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  1. Fender777

    The Mutation Of The Left.

    Life is tough, i have adapted the best way i could.
  2. Fender777

    People who will not be watching the royal wedding

    Maybe the Gnostic Archons will beat them to it.
  3. Fender777

    flying rats

  4. Fender777

    The Mutation Of The Left.

    You're a blinkered old fool, the right is full of shit as well, you don't need to tell me that as i already know. As i have already said, i do have some left views but it's the Alt left which is making the bigger noise at the moment, which is causing the right to mutate along with them, open your eyes you silly old cunt !! All parties are distorted and monging in to each other. Why is that happening ? It's happening because the Elite are pulling the strings for it to happen, to divide everyone. None of the parties are true to their own politics anymore. FFS, go rock climbing without safety equipment ..
  5. Fender777

    flying rats

    Have you given Albert his willy wash yet ?
  6. Fender777

    The Mutation Of The Left.

    Heath was a puppet, it goes back to the mid 1950's when the plans for a European super state was written and immigration being part of that plan.
  7. Fender777

    No Brexit deal 'will up fish and chip prices'

    More scaremongering...oh...go and do one you dog hating arse surfing mong.
  8. Fender777

    flying rats

    Yes, i tried to encourage P to go rock climbing without any safety equipment.
  9. Fender777

    flying rats

    Look on the bright side, you're still miles behind trafalgar square, change your name to Pigeon Swarm.
  10. Fender777

    Dame tessa Jowel

    Cracking nom P, two for the price of one, did you or Albert put this masterpiece of words together ? Six words used (incredible).
  11. Fender777

    The Mutation Of The Left.

    Only the book in my head TOT, i'm not only an amazing Decorator but also a high grade philosopher...i call it the Hammerism theory..
  12. Fender777

    The Mutation Of The Left.

    What's happening in Europe is Tyranny at the highest level. When you have an organisation that want to change things, in this case European politics and eventually world politics and something is stopping you from changing things....Nationalism is the biggest threat to the EU, so what do they do, they flood Europe with immigration, which is for most part caused by manufactured wars..to water down European society and also dumb down the population where it becomes nothing more than controllable bots. The IQ rate is falling across Europe at an alarming rate due to technology and stupid ideology. Thus producing a distorted version of politics across the whole political spectrum. It's not imagination as it's going on right now but many are already blinkered and slaved to the new stupid ideology. Muslims are in for a shock if they think that they will turn Europe in to muslim states, the elite will only let that go as far as they want it to and once their agenda has been reached, then they will stop that from going any further. They are also pawns along with all of us in this imperialistic game of lies and deception..
  13. Fender777

    The Mutation Of The Left.

    Yep, what a smashing lad he was....Hammer Time.
  14. Fender777

    The Mutation Of The Left.

    I never sensed one bit of sarcasm in all of that..
  15. Fender777

    The Mutation Of The Left.

    This isn't about whipping anyone Jazz, well apart from mutated snowflakes who waltz about in a blinkered trance their whole fucking lives, knowing nothing about their own politics. Those i would gladly take to the garage for some Hammer time.