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  1. It didn't have a pot to piss in due to being virtually bankrupt from paying reparations from WW1. It issued government bonds to people as form of payment.
  2. It appears we had no need to enter WW2. We were financed to do so. The Germans never had sufficient landing craft to mount a sustained land assault on the UK without getting picked off in the Channel or the North Sea. This awful war did so much bad to the UK plc at a time when most families had barely recovered from the butchery of WW1. The dominant narrative that was forged post WW2 has hamstrung this country in debt and left it at the mercy of all the ills the money men wanted to foist on us. We sink further into the shit decade by decade.
  3. I don't know what has happened since this. Very sad. Pino Palladino on bass the absolute business.
  4. There is always that bit extra in your delivery. Fucking funny.
  5. I have seen quite a number of elderly folk in a critical condition with this virus when it was at its peak, but I did not see one person under 65 without co morbidities with anything worse than moderate symptoms. Still unpleasant, but not a death sentence. Locking up the well is an unfolding disaster for the overall health of the nation. Wearing these face masks is of no value whatsoever. Even after much research into surgical infections, it is unclear whether a mask is beneficial or detrimental. The only clear obvious purpose is it acts as a protection against fluids for those close in, the surgeon and the scrub nurse. As for the triple therapy of drugs to treat covid, it will be dismissed because of the Nigerian quack with some very wacko views. Let's do the randomised controlled trials in larger numbers, let's see the evidence, and most importantly allow it to be published so it can be scrutinised. The race for a vaccine for the virus is what is at the nub of this. The death rate of 0.8% would be lower still in the UK had the very bad errors around care homes not happened. There has been a complete absence of proportionality of action in relation to threat.
  6. The fact it is a vascular disease has shown that invasive mechanical ventilation is of little use.
  7. I have to wear one all day whilst in a clinical area. I change it every 2 hours. It doesn't bother me, although I know it is of negligible benefit. We were told Covid is a respiratory disease, but in all likelihood it is a vascular disease. Lots of contradictions put across as "we are learning all the time" about the virus. One thing incontrovertible, the locking up of the majority of well people was a massive mistake.
  8. The Tavistock again? It needs to be closed and a few heads knocked together. Madness at its most pernicious, all enabled and sponsored by the pandering political cunts.
  9. They do indeed. If you pursue on line gun shops for assault rifles they are all out of stock. America needs taking down a peg or two. They have the legacy of Africans after the end of the slave trade which is coming home to roost. Most of the Africans in the U.K. were invited by the fuckwit duopoly parties. We need to distance ourselves from American history and their mistakes. We need to address the demographic problem we have in the U.K. and not keep voting for the duopoly who continue rampant immigration destroying communities and the way of life here.
  10. We were practically bankrupt in the 1930’s and shackled to a loan after WW1. Then after WW2, which we had absolutely no need to enter, we had the Anglo American loan on “favourable” terms which we didn’t pay back until the early 2000’s. We have American military hardware in bases all over the U.K., we are no more than an aircraft carrying patsy. Then there is the cultural and commercial side. The ugly retail parks, the drive through fast food abominations and the awful rap music gangster culture from the Bronx and the utter butchery of the English language. As long as the BLM here don’t get to mouthy, I hope the black mobs there take a leaf out of the U.K.’s book and burn the fucking White House to the ground.
  11. I have nothing against the American people, but I have complete disdain for the American machine. It is an utter warmongering, paranoid, self serving abomination. The UK plc has been in hock to the Americans ever since the end of WW1. The "special relationship" is a one way street. They have had us by the balls for a very long time.
  12. I wouldn't be worried about tory in fighting, none of them are actual Conservatives. I am just thankful that fucking useless Grayling cunt has been well and truly shafted.
  13. London, Paris, Munich everyone talk about.... chop suey!
  14. For sure some people believed all that shite. I voted to get rid of EU governance. Job done. One layer of snouts in troughs removed. Next the fucking house of Lords and the monarchy.
  15. Brexit isn't too complicated that it can't work. It is of no consequence now. Most cunts can admit that, even cunts Blair and Mandelson. The economic shitstorm from locking down the economy will make the impact of Brexit look tiny by comparison. The abject stupidity of the liberal cabal will still be there for all to see when this economic downturn hits. As the ship goes down, they will still be blaming Brexit and peddling their multi cult open borders nonsense with it too. The same liberal ideology that shut down multiple economies for a virus with a death rate of 0.8% and it is only that high because of this cuntish liberal tory mismanagement of the response. Move on. There are bigger cunts to be dealing with. There are no winners here.
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