him the same treatment. Jeremy Vine gets on my fucking tits.
  5. I have been to participate in the democratic process. This is repeat bollocks from 2017, I wrote the following on the ballot paper.... Thank you for reading my ballot paper, but I can't seriously vote for any of these fuckwits.
  6. True. I can't abide this bollocks either. However, how would one react if the amazon cunt said...."I ain't got all fucking day for you to answer your doorbell. Here's your parcel, stick it up your fucking arse."
  7. The Beast

    Celine Dion

    Who the fucking hell is that? Dominic Cummings’ sister?
  8. Braver man than I. Bas Vegas as it is known to many, is a fucking dump. It makes Harlow look like Monte Carlo.
  9. Couldn't agree more. Too many people with their dick in the hole so to speak. Maxwell's daughter seems to have done a Lucan.
  10. I know it is not in Pakistan, but these poor bastards look like a hangover from the Bhopal disaster
  11. Admittance, on these barbarous pages, of having a sly look at other people's cocks whilst performing ablutions, shows a lack of circumspection.
  12. Mrs Beast, a very liberal minded person, said to me that it must be a pre requisite to have a facial palsy or a partially or fully amputated limb to get a fucking job at the BBC.
  13. I think Mr Epstein was recording the rich and famous as they reached the gravy strokes. Some very important people compromised themselves. Whether he was working for mossad is something we will never know. Once incarcerated his death was inevitable. Although the belief is many people sighed a deep breath of relief at his demise, I suspect it was a case his usefulness was time expired.
  14. Frank, you seriously need to make a nomination. You are so dry, your labia resembles John Wayne's saddlebags.
  15. He did indeed. The answer he gave was 1.85 and more numbers after the decimal point, but I can't remember them. He showed me the formula, not too dissimilar to your working. I was still fucked if I could work it out.
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