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  1. Hector

    Chris Evans

    gApe, do you come on here to act the complete fucking idiot or is it natural with you? "You can get a family by having sex with a woman". It's 2018, gApe, you can 'get' a family by giving a bloke one up the bumhole (apparently) I give Elton fucking John as an obvious example. Fish 'n' chips on a Friday, eh? Fuck me, I'm glad I'm a sad and lonely piss artist. I'm feeding you ammo, gApe. Use it wisely, you daft cunt.
  2. Hector

    social decline

    You stupid fucking cunt.
  3. Hector


    Is this code? Were you in the Diplomatic Corps?
  4. I'm off on holiday for a few days, Alfie. I'll have one for you when I get there. Mind thet Ape bloke though, he thinks someone who has a pint is an alcoholic. He strkes me as someone who drinks Pimms.
  5. I wondered when you were going to chime in with some stupendously thick comment. And another thing: almost everything you write has the prefix/suffix spack or tard attached to it. Give a fucking rest you insufferable wanker. ...and please don't respond with 'rattled' either. Twat
  6. There are some good posters on here and some damn good ones and what is posted is, of course, largely bollocks; but some input is intelligent bollocks and some is inane bollocks. You fall into the latter category.
  7. Ape, I can hear the cogs whirring. Shut up. I'm bored now.
  8. Oh dear, Ape. Now, now. Did some ill-paid cunt working on a Sunday not clear your table for you at McDonald's today? Remind me to give you a like some time, as it clearly bothers you when someone gives one to me. Pathetic little twat.
  9. You idiotic, fucking twat, Ape. You total fucking arsehole.
  10. Says the bloke who uses the term '24/7'. I was going to argue the toss with you over this but I just couldn't be fucking arsed. Daft cunt.
  11. Hector

    Theresa May

    Fuck me, I thought Stephen Hawking died this year.
  12. It doesn't matter a jot to me who paid for this abortion of modern medicine, but I can't help wondering if he coughed up £3 to help save the sight of a kid in Africa.
  13. I've read this shit twice and I still don't know what the fuck it's all about. Shut the fuck up, put your dog on a leash and do as you're fucking told. Cunt.
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