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  1. ratcum


    Looking at the CCTV of the tube stabbing, it’s obvious the victim pushed Pencille over the edge. He had literally walked into another carriage but was then pursued by the victim. The victim’s stance was belligerent to the extent he kept side stepping to be closer to Pencille. Manslaughter with provocation, 5 years inside at best. Plus another 5 for being intentionally black in a public place.
  2. what are you on about Authoritah? When I take Totenkopf to the vets, our route takes us past a synagogue. The poor fucker is always foaming at the mouth by the time we get practice.
  3. good old Jiggly; like a cock sparrow only without passerine toes
  4. ratcum

    Bruno Tonioli

    The guy was a fuckin degenerate sleazeball. I'm only surprised he wasn't an earwig. A visit to Trevor would have sorted the cunt out
  5. better on your face than on mine Authoritah. Ooer..
  6. Again with same wavelength already! Only difference is, I'd gas the fuckers and solve the problem once and for all.
  7. Children in care have been abused long enough. Just drown the fuckers
  8. ratcum


    Fuck Jared Kushner to hell. This earwig slime is telling the Palestinians how lucky they are. That's like Reinhard Heydrich telling the Czechs how lucky they were.
  9. you never used to swear you know. Has someone nicked your beige car coat?
  10. It is true I've been increasingly suffering from bouts of normality Major. That apple polishing toad Eric and his unctuous creed have said as much.
  11. ratcum


    Simon Clonby or one of his regional representatives, will be visiting Ms. Leigh in the near future. Thanks for the tipoff CB
  12. I never block or report anyone on here. Instead, I watch them slowly comprehend, like a Love Island contestant, that their existence is utterly pointless. This, coupled with the realisation they'll leave as much impression as a hand print in a puddle, inevitably leads to a very public meltdown.
  13. aspiring to top the 'leaderboard' is akin to wanting to rim the most protruding monkey arses
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