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  1. It's the cradle of civilization, there's a power source there, i'm telling you.
  2. You're treading on frank's toes here D..with that kind of comment.
  3. I have another idea D, something along the lines of what you have said....You ready ? Fuck off on another thread and bore us with your webbing upgrades..i feel for Babs.
  4. I'm sorry you have a very low IQ. Well, lucky for you, you have a crusty wanksock.
  5. Every team that has ever played sport will get a bit of luck now and then, it's part of sport (any sport).....like i said, the overall best team won. Think before you engage below average brain. Fuck off dumbster Cunt !!
  6. Yeah, those fuckers always give me some free prawn crackers when i order a home delivery, keep telling the thick cunts not to, would gladly trade those crackers for one of their daughters dressed in full nun's costume. Que Sera Sera.
  7. Fuck off and toss yourself off in to oblivion (if that's possible). Nothing lucky about the way they played and beat the best teams in the tournament, you fucking know nothing spastic head. The overall best team won...not open for debate.
  8. Not bothered as i make my own, you could most probably see me in action on a porn site, if you move to another cumtry.
  9. That was the best ODI game i have ever seen, it had everything and also i might add. England have won a world cup, which is more than those football wankers have done for many years, wasn't dinosaurs still roaming when they last won the arse surfer world cup.
  10. It's fucked Scrote, and what makes matters worse is seeing you login.. can't you fuck off to a chateau and do something worthwhile, like choke yourself.
  11. Home video D..you must write a better script for Babs...appalling show.
  12. Racist..reported, well just for the fun of it. Ed..you're a Cuntbreed personified.
  13. Yes, several times. it kinda goes like this on an occasion, i imagine myself bludgeoning her to a pulp with Andy Murray's wet dick...and has she is about to recoil, that stops me from shooting my bolt. Then has luck would have it, i shove a tennis racket up her snatch and twist it , to give her one almighty clit-slap. Of course she passes out at this point and then i shoot my bolt.
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