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  1. Fender777

    Halal Fucking Meat.

    That's right Bassett, but i like the idea of using their primitive style for certain humans.
  2. Fender777

    Halal Fucking Meat.

    Mmm....the ragheads don't like dogs because of some rancid waffle Muhammed conjured up, but not in the Quran, that complete rubbish can be found in the Hadith. Interesting he ordered only pure black ones to be killed....the fucking racist fruit-looping Cunt !!
  3. Fender777

    Halloween 2018

    Halloween is a Purge public service for me, i can go out in full costume and no one gives a shit, little do they know that the blood isn't fake but that of many chavs. The weapons of choice are real and not fake plastic toys, i lost count when i was on my 300+ kill tonight. Next up is cunt fawkes night followed by the pagan festival that stupid cunts call Christmas.
  4. Fender777

    Halal Fucking Meat.

    This was a nom from my Thundercunt days, that ID might of been a right fucking wanker but the nom still holds up, like you say, we have all probably eaten this meat without knowing...and in my book, that's a criminal act by all those involved in the deception. I reckon some good old primitive claw hammering and bone smashing is surely in order here. Start at the top to show those ragheads who is boss, off to parliament we go with a bag of tools and a mind for the slaughter of MP's. Once we are done with those napping thumb-sucking mongs, then the rest will fall in to line. The deporting then will begin and any stragglers will be found and gutted like the animals they wish to see that happen to, i will order some more tools and have some plans made up for the job.
  5. Fender777

    Anjem Choudary dangerous cunt

    We could make a deal with the Ruskies, let them poison him for us and then blame them for it.
  6. Fender777

    Ministry of Suicide

    Nice, that just gave me wood.
  7. Fender777

    Ministry of Suicide

    A call for torture, fuck the bus fare, i will jump on my chopper and have this daft cunts brains and skull fragments all over my hammer before sunrise and be home in time to make sure my granny gets her early morning tea and custard creams..
  8. Fender777

    Gay cake appeal

    Fucking cunt cakes the lot of em, if i went to a bakery and asked for a cake to be made with the slogan...Crack chavs heads wide open and watch their tiny brains fall out, with a claw hammer drippings with blood and skull (for decoration) and the cunts said no. I would say fine mate, your funeral and go somewhere else as there are plenty of bakeries. As i left, i would crack their skulls open with said hammer, nice doing business with you and fuck off on my merry way. No need for time and money wasting doing that. But let's forget about that and remember this is a complete pile of modern society shit, you only have to look the wrong way now to be branded a racist, sexist, bigot or whatever some illogical nonsense that some half-wit butt screamer wants to throw at you... Fuck off with this putrid sewage.
  9. Fender777

    Sir Craig Mackey

    Nice thought out nomination, a little bit more anger and you're on to a winner.
  10. Fender777


    Mind you, that woman getting smacked in the eye at the ryder cup has given me a few ideas for torture devices, it involves the victim being tired up naked and tubes running from one end of a room to victim, targeting eyes, and nut sack.Golf balls will be released at great speed at the destined targets.
  11. Fender777

    A Haunting In Norfolk

    Excellent, love to hear your rendition of the three billy goats gruff, maybe someone from the clique can give you a nosh for extra drama.
  12. Fender777

    Drill music.

    How about demolition drill music, right through their fucking thick skulls.
  13. Fender777

    Jenny Eclair

    I thought this scrotum looking whore dried up like her minge.
  14. Fender777

    England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    Basement, can't have that cunt on show.
  15. Fender777

    England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    Yep !! In the basement Eric, waiting for Mings and his tiny winkle.