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  1. The Beast

    Cunts who don’t like Truffles

    Funny, we have been at a similar juncture before on this one. As I recall, Scotty showed you up on the subject in hand.
  2. The Beast

    Rainbow Laces Campaign

    Some truth in that. The ordinary wanker who tries to set up a business has a struggle against the large conglomerates, with the inevitable result. UK plc is no longer a nation of shop keepers, but now a nation of warehouses owned by foreign capital and operated by minimum wage foreigners. However, nobody forces me to buy a car, own a iPhone/android phone or the like. There is an element of the tribal self defeating sheeple doing as they are told in this poofery worshipping fad.
  3. The Beast

    Rainbow Laces Campaign

    Just turn out the lights and there isn't any fucking colour. Nor any queer cunts either.
  4. The Beast

    Rainbow Laces Campaign

    This only comes down to money. Get the corporate packaging in line with the direction of politically correct travel then the shekels come rolling in. This rainbow thing is being marketed by every cunt looking for a few bob. Mugs can take it or leave it, just as with everything else in a free market society. Personally, I wish every cunt was stuffed back in the closet and left in peace and quiet to get on with their sexual proclivities. No cunt cared when it was like that. I draw the line when this is being shoved in children's faces. Section 28 needs to be re instated.
  5. The Beast

    Cunts who don’t like crumpets

  6. The Beast


    And Mr Whippy's.
  7. The Beast


    I have an understanding of the business in which I work. And of course, when Brexit occurs it will all go down the pan, hopefully as bad as the fearmongers are saying. I am quite happy with that, the more foreign economic migrants that leave the better. Market forces will dictate and wages will go up. Trust me, I am in a business that has a guaranteed clientele with an insatiable appetite for the products I serve up.
  8. The Beast


    Funny innit? Although I am self employed and won't be paid anything if I fall unwell or I don't get my fat arse out of my bed, my sympathy lies with those who work. We are told we have to adapt to the changing work/job environment and compete with every cunt that falls off the back of a lorry or fuck off. With Brexit, business will have to adapt or die. They don't like it, so they don't want it to happen. And I agree, it ain't going to happen. Cunt Corbyn, the self appointed charlatan that purports to stand up for the underlings hasn't even got the fucking bollocks to adhere to his long held Eurosceptic beliefs. Either way all those who voted to leave are being pissed on and nobody gives a fuck.
  9. The Beast


    @Decimus FAO. Somehow, Scotty has managed to like this post twice.
  10. The Beast


    That fucking hatchet job Gove stirred the shit last weekend by mentioning a second referendum. What would the choices be on the ballot paper? As far as I can see, it would be do we leave with this deal May has surrendered to (effectively remain under worse terms than the status quo) or leave with no deal. They are the only two plausible options.
  11. The Beast

    Brexit..the meltdown has begun

    So we are going have a couple of cunts having a TV debate. The one in the blue corner supports the red team and the one in the red corner supports the blue team. I foresee my clumsy, club footed size 10's meting out more gratuitous violence to yet another TV screen. As much as cunts malign the garlic munching unwashed cunts across the channel, to their credit, they don't hold back when they are being fucked over. I hope this debacle here ends in violence.
  12. The Beast

    Christmas lunch cunts

    Cunt. Just because the culinary choice is not some manky kebab wrapped in a stale pitta bread, served by a bunch of unhygienic Turks. The sort of cunts who put it under their axilla to keep the fucking thing warm for you.
  13. The Beast

    Christmas lunch cunts

    The only cunts who eat swans are the filthy Eastern Europeans, who have no respect for the law when they kill them. Goose is OK, but very fatty. Turkey is for fucking cat food. As for all the accoutrements cunts put with it, fucking vile. Personally, I have rib of beef from the local farm. This year we are being lazy cunts and eating out at the local Galvin restaurant. True Christians ie fundamentalist nut jobs, do not celebrate Christmas day as a holy day.
  14. The Beast

    Brexit Secretary

    They are only jocks that could swim well.
  15. The Beast

    Brexit Secretary

    The border situation has been over exaggerated, aided and abetted by that half gunga din nob jockey Varadkar, because Eire is indebted to the fucking EU, thus their patsy. I would gladly fuck the huns off and reunite Eire, but any break up of the Union is a red line for nut jobs like Rees Mogg and Peter Bone.