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  1. Happy saint paddys day

    Well. . somtimes these things happen without too much thought going into it Panzerknacker
  2. Happy saint paddys day

    We're not fussy gyppo baby...I'm sure there's been a bit of irish in ya somewhere along the line ... Panzerknacker
  3. Happy saint paddys day

    Top of the morning to ya jewdy baby..ya have a sprig of green on ya atall? Panzerknacker
  4. Happy saint paddys day

    Kate looked well in her emerald green coat n hat dishing out the shamrock to the Irish guards regiment n her getting ready to drop and all Panzerknacker
  5. Happy saint paddys day

    If it were only that simple. .the mother land can't be ditching her freckled ginger problem child im afraid shes stuck with it for another little bit. .anyway..áthas la le pádrig to all Panzerknacker
  6. Happy saint paddys day

    We did have a giggle..all changed now though Panzerknacker
  7. Happy saint paddys day

    We've no need to be knowin how to spell words like that atall we just affable ole paddys who get on with most people Panzerknacker
  8. Happy saint paddys day

    Sure isnt there always a plan. .grand cheap things they are ..anyway enjoy the day ...toora loora loo.. Panzerknacker
  9. Happy saint paddys day

    290 land marks around the world lit up to celebrate the wearin of the bit of glás. .have a good day cuntaí na fearag Panzerknacker
  10. This american video on youtube

    It's not an assumption. .it's a conclusion shitty bay ..distilled from the reams of gick you randomly post izall Panzerknacker
  11. This american video on youtube

    Yer not the sharpest tack in the box are ya. ... Panzerknacker
  12. This american video on youtube

    Ya in bad form shitty baby? ..get turned down for an ocean credit card?..have to go back chugging cock n selling arse again Panzerknacker
  13. This american video on youtube

    Sure why would they want to invade the ole country. .all they'd have to do is ring ahead..tell us what flight they are on and we'd have the spare room made up n the kettle on Panzerknacker
  14. Allah is gay

    Mm..it was the neglected ginger haired step child for a long time but you'll get to know it better in the next few months Panzerknacker
  15. Allah is gay

    Only back door them lads are interested in is the one into the UK from norn iron ..tessy would wanna do somtin quick ..cut arleen a cheque ..a couple of bazillion should do it Panzerknacker