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  1. The Beast

    The Independent Group

    Not so sure about that. One of the seven east of England MEP's, ex UKIP, is listed as representing the Brexit party.
  2. The Beast

    The Independent Group

    Are you a paid up member of the monster raving loony party? I know I am.
  3. The Beast

    The Independent Group

    Fucking Farage represents South East England, so not near my manor in the East of England. I had to google who the MEP's are for my region. Of course, I didn't recognise any of the seven.
  4. The Beast

    The Independent Group

    I had never heard of any of these cunts apart from the closet poofta Umunna. I'm all for the labour party fragmenting, and the conservatives going the same way, but these fucking nobodies are going to disappear into political obscurity. Even if a couple of EU shills from the tory party join them, it is hardly my idea of a party that will be offering anything new to politics. It also boils my piss to hear Nigel Fucking Farage insist they should all call a by-election in their constituencies. Hasn't this tory clown just shopped his UKIP card for a different party. I didn't see him leaving his cushy MEP position. Either way, this side show is just a distraction. The real issue is what sort of country do we want after 29th March, a catweasel hard left socialist cesspool or a fucking Rees-Mogg dyed in the wool old school tory approach. A new party is desperately needed to avoid both of these fuckwits, but not these fucking nonentity has-beens of the Independent group. It's so fucked you couldn't make it up.
  5. The Beast

    Cunts who confuse plus fours with plus twos

    I suppose there is only so much playing with oneself one can do.
  6. The Beast

    Gordon Banks

    I appreciate this place is not renowned for its decorum or sobriety, but at least let the body get cold.
  7. The Beast

    Panorama cunts

    The minimum wage and fox hunting were mere tit bits thrown to the left to appease them, nothing more. As for bender's marriage, the completion of the civil partnership legislation into full marriage was under the coalition government. All schools and hospitals built with private capital that will prove more expensive than a managed state building program. The total deregulation of financial markets and the advent of casino banking. Pretty capitalist sell your own granny for fucking profit conservative doctrine. Tax avoidance escalated greatly under his tenure, remember Mandleson's filthy rich comments. I don't need to mention the war in Iraq. The cunt even admired Mrs Fucking Thatcher. Re the EU, entry to it without consent, by the Tories and many major treaties giving away power signed without consent by Tories. He continued this direction of travel. He had no need to move the party anywhere near to the centre. At best he was a compassionate conservative or at worse a neo conservative globalist shill. What you see now in catweazle/Steptoe is a proper labour socialist. I don't want it any more than you do, but there is not any ambiguity with the cunt, unlike Mr Fucking Blur.
  8. The Beast

    Panorama cunts

    The suggestion that Tony fucking Blair had any associations or affections with anything remotely of Labour party sentiment is risible. His legacy demonstrates this. From my memory of 1997, after 18 years of conservative greed, self serving, sleaze and nepotism, the majority of cunts were pleased to see the back of them. I think even Neil fucking Kinnock with a comb over and a donkey jacket would have won the election. Blair moved the labour party or New fucking Labour (corporate branding shit) to the right not because he needed to, but this was his true conviction and of odious arse butlers like Mandleson. FFS Tony Blair MP anagram I'm tory plan B.
  9. The Beast

    Dr Victoria Bateman

    I get that, this part is merely the end of the beginning. This process has to move on and 29th March is one step of that process.
  10. The Beast

    Dr Victoria Bateman

    I don't see how her viewpoint is any different from any of those who wish to obfuscate this progress. Having said that, anything is an improvement on that awful fucking criminal Alistair Campbell still going on about his poxy people's vote.
  11. The Beast

    Executives' Overuse of "Team" Cliches

    The NHS is rife with these wankers. Talk the right bollocks or "buzz words" and you are on the first rung of the NHS gravy train. Keep ensuring the shit is pushed down and further career progression upwards is inevitable. A cycle of failure perpetuated by a collage of cunts.
  12. The Beast

    Dr Victoria Bateman

    Don't wish to break up the party, but if Mr Rees- Fucking Mogg had suggested to the lady they had a starkers debate one would imagine plod would be err.... feeling his collar. Roll on 29th March FFS.
  13. Thatcherism was out and out capitalism as much as electorally possible. Socialism was almost exterminated and was annihilated at 3 consecutive general elections.
  14. Classical liberalism is a failed political strategy. It doesn't work because it involves being tolerant. Political power is not obtained through tolerance. Left wing fruit cake movements like the LGBT and ANTIFA are successful because they show complete intolerance to any cunt who opposes their view. 7 years of moderate conservatism under Major, 13 years of new labour and almost 9 years of this current shambles in office has lead to a situation of weak governance because they have all been tolerant outfits. If the right wing political parties of this country don't get their act together we will have a very intolerant hard left in charge. They are playing the correct cards, whereas the intolerant conservatism of the likes of Thatcher are all but dead because most conservatives are essentially liberals nowadays, tolerant of things they never would have entertained as little as 30 years ago. Stuck in the middle with nowhere to go and no cunt interested in their ethos.
  15. The Beast

    Juan Guaidó

    I had the misfortune of listening to that nasal talking communist cunt red Ken extoling the virtues of the late Chavez and the incumbent goon Maduro, sweeping under the carpet the fact they have lined their own pockets whilst the ordinary wanker starves. The Yanks are coming in their pants as they think of the oil that is coming their way after the civil war is over, that's when they commence it with the help of the stooge in the OP. What a fucked up world this is.