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  1. Can't beat a good old fashioned deadly virus to knock a few hundred thousand in to the afterlife, cheaper than a war and as a bonus, Iran's deputy health minister has it. I bet Trump shot his bolt at that news. Stick to the roads and beware of the moon.
  2. I'd have you spot on there D..but the worrying thing is that the powers that be are preempting that the minority will eventually become the majority...unless we revolt now.
  3. Met Ingrid many times, lovely woman with a great sense of humour, met Christopher when they showed the 1958 Dracula at the barbican a good few years back, those old Hammer films had an atmosphere that can never be matched today.
  4. Agreed Eric, what a load of subliminal bollocks and what a daft as fuck Dracula. A right camp romp of cuntishness, i hope Bela Lugosi returns from the grave to haunt the cunts that made this pile of plop.
  5. Don't shoot your bolt too early on trying to mug me up, it's only a parody.
  6. I reckon the agenda for future generations from the global elite is for the human race to evolve in to a dual sex species. That already happens with some species in the animal kingdom, so a little bit of DNA tinkering and job done, the global elite have already started this process with out any cunt knowing about it, you only have to look at the state of western society to see this.
  7. Ok Barry, give us all an expert summary of the film as you have put me off watching it and i would like to know why...?
  8. So why did you watch a three hour film that you thought was a pile of plop ?
  9. A half-cunt then, hope that doesn't break PC protocol tyranny rules.
  10. Wonder how many children they abducted and ate at Christmas, bunch of inbred murdering cunts.
  11. If it was that bad, how come you watched it for three hours ?
  12. That old reptile can fuck off as well....and i can't stand that narcissistic national anthem, prefer land of hope and glory, as that is about the country. The other one is about some old doris sitting on a throne reigning over us, fuck the lot of them.
  13. Yeah you knocked fuck out of me Ed...but only in your wettest dreams. Don't start this childish banal bollocks again, you tepid little turd. Focus your energy on your own life for once Ed...or is it that boring.
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