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  1. ratcum

    When is a warship not a warship

  2. ratcum

    When is a warship not a warship

    and you wonder why you don't get any ratlikes?
  3. ratcum

    When is a warship not a warship

    imagine if you got 'warship' and 'parsnip' mixed up!
  4. ratcum

    Fucking Scum

    Poland suggests itself
  5. ratcum

    Wildlife documentary - Elephant wanking team

    he's at the cold meat counter at the moment
  6. ratcum

    Fucking Scum

    I need a new Nazi chum on here CB. Deco's become some sort of a social realist, the fuckin shrimp potter
  7. ratcum

    Fucking Pop Music

    Even the Waffen SS had to lower their standards towards the end of the war Blubbly.
  8. ratcum

    Fucking Pop Music

    I laughed myself hoarse when I heard Mick Hucknall had died. Presumably he can keep touring as the front man for Simply Dead? Lol. Fuckin brilliant Rat
  9. ratcum

    Fucking Scum

    Still vexed about FGM. Just cut it out will you!
  10. ratcum

    Fucking Scum

    Imagine getting 'mop and bucket' and 'motte and bailey' mixed up Grottness. Why you'd be just about to clear up that split cappuccino when fuck me, the Normans build a fortification next to the breakfast bar!
  11. ratcum

    Tribute Bands

  12. ratcum

    TSB bank

    even better CB! You try to quickly flood the moat because Jacobite raiders have been spotted, but instead an overweight psychotic twat turns up!
  13. ratcum

    TSB bank

    Can I recommend a Nazi Gas Van Wizzle?
  14. ratcum

    TSB bank

    Imagine if you got 'remote control' and 'moat control' mixed up Shrubbery! You'd be trying to click on Babestation and suddenly you're in 4 feet of stagnant water! Fuckin brilliant lark eh?
  15. ratcum

    Cunts who wear jeans

    fair. It's £5 for every limb that falls off during the fucking, £1 a digit. All money goes to blind dogs for the Girl Guides