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  1. I think the mincing Barry Took is long brown bread, but indeed Barry Cryer has written a lot of comedy. Cardinal Wolsey is a cunt.
  2. The WHO are talking shop cunts. The media don’t help, they tap in to the hysteria of a health scare story, they love it.
  3. Will Carling scored, Dodi Al Fayed hit the post.
  4. Since the general election, I note a ramping up in the desperation of the identity politics brigade. They must believe the days of this divisive vitriol are numbered. I am not so sure, unfortunately.
  5. The Beast


    Tofu, chia seeds and the like..... all metrosexual foods. The discerning alpha male won't go near it.
  6. These couple of utter cowboys fully deserve a proper good cunting. The parking charge notice business is highly lucrative. If the parking company can”t get the money from you, they hand the collection of the penalty over to a bunch of dubious cunts like Gladstones solicitors . Shopping centres, hospitals in England, hotel car parks, off street residential and many more places these venal wankers are filling their boots. Anyhow, cunt here gets a ticket off Gemini parking at a hospital car park. I have had a few over the years, I never respond. I have never been pursued except in this one case. Gladstones cunts send the usual pay in 14 days or else bollocks letter that goes in the recycling. Then the letter from the small claims court in Northampton. I of course co operate fully with the court, file my defence and offer mediation. Cunt Gladstone are not willing to mediate, so a date is set for a county court hearing. Two weeks before the hearing a representative from Gladstones cold calls my mobile number to extract money from me by offering a compromise. When I ask the cunts how they got my mobile number, they said it was from the court papers. It wasn’t because I put my landline number on the fucking things. Two days later a letter drops through the door saying they got my mobile number from an experian credit check they did. On the day of the hearing, I report my attendance to the usher, as soon as I turn around to park my arse on a seat, a young man introduces himself as the representative working on behalf of Gladstones. He is not a low rent solicitor, but a QC. He wants to have an informal chat, I oblige. He starts running through the claimants case evidence, which I and the court already have been sent. I have not sent any evidence to the court. I check that his photographic evidence is the same as mine and I point out the errors. He says that he can’t argue with it and berates the incompetence of Gladstones and Gemini. Whilst waiting to be called we sit together having civil conversation. Once called, we are out of the court in less than10 minutes, he goes his way with his fee in pocket and I fuck off home. It cost me £1.52 in postage to the small claims court and about 2 hours of my life. Gladstones have shelled out £25 at the small claims court, £60 at the county court, the QC”s fee, at least £200 and a few quid in postage. All because some fucking spastic working for Gemini can’t take a photograph of the correct car and no cunt at Gladstones checked the photos. I still can’t work out why any silly wanker would ever pay a parking charge notice issued by these legalised nefarious fuckwits.
  7. I must be going fucking insane because for once I actually agree with much of what you say. Extrapolating two hundred years of weather data to a planet that has been around 4.5 billion years seems a bit questionable. Without doubt humans are destroying the fucking place, air quality is poor, many rivers are filthy, flora and fauna are under the cosh. Rampant consumerism is wholly responsible for this. If there is a dramatic climate change slowly brewing, then it is part of a natural process that has clearly happened before, both heating up and freezing. There isn't much we are going to be able to do about it. Perhaps, the end is nigh. No cunt would be stupid enough to admit it if they had enough demonstrable evidence.....the chaos and lawlessness that would ensue would be horrific. The crackpot solution is for cunts in the UK plc to stop producing the 1% of the World's carbon emissions...…. in 20 years or we are fucked. Yeah, right. Someone is pulling my pisser.
  8. I see that beast Jess fucking Phillips has said she will be a candidate for the leadership. @Decimus will be getting the horn.
  9. I am assuming I have looked at the correct gaff. In the website’s gallery there are various pictures of mangy mutts sitting on furniture in the rooms. Filthy cunts.
  10. I avoid most things BBC, on the occasion I did tune into this shitfest of a station I couldn't relate to any of the muzak. Sounded like it was for irate Greville Starkey's. The BBC has lost what little credibility it had after 3 years of subverting the referendum result. June Sarpong is another virus sucking the tit of identity politics. Her name certainly makes her suitably apt for the FlidSpack thread.
  11. That is only once. Frank's Ming died 3 times and survives him...…..so does his Dad.
  12. If one can get a corpse through customs and airport security, little wonder the UK plc is awash with class A gear. The only viable explanations are that Mrs Monumental is sadly deceased and he takes a cardboard cut-out of her on his alleged travels, or he is a bigamist.
  13. I would have thought the cunt would have kept the chickens in some sort of house overnight, then let them out in the day. I think clubbing Freddy the Fox is the only legitimate way of dealing with it, although a bit harsh. Bottom line, anyone called Jolyon has to be a cunt.
  14. Many a good tune played on an old fiddle and all that. Personally, as a plastic mick, I could never abide that did-le-I, did-le dum repetitive shit the micks specialise in. Even my old man, a proud Jackeen, would fuck it off.
  15. Yeah, I admit I voted for the cunt in 1997. After 18 years of the tories and the prospect of another 4-5 years of John Major Fucking Ballsup, I claim diminished responsibility.
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