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  1. Corbyn is still a euro sceptic, that hasn't changed. He is under house arrest in his own party. This old dosser knows that not enough of the traitorous EU loving part of the conservative party will vote no confidence in Alexander Johnson. Factor in the 6 or 7 genuine Eurosceptic labour MP's that are happy to see a no deal exit, the maths will not add up to block it. Even if they did , some cunt will have to forcefully remove Johnson and that odious, slimy, slithering tosser Cummings from No 10. It is all academic, as shit head Johnson is a bullshiting cunt like his predecessor and has absolutely no intention of leaving without a withdrawal agreement in place. The only way out of the EU is via Nigel Fucking Farage.
  2. It's good to touch the green, green grass of home.
  3. Name changing cunts tend to come up short on new material.
  4. Is indeed, you fucking soft touch ponce. I just don't like the fact these cunts can dip into my pocket at their own predilection.
  5. My driving licence is up for expiry. Cunt here renews the fucking thing on line and pays 14 sheets for the trouble. In the email from the bastards, it states my photo will be updated. They don't need me to send another image of my fat fucking boat as they will use my passport mug shot, which is the same fucking shot as the one I have on my licence already. Apart from filling some tick box wank that I haven't a new disability or affliction that would affect my ability to drive, I have paid the cunts for next to fuck all. Another nice little earner for these cunts. They should fuck off and leave me alone until I am 70 when my original licence issued 29 years ago was due to expire.
  6. This is very convenient for a lot of people. George Mitchell, Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, the list is too shamefully long. A lot of degeneracy will be washed down the plug hole.
  7. I agree the point about not having kids unless you can provide for them. However, the last nine years there has not been any distinction between the undeserving poor and the feckless. They have all been treated like cunts. As an aside, how the fuck have you not been thrown out of the union?
  8. The Beast

    Louise Porton

    You have 3 children now? You are finished. You might as well as knock out another half dozen, it matters not. I have never been the same since the third one fell out. Everything is difficult, whether going out for a meal or going on holiday. Everything is set up for the family of 4. All numbers after that and you get fucking mugged by everyone. Congratulations. (not going soft as shit either)
  9. Buffoon Alexander Ponsonby Johnson is trying to bluff the EU that he will take the UK plc out of the shitty club without a withdrawal agreement. They won't fall for this bullshit and consequently even more money will be pissed up the wall. When it comes to the crunch, the two choices will be to ask for an extension or leave with no deal. He, like Mrs May, will not have the bollocks for it. I still think we will leave without a deal, not in October 2019, though at a later date due to the election of Nigel Fucking Farage as a significant player in the parliamentary arithmetic.
  10. The Beast


    Never heard of it.
  11. The Beast


    They can fuck off. As far as I am concerned, gay means colourful. Are they talking about irons?
  12. Given the nature and longevity of your business, this is plausible. Fuck me, it's a lot of corpses to shift.
  13. The Beast


    Boris is awful in every respect and is completely unfit to be Prime Minister, much like the previous cunts that have held the position in my lifetime. The only wanker that will take the UK plc out of the EU is Nigel Fucking Farage. The only way we may get the necessary general election is under Boris, but the odds are slim and he will look after the fucking party before anything else. If there is any risk of ceding power, then it won't happen. Hunt will carry on with the same bollocks of the last 3 years.
  14. He doesn't possess the bollocks to take the UK plc out of the EU. The only thing that matters after 4 weeks of tory internecine dispute aided and abetted by our beloved PC media, is what the purple rinse membership think. Unless Mr Johnson is nicked for something. Either way, we are fucked. I still think the insurance policy Hunt, though.
  15. I don't envy teachers, I always try to support those that teach my children, whether it has been at private or state schools. Some of the fucking parents are utter cunts. Many professionals are being lumbered with a load of cobblers that isn't part of what they trained to do, mostly due to an ever increasing number of damaged kids that have fallen out of a dysfunctional cunt. In particular, "spotting radicalisation" is another pile of shit that falls under the safeguarding umbrella. Fucking good job I don't work at the Royal London in Whitechapel.
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