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  1. Fender777

    A Haunting In Norfolk

    Excellent, love to hear your rendition of the three billy goats gruff, maybe someone from the clique can give you a nosh for extra drama.
  2. Fender777

    Drill music.

    How about demolition drill music, right through their fucking thick skulls.
  3. Fender777

    Jenny Eclair

    I thought this scrotum looking whore dried up like her minge.
  4. Fender777

    England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    Basement, can't have that cunt on show.
  5. Fender777

    England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    Yep !! In the basement Eric, waiting for Mings and his tiny winkle.
  6. Fender777

    Mark Wahlberg's Life

    Probably plays one hole the useless cuntbrain.
  7. Fender777

    England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    I know where there is a crack whore with one leg and buck teeth, she's all yours Mings.
  8. Fender777

    Romano Fenati

    Cunt !!
  9. Fender777


    No idea what this crap flap is all about but i'm all for exposed tits.
  10. Fender777

    England Cricket Cuntbreeds

    Put your goggles back on Minger, it's a cricket thread. Are you having drug fuelled experiences again ?
  11. Fender777

    Serena Williams in sexist row

    Jennings has hit some super knocks this series Stubby....super shit..
  12. Fender777

    Serena Williams in sexist row

    We live in a cunt farm of a PC society Bill, the only way back from this is to take to the streets with violence on our minds...You in ?
  13. Fender777

    Serena Williams in sexist row

    Cook signed off in style and like you say a true professional sportsman...now comes the cunt part, how do you replace him ?
  14. Fender777

    Serena Williams in sexist row

    You're welcome to the whore Foghorn, i'm not in to beastiality..
  15. Fender777

    Serena Williams in sexist row

    And Mc at least looked half human.