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  1. All This Halloween Bollocks

    The little bundle of cunts have evolved and don't care too much for sweets anymore, they want money and not coins. After all someone has to pay for their daddy chavs drugs, console games and alleyway hookers. The little fuckers will be lucky if they get a single blackjack after their scummy chav parents have gone through the loot of this festive begging wank yank diarrhea..
  2. Frank is back

    Attica Zoological Park is missing one of it's chimps.
  3. England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    I don't see the ashes all doom and gloom, sure England have some batting issues but Cook and Root are still world class players along with Broad and Anderson in the bowling department. Then we have the likes of Bairstow, Ali and Stokes (he will play) who on their day can hammer any attack. The Aussie cuntbundles are not that much better with the exception of Smith as their world class batsman, but i do see the Aussies edging it but only just, should be a good series.
  4. Flat Earthers

    Not me Spanky, i have seen the curve of the earth from the ground..a friend of mine has a house in Canada with a wide enough view of the atlantic and on a clear day you can clearly see the curve.
  5. Flat Earthers

    Amazing how when the scientific facts stack up against them, they come out with the most pathetic ways to debunk the hard facts. I have read some of there reasons on why they say the earth is flat, and none of it is scientific in any way. Here is one, they say just because you can't see the curvature when at an attitude of 70, 000 ft then this proves the earth is flat. The simple reason you can't see curvature at that height is because the vast size of the planet, you have to go to a much higher attitude to see the curvature...SPACE..!! but there has been many countless experiments on the ground to prove the earth isn't flat.
  6. Flat Earthers

    Sure are Rastus, complete wet wipes, probably lefties.
  7. Cunts Corner Christmas get together

    You mean, you will be there with a pink dildo ready to insert it into Bubba's arsehole. You're a complex mix of idiotism Bill...
  8. Crucifix wearers

    These plastic spastics are truly dull dollops of nothing...i think they only wear them so they come across not as boring as we all know them to be..
  9. Cunts Corner Christmas get together

    When you and that hovis muncher Bill find the right spot, then do let me know as i will be there early checking for sheep with arseholes like blood oranges..!! Then i will know you pair of learned cuntbrains are there.
  10. Cunts Corner Christmas get together

    Silly cunt should not be out pissing it up while being involved in a series, test or limited overs. He will be the one who suffers by not playing and giving England some chance in the upcoming ashes series...one daft CUNT !!
  11. The Bradford Exchange

    Let's hope so !!
  12. Cunts Corner Christmas get together

    Which one of Frank is the question..?
  13. Flat Earthers

    Remarkable stupid empty heads, surely if they had any sense and read all the statements from 500 plus astronauts that have been in space then they would have to reconsider their foolishness. They don't want to hear about all that as it wouldn't fit into their narrow minds and i might add that i have seen the curvature of the earth from the ground. Well i guess the 500 plus and me are all part of this conspiracy..
  14. Britain First

    He is a Glory Hunter of a Cunter...I would gladly execute him in a style similar to his beloved Islamic chums. That way he can feel the full peace of Islam. WHAT A CUNTBREED HE IS !!
  15. The Bradford Exchange

    I think the best speech this glory hunting bullshitting pile of fuck all can make is his retirement speech.