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  1. so Helen Keller got boffed a lot then? Dirty bitch
  2. I think I might rape a goose for Christmas CBB
  3. Hi Frank, looking forward to Christmas? I can't quite seem to get into the yuletide groove. I look to you for a contemporary alternative to all this tradition laden bollocks.
  4. He's certainly had his head in the sand since the last election. I'm bitterly disappointed in his inability (or sheer pig-headedness?) to accept he's unelectable. I don't want either of those mutant Millibands coming back either
  5. I hope they'll be seen for the insipid, MOR fence sitting Tory scum they are. I genuinely hope they all get cancer and can't get treated in a Tory destroyed NHS.
  6. I'm Labour all the way Deco. I did however abstain after Blair's agenda became clear as the middleclass poncery it was. I hate that wanker.
  7. You know me too well Jewdy. The Apprentice spin off show has Linda Plant and Gabby Roslin fawning of barrow boy Sugar. Quite a kosher love in eh?
  8. The mayor of Jersey City says anti-Semitism and hate has no place in his city. Well hate has no place in Palestine either Steven, yet your lot dish it out to the indigenous population everyday. Fuck off.
  9. I used to do a crude photocopied one about 30 odd years ago Killer. It featured a seal being beaten to death, with the exhortation: "If you can't beat 'em, bash 'em." Used to send it to cunts I didn't like
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