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  1. These cunts in parliament haven't got the bollocks to revoke article fucking 50. They want Joe Cunt to get them off the hook in the form of a second referendum, with remain and remain on the ballot paper. One positive that may come from this shit show, the labour and conservative parties are unpopular for a long time. No doubt catweazle and Maybot are also discussing damage limitation.
  2. I don't believe what I am seeing. I can't believe there are wankers who give this fucking shit airtime. The constant search for racism in obscure corners telling us it exists in our unconscious thick fucking heads does not help to tackle genuine discrimination. It turns people off in their droves. I feel this is symptomatic of the lack of political leadership the last 30 years in UK plc. @ratcum you may be a fucking oddball, but you were ahead of the game with your racist biscuits. https://news.sky.com/story/waitrose-apologises-for-selling-racist-chocolate-ducklings-after-criticism-11688611
  3. Having read your previous copy on this lady I have not gone out of my way to read about her politics as I do not practice deliberate self harm. Naturally, I have given a like to your post, as cuntery of such quality never goes unnoticed by a fellow cunt.
  4. I don't want to know the cunts who do her PR, but they can't seriously believe any wanker would swallow this soft soaping fucking bollocks. What a lying sack of shit. Nothing but sabotage and subterfuge.
  5. The Beast

    Mary Lou

    I don't know what has happened to Irish republicanism. Sein Fein are a bunch of immigrant welcoming, rainbow flag waving mainstream misfits. Twenty five years ago they would have kneecapped these cunts. I know nothing about this Mary toilet woman. I'm an English republican and I'll offer no apologies. Fuck off.
  6. From where I am standing, we have a process that has long been in chaos, now we have the input of Steptoe, a proper Euro sceptic, even more confusion will result. Parliament is about as much use as a eunuch at a cum bank in knowing what it wants and 12th April is looming. I still see only one outcome.
  7. Whilst I agree cunts are easily pacified, it takes a bit more than gumption to offer genuine alternatives.…. a few million quid to campaign and a fully functioning propaganda outfit across all medias.
  8. Pleased to see Steptoe fucked it up again today. When it comes to big decisions this man and the racists that surround him, have very poor judgement. After today's non event in parliament failing to take control, Mrs May is back in charge, for how long depends whether she makes a decision in cabinet tomorrow. I am still sticking with no deal.
  9. I don't give a fuck what they say about people's vote. On the day of the vote I will take to the polling station my lama, donkey and Vietnamese pot bellied pig, just as I did when we had the referendum in June 2016.
  10. The Beast

    Theresa May

    Many times over the past 6 months we have heard that it will be curtains imminently for Mrs May, but nothing of the sort has happened. However, when she backs out of the third meaningful vote on that awful deal she surrendered to, then I think she will have run the course. She is of no use to anybody any longer.
  11. Well, as I said the cards are being taken out one by one. A second referendum is not going to happen. This awful deal is not going to get support if it appears in parliament again. Mrs May has pissed everyone off tonight who hadn't been pissed off by her already. Steptoe walked out because that gay closet traitor Umuna was at the meeting, not that he needs an excuse to obfuscate and be ambiguous over this issue, as we all know he is an arch Eurosceptic. Barnier cunt is trying to dictate what the UK parliament should do and when it should do it. There may be more twists and turns yet, but more is pointing to no deal today than it was yesterday.
  12. I appreciate I come across as an old style bigot and I probably am one. I have to say, however, I have worked with people from all over the World and there are good and bad in all. It may sound liberal, but it has been my experience. It is easier and cheaper for the government to get cunts off the back of a lorry with some form of qualification, rather than take the time and cost to train people here. For me, irrespective of race or colour, that is the issue.
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