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  1. ratcum

    eruv hazerot

    I actually believe in Iron Sky Deco, and certainly find it more plausible than Neil Armstrong
  2. ratcum

    Lee Furlong the dirty scouse binrat.

    can't argue with you there CGAS
  3. ratcum

    eruv hazerot

    prodigious brine gargler
  4. ratcum

    Asian grooming trials

    It's much more cerebral than that old chum. I'll pm you the jizzmondo
  5. ratcum

    Lee Furlong the dirty scouse binrat.

    I think it's a bit of a laugh and serves to remind Johnny Far East that we Brits are in charge and their cod religions are made up hokum.
  6. ratcum

    Asian grooming trials

    Normally I would argue against such lazy stereotyping Authoritah, but these shady dogs really are behind all of these 'rings'. It's the same with earwigs and some get rich quick internet bollocks that doesn't require honesty or physical effort. Aaarghh!
  7. ratcum

    eruv hazerot

    If one man can love another man without thoughts of a fondue party, I love you Stubble.
  8. ratcum

    eruv hazerot

    I am Charlie Hebdo Wybunbury Bertie
  9. ratcum

    Shit in our food.

    that Cressida Dick gave me the horn
  10. ratcum

    Shit in our food.

    that woman who fucked a schoolboy on a plane was shockingly plain herself. So much so, I reckon she was previously a policewoman.
  11. ratcum

    Cliff Huxtable's a nonce

    I agree Grotto. The cell Cosby has to live in should be exactly the same size as the fannies he's had his unwelcome fingers in.
  12. ratcum

    Bugging your own house.

    imagine being strapped to Hans Zimmer, the German film score composer?
  13. ratcum

    The Netherlands

    The Dutch remind me of the Saudis.. ..except for the oil, capital punishment, corporal punishment, servant beating, obsession with shiny things, letting down fellow arabs like The Palestinians, disenfranchising of women, racism towards foreign workers, sand and general shiftiness.
  14. ratcum

    conor mcgregor chat shit get banged.

    even a cod has the sense to only get battered once