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  1. IP adresss bollocks

    Nasty. I 'll keep this comment up for others to see how disturbed you are.
  2. They may well be for all I know or they just may have been in the closet. One thing for sure, money from the EU has drastically changed the culture in Eire and consequently this generation has a different outlook.
  3. Don't get upset Mr. McMurphy... Apologies accepted. I have put my other spectacles on now. Ah that's better. I can see the long queue of people that stretches as far as the horizon (no fucking curve), made up of respectable families from Germany, Holland , Belgium and the Scandinavian Bloc. They are well behaved, honest about their age and not causing a scrum.
  4. I am not offended by either. I don't think the rump of the Irish population are either. The election of this gentleman and the vote to allow gay marriage are a further weakening of the grip the Roman catholic church has on the country. The younger generation don't believe in it and don't want it ruling their lives.
  5. He's not all there, obviously, but who am I to judge? Nobody is perfect and only idiots rise to his bait. I'm sure you've never said anything out of turn on here. I don't really know anything about YOUR country, I pay my taxes as rent and that's as far as my undying love of the place goes. I didn't know you own the shithole. I don't trade on shares. Yes Mrs May did sell UK plc down the shitter, not like it wasn't on the cards or isn't well over halfway there already. If Mr & Mrs Mick choose to elect a half Indian gay man, that is a democratic matter for them. Looking at the long history of corrupt wankers that have been Taoiseach, there isn't much to lose. However, probably best UK plc doesn't interfere with Eire, it's track record isn't that good, nor is it anywhere else it has stuck its grubby hands into. Anything else fuckface?
  6. No he's not the tight fucking cunt, but that is irrelevant either way.
  7. WOT, no Brexit plan!!

    I don't share your optimism. Everything thus far since 24th June 2016 has had a whiff of stitch-up. Article 50 not invoked immediately as promised. The new conservative leader, a remainer, appointed after the main Brexiteers were fucked off out of it. Vested interests using the courts to stall the whole process. Talk of a transition period, which brings in a grey area, where there will be opportunities to keep the UK plc some aspects of the EU via the back door. Negotiations that are at the predilection of the EU, costing big money. I get the picture that our masters don't want this, so we are not going to get it. If voting made any difference, the cunts would ban it.
  8. Channel 4

    I reckon gold top milk is racist. Cows from Jersey and Guernsey are not even part of the EU.
  9. Channel 4

    I can only be certain about one female contributor on here. There may be more, but I don't know.
  10. WOT, no Brexit plan!!

    Yeah..... fucking grim. She really is a strange looking creature.
  11. WOT, no Brexit plan!!

    Mrs May has been scupered by that bull frog hun Arlene.
  12. The Animal Print Fleece

    Two classics from the dustbin category of ailments. However, just one question Doc. When the muscle is biopsied, what particular tests are run?
  13. Cheeky young lads

    I generally don't fuck people off without good reason. Implying other members interfere with themselves whilst looking at pictures of people with down's syndrome is over the line of decent cuntery. I put this down to a misjudgement. If you can't stand the heat, take a break.
  14. Cheeky young lads

    I really don't think you are in any position to be giving it large.
  15. The Special Relationship

    You are right in saying less would have voted to leave if they knew the negotiations were going to be managed as they are. If the vote was to join the EU, I don't think that would have obtained popular support.