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  1. TERF wars

    I've finally found a race of people that make Scottish food look good.
  2. Katie Quackenbush

    The microwave is always on, honey.
  3. TERF wars

    I imagine the rats did quite nicely out of the holocaust. All that uneaten kishka and bagels lying around....
  4. Katie Quackenbush

    What about a couple of thick-cut slices of haslet warmed up in the microwave?
  5. TERF wars

    Ooga Booga.
  6. Katie Quackenbush

    Ashes Are Burning and Scheherazade and Other Stories are good albums if a bit overblown, and Jon Camp was an inventive if perhaps not technically gifted bassist. I don't get the appeal of Annie Haslam, as everybody's mum looked like that in the '70s, down to the lifeless curtains of hair and crap unflattering makeup.
  7. TERF wars

    Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists are your oldschool brown-toothed, saggy-knockered shampoo dodging feminists from the '60s. I'm not sure I'd want one in my kitchen.
  8. PDC Champions League of Darts

    I'm half Viking and I wouldn't have this slob anywhere near my longboat. He can tag along in his Transit van until the engine gets flooded out.
  9. Katie Quackenbush

    Did you ever work for Scottish Widows?
  10. Spineless white people

  11. PDC Champions League of Darts

    Darts separates the men from the boys. You need real athleticism to play darts. It isn't like any fat old bloke with a mullet and Argos jewelry can saunter out their local flat roof pub and into the limelight.
  12. Chidhatma Basu

    Somebody has shot that geezer right between the eyes. Poor cunt hasn't realised yet.
  13. Katie Quackenbush

    Hurr durr, I'm posting a nom that references a topical news story with a bird in it to try and get some likes. Katie Quackenbush is some pneumatic yank tart with blow up tits, blow up lips, hair harvested from Indians (dot, not feather) and a temper. Daddy is a lawyer so she will probably get away with it. Apparently she's not a tart but a $800 service girl. Semantics. She's an angry little tart. I'm in two minds over this one. She's 26 but she looks about 46 thanks to all the shoddy cosmetic refurbishment she's had installed. At the same time I'd still throw one up her, even if she shot a homeless guy. Anyway, the punchlines write themselves. She's had so many clients that she now has a Quackenbush. Boom boom!
  14. Alan "Nasty" Nash.

    Do you have to be light in the loafters to be good at toe wrestling?
  15. Spineless white people

    Well who else is going to teach us how to surf or pour us foaming pints of shitbox lager?