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  1. If you rent a property you aren't making 'repayments' on that either, are you. Thick twat. What car have you got on PCP then, you cheap cunt? Some sort of boring German repmobile you can barely afford to keep fueled, but you can boast to your non-friends about how you use it to 'make progress' in traffic?
  2. I watched a few clips from On The Buses earlier today. What a bunch of unfunny wank that was. I bet Brexit-voting types fucking love it.
  3. "Repayments" is incorrect, you thick fucking fool. They will never own the vehicle, so they aren't repaying anything.
  4. I've noticed a proliferation of Porsche Cayennes and Range Rovers being driven recently by folk who clearly have no business driving such cars. These people are invariably pikeys, teenage girls, fat women and chavs. Driving is stressful enough without having to worry about some daft 18 year old apprentice nail technician driving their land yacht into the side of you because they were too busy trying to attract a black boyfriend on Snapchat. They probably live in a council house in a shithole part of town, with a garden full of dog shit and broken washing machines, but for £120 a month (for the next 1200 months) they get to drive a car they otherwise couldn't afford. Instant gratification bullshit. Even worse is their chat about "my car" this or "my car" that. It isn't their fucking car. The garage owns it, unless you pay an eye-watering lump sum at the end of your contract. You are basically paying for the depreciation of the vehicle, so it isn't your fucking car at all. Anything beyond a 10 year old Hyundai I10 with a 40 cc engine is way too much car for any woman to be driving anyway. PCP equals Personal Contract Pikeys.
  5. That is because it is. Shit-tier journalism not withstanding, there is rarely smoke without fire: https://metro.co.uk/2019/02/09/david-bowie-sex-two-teenagers-age-consent-8486252/ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6684325/Two-women-reveal-flings-David-Bowie-aged-15.html
  6. Live at Santa Monica '72 is a cracking album, mostly because of Mick Ronson's guitar work and the tight rhythm section. Those guys were all on dogshit wages and Bowie paid the fucking piano player Mike Garson more, even though he played on fewer tracks. Saying that, on the Santa Monica album his cover of Jacques Brel's 'My Death' is tedious and overly self indulgent, and his fawning, sycophantic version of the Velvet Underground's 'I'm Waiting For the Man' is as naive as it is bloodless. It is like it hadn't occurred to him that it was written about junkies going off to procure smack. 'The Supermen' and 'Andy Warhol' are two also-ran tunes that can be totally ignored as well.
  7. So the Thin White Duke adopted his final persona, the Thin Dead Cunt, a little over three years ago. Yet the BBC, annoying liberal generation X-ers and muso cunts alike still won't give it a fucking rest. David Bowie was a louche philanderer, pervert and plagiarist who stole ideas and aesthetics from artists and genres left, right and center. Perhaps he had the foresight to rip off things other people hadn't considered ripping off (like mime, or Kabuki theater), but he was a pilfering cokehead of limited talent all the same. He sung those stupid, impenetrable lyrics in that stupid warbling voice, fucked 14 year olds and snorted heaps of coke. He is vastly overrated; especially when it comes to his horrible wigger funk period in the mid '70s, or his interminably dull "Berlin period" after that. Plus, nobody remembers the dumb shit like Tin Machine or the yards of boring folkie stuff he put out before Space Oddity. I digress. Major Tom is a dead degenerate cunt. Can BBC4 please stop being a fucking shrine to this overrated dead cunt, and find better things to do with my licence fee instead?
  8. Vaping is just smoking for paedos. It says a lot about a man, that he would consider it cool to suck away on one of these weird little metal phallus thingies. I see these guys, usually a bit tubby and with a straggly ginger beard, walking around making massive clouds of steam. I reckon it is some sort of attention-seeking behavior, because the guys invariably look like the sort of losers who work in Cash Converters or CeX, have a 15 year old girlfriend (who is really mature for her age, but her Dad hates you for no reason, lol) and play guitar in a shitty metal band. Smoking is a fool's errand, but at least smoke cigarettes like a real man. Don't suck away on a cyberman's cock and make clouds of steam that smell like cherry cola or candyfloss, you fucking nonce. Smoke Cowboy Killers and face COPD like a man. You might see two guys making clouds of steam, but all I see is two hard-drives that the Police need to inspect, pronto.
  9. Is that where Punky goes to facilitate HIV+ encounters for himself?
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