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  1. Panzerknacker

    Drill music.

    Dunno Stubbs baby..be only a matter of time before yer nasal bray got on someone's tits and you'd be on the end of a bottle of petrol Panzerknacker
  2. Panzerknacker

    Drill music.

    Had the startings of a black yoof gang here a while ago..posturing online with knives n clubs n generally acting the bollox..one night a van load of concerned provos turned up n burned the ring leaders houses to a cinder..gang kinda disappeared like smoke in a breeze. Panzerknacker
  3. Panzerknacker

    Foreign aid bullshit !!

    Brexit will sort all that out Lol Panzerknacker
  4. Panzerknacker

    When The Sisterhood Is Ill Served By Feminists...

    Laffin Panzerknacker
  5. Panzerknacker

    The Digital Revolution

    Laffin..the code word for stolen gaspipe welded mortar tube or any cool bang bang stuff is rain..I'd say the cunting thing had it's monthly supply of cassette tapes delivered on a 40 foot Panzerknacker
  6. Panzerknacker

    The need for a second EU membership vote

    Nobody cares what you think or suspect Jewdy baby..they just want their bins cleaned ..stop posting and start hosing Panzerknacker
  7. Panzerknacker

    lauren goodger

    Sure..good looking girl.. nice hair ..id give her a lick of me 88 Panzerknacker
  8. Panzerknacker

    The need for a second EU membership vote

    It's true though..if ya back out of leaving even the Africans will be laughing an pointing their fingers at ya saying...look at them bunch of cunts Panzerknacker
  9. Panzerknacker

    The British Beard and Moustache Championships

    Laffin panzerknacker
  10. Panzerknacker

    The need for a second EU membership vote

    Sure yer at the door .no point in stopping now ..youd only end up looking like cunts Panzerknacker
  11. Panzerknacker

    The need for a second EU membership vote

    Ah, in 50 year's you'll see it was worth it probably Panzerknacker
  12. Panzerknacker

    Cunts who drink bleach

    Seen a guy that died from drinking bleach..took him a year and he basically rotted away ..nurses had to spray insecticides around room to keep the flies off him and he was aware of every minute of it Panzerknacker
  13. Panzerknacker


    That's funny..now I remember why I stay Panzerknacker
  14. Panzerknacker

    Pikey Cunts

    Hey Eddie, how's black Alan these days Panzerknacker
  15. Panzerknacker


    Laffin panzerknacker