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  1. I know that Cunt

    Frameless Windows

    For only around £1500 extra you could have had the VIP package. You would have been collected from home and taken to the airport in a limo, leaving your crappy frost-susceptible car in the garage. Perhaps if you weren't such a tight cunt you would have done that? Regards
  2. I know that Cunt

    Cunts with massive headphones.

    The cunt should be ashamed of himself. I mean as if it's not bad enough for him to be a fucking ginger cunt, but to advertise it with a stupid lumberjack beard is perverse.
  3. I know that Cunt

    Scott Van Zyl

    Why's he looking so smug then?
  4. I know that Cunt

    Amazon - Taking The Piss

    You fucking cheapskate cunt. They are well worth it. Fuck off.
  5. I know that Cunt

    Adverts that mangle decent tunes.

    Another one bites the dust-- , yeah they did, Rock the cock Hudson, Liberace, Robert Reed, Anthony Perkins and Freddie Mercury, they all took one up the chutney locker
  6. I know that Cunt

    Amazon - Taking The Piss

    Well done, you've obviously lost the argument if that's the best you can do you pathetic tight fisted wankstain
  7. I know that Cunt

    Amazon - Taking The Piss

    I didn't say it was good value as value can only be judged by the buyer, I said you were a tight cunt and you are. Tight, thick and a mong
  8. I know that Cunt

    Adverts that mangle decent tunes.

    You really would have a tough job to ruin any fucking Queen song, they were all shit
  9. I know that Cunt

    Misleading headlines

    Ding, What the fuck are you on today? Please don't go outdoors until it's worn off in case you are randomly drug tested.
  10. I know that Cunt

    Amazon - Taking The Piss

    You fucking dopey gandhu, you're talking about cost not value you fucking fight fisted idiot. Cost is the price of something, value is what it's worth [to the buyer]. You really are a fucking idiot. I demean myself even replying to your imbecilic drivel. Fuck off gandhu
  11. I know that Cunt

    Amazon - Taking The Piss

    Yes value as in value from the enjoyment of having the room finished off nicely not blighted by some garish white effort which would remind you every time you look at it that it's only there because you are a fucking tight cunt. Of course a cheapskate like you wouldn't see that, but perhaps you don't have much of a disposable income so I apologise and understand if you can't afford it. Regards
  12. I know that Cunt

    Amazon - Taking The Piss

    You make my point so well. It's about value not cost you fucking knob jockey, if the plastic finishes the room off nicely then it would probably be worth it. I wish someone would finish you off BTW.
  13. I know that Cunt

    Amazon - Taking The Piss

    It's not what items cost you stingy tight-fist. it's what value they are to the purchaser including the convenience of delivery. If someone wants to pay £55 thats upto them. Are you Norris Cole?
  14. I know that Cunt

    Terrorist cunts fucking shit up in London.

    No doubt the liberal cunts will be making their pleas for us not to jump to conclusions and wait to establish the full facts before we decide that it was another fucking muzzie on the rampage.
  15. I know that Cunt

    3 Person DNA Cunts

    I wonder how many different lots of DNA could be found in punky's arse on members day?