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  1. Warped as they are, children who fuck spastics deserve a voice like any other minority group. I agree with you about comic sans Deco, but imagine comic avec serif!!!!
  2. I've seen Corbyn's so called plot allotment (let's call it what it is), and it's not in any way radical. By the same token, Ken Livingstone's secret newt army wasn't exactly the Waffen SS. Don't be taken in by this zionist meddling in our sovereign affairs.
  3. I agree. Solidarity with all cunts everywhere.
  4. ratcum

    Football is fucked

    it's the same with the Girl Guides Authoritah. Leave 'em for a week and they start trapping and enslaving Asian men. The crazy cunts.
  5. Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's man. Bake me a cake as fast as you can Pat it, and prick it, and mark it with Zyklon B And put it in the oven for tax dodging earwigs!
  6. That Little Miss Climate, Greta Thunberg.. when can we start to make improper comments about her? She's 16.
  7. ratcum

    Football is fucked

    I'd be happy to see every football player and thicko fan get Ebola and dissolve during the 90 minutes of play. I hate football with a passion normally reserved for Dermaptera and its clueless goy supporters.
  8. ratcum


    Imagine getting tampons and crampons mixed up!
  9. I'm still on such a high after Epslime's death! My excellent mucker Simon Clonby's elated: "It's such a gas Ratto. I'm as happy as a priest at a Scout camp!"
  10. imagine getting a job in your local Sainsbury's clothing department and refusing to sell someone more than one shirt from their 'Tu' range Shotty. "Non, tu es singulier arse de wipe!" you could retort to the bemused customer Quelle blagues eh?
  11. This actually happened in a brilliant Murder She Wrote episode. Fletcher was sleuthing about, cataloguing how many actors in Hollywood were earwigs. She'd got through Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtiss, Doris Day, Shelley Winters, Henry Winkler and John Goodman, when she told Columbo he was one too. He walked away, and then in his signature move, came back and kicked her cunt in.
  12. the Lizard Lord probably ordered it Killer. They will turn on their own for survival. A few concentration camp Kapos took that to a whole new level.
  13. Thanks for this Killer! I haven't laughed so much since Epstein's fellow earwig Bernie Madoff's son topped himself. I only hope snivelling abusemonger Harvey Wankstain and evil prevert Larry 'the labia' Nassar follow suit soon. They might bump into Leon Brittan and Greville Janner in limbo paedo. I'm totally off for a schadenfreude wank!!!! 😆
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