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  1. As a willing cannon fodder on the front line, I am already pissed off about the 24/7 glorification of NHS staff. It is nothing more than a smokescreen to deflect from the governments inaction and late response to this virus. Of course many of the people who will die from contracting this virus would be dead in the not too distant future due to a list of comorbidities longer than Harold Shipman's' charge sheet. Many of our liberties have been taken away under existing legislation already. One could end up in front of the beak for the wrong words posted on the internet. We arrived in a big brother state long time before this virus showed up. Again this is another massive smokescreen..... there simply is not enough police or combined military personnel to implement any of these new powers in any meaningful way. So yes it is fear, but that it is all they have to get cunts to stay holed up for a while. These out and out capitalists burnt their own economy in three days. Why the fuck would they do this for something that will ultimately kill a small percentage of people? Perhaps this virus is the first round and more is to come.
  2. Galloway's finest hour was indeed in the Senate hearing. No script, no dithering or hesitation just a good old fashioned mauling of the big nosed cunts, delivered with much glee. I don't agree with much of what he says, especially his love of the goat herders, Ruskies and Kitchen Sinks. However, on Brexit, he was on the money and made very good arguments for the cause.
  3. I watched the full Hitchens vs Hitchens debate. I think Christopher won the debate and appeared head and shoulders above his brother, despite having to justify the war in Iraq. I then watched Christopher vs George Galloway. The fucking Jock wiped the floor with him.
  4. If I let scrote in, it is only fair to let Frank back in too.
  5. All I know is this fucking thing is the real deal. I was working in the RED area of the A&E yesterday. The punters do not go to the radiology dept for their chest x ray, they are all portables in their room. The radiographer will do a few at a time. One after the other showing the typical Covid signs of a bilateral pneumonia. Most of the punters older in age. Those that are suitable for critical care if their condition escalates are moved to A block. Those that are too frail for whom critical care would be prolonged and futile are moved to C block. Needless to say, C block is nearing capacity. Fucking grim and it is still early days. Mother Nature is doing what it does best.
  6. And another one of these supremacists that have a lot more than just a chip on their shoulder. There is a growing number of these bastards, sponsored and encouraged by traitorous white cunt liberal shit heads in positions of authority or power.
  7. The capitalist system is built on debt. Now the peasants at the bottom of the pile can't pay their debts, because they have been told to fuck off home and lock their doors, the fucking government is giving away money. If the debts aren't paid the banks will go tits up....again. This is not sustainable. I'm guessing a shitload of money will have to be written off in some form of agreement between the leading economies and the World bank. Those that have an interest in making their ideology stick, have no choice, or have to eat humble pie and say capitalism doesn't work and Mr Chink's communism is better. Meanwhile, in the real World, the bodies are mounting up. Cunts like me have to attend to the virus carriers with little more protection than a surgical mask, plastic apron and gloves. No wonder some of the clinicians are becoming the punters. Virtually all of the healthcare resource is directed at this fucking thing, but the long list of people that have multiple comorbidities still need their conditions managed, the elective surgery waiting lists will become even longer and cancer detection success will drop. Probably more people will die prematurely from inadequate and sub optimal healthcare the next few years than die directly from contracting coronavirus. Whatever ones theory of how this virus came to be in circulation, we are not getting the show back on the road like before anytime soon.
  8. I note there are queues at American gun stores. An inadequate health system combined with the indolent response to managing this disease, things might get really shitty in the good ole USA.
  9. Ever since I've seen this chap on the box he has always been rather sweaty and portly. I'd be surprised if he was getting any nookie at all. We will have to see if these allegations go back many years. Until then, as far as I am concerned, this is his payback for trying to break up the union.
  10. The unnamed sweat shop I am grafting at presently is doing about 25 drive through screens a day. There has been 2 positives so far. NHS 111 needs its fucking phone lines severed.
  11. Not all, but some of these ethnic grifters are extreme and are supported by the mainstream media. This country has changed beyond recognition since my childhood in the 70's and early 80's. Tolerance and respect for people who are of different race, culture and religion has been offered. Those that have refused such largesse, those that continue to stoke division with terms such as whiteness and white privilege clearly can't integrate into European culture. Those that seek to undermine white European culture need to go their own way from the majority and return to their racial homelands. This should be any government's sensible message to maintain equality and stability for all. I don't want it left to the fascists to deliver this message. If the mainstream centrist rump entertains and promotes such an ideology the counter response will inevitably be extreme. This will be undesirable and bad for all.
  12. He may well be OTT with some of the racist comments about Africans, but let's not underplay some of the black or BAME supremacists that happily go on about "whiteness" and "white privilege". I don't see their point. If it were directed at a few ruling people or elite I would have no issue. However, that is not their proclivity. Their venom is broad brush to make anyone think twice about countering their revisionist World view. These guardian type sponsored professional UK plc haters are happy to tear down what they perceive as the white European culture of colonialism, but at the same time are only too happy to enjoy the liberty and freedoms of such culture and happily drink from the same font with their middle class comfortable life style. The hypocrisy is full frontal. I'm not a nationalist or a fascist, I never stand up for the national anthem. But even I can see some of these people, not all, want more than equality.
  13. I don't think these shitheels from extinction rebellion are anything more than controlled opposition. Images of them sitting on a London Bridge with their picnic blanket and all the middle class fayre is hardly what I would associate with a full on claret and teeth rebellion. We are all having our plonkers pulled by these unbearable cunts.
  14. I may be wrong, but I get the sense we may be seeing the first signs the BBC may be on the turn from the current modus operandi of globalist liberal machine to a different patsy altogether. After all, it was created to be a state mouthpiece. Of course, we still have liberal viewpoints in every institution in dominance, but I get the sense it is a case of adapt or die for the BBC.
  15. Fuck me. I appreciate there are not many national speed limit roads in inner London, but I reckon you must have been on that speeding course I did before Christmas.
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