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  1. The Beast

    Bugging your own house.

    I must have syphilis. Don't tell Punkers.
  2. The Beast

    Bugging your own house.

    Fuck me. Glass houses are cunts.
  3. The Beast

    this morning

  4. The Beast

    Anjem Choudary dangerous cunt

    Fair comment, I have always said I don't mind a bit of needle. I certainly give a bit out when it is put in my direction. What I meant is I can't be dealing with you and Stubby having a barney that lasts for weeks disrupting every thread you try to comment on. Either way, this place has quiet phases, then someone in the public eye does something stupid or something crazy happens, the touch paper is lit and it's all go again.
  5. The Beast

    Gay cake appeal

    My simpleton understanding of it is as follows. The huns didn't want anything to do with bum banditry or any connotations therein. They declined a business transaction, that if they had accepted, would have implied they are not objecting to or are supportive of bum banditry. The supreme court has stated they have not acted illegally by adhering to their religious beliefs. There was a similar case where a B&B owner declined the custom of a couple of botters. Not sure where it went or the outcome.
  6. The Beast

    Anjem Choudary dangerous cunt

    The number of daily posts is significantly down because the acrimony has decreased. I prefer it that way.
  7. The Beast

    EU project fear bollocks again!

    That's deeply unpleasant. I really don't want to know about that shit.
  8. The Beast

    Gay cake appeal

  9. The Beast

    Gay cake appeal

    You hit the nail on the bonce. The fucking equality commission is another QUANGO doing what all QUANGO's do, acting as a mouthpiece for the criminal government. It should be shut down and it's board put on a blacklist of cunts that should never be allowed anywhere near public money again.
  10. The Beast

    Gay cake appeal

    I don't suppose this bakery sells puff pastry or sausager's rolls.
  11. The Beast

    Anjem Choudary dangerous cunt

    Our learned absent friend @deebom thought this goat herder was owned by the security services. Somehow, this man sat on benefits with a sizeable house for years while plying his trade, then when he does get locked up, he's out in two and a half years. Maybe, just maybe there is some truth in it. Or alternatively, I could up my medication.
  12. The Beast

    EU project fear bollocks again!

    It is not just about money and trade. I would rather stay in a small union of half a dozen countries that are like minded, not the lazy cunts having a kip every afternoon whose debts and infrastructure projects we are paying for. The option of serious EU reform has never been up for discussion. It only wants to expand, control, centralise and diminish the identity of nation states. Throw into the mix the mass immigration into the UK plc that nobody was asked for consent about, then there is little surprise the vote went the way it did, despite the propaganda machine working overtime. The door was left open and it was the lesser of the two shit choices to vote to leave.
  13. The Beast

    EU project fear bollocks again!

    Indeed, money is not going to stop changing hands, it is not in anybody's interest.
  14. The Beast

    McStrike and fries please

    As this country doesn't have a manufacturing base or a significant number of apprenticeships, cunts who have little academic attainment have no choice but to work in the sweat shop service sector. Thus follows 300,000 wankers off the back of a lorry each year net in-flow. So if I had to work among this shit, I would not want to hear someone tell me I have no right to withdraw my labour. Usually such calls are from the affluent who own or have a vested interest in this slavery. Or faux rich cunts who dream about being rich cunts, as demonstrated in great detail by the OP. Up yours.
  15. The Beast

    Forced To Share

    This epidemic of faux fucking loonies should all have their fucking mobile phones burnt. The whole social media sharing of this nonsense is the main cause of the problem. It has become a proud statement to have a so called mental illness, particularly among young people. It has been fashioned into a contagion. Of course sad things happen in life, but occasionally feeling low in mood is all part of the human condition. The incidence of those with a genuine mental illness for life is very small. The underlying reasons for all this shit stems from the fact there are a lot of personality disordered fuckwits, (many with drink or drug consumption as an underpinning factor) that the government have no idea what to do with. Psychiatrists have had these people dumped on them and are expected to deal with them, when really they should be dealt with by the criminal justice system if they are psychopaths, or behavioural therapists if they are non violent. This costs lots of money. So of course the government is only too happy for people to share away. Meanwhile, we store up a significant number of self harmers, anxious and sad fuckers who will have these inadequacies for life.