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  1. ratcum

    Shamina Begum

    like most crushed Asians, it sounded like an ungrateful cunt Authoritah
  2. ratcum

    Shamina Begum

    good on yer mate
  3. ratcum

    Shamina Begum

    fuck you're right Authoritah! Get Tampax on the phone and see if we can get a discount
  4. ratcum

    Shamina Begum

    I see that degenerate ponce Karl Lagerfeld has fucked off. Good.
  5. ratcum

    Shamina Begum

    what an unholy alliance we would make Jewdy! Me with my urbane tolerance and you with your xenophobic nationalism
  6. ratcum

    Shamina Begum

    crab crab crab crab Who will rid me of this troublesome cunt?
  7. ratcum

    Findlay Trigwell

    How simply ghastly for you
  8. ratcum

    Ronnie O'Sullivan

    Alain Finkielkraut. I mean you couldn't make it up could you Jewdy?
  9. ratcum

    Ronnie O'Sullivan

    There was a story about a "Hiker takes on a mountain lion and wins" except I read it at as "Hitler takes on mountain lion, and wins" get in Adolf!
  10. ratcum

    Shamina Begum

    yet again I log on and the first thing I see is crab crab crab crab and fuckin crab Give it a rest, work on your quality or just fuck off
  11. ratcum

    Shamina Begum

    She should have used contraception, such as an IED
  12. ratcum

    Smokers and users of the foul smelling eCig thingies

    probably rolls his own CB
  13. ratcum

    Joe Root

    This whole Gordon Banks thing is turning into Lady Diana. I mean it's not like he was getting ass fucked by a gypo while flying his kite in Paris.
  14. ratcum

    Women you fancy until you hear them speak

    Scotty makes a badger baiter's spade look harmless
  15. ratcum

    Martin Lewis

    Only a fuckin earwig could get rich on helping other cunts save money