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  1. I wish the Pythons had done a holocaust sketch. As they were all jewish they would have got away with it. "Lovely morning isn't it Mr. Irving!" "No it isn't Mr Goldhagen and it never has been either!" cried Mr. Irving "I reckon the majority of germans knew what was going on" mused Mr. Goldhagen "So they all fuckin hated you then? Result!!" exclaimed Mr. Irving (both then masturbate furiously)
  2. once, when utterly pissed, I fucked a shed. Or at least I thought it was shed until you got me thinking it might have been Steph McGovern instead CB. I feel debased and violated and my love of small wooden structures is in tatters You oily heap of shit
  3. ..better than Luciana's raspberry coulis on your sausage CB
  4. always been a Halep fan Authoritah. Reckon I could get the whole of one of her feet up my bum
  5. can you imagine the phrase "white is the new black" ever catching on Bill?
  6. I'd rather drink Luciana Berger's fermented fanny mess than watch another episode Deco.
  7. Frau Rat suggested we watched "Good Omens" the other night. Utter garbage and certainly a waste of Michael Sheen's talent. Avoid. 🛌
  8. fuck I'm invisible! This must be what's it like to be Eddie 🧕
  9. 8 posts in a row Stub. That's depression and possible suicide. But never mind all this shit, what in Wegener's cracks is Peter Crouch doing on tele? The mutant keeps cropping up everywhere. Cunt
  10. Good nom Nelly. These cunts that see racism absolutely everywhere make Nazis look tolerant. It won't be long before us white bastards are in the minority, then we'll finally have some clout, you mark my words.
  11. as well as the cases known to Plod, I reckon there were hundreds who couldn't be arsed to report it Stub. Bummer
  12. imagine firing Diane Abbot at your enemies Authoritah! A dark day in the arms race for all I think
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