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  1. Given the self divulged comments about ones wife, I can only say the mats in my car are not very welcoming and are more downtrodden.
  2. A sure way of delaying the gravy strokes.
  3. The Beast

    Cunts who wear a burka in the U.K.

    I don't understand why Boris has come out with this statement. Perhaps he will be going full UKIP on us next. As for the attire itself, if people want to show they are brainwashed with religion that is their fucking problem, not mine. If a lady is forced to wear this thing it is a different matter. Where the fuck is the ecclesiastical @Rev when such a controversial subject matter is up for discussion?
  4. No cunt gets an explanation for anything, ever.
  5. The Beast

    Wildlife documentary - Elephant wanking team

    Why has an elephant got four feet? Because 8 inches isn't enough. No apologies.
  6. The Beast

    Internationalist cultural Marxist PC brigade

    Could be worse. Could have said something verifiable...…… like he's half Scottish.
  7. The Beast

    Gosport Hospital

    I agree. It would also be far more comfortable for the individual. Letting someone die from dehydration seems unnecessary and protracted. Depressing the respiratory system with opiates would be quicker and less traumatic to see from the point of view of relatives too. However, now everything is questioned and put under the legal microscope, allegations of bumping people off quickly do not sit well with the corporate image makers of NHS trusts.
  8. The Beast

    Gosport Hospital

    Go on, admit it...….I bet you love all that business. I never would have guessed.
  9. The Beast

    Gosport Hospital

    Stroke care has advanced significantly in UK plc the past 10 years. I'm sure this decision would have been made by a stroke specialist who understood the prognosis of your relative. Sounds like they stopped intervening and followed their end of life care policy.
  10. The Beast

    Gosport Hospital

    I don't know about the competence of the masculine appearing quack who prescribed the end of life analgesics, but to single out one person is a bit short sighted. Some other cunts had to serve it up and pretty much on a frequent basis looking at the number of punters that copped it. Of course the media will wank themselves silly over comparisons to Harold Shipman, but they don't appear to have any comprehension of the real issue...…. how we treat older people with failing health and poor quality of life. The inept politicians won't touch this subject either. From personal experience, when I first started nursing 28 years ago, it was commonplace to commence a subcutaneous infusion of diamorphine, maxalon and hyoscine to hasten the end of the individual. However, since the big nosed legal know-alls have started sticking their spoke in, this is now not an option. It is always treatment as the first option, so much so that the average hospital physician is either unwilling or unable to identify when someone is actually dying. The only people who still offer some dignity and a peaceful death are palliative care teams. Sadly their resources are finite and many older people end life still being treated to the maximum, with a do not resuscitate order in place.
  11. The Beast


    @Panzerknacker at much as I would like to leave the shitty club, I accepted it will not happen about 10 days after the referendum. So I simply have one question. Do people with colostomy bags like the smell of their own shit?
  12. The Beast

    Cunts who pretend to have disabled children

    As much as I think ADHD is a load of fucking shit, usually related to absent fathers, I equally have no time for cunts who moan about wankers parking a vehicle outside their house. Of course if it is sizeable, like a fucking double decker bus or 7.5 tonne wagon, I would ask the cunt to move it. However, as long as your drive is not being blocked, she can park her window licked shed where she fucking likes on the public highway, provided their aren't any restrictions. It's not personal to you CGAS, it is just that I have an elderly couple living opposite who think the 20 metre stretch of highway outside their joint is their personal fucking parking space, despite having a drive big enough for their two cars. I sincerely hope if I am fortunate to live into old age, I don't turn into a sad, moaning, no life cunt who has nothing else to bother about than what shit heap is parked outside my fucking hovel.
  13. The Beast


    I wrote to Dear Deirdre agony Aunt of The Sun newsrag. Dear Deirdre, I was looking out of the bedroom window and saw my neighbour sunbathing topless. I started to masturbate. Unbeknown to me, my wife was watching all along. Is she a pervert?
  14. The Beast

    Old Cunts In Hot Weather

    You are just a young man, already a belligerent and cantankerous fucking cunt. If you are fortunate enough to reach the age of the gentleman in the nomination, your level of cuntery will be most revered.
  15. The Beast

    Businesses that get you to work for them For Free

    I don't doubt getting cunts to do things themselves helps the bottom line in these places. Personally, it suits me. I don't want my arse licked by some bothered lots mong when I stuff my fat fucking face with cholesterol laden shite or buying my ready meals for my next dine alone extravaganza after a day's toil at the fucking sweat shop.. When I do travel by aeroplane my main wish is that the fucking thing takes off and lands intact, and if I put anything in the baggage hold it doesn't do a 10,000 mile trip via Mumbai. Customer service in UK plc is nothing but an insincere PR exercise which I don't want to hear or have anything to do with, until I am in a 6X3 box.