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  1. He has probably got lost trying to leave his bachelor pad. The senile old cunt.
  2. I will write to the little orange man.
  3. 146 comments in a few days since joining. Shows eagerness but lacks quality. Makes Ed look good, that was painful for me to type.
  4. Liking that idea TOT. Can we get it to go through parliament.
  5. Vile spastic gangster wannabe. Needs to be dealt several hits to his Kong skull with a claw hammer, have holes drilled in his kneecaps with a demolition drill. Might just as well put ice-picks in his bullocks, hopefully the cunt will drown in his own blood slowly.
  6. You don't want to be king of stupid Billy. Save that for the SJW'S & politicians.
  7. Another example for stupid parents breeding stupid kids. Stupid is King in this society of stupid cuntbrains. Now that's a whole lotta stupid.
  8. His legs would give way first and then his wig.
  9. Why did you let her cry in your room for four days. I would have strangled her after four minutes. Then sold her body to an Islamic pig farmer. Hala hala.
  10. The giveaway would be the saliva left by Frank's rabies.
  11. Jake The Muss


    Really. Isn't google working on your computer Pete? Wrong member for your request. Try Punky.
  12. He will probably end up in the wrong house, the silly cunt.
  13. Jake The Muss


    You must be reading your information from a ladybird book. Piss off!!
  14. Jake The Muss


    Just shows how evil bastards can make something that was good appear to be a symbol of evil.
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