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  1. Tata Steely Dan

    Burglary victim?

    That looks shit enough to be Malta. Is it Malta?
  2. Tata Steely Dan

    Meghan Markle

    Meghan Markle is better looking than Diana was.
  3. Tata Steely Dan

    Winnie Mandela

    These Winnie Mandela jokes are getting a bit tyring.
  4. Tata Steely Dan

    When the fun stops

    I wonder what would happen if the Queen decided she wanted to murder some fool. Would her fixers try and make it happen for her?
  5. Tata Steely Dan

    Fibromyalgia again. Fuck off.

    Astonishing grammar there. I'm surprised that one of the resident women on here is rushing to the defense of hypochondriacs. Not!
  6. Tata Steely Dan

    Quaint village pubs

    We're all on the spectrum somewhere. Just ask my Allen Key collection.
  7. Tata Steely Dan

    Fibromyalgia again. Fuck off.

    Nommed before, but nommed shittily, so nommed again. Fibromyalgia is a fictitious illness suffered almost exclusively by middle aged women who spend too much time sitting down, eat too much shitty food and who spend too much time on the Internet. It has maddeningly vague symptoms that generally boil down to feeling a bit tired and feeling a bit achy. Basically what happens to the human body when you rarely exercise, rarely eat healthily and start to get older. The problem is that "fibro" sufferers don't want to hear that, so they whine endlessly about the struggle to find a 'sympathetic' doctor; ie one who will tell them what they want to hear rather than what they need to hear. Again this just seems like a decline in standards. "Fibro" sufferers believe that the qualifications and experience of doctors can be written off in favour of their personal, ill-informed opinions. It also feeds their narcissistic belief that they're somehow suffering and worthy of attention and help. As such any specialist advice can somehow be up for debate by people who source all their facts from echo chambers on the Internet. If the feminists were smart then they would point out that women propagate these fictional diseases because society has taught them that they simply can't age. Fibromyalgia is simply the manifestation of an unwillingness in women to grow old gracefully, and instead they have to believe somewhat militantly that they are 18, or thereabouts, for ever. Feminists aren't smart enough to figure this out because they are women after all. LOL
  8. Tata Steely Dan

    Quaint village pubs

    Occasionally when I'm very bored I go on Google maps, head to the south of England, and zoom in until all the parochial wee shithole villages appear. Some dickhead town that only exists because two roads intersect, but has been there since the fucking Domesay book. Then I look for the pub in that village, look it up on Trip Advisor, and then read all the one star reviews. Most of those reviews verify what Neil asserts here. All the local cunts say "best roast beef ever", the insular fuckwits.
  9. Tata Steely Dan

    Apologists for drink driving celebrities

    Irish Parents, Scottish Grandparents, and you're giving me shite? I'm surprised you have any energy left to come on here and post shit, after a hard day solving the World's issues at Norfolk Country Council. Where will we put the new dog shite bin in Wroxham? Shall we shut the library in Cromer and sell the building to developers? Fucking burning issues of the day right there. Cunt.
  10. Tata Steely Dan

    Apologists for drink driving celebrities

    I'm sick of the blindly moronic notion "unless you've personally X or Y...". Chavs say it to try and seem more important and significant than they are. As a pointless phrase it is up there with "try walking a mile in my shoes", as said by people that have made a litany of stupid, self-destructive decisions and think they've earned bragging rights at the end of it. China are making inroads into Africa. We're slowly becoming an insignificant backwater. This is, in part, because we pander to all of this "but what about?" mentality all of the time. Tiny, single-percentile minorities that we have to cater to and hold up the entire shebang every time. Simply to not hurt their feelings. Some times you have to call a cunt a cunt. Drink drivers are always cunts, without exception. Alcoholics are self destructive, and deserve zero sympathy simply because of the collateral damage they inflict. I find it hard to muster any sympathy for anybody who is buckling under the stress of being a minted professional Geordie with a massive forehead.
  11. Tata Steely Dan

    Happy saint paddys day

    Indeed. I was humorously conflating the long-running TV program 'Whicker's World' with the 'Whitaker's World' publication, neither of which have anything to do with Roger Whittaker. However Roger Whittaker has covered 'Dirty Old Town' on occasion. It all makes sense really.
  12. Tata Steely Dan

    Misery at McDonalds

    Look, I'm not a fucking buftie, and that's the end of it!
  13. Tata Steely Dan

    Happy saint paddys day

    He of Whittiker's World? Speccy package holiday gadge? I met gas works by the gas works wall Dreamed a canal by the old canal I kissed my factory by the factory wall Old Durham Town. Old Durham Town.
  14. Tata Steely Dan

    Happy saint paddys day

    I'm not religious, and I don't believe in saints. However most of us take solace in the thought of a kind, bearded and benevolent man smiling down on us serenely from the great beyond.
  15. Tata Steely Dan

    BBC News. Again. Probably.

    Don't be like that! We are both men of God, and we will be paying for it tomorrow. Perhaps in subtly different ways, but still! What is it you English Catholic types say? On your knees, baby please?