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  1. You savage Tot, black don't crack.
  2. Shut the fuck up or I will butcher You and not show any remorse for my actions, you won't see it coming. I have never liked you and always found you boring in every sense of the word. Fuck off!!
  3. Oh but i do and you just recognised that fact with your ill thought out reply. Now piss off and wash that that fucking smelly minge.
  4. Like the rest of Europe and North America. When there's too much diversity and debauchery, that's when empires crumble to the state of being unrecognisable from what was before.
  5. Piss off to a dark corner and stay there until your internal organs deteriorate beyond repair. Diane Abbott has more brain cells than you. Cunt !!
  6. Agreed D, i always give credit where it's due, fuck me , i have even agreed with Ed on an occasion and i can't stand that cunt. I think she should chuck the admin job in and mix it up on a level playing ground with us cunts.
  7. Don't forget if we did have a fucking war to wage, then half the cunts would want to pray five times a day to the sky fairy.
  8. Every fucking cunt has anxiety these days. Maybe it's the subliminal shit they watch that creates a transmission in their thick stupid brain washed cuntbrains. Fuck it, could be the mineral water.
  9. Well good old Roopsy. Personally I thought it was a bit ropey but hey maybe the daft cow is getting the hang or trying to get the hang of banter after many many attempts. The jury is out on that one.
  10. This is the best nomination for a very long time, the amount of depth to the information as to why this man is a cunt is second to none. Frenchophobia at play here. Scrote ?
  11. That quartet of shit being tortured would certainly give me the horn....but i would replace Frank with Ed. Only because he makes ridiculously insane video's.
  12. It shows that i'm off my meds Eric, i know this. Mick says thanks by the way, he can't thank you personally as he is busy pulling teeth.
  13. You fucking stupid scrotum looking cunt Punky.. I don't have a game larder but i do have a dungeon where i would torture you for months with out any remorse. Fuck off mong.
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