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  1. deffo gang rape Harvey. That's if there's anything left to bugger after da homeboyz from da hood have emptied their sacks. I haven't been this happy since Madoff's son topped himself Nocto 🐷
  2. all these impersonator cunts choose the white jumpsuited, stupid sunglasses Elvis look and say "Thank you very much". They don't try and sing like him because they can't. Utter cretins who should be gassed or gang rape Harvey Weinstein. 🍍
  3. To my eternal regret, I don't think I could satisfy a man like Jewdy could Nocti
  4. faced with Thatcher's purulent anus or June's creaky cock crypt, I know which one I'd choose. Unless Marie Colvin's empty eye socket was available of course. 🦛
  5. Jewdy makes Vietnamese New Year seem offensive
  6. I notice things are kicking off a bit more in the East Jewdy. Bullying holocaust deniers will look like cake walk compared to what's coming. Harry and Meghan are better out of it. 🍄
  7. Good nom Gypo. I imagine these are the same swine who can't just sit the fuck down in the cinema or theatre. I can only surmise they are part of some fucked up cult, members of which can only eat, drink, and defaecate in places of entertainment. I would gas their spring-loaded arses and those of their wider families as well. 🧆
  8. I heard it more like you got off with 14 fruits and were actually a girl called Veronica
  9. or the Irishman who thought his local fishmonger was selling crushed Asians
  10. you're such a lezza Jewdy. I bet you have the 1000 yard stare most of the time.
  11. try running 100 metres with the Vickers, engage the enemy from the front, then the sneaky cunts attempting to left flank you. Oh and then the Republic Thunderbolts above
  12. you crazy revisionist dog Bertie! I might even report your skanky arse myself.
  13. I still get vexed when war films have Germans circa 1939/44 blazing away with MG42s. There's a clue in the name, fuckin 42 Rant over.
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