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  1. Not at all jewdy baby..was just a casual observation izall ..although monkey see monkey do and all that PANZERMURPHYBABY
  2. Those beach wankers may have taken their lead from cummo and boris and could possibly have just taken a drive to test their eyesight PANZERMURPHYBABY
  3. Me inner anarchist would always side with the opressed of any nation bally baby including the modern brethren..seriously why would ya put yer faith in an English political partay who takes its name from a band of 17th century Irish rebels..anyway im very cross border ..sure haven't a lovely redhead in Carrickfergus who played the triangle in her local marching band ..was hoping to attend the 12th this year but it looks like its been scrubbed because of the plague Redheads with regional accents lives matter PANZERMURPHYBABY
  4. Missin the old days in the loyal orange hall eh bally baby?.. Always wondered why the brethren had red faces seein as they didnt walk very fast or very far PANZERMURPHYBABY
  5. You are concerned about all those lovely green grants and legal requirements for business arent ya spudders baby...all those subsidies toward newt handling tongs...cummo n boris will see that as an impediment to those sun lit uplands and shoot em in the face..maybe Eddie can teach ya the wax on wax off PANZERMURPHYBABY
  6. Ya gotta wonder though if its this fucked up 4 years on and yer still in the boat..what'll it be like when cummo n boris finally get thrown over the side takin y'all with them PANZERMURPHYBABY
  7. Boris does have form when it comes to abandoning saggy women as the lovely Arleen probably knows PANZERMURPHYBABY
  8. When cummo tells boris to bin the green agenda spudders itll be back to kippers for dinner n selling yer bony arse down the towpath ...again PANZERMURPHYBABY
  9. Cant eat gold doc baby..the smart money's in turnips..be interesting to see what cummo tells boris to do PANZERMURPHYBABY
  10. Govvo baby was asked ...started off well..but he faltered in the middle n kinda trailed off at the end ..known knowns and unknown knowns and the like..we're all sewing extra pockets in our best smuggling trousers PANZERMURPHYBABY
  11. Would ya believe that vote to leave was 4 years ago last Tuesday..easiest deal ever they said..itll be all over by Christmas they said. PANZERMURPHYBABY
  12. The site is all the poorer without yer well constructed and meticulously thought out posts cbb baby PANZERMURPHYBABY
  13. You'll pine for the days when ya thought the paddys were the worst of yer problems trukky baby..yer worst nightmare is happening...educated radical bames with a vast pool of easilly swayed disposable foot soldiers ..during internment in northern Ireland the Republicans hit the library...the loyalists hit the gym....result..loyalism has disappeared at government table..it deals drugs n kills each other over drugs..mad dog is still in hiding from his former comrades...yer the brit version of a loyalist..educate yerself man PANZERMURPHYBABY
  14. I suppose to them we all sound the same bally baby...as for the continentals fighitin tween themselves..nothin i like better than to see supposedly intelligent people fighting each other and coming out with school yard nonsense..its what makes British politics so interesting ..wonder was dommo drivin the car that ran up the arse of the car boris was in..his eyes must be still playin up PANZERMURPHYBABY
  15. I fink..they fink yer a paddy bally baby..it usta be a source of constant annoyance to the reverent Ian back in the day when he'd hop into a London taxi and the driver would say..where to paddy...and to add insult to injury he'd refuse the proffered sterling note because it was issued in norn iron and not propper sterling PANZERMURPHYBABY
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