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  1. ratcum

    Outsourced Army Recruitment

    I'm off to the bush tucker barbecue at Chester Zoo
  2. ratcum


    Good old Killer; like Barbara Woodhouse only with out the regular canine masturbation. "Wankies!"
  3. ratcum


    In an era where the youth are often described as dissolute wastrels, it was heart warming to see an item on the BBC the other day about bullying. Apparently some teens still have sufficient sense of civic duty to know that ginger kids need to be oppressed. So taking to time away from social media, these brave souls risk everything to mock and humiliate the amber plague in our midst. It puts all this Brexit bollocks into perspective.
  4. ratcum


    Rick left because he couldn't cut it intellectually Stubness. Even maggots and bivalves like Rothers got the better of him.
  5. ratcum


    Can I just say I've never liked this Kunte Kinte character? He strikes me as the sort to have an uncommon number of zoonotic infections
  6. ratcum

    painting railings

  7. ratcum

    painting railings

    unlike you Frank, I paced myself on here. I chose my battles carefully. The greatest victory was over my own ego, confirming me as the most magnificent specimen in all of Cuntdom
  8. ratcum

    painting railings

    live streaming your self-immolation will have them dancing in the streets of Kirkcaldy Frank
  9. ratcum

    Standing in the door

    Less well known Killer but equally debilitating, is Blocker's Cunt. Originally applied to naval personnel blockading a port, I now use it with block pavers and their immediate family. "You cunt!" I shout, whilst passing by.
  10. ratcum

    Cunts who swing their arms while walking

    Frank thought a Tena Lady was an inexpensive prostitute. Fuck knows what he made of Free Nelson Mandela
  11. ratcum

    Steph McGovern of BBC Breakfast

    You're sooo BTEC Scotty
  12. ratcum

    Steph McGovern of BBC Breakfast

    Newton's Third Law in a nutshell CB
  13. ratcum

    Steph McGovern of BBC Breakfast

    never mind all that shit Stubness, one of our cats, Kickboxer, has just attacked the Christmas tree