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  1. Fender777

    Theresa May

    There's a lot of brain-washed thick cunts in this cuntry, i hear many of them saying shit like, the government won't sell us, they won't stop the democratic vote of the biggest cuntting vote we have had in this cuntry...they won't do that and they won't do this. I hear this kind of shit on a daily basis, in shops, on the streets, in pubs and anywhere thick cunts gather to talk insanity. Well i have news for those daft cunts, they will and have been doing for a very long time, and they won't give a shit about it, after all money talks right ? Everyone needs to get their heads out of their ass-holes and except that you mean nothing !! You are just a pawn in the political bullshit, if there was a picture under the word deceit in the dictionary, then it would have to be a picture of 10 downing street. These cunts have no empathy for anyone, black, white, christian, muslim, jews..every motherfucker is game for the elite and manipulation is their first skill. Everyone needs to wake from the induced coma that these fuckers have put almost everyone in.
  2. Yeah, let's get this fucking show on the road, i might of added Brando to the McQueen & Eastwood list but he was partial to some buggery, so will give that one a wide berth, instead let's have Charlie Bronson's instead (both the actor and the locked up deranged cunt) the deranged one can be our roofer and organize riots.
  3. Fuck off we are leaving the EU. Delaying the exit has no logic...those were your words, fancy eating them now..?? Nothing flawed about my thought process. Call it my third eye.
  4. Might have to rename it as a whole grain....right you cunt i've got a whole grain with you, let's have it on the cobbles. Don't sound the same...
  5. A new strain of transgender possibly or just an old tired strain of shit.
  6. That's what it's going to take..RIP Democracy.
  7. Well we can't expect Brain-Washed virtue signalling spastics and lazy drug-fuelled chav cunts to take to the streets . Those daft cunts have never experienced a sniff of real democracy and couldn't give a royal upper-class shit about it either, give em their spaz TV programmes, fast food and an xbox 1 and they're just fine and fucking dandy. I will get my bother boots and hammers ready.
  8. Being a vegan is a bad idea as it stops you eating meat. Fuck off...!!
  9. Ed's busy sucking on Fatty's tiny willy.
  10. 1 Islam is a culture, not a race, so anyone can have an critical opinion about it without it being racist (as it's not a race) same with the Roman made up religion of Christianity and all the other man made religions...any critical thinking of any of those can't be seen as racism as they are cultures. Nobody has to agree with any of them. 2 Race means someone's appearance, color of skin , where they come from and so on.. 3 Islam and all religions are cultures or belief systems or whatever you choose to call them. 4 Your argument with Ape is about compassion for loss of life, which you show yourself to be lacking. 5 You're a massive CUNT !!
  11. You must be that jobsworth cunt that i knocked spark out, when you knocked on my door asking for money on behalf of those robbing cuntbreeds. Apologies NOT !! You're not getting the money so fuck off, unless you're brave enough to try again..??
  12. Well, it's very limited unfortunately for the poor learned cunt. He will be along shortly to confirm this is true.
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