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  1. Thanks Jewdy, I'd forgotten about the fragrant lovely Bormann. My all time fave was Herta Botha, who from some angles looked like actor Gordon Jackson in The Great Escape.
  2. Angela Scanlon could wee in my porridge and I'd still eat the cunt
  3. You're alright DC. You could do one of those D.G. Hessayon books
  4. compulsory attire when I was a teenager Jiggles. Kicking dirt for a few hours to de-whiten them was also de rigueur. Only after the Levi's I'd worn in the bath in for an hour had dried of course. Kids today know nothing
  5. good luck with that earwig lover. Show him photos of dead Palis and he'll be stiff all night btw
  6. that was fuckin brilliant CBo White trash at its best eh?
  7. from rapier wit to flaccid discharge eh Frank? Kill yourself minky
  8. white people enjoying themselves eh Deco? Not acceptable these days mind. My marriage with Lady P is utterly bleak and barren.
  9. I can picture Frank exhibiting metameric segmentation DC, but bilateral symmetry? That's just not going to happen. The guy's a simple grub
  10. I agree Bill. The BBC are such paupers these days, it's women's football and transvestite motor racing for non Sky folk like me
  11. ratcum

    Richard Huckle

    I'm fuckin thrilled Stubo. I'm off to dig a deep hole in Riga as we speak
  12. ratcum

    Richard Huckle

    don't get me wrong EoP, I agree with everything you say here. I would however, still be an enthusiastic accessory to your demise.
  13. ratcum

    Richard Huckle

    I'd provide additional ammunition in case you needed to reload Alf
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