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  1. ratcum


    too early to tell definitively, but the virus does seem to be killing levantine types, more than Northern Europeans
  2. ..unless she shows a bit of pink Billy. Okay it might not exactly look pink these days, more like an arab's toe, but still. 👅
  3. ratcum

    Richard Branson

    if you wore a cardigan round our way, that'd be the last anyone would see of you. Same with slip on shoes.
  4. ratcum

    Richard Branson

    I want Branson dead almost as much as I want Hitler alive CB Almost
  5. cheer up Jewdy you miserable old dog. Spirit of the Blitz and all that. 🔕
  6. Excellent analysis WC. If you want to buy copper ore anywhere in Africa, you have to go through Mr. Wong. The sneaky cunt offers to build a railway for Johnny African (who let's face can't carve wood into anything other than dildo shaped animals), and then quietly extends the line into the middle of nowhere. Except it isn't nowhere, it's were the massive deposits of chalcopyrite are found. Johnny African still doesn't twig, as he's still got his dildo, and thinks Mr. Wong must collect worthless rock and send it back home for a laugh. Millions of tons of it. He also gives Johnny some coloured beads and lets him carry on FGMing 11 year old girls.
  7. all sorts of spackers are coming out of the woodwork over this virus shit
  8. Professional (lol) footballers should all commit suicide to reduce the number of potential hosts for Covid 19. It would also reduce the number of feckless cretin children, riding the coattails of their parents in lieu of an actual career. Romeo Beckham for instance. Or Jesus of Nazareth.
  9. she predates the current tend of celebrity for celebrity's sake. I'd kick her in the cunt until it resembled Guy Gibson's dog after getting twatted by a car
  10. strictly speaking they were both concentration camps, but as you say Jewdy, Treblinka was only for extermination. In terms of its size and short existence, it outstripped all other camps. Ukrainian and Latvian guards, with a handful of Germans.
  11. Compared to many concentration camps, Treblinka was actually quite small
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