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  1. Cycle helmets

    How do you fit them all in?
  2. Cycle helmets

    This thing must be built to withstand a rear-end collision, right?
  3. #metoo

    In God and Underage Teens We Trust. It says that right there in the Bible, stupid.
  4. Coriander

    Some people have a genetic predisposition towards this stuff, and as a result it tastes totally different to them. The yanks call it cilantro.
  5. Jude Law

    Didn't Jude Law result in kristallnacht?
  6. The Zimbawe (sic) "Bloodless Correction".

    Careful now! You can't call them that anymore.
  7. Thanksgiving

    So Americans seem to get together at this time of year to eat a massive Christmas Dinner for whatever reason. As if they need to mark a special day for their special line of industrial-scale gluttony. Apparently it is to thank the Injuns for thoughtfully giving up all their land. I wouldn't care, only America can't shut the fuck up about their dreadful traditions (as 100 Black Friday emails attest to), so we have to hear about them over here. British people who celebrate Thanksgiving with their American friends are traitors. And then there is this:
  8. Terminal dossers who claim to be self employed

    "Professional full time Mum" boils my piss. It is up there with "University of Life" in terms of pretentious nonsense. The people that say this usually have a massive chip on their shoulder and somehow think that they are superior to those who are better educated. Which is almost always complete bollocks.
  9. Paula Williamson, world famous actress

    Scottish men have standards.
  10. Budget Pain for The Boomers

    Nah man. Bernard Manning is a very misunderstood individual. He was a tubby part-Irish part-Jewish guy going into working men's clubs. He should have been leaving in a coffin, so he had to be fucking quick and fucking funny to get away with it. I think it is too easy to label him, and an entire era of comedy, as simply racist unfunny shite. It was, and it wasn't, but Manning wasn't the sort of apex oppressor that overly sensitive types make him out to be. Watching old videos of him and you can clearly see that he had a craft, and was bloody brilliant at it, even if it isn't viewed as favourable any more. To not acknowledge this is to simply whitewash history.
  11. Paula Williamson, world famous actress

    Only chavs and pikeys idolise that mental waste of space Bronson. His "art" is fucking shite and all.
  12. Cunt who draw penises in the sky

    The statistics on the low percentage of autistic men in full time employment are frankly depressing.
  13. John "mad axeman" McLean

    90% of all men over 40 30 in Glasgow look like that, and there is a 50% chance they would swing an axe at you if you asked them "you watchin' the sellic game wee man?" without first noting which colour the kerbstones were painted outside their house. I wonder how they detained him? Needles in haystacks spring to mind.
  14. Cunt who draw penises in the sky

    I was parodying the sort of brainless jingoism you see dished out commonly on discussion forums, the comment sections of news articles and especially on Facebook. Never mind. Cunt.