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  1. Frank

    Frank is at the peak of his powers. He may be our only hope of defeating those North Korean dogs
  2. Cunts Corner Christmas get together

    our new budgie, Monty, will be able to sniff you out and raise the alarm CB. He's trained to trill. Oh and of course, Valdez is coming
  3. North Korean cunts

    Oh I don't know about that Gypo, by all accounts Genghis Khan was a right mong
  4. too rate fror me shave ror shelf Elic
  5. fruk me you velly funny johnny rong time
  6. El Segundo!! He's in panto in Norwich this Christmas
  7. altruistic? You dirty sausage
  8. Frank

    Frank drove ISIS from North West London, including Kilburn High Road
  9. Frank

    not much gets past the Tank Bollock for sure
  10. Frank