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  1. Nollaig shona a cairdè Panzbabóg
  2. I like it...like it a lot..print shop across the road from me will be getting a visit..fuk..i may even make it into this year's christmas card Panzbaby
  3. Time to fess up pen..yer not some ex railway typewriter banger girl..yer an Al Murray look alike in a floral print twin set arent ya Panzbaby
  4. Ive high expectations of you roady baby i intend to use technology to have this printed and displayed Panzbaby
  5. Out of consideration to the artist pen baby.. Panzbaby
  6. You know little about art ..the artist needs to know these things ..im simply goin along with his reasonable request.. i like art ..and frequent the recently renovated national gallery in Dublin Panzbaby
  7. Ooo a portrait of me..how exciting..6 foot tall 42 chest 32 waist ..athletic build.. no visable distinguishing features or marks.. very short hair ..get the eyes right blue/grey Panzbaby
  8. I have pity for you though pen baby Panzbaby
  9. Yerself n whizzy baby are very thin skinned arent ya Panzbaby
  10. Pen baby..thats not very Christian..considering you are regarded as a bad smell on here..i thought youd have some sympathy for another of the shunned Panzbaby
  11. I doubt you could give directions to the the sky roady baby Panzbaby
  12. Yer an angry little bowsie arent ya ?ooo..ms roops ..panzy said this an i said that .. Panzbaby
  13. Alas the practice of mistreating donkies is not exclusive to these parts..seems the dusky chaps have it down to an art if day time ads are anything to go by tim...you should plait yer pony tail into two bangs either side of your head..thereby doubling the chances of it getting caught in some whirring thing Panzbaby
  14. Internment for political views are not new to me roady baby Panzbaby
  15. Cobblestone bar in Smithfield beside the old Jameson distillery does the best irsh or Bailey's coffee..youd love it Panzbaby
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