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  1. They need snuffing out, the Useless eaters. Mind you 7 brides..second thoughts, they all look like transgenders..
  2. All part of the dumbing down and depopulation program. It's the only logical explanation.
  3. The man is nothing but an excrement brick but get a fucking grip. The things that appear on this abomination of a show are far worse than him. Ofcom want to protect these cunts that appear on shit like this and reality shows, if they are that vulnerable and need protecting from appearing on a tv show....then don't fucking go on them or better still, don't make crap like this and call it entertainment !! It's about as entertaining as a rubber crutch. SHIT !! the lot of it, now fuck right off with this forced fed fodder.
  4. Watch this space Wiz...hammer time coming his way.
  5. Drinking dick-puke is going to your insufficient brain.
  6. Fuck em, let em scream and create mayhem, it will pass as all things do...we need to take back what a generation of mongs have stolen from us.
  7. Personally, i think it's fucking hilarious, fuck the royals (bunch of leeches). As for Danny dunce baker, what a thick cunt. So he doesn't have a diseased mind..REALLY !!. Fuck off Danny you colostomy bag on legs, your mind is worse than being diseased, it's incapable of logical thought as proven with the shit that is seeping out your mouth. Either thick as pig shit or a complete bullshitter..Both i reckon.
  8. I bet you wish i was an arse-surfer...you little stack of slash.
  9. The mind fucking boggles as to why this dumb-fodder racist piss-head is still in employment..shall we take a wild fucking guess !! I wouldn't employ this thick mong skulled cunt to boil water..
  10. Touchy..Did that Eastern European not swallow ?
  11. Fantastic films, super acting. I keep imagining uncle fucking Bully's man bun flapping as he takes a well deserved beating.
  12. D, this is a very poor showing of a nom, you spied a new pub that wasn't there before did you ? Tell the truth, you spied on a couple of lady boys and then enticed them to eat your webbed bumhole out...or you was having a lucid dream about sucking the eastern European off. £5.80 isn't that expensive these days, you tight cuntbreed. Stick yo your Peter Dominic Larger...CUNT !!
  13. Ed, you're a fucking mess, don't ever talk to me again.
  14. I'm leading the charge Scrote, on a white stallion i might add, then we are coming to France to join those vest cunts and will save you cunts yet again.. Look out for hammer wielding lunatics passing through your town soon..keep safe Dick-Puke.
  15. A nice little side event for Macron to draw attention away from the real problems that plague France. Wow, what timing !! The money that has never been there for the needed will come flooding in to restore this eye ache. I would say that you couldn't make this bollocks up...but some cunt has. Fuck off with this complete bullshit..
  16. This nom is verbally awesome on a diarrhea level that i haven't seen on here for a very long time. A+ for attempting to learn how to use a keyboard with dyslexia.
  17. Just drown the Spazbot in your dick-puke Stubby until i can get a bastard hammer to you.
  18. Vive La France, hey scrote ?
  19. I voted out as well but told my missus then, that it's not going to happen, told others and they just laughed at me as if i was some kind of fucking nutcase..ok that part ,they have a point..but my original point about us not leaving the EU doesn't look so silly now. Of course time will certainly tell in the coming months, the elite don't want us to leave and will chuck every piece of shit at it they can find. Brain-washing nations to bend to their will is what they do best, been doing it for a very long time. Lucky for them that there is millions of thicko's worldwide to channel their subliminal bullshit through. Fuck my old bloodied boots, it's so transparent.
  20. Careful Eric, he will be expecting a blow job..
  21. I tell you what people, just detach from the whole illusion, it's going to make sane people insane and the insane uncontrollable. Sorry, that's happening already. It's doesn't matter to the majority of people in this cuntry anyway, only the deluded and rose tinted glasses cunts will think it does, leave or stay don't matter a fuck as most people get fucked up the arse by the puppets we call politicians on a daily basis. Rebellion is the only way...who's in ?
  22. Might as well, the freakshow is in town for the foreseeable future and it's going to get more freaky..
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