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  1. Ill be in the cobblestone bar tonight in Smithfield l...a friend is playing the bodhrĂ n in the band..i won't be drinking as ive an early mornin session on Sunday Panzbaby
  2. T'would have been nice to have seen the effort although it sounds like it could have found a home here with the rest of the social inadequates it may have even made the board...... Panzbaby
  3. Laffin..hey DJ shithead..drop some choons ..big shout out to mrs brown in ward 3 ..in for foot surgery ..gooooo steel wheels... Panzbaby
  4. If t'were only that simple mister DJ ..lotta the colonists..green n blue dont really want this united Ireland lark..british taxpayer has deeper pockets ya see...shinners fear buyers remorse.. Panzbaby
  5. Id say its certain that y'all will go without a deal...t'was a shite deal anyway..taxation without representation..lost ya the colonies so it did Panzbaby
  6. The shinners are panicking..with each passin day the prospect of a United Ireland draws nearer..if bojo makes it to the top job its inevitable Panzbaby
  7. Id say he'll win it jiggers baby..cometh the hour..cometh the man..y'all need him...specially the roops..she needs a bitta turmoil ..albeit structured and defined border tempestuouznezzzzz Panzbaby
  8. You are such an arsehole...shed FM wanker Panzbaby
  9. You can fire the starting pistol ...into yer face Panzbaby
  10. What the fuk are ya on about ..have you been drinking pond water again ya amphibian anal examining bastard Panzbaby
  11. Macrons even more lost than the gay indian...a whizz with figures and older ladies but useless at gettin people on side and willin to follow ya ...anyway..you'll be followin the bojo into the sun lit uplands he says he can see..gooooooo boooooojoooooooo Panzbaby
  12. Where did ya end up doc?..its a nippy night here in Dublin..was in the brazen head bar tonight talking to a quite attractive lady doc who works for the nhs..word is theyve been told to tell their patients not to throw away expired meds in case they cant resupply them..this true or was it the gin talkin? Panzbaby
  13. I know..im scared too Panzbaby
  14. I think it was an astute political move on his part to go gay..hes in a pretty unasailable position now what with the vociferous legions of fag hags and gays supporting him ..pity he hasnt a clue about running a country..still i suppose thats why we have a civil service. Panzbaby
  15. Oh fuck off tim..tedious little newt raper ya Panzbaby
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