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  1. Accidents

    The driver had undiagnosed fibromyalgia. They are the real victim in all of this, and he was only driving that train in the first place because of toxic white culture. This is why the railways need to be re-nationalised and we need to halt Brexit tomorrow. Car ownership is inherently a patriarchal hetero-normative activity, and the people in those cars could have easily taken green public transport if they didn't want to be hit by a train.
  2. Darren Osborne

    Saw this Osborne dude on BBC news earlier tonight. Call me cynical, but the BBC are having way too much fun using their big book of terrorism stock phrases to describe a white dude. Radicalised. Extremist. Whatever.... There is a smug undertone of 'look, a white guy can be a terrorist too' to the whole thing.
  3. The Hairy Bikers

    Suitably cryptic.
  4. The Hairy Bikers

    Nah. Like you I don't think tough bikers exist. That lot you posted look like a bunch of embolisms on wheels. The very limited few I've met just seem to be emotionally crippled men with ponytails. Giant try-hard losers living on past glories. Doesn't somebody on here ride a motorised bicycle? Perhaps somebody can jog my memory.
  5. Mark E Smith

    Never heard of them. If I had to concede slightly, Throbbing Gristle were way worse than The Fall. Throbbing Gristle sounded like Alan Bennett flatly reading shite monologues over the sound of some guy kicking a filing cabinet down a fire escape.
  6. The Hairy Bikers

    So you still have the hand of Decimus firmly inserted in your rectum then?
  7. The Hairy Bikers

    I'm guessing you have a thing for the one on the left?
  8. Mark E Smith

    Mark E Smith was a moron, and The Fall are a shit band loved by pseudo-intellectual Gen-X retards who enjoy any old shite if it seems a bit random and name-checks the right Krautrock albums at the appropriate time. Mark E Smith simply needed to down a shitload of speed, get a band of chimps to play an E minor chord at 120 bpm and then blast his incomprehensible northern diarrhea over the top. All he required was a glowing endorsement from that dead noncer John Peel (another old cunt that liked any random noise), and he was sorted for life. The Fall were a fucking shockingly crap band. If they were unknowns now they wouldn't get a second gig, let alone a record contract.
  9. The Hairy Bikers

    This lot are on Planet Rock a lot, and they never demonstrate any discernible knowledge of music. Their cookery is marginally better, but they are egomaniacs who try and stamp their own identity on the dishes of others. Like Jamie Oliver, they often get a bit unstuck trying to square how 'real', rough and oiky they are with their tales of visiting Japanese tuna markets at 5:00 or cooking food having rode their motorcycles into the middle of the Atacama. For bikers they are soft as fuck as well. The speccy one seems annoying and his head is oddly pear-shaped, which I find distracting. The other, bigger one seems like he has an angry side to him hidden away in there. I sometimes feel he is there under duress, and has to endure the speccy one's more obvious limelight-hogging antics as he is less adept at the whole matey television personality bit. I imagine the big one wants to punch the speccy one sometimes. They have Che Guevara tattoos on their arms, which is regrettable:
  10. Hyon Song-wol

    Utter shite. I feel sorry for you.
  11. Rip Off Britain: Holidays

    I tried to have a relaxing weekend break at the Pontlands Park Hotel, Chelmsford, but I was kept awake most of the night by the fat cunt in the next room whimpering "won't you touch it, even?" through the keyhole. Spoiled my holiday it did.
  12. Elle Darby

    The spunk of a man who had a curry for dinner. How was the Vindaloo, Neil?
  13. Elle Darby

    Asking for stuff for free because you're a "social influencer" sounds like a half-arsed protection racket. Typical fucking snowflake. Elle Darby, whoever the fuck she is, is just another vapid narcissist who spunked their Youtube fortune on shoddy Turkish plastic surgery. Look at her face! Her chin is asymmetrically pointy, her jawline is rendered in styrofoam and her lips are both massive and two-dimensional somehow. Next time she visits Abdul for a chin lift or cheek tuck she should provide some sandpaper as well. Vlogging isn't a real job.
  14. Buffets

    No way you web-toed yokel fucks have the IT infrastructure to support webinars, running Vista on ancient desktop machines full of bloatware encryption software you paid far too much for, and all because you're stupid enough to think the Russians would hack you to find out where the grit bins are or when the public libraries close. As if Norfolk even has fucking libraries. £15,000 must be about 35% of the GDP of Norfolk, right? There must be a lot of angry old pensioners out there, having to go down to a bi-annual grey bin collection just so that you can use the sauna and steam room in the "leisure suite"?
  15. New Zealand cunts

    Nah. They're playing increasingly average rugby, and simply getting by through dirty tactics, outright cheating and some favourable reffing decisions along the way. The All Blacks are dining out on past glories and phoning it in at the moment. If Scotland can pretty much keep up with you then you aren't that great a rugby team. Lol Fuck off.