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  1. The Beast

    Stephen Lawrence. The saga continues

    This whole sorry saga comes back to corrupt and fucking useless old bill. That's all there is to it. Had they did their job, justice would have been served and the shitheads that did the murder would be out on parole by now.
  2. The Beast

    Windrush cunts

    This is where I disagree a little. Of course the gentleman will offer more to society than cunty bollocks and his malingering bad back ever could or will. However, although the gentleman's religion is not important to you, it will be very important to him.
  3. The Beast

    May Giving It The Biggun.

    So the old saying history repeats itself, it has to, nobody listens, seems apt at this juncture. It may be a one off bombing and it may stick two fingers up to Russia, but I do not see any valid evidence for the necessity for this action. Also appears our fucking parliament is accountable to the White House. No change there then. We need a repeat of 1814 and burn the fucking thing to the ground.
  4. The Beast

    May Giving It The Biggun.

    I am not a jack waving jingoistic cunt as you know, but although the UK would struggle to mount a serious task force to protect a nonsense like the Malvinas, it has some very handy submarines. One will always be outside of UK plc's territorial waters unseen, with a capability to fire multiple nuclear warheads, if required. Our esteemed politicians may have sold most things off to any foreign cunt with the fucking money, but they aren't completely fucking stupid enough to leave their trousers down totally.
  5. Says who? OK, don't knock it until you've tried it, but all this foreign shit is dominated by fucking chilli and garlic. Traditionally, a lot of these shit holes where this food comes from it is a case of having to add all the spices because the fucking produce ie meat is fucking rank due to lack of appropriate storage and poor hygiene. Also, whilst gluttony is one of the main culprits, the incidence of obesity and diabetes has markedly increased in UK plc since all this fucking muck has been part of the average wanker's diet. Then you have every fucking High Street dominated with fucking restaurants and take aways selling all this shit. If the average cunt took the time to cook properly at home and sit down as a family to eat instead of feeding their fat fucking chops on the sofa with a take away, the family unit would be healthier, better off financially and more cohesive. Food is an important part of who we are. All this foreign shit has lowered the standards of how we behave. All part of the race to the bottom and third world status.
  6. I am not one for all this fucking foreign muck. Most of it fucking stinks and does GBH to my gastrointestinal system. I also don't trust the hygiene when eating out anywhere, let alone these gunga dins with their filthy mitts all over the preparation.
  7. The Beast

    Normal service resuming

    I am glad to see everyone has kept the faith. I take this deserved caning in good grace. If this site was run with fucking military precision, I would have to offer a fulsome apology.
  8. The Beast

    Normal service resuming

    Indeed. That's why a computer illiterate cunt such as myself was locked out.
  9. The Beast

    Normal service resuming

    Correction.....You fucking proper cunt.
  10. The Beast

    Burglary victim?

    I know this is not how justice operates, but if the assailants have previous in this regard, that should weigh heavily in the elderly man's favour. The time of the attack is also a mitigating factor to his actions. I don't like the American bollocks of shoot first ask questions later, but I don't see how a 78 year old man would want to murder anybody in the early hours. Life is tough enough when you get older without thieving cunts fucking it up for you.
  11. The Beast

    Presumpteous coach driving cunts

  12. The Beast

    The PSA Test

    I have to say one thing that gets the GP surgery phone ringing off the fucking hook (other than a famous wanker with a tumour in the balls, aris or knocker) is the fucking despicable GP's that sit on the sofa of a breakfast TV show. Every bit of advice invariably ends with "if in doubt, your GP won't mind talking to you about it". The only advice I ever offer can never be misinterpreted ........ if it's green, get it seen.
  13. The Beast

    White Guilt

    I don't think the practicalities were ever thought through, because the leaders of all 3 main political parties arrogantly believed they had the vote stitched up. Their arrogance contributed to the ambiguity of what leaving actually meant then and means now in reality.
  14. The Beast

    Whitelist Requests

    I don't need to know your address to identify you as a cunt. You are still here.