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  1. I'm glad you raised this issue CB. The faux leopard (Panthera polymersii) is practically extinct thanks to twats like Abutt. She should bludgeoned with black puddings until the Emmett Till look is achieved. ...oh wait a minute
  2. they had a go at 'biofuel' back in the 40s but that didn't go too well. More research needed I reckon
  3. At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, They still died to perpetuate capitalism and the military industrial complex
  4. Talk about a damning indictment of likes! They're like trite designs of spume
  5. Or the healing peoperties of fucking Madonna's daughter, who funnily enough is also called Woodchipper
  6. ratcum


    farted yesterday with full on mucus. It was like Agent bastard Orange in my underpants. Decided to take them in the shower with me, precleaning prior to giving them to Frau Rat. In sickness and health and all that..
  7. Delegates should travel to climate conferences in lesbian powered rickshaws
  8. cunt, I was going to do this Gallie Rinekah
  9. Okay, in that case can I just borrow some Jeyes Fluid then?
  10. Oi Sprotto, apparently the late June Whitfield's embalmed clitoris (with hood) is being auctioned on the dark web. How about we go halves?
  11. yeah, but imagine putting your finger in her hotpot eh?
  12. so it's okay to trust neonates then DC? Provided we bleed them first I guess
  13. You're right Authoritah. My mate said the same thing when his dad bought the farm and I was nice to him. You simple gill slurp
  14. Or he's been eating Bel Paese Wizness. Or Susan Boyle's labia majora
  15. ratcum


    I still think women with stoma bags are beyond horny. You could really pack in there.
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