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  1. The Beast

    Celebrity NHS frontline tv programme

    I'm sure there won't be a shortage of wannabee cunts beating a path to get their boats on camera, in hope that something comes of it and they can be taken away from their humdrum existence. Most cunts who work for the NHS more than 2 years seem chronically depressed, always fucking moaning about how shit it is, but never do anything to change their life. Management do what the fuck they like and every cunt is too apathetic to oppose them. The unions have a nice little earner, collecting their subs and then get in the same bed for a menagerie a trois with HR and executive board. If this programme is an example of what keeps us alive, I want us all dead for our own safety.
  2. The Beast

    William 'Skunk' Hague

    I haven't had a smoke for years, when I did, I can say I didn't have any wish to try any other drugs. I think the main problem with the drug is that much of it is produced here in UK plc. It is so hybridised the THC content is fucking people over and causing psychosis in young males. If the government steps in, it will be able to lower its potency and make a shitload of revenue. The real hardcore smokers won't want it legal.
  3. The Beast

    Scooter muggers

    More to the point, what did he have on this phone? If the info was ministerial related, I bet the fucking heathen that pinched it wouldn't have a clue what it related to. I'll go with your theory of him being bullshitting wanker.
  4. The Beast

    Eni Aluko

    Who gives a fuck about football analysis, no cunt listens to it. I don't see that French footballist as a brainbox. The lady has far more intelligence than him.
  5. The Beast


    Lying is always an intrinsic part and art of any political campaign. Anyone who believes the tory cunts give two shits about the NHS is a mug. UK plc should walk away from these negotiations. It is being fucked royally.
  6. The Beast

    Poor white schools 'destroyed' by rankings

    I'm no fan of the goat herders and their deluded religious nonsense, but I don't believe they are responsible for changing the name of Christmas celebrations. It is simply politically correct fuckwits who are overthinking an issue that doesn't exist. Personally, I would get rid of the fucking festival of corporate greed and drunkenness. You can stick your Christmas up your arse along with lent, bent, ramadandingdong, Eid, yid and any other religious bollocks. I believe in science and its application. I'm off to my shed to continue my latest project, a machine that merges land masses. I will adjoin my village with the next one before some rich wanker developer builds on the space in between and fills 15 plus percent of the houses with tattooed, greyhound dress wearing, bastard case, welfare poncing, under educated mongs that drag a decent inbred village into the "real" world. Cunts.
  7. The Beast

    The G7 Conference

    There may well be a united Ireland, but it won't be for the Irish by the time the 2040 plan takes hold. It will be for Africans, goat herders, deviants and bum bandits. Poor old Paddy and Mick are not part of the plan. The EU is killing Ireland.
  8. The Beast

    The G7 Conference

    Looking at the expressions on the faces, their postures and body language, it looks like the photo has caught the middle of a farting competition. Kraut is saying "have some of that", tangoman says "didn't hear a thing, Bolton cunt "Christ that fucking hums" and the kitchen sink with the glasses is trying to pull one out without follow through.
  9. The Beast

    Another load of fucking shite.

    You could have people legging it down Whitehall after a loose bull, all trying to chomp their gnashers into its hind. Sport for all. A barstardized Spick event.
  10. The Beast

    The G7 Conference

    I don't agree. The way the key brexiteers left the stage stinks of stitch up. They want the controls alright, but have no chance of seizing them. The message Mrs May needs support, which she won't get, is exactly the desired outcome. She tried her best, but was not backed up. No Brexit, now everyone can fuck off and it's business as usual, no change to the status quo. Job done. Looked obvious to me back then, 12 days after the referendum. The Beast discombobulated Members 634 931 posts Location....UK PLC Report post Posted July 5, 2016 If it actually happens it will be a good thing in the long term for the UK. However, the main political Brexiteers have all been fucked off out of the picture or been marginalised. I think what we are seeing presently is a preamble to a new negotiated relationship with the EU that says we are out but in working reality will keep us very much in. The hidden hand of vested interest is doing its dirty work, and anybody who had the sense to vote out should also have the sense to see this stitch up in the making. 1 deebom reacted to this
  11. The Beast

    Another load of fucking shite.

    Quite. Then these children become adults and the shit that should be dealt with by the criminal justice system is deemed psychiatric. Cue politician and royal cunts being all huggy and empathic with loons. Total abject failure and abnegation of societal and family ills.
  12. The Beast

    The G7 Conference

    She is saying all the right things, she can't do anything else. That's the whole plot. Put someone up who gives the appearance of trying to follow the referendum mandate so it doesn't look a stitch up. Meanwhile the vested interest are pulling the strings and fashioning an outcome that keeps the UK plc very much in the club all but in name.
  13. The Beast

    The G7 Conference

    Spot on. Go back to way she was ushered into the job. The prominent brexiteers were all fucked off out of it and she was appointed. Nothing but a functionary patsy to do a hatchet job.
  14. The Beast

    Another load of fucking shite.

    @Albert Ross Esquire You are getting on my tits. Goodbye.
  15. The Beast

    Another load of fucking shite.

    This mother has finally nagged the NHS into sticking a label on her son because she lacks the basic parenting skills of setting boundaries. I don't know if the father is involved in the child's life, but I'd speculate not. This fucking nonsense is all part of the slippery slope of medicalising inadequate parenting and inappropriate behaviour by children . And psychologist cunts aid and abet the fucking situation. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/06/10/revealed-first-child-diagnosed-internet-addiction-nhs/