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  1. hark at you with your monosyllables and big font! You yeasty scrubber 🤓
  2. I agree with you Jewdy. The Johnson clan should be suspended by their feet in a barn filled with Venezuelan Devil Pigs.
  3. he'd probably enjoy that you cheap Welsh prozzie
  4. it's a degenerate programme with revolting untermensch displaying their plipply bits. I would honestly burn them all alive.
  5. this sort of laser accuracy will upset some of the natives on here CH. Personally I think it's quite refreshing, but obviously you should still fuck off out of it.
  6. ratcum

    Rick Stein

  7. ratcum

    John Wayne

    ah the old jokes
  8. there's not many a cunt as'd be so kind
  9. I think it was Lenin who said "quantity has a quality all of its own" Scrotals
  10. you can't summon Jewdy with a mere '@' Killer. There must incantations, sacrifices and dervishes doing that thing they do. All hail Jewdy (may peace be upon him) etc.
  11. just like Hollywood and the US Senate, this site is controlled by blobs TF
  12. Honestly don't know what 'on the blob' means Killer. I will however use it as a code word to cleverly disguise my rabid anti-Blobism. Fuckin blobs
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