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  1. I know a few people who would consider themselves influencers ..know them well enough to know they, like most of their ilk are unhappy and insecure individuals..this revelation should please y'all Panzbaby
  2. Or a burning bus goin over a cliff Panzbaby
  3. Feel free to join in the discussion jewdz baby..we were discussing the simply engineered but lethal implements the risen ape has flooded the planet with..we could talk about bin lorry hydraulics if it makes ya feel more included Panzbaby
  4. Fact is that most of that stuff made 70 years ago is that simply made and easy to look after it'll be around for another 70 years..to call it a piston is an insult to piston design..its more of a rod that is slightly smaller than the tube it fits in ..i did smile slightly when i first saw the film full metal jacket ..the scene where the girl viet cong sniper is using her cheap stamped parts chinee ak to put holes in the feet n legs of grunts at 200 meters and..using only iron sights ..should have given her a druganov with basic optic Panzbaby
  5. They did make a good submachine gun though..the ppsh 41?..i think..loose tolerances..rattled like fuk when ya shook it..fearsome muzzle blast ..fired from an open bolt so hideously dangerous to carry around but it took a lot of abuse and always worked Panzbaby
  6. Laffin..your too kind..as for Mikhail n his infernal creation youd be right..his yoke was a rip off of the German stg 44..but that was for trained troops not the hordes of ignorant n untrained conscripts the soviets had so it was dumbed down with just 19 movin parts ..including the trigger n rear sight Panzbaby
  7. Wars over man..the stuffs at the bottom of the north sea..i told ya in another thread 455 all the way..im a traditionalist Panzbaby
  8. The jews made a battle rifle with a bottle opener on it...what's not to like.. Panzbaby
  9. See the unionist fellah and rabidly anti gay politician davey trimbles daughter married her lovely wife over the weekend..id say it musta killed the cunt to walk her down the aisle...its the end of days for the bowler hats n bellies up there billy baby.. Panzbaby
  10. Anyway me Nespresso is ready..time to get up n do a few things ..laterz haterz Panzbaby
  11. Reduced to tag teaming with the pen billy baby?...has it gotten that bad...wait till it discovers that yer costing her a billion a month to keep y'all ...are ya savin up the tyres for next years bonfire? Panzbaby
  12. Like whats happening to yer besashed brethren up the road we'll just work around the impediment..the show must go on. Panzbaby
  13. Were ya out bangin yer drum billy baby..celebrating yer love for the queen by setting fire to bits of her realm. Lol Panzbaby
  14. See how yer rectums are treated by the trumpy n whatever megalomaniac is runnin china billy baby..blood orange comes to mind. But thats all in the future Panzbaby
  15. Me chickens are fine..still a frozen ball in the freezer...-22° according to that wonderful piece of technology..how's life on the bin lorry..did anything interesting drip down your neck recently? Panzbaby
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