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  1. Tata Steely Dan

    Shamina Begum

    More like Shamina Begone, right?
  2. Tata Steely Dan

    Findlay Trigwell

    Trig well. Trig less.
  3. Tata Steely Dan

    The never ending vigil for David fucking Bowie.

    That is because it is. Shit-tier journalism not withstanding, there is rarely smoke without fire: https://metro.co.uk/2019/02/09/david-bowie-sex-two-teenagers-age-consent-8486252/ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6684325/Two-women-reveal-flings-David-Bowie-aged-15.html
  4. Tata Steely Dan

    The never ending vigil for David fucking Bowie.

    Live at Santa Monica '72 is a cracking album, mostly because of Mick Ronson's guitar work and the tight rhythm section. Those guys were all on dogshit wages and Bowie paid the fucking piano player Mike Garson more, even though he played on fewer tracks. Saying that, on the Santa Monica album his cover of Jacques Brel's 'My Death' is tedious and overly self indulgent, and his fawning, sycophantic version of the Velvet Underground's 'I'm Waiting For the Man' is as naive as it is bloodless. It is like it hadn't occurred to him that it was written about junkies going off to procure smack. 'The Supermen' and 'Andy Warhol' are two also-ran tunes that can be totally ignored as well.
  5. So the Thin White Duke adopted his final persona, the Thin Dead Cunt, a little over three years ago. Yet the BBC, annoying liberal generation X-ers and muso cunts alike still won't give it a fucking rest. David Bowie was a louche philanderer, pervert and plagiarist who stole ideas and aesthetics from artists and genres left, right and center. Perhaps he had the foresight to rip off things other people hadn't considered ripping off (like mime, or Kabuki theater), but he was a pilfering cokehead of limited talent all the same. He sung those stupid, impenetrable lyrics in that stupid warbling voice, fucked 14 year olds and snorted heaps of coke. He is vastly overrated; especially when it comes to his horrible wigger funk period in the mid '70s, or his interminably dull "Berlin period" after that. Plus, nobody remembers the dumb shit like Tin Machine or the yards of boring folkie stuff he put out before Space Oddity. I digress. Major Tom is a dead degenerate cunt. Can BBC4 please stop being a fucking shrine to this overrated dead cunt, and find better things to do with my licence fee instead?
  6. Tata Steely Dan

    Smokers and users of the foul smelling eCig thingies

    Vaping is just smoking for paedos. It says a lot about a man, that he would consider it cool to suck away on one of these weird little metal phallus thingies. I see these guys, usually a bit tubby and with a straggly ginger beard, walking around making massive clouds of steam. I reckon it is some sort of attention-seeking behavior, because the guys invariably look like the sort of losers who work in Cash Converters or CeX, have a 15 year old girlfriend (who is really mature for her age, but her Dad hates you for no reason, lol) and play guitar in a shitty metal band. Smoking is a fool's errand, but at least smoke cigarettes like a real man. Don't suck away on a cyberman's cock and make clouds of steam that smell like cherry cola or candyfloss, you fucking nonce. Smoke Cowboy Killers and face COPD like a man. You might see two guys making clouds of steam, but all I see is two hard-drives that the Police need to inspect, pronto.
  7. Tata Steely Dan


    Is that where Punky goes to facilitate HIV+ encounters for himself?
  8. Tata Steely Dan

    British cunts who wish they were yanks

    You might be speaking from personal experience, but I have no idea what you homosexuals got up to in the '70s. I've not even seen Rent.
  9. Tata Steely Dan

    Short wearers in December

    Royal Mail employees tend to be a bunch of failed wannabe hardmen, obese wasters and weird, autistic woman with lank, greasy hair. The common theme among them is wearing shorts in the dead of winter to demonstrate to the world how battle-hardened they truly are.
  10. Tata Steely Dan

    British cunts who wish they were yanks

    Howdy Partner! The web-footed wanderer himself appears. How is Norfolk's hardest working public servant? Busy developing a new gritting strategy for Wroxham? Trying to work out how to claim your Greggs trips on expenses? I'm guessing by your overall triggered demeanor that you are counting down the minutes until you can turn up to Casual Friday dressed like this... Only older and fatter.
  11. Tata Steely Dan

    British cunts who wish they were yanks

    There is a weird variant of the midlife crisis that involves British cunts suddenly getting a rager for American shit. They start listening to boring, whining Americana music like Wilco and the Dixie Chicks and they start collecting obscure makes of Bourbon whiskey; which invariably taste disgusting. They fill their houses with Highway 66 and Elvis-themed tat and start wearing those horrid pinstriped rockabilly shirts. They buy deluxe edition Fender Stratocaster guitars and then bore everybody around them with terrible renditions of the song Wagon Wheel. They go to fucking terrible American car festivals and waddle around speaking faux yank and swigging a 'Bud'. They waste hundreds of pounds going to see bands that all looks and sound exactly the same, and who sing about things these people can't even begin to relate to. And these cunts are all British. We have our own history and culture, and one which is older than 250 years and has a bit going on than mobsters, derivative twangy music, shit booze, ugly cars and poverty cooking that relies on furiously strong flavours to disguise cheap and low quality cuts of meat. These turncoats are utter cunts. This cunt is probably an IT consultant from Harrogate. I see he's traded the wife in for a younger model now that the kids are in uni. Cunt.
  12. Tata Steely Dan

    Gatwick Drone cunts

    Enjoying your final few hours of freedom?
  13. Tata Steely Dan

    'Can we just grab an email address' cunts.

    Doing the Christmas shopping and half these retail cunts want your email address, so that they can email you your receipt. Yeah fucking right. Either they sign you up for dick pill emails, or they sell your email address to people who try and sell you dick pills, Russian wives, RC helicopters, or some other shit like that. GDPR means nothing to these cunts.
  14. Tata Steely Dan

    Bugging your own house.

    I keep hearing an advert on the radio for some service whereby you bug your own house. The premise is that the people in the house have gone on holiday, left the goldfish with the neighbours, and forgotten about whether they locked the back door. The obvious solution would be to phone the fish-bothering neighbour cunts and get them to check. But oh no! These cunts must be from London or something, where anything beyond a salutatory grunt to your neighbour gets the police called on you. The obvious solution, therefore, is to rig your house with a camera network. Same shit on the TV. Install a camera network in your house to make sure your dog isn't trashing the gaff. Amazon started this nonsense with 'Alexa', the open microphone you invite into your house. Now you install a camera system to go with it. If you think that you are the only people who can, and will, access these devices then you are a fucking idiot. In Orwell's 1984, government surveillance devices were mandatory installations in every home. In the real world we voluntarily install this shit and pretend it is doing us a favour.
  15. Tata Steely Dan

    Another royal suckling wedding in the pipeline

    Some might say he's pulled pork. Stuffing, apple sauce, extra crackling. Oh yes.