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  1. The Beast


    Boris is awful in every respect and is completely unfit to be Prime Minister, much like the previous cunts that have held the position in my lifetime. The only wanker that will take the UK plc out of the EU is Nigel Fucking Farage. The only way we may get the necessary general election is under Boris, but the odds are slim and he will look after the fucking party before anything else. If there is any risk of ceding power, then it won't happen. Hunt will carry on with the same bollocks of the last 3 years.
  2. He doesn't possess the bollocks to take the UK plc out of the EU. The only thing that matters after 4 weeks of tory internecine dispute aided and abetted by our beloved PC media, is what the purple rinse membership think. Unless Mr Johnson is nicked for something. Either way, we are fucked. I still think the insurance policy Hunt, though.
  3. I don't envy teachers, I always try to support those that teach my children, whether it has been at private or state schools. Some of the fucking parents are utter cunts. Many professionals are being lumbered with a load of cobblers that isn't part of what they trained to do, mostly due to an ever increasing number of damaged kids that have fallen out of a dysfunctional cunt. In particular, "spotting radicalisation" is another pile of shit that falls under the safeguarding umbrella. Fucking good job I don't work at the Royal London in Whitechapel.
  4. Just listening to the wireless, hearing that the fucking useless government have employed a highly skilled trauma surgeon as the first clinical director for violence reduction. Mr Martin Griffiths will go into schools to warn children about the perils of knife injuries. Given that most Boroughs of London now have a murder mile, I don't see how he will have time to leave the fucking butcher's shop to go anywhere, other than get a few hours rest before the next useless piece of meat is put on the operating table for him to try to save. Perhaps if the government tackled the parents through the courts and stopped medicalising feral culture, we might be able to use highly skilled surgeons for deserving trauma cases he is trained to help. Sadiq Khan is a cunt.
  5. You claim to have survived by living on your wits, selling any old tat to create your wealth...….and you seek advice from a two bob gambler like me? Idiot.
  6. Put something up you monosyllabic cunt. Fucking useless.
  7. I'm getting the impression the only cunt who will deliver the goods on 31/10/19, if he was in a position to do so, is Nigel Fucking Farage. Fucking Boris only made his mind up about backing leave 15 minutes before his public statement. He was supposed to keep us in. Him and that slippery faux fucking bastard jock Gove got the dough from the electoral commission instead of grass roots out, Farage's campaign. The fall out between Gove and Johnson has too many unanswered questions and is unfinished business. I'm smelling the same shit with this leadership campaign. Never mind about that subaltern remoaning Rory. He is a purposeful distraction.
  8. The Beast

    Chuka Umunna

    My opinion of him has deteriorated further. Just when you thought he had reached his nadir, he plunges to new depths by joining Vince Fucking Cable. He will be thrown out on his arse next vote.
  9. Mrs May during her faux tearful resignation speech did make reference to the next PM possibly being a woman..... but I don't think this was a purposeful reference. That picture of Thatcher is likely to kill it dead for many, before you start on the butchery of the English language with the accent. I can't see it.
  10. The Beast


    I think Raab's presence may not do that, he'll pull out and his supporters will back Boris. The problem for Boris will be his back catalogue. We have already seen that snake Gove have his arse handed to him on a plate. I suspect Boris will get served something too. I doubt Mrs May would have been sent packing without a plan B ready to roll. We will see, but something is telling me this whole process is not going to take as long as it is expected. If Boris makes it onto the ballot for the members, something or someone has fucked up big time.
  11. The Beast


    Having listened to some of these cunts pitches today, if we are not already, we are certainly going to be a kakocracy when this shit show is over. These inept cunts make Steptoe look half credible. Seems too straight forward for me for the philandering Boris to be given the job. I think the scrawny necked Hunt is going to be the next PM once a hatchet job is done. The remainers insurance policy.
  12. Probably snorting it off a prozzies tits, then going all Roman style orgy and copulating with each other. All on expenses of course. Burn the gaff to the ground. Cunts
  13. Runners and riders for the fucking donkey derby. These stupid cunts have had their pissers pulled by Mrs May for the last 3 years. This reality finally dawned on the idiots after she bottled a no deal exit in March. There is no hope for this collection of cunts.
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