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  1. Gender-neutral prefixes

    what's all this Pancho Villa bollocks Jewdy? Don't tell me you've actually started reading about history before giving your amateurish horse whipped loon opinion of things on here?
  2. Gender-neutral prefixes

    I'm sick of all these weirdoes getting special treatment Scotto. As a licensed trisexual, I've been doing it with furniture for years and don't even get a reserved parking space. Cunts.
  3. Gender-neutral prefixes

    fuck off Jewdy
  4. Cycle helmets

    Scouse vermin
  5. Paula Williamson, world famous actress

    How simply ghastly
  6. Dozy Oxford Graduate Cunt Faiz Siddiqui

    You might be one goat short of an ISIS stag do Eddie, but I agree with you on these issues.
  7. Dozy Oxford Graduate Cunt Faiz Siddiqui

    Ground control to Major Lol
  8. Bubba/Bill/Quince Minger

    Well according to the BBC website Nocto, Paloma Faith is feeling less fragile. Why anyone would want to know about some silly warbling bint is beyond me. Also, some ZZ list cretins have gone to a jungle to eat bugs.

    I got "degenerate exploitative cunt" but I may have cheated

    Larry Nassar. Team doctor for US female gymnasts and a dirty sausage to boot.
  11. Dozy Oxford Graduate Cunt Faiz Siddiqui

    Yeah but I fought the judge and won. The witless twat had a rather public meltdown on here and started making chicken noises.
  12. Dozy Oxford Graduate Cunt Faiz Siddiqui

    Can I just say I've never liked this Snatch character? He strikes me as the sort who would try to usurp the site's only true Nazi from his well deserved place, on top of the extremist mound.
  13. Dozy Oxford Graduate Cunt Faiz Siddiqui

    My racism is mainstream these days. Fuck I've even got sponsorship.
  14. Gay Nightclubs

    quality sausage
  15. The Argentine sub San Juan

    If they don't find the cunt soon, it'll be renamed "Sank Juan"