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  1. Santa Claus

    He is a fat cunt but I agree with Wanky: he's Father Christmas. Now fuck off the lot of you. You're all cunts. Fuck off.
  2. Blue Planet Cunt

    I’ve just watch a few minutes of Blue Planet II and that cunt Attenborough articulated the word toona not just once but half a dozen times. I’m aware some on here dislike him but when the likes of Attenborough speak of toona in lieu of tuna then all has gone to fuckery. Local dialect and yokelism dictate I say choona and not t-you-na, but this does not abrogate Attenborough of his duties as a senior broadcaster to get it right. I was slightly miffed when Bernard Hill announced himself on American TV as Ber-nard recently. I let this go without breaking his legs but this latest act of blasphemy is fucking outrageous and the cunt needs to be butchered and canned in whale piss. Mr Polly was a cunt.
  3. Jimmy Summerville.

    "You're once, twice, three times a lady...' I thought they were black!
  4. Having a scrotty itchy arse crack

    May I direct you both to the post in ‘Cunts who order gay curries’….. where the delightful @Quincy Cockfingers quite rightly pulled me up for an unforgivable spelling error and shove your irony and your geography lessons up your respective arseholes. Quincy Cockfingers Unequivocal Cunt Members 1,680 5,432 posts Report post Posted Back to the Serengeti with you, fucking clicking cunt. bretheren Learn more about this spelling brethren Learn more about this spelling Definition of brethren in English: brethren archaic plural of brother PLURAL NOUN 1Fellow Christians or members of a male religious order. See also brother (sense 2 of the noun) ...and Punkape, while we are at it, headings and titles generally require capital letters except for conjunctions, articles and prepositions. Fuck off.
  5. Having a scrotty itchy arse crack

    You spell like someone from the cork-hatted bretheerren. Back to the Serengeti with you, fucking thick cunt.
  6. Lotto millionaire Jane Park

    ...and she's still fuck ugly.
  7. Decking

    I know, I know, Neil. This is not the first time I have fallen for this particular machination in recent weeks. I’m done on here.
  8. Decking

    You want fucking decking for writing this shit.
  9. Cunts who order gay curries

    My hard work...all in vain... Shit
  10. Cunts who order gay curries

    Fuck it.
  11. Cunts who order gay curries

    They are all Johnny Foreignor shit-eating cunts on here, Drew. I'm glad - yes, I'm fucking glad - you showed these cunts some fucking sense. I hope they all catch projectile arse diarrhoea and die of shit related aids. And, Drew, do fuck off.
  12. Cunts who order gay curries

    That’s much better than your previous effort when you almost cut me in two, you arse-licking, turd-burglar of a cunt.
  13. Cunts who order gay curries

    Cunts eat curries. Foreign shit. Looks like shit. Tastes like shit. Eaten by shits. Cooked by cunts who wash their hands in shit. Fucking shit.
  14. Catholics

    ...and it helps to make ale and can also sink battleships. (Though, to keep speed with Eric, sea water is in fact H2o but with quantities of other compounds)
  15. Catholics

    Had I written 'someone with a broad knowledge of various things,' it might have given the game away straight away. Fucking hell, Eric.