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  1. Mike Hunt

    England football and cricket strip

    No, just black gloves... This is the official England World Cup strip...
  2. Mike Hunt


    Grass doesn't grow on a busy street (or so I've been told)!
  3. Mike Hunt

    Laura Plummer

    Having lived in Egypt (worked as a keyboard player on Nile cruises for a few years), you're probably right. Women often go through a 'ceremony' at a lawyer's office (which more often than not costs a shitload of money) and end up with a certificate which they think is a marriage certificate. Unfortunately for them, it's just an orfi certificate, which is accepted by certain downmarket hotels as permission to share a room. The orfi is known locally as "fucking papers". With regard to the Tramadol pills, Egyptians want to use them during sex as it makes them last longer than the usual minute or so. They also mix them with Benylin or other cough medicines to give a "high". As for him wanting Tramadol for his back pain...anyone believing that is as stupid a cunt as she is. Usual practice is to sell them on after he's had his share. Evidently, she got the pills from a 'friend' who now refuses to offer any evidence on her behalf. I've seen the inside of an Egyptian jail (from outside the bars) and they are absolute shitholes. Exactly what she deserves.
  4. Mike Hunt

    Good Game , Good Game

    You haven't heard of the cinematographic masterpiece "Can Heironymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness?" Sadly overlooked when it came to Oscar nominations, but Brucie starred as Uncle Limelight (only being upstaged by Joan Collins' tits).
  5. Mike Hunt

    New Dr Who

    FFS, it's supposed to be DOCTOR Who, not NURSE Who.
  6. Mike Hunt


    Well, if you're a bass player, we can cure every other cunts insomnia by talking about our bass gear...no,on second thoughts it will make them suicidal, so here goes... Marcus Miller (signed) bass and Phil Jones 2x4" 100w Bass Cub.
  7. Mike Hunt

    British Sandwich Week

    Totally agree re: French cuisine. In fact, a hymn in appreciation is called for... All things bright and beautiful, All creatures great and small. All things wise and wonderful, The French cunts eat them all.
  8. Mike Hunt

    15 minute phone operating system upgrades

    Sums up Windoze perfectly.
  9. Mike Hunt

    What Took You So Long?

    Putting on pedant's hat... Actually, Mary Banilow didn't write "Mandy"...it was originally written by Scott English who called it "Brandy". There was another song that Scott English wrote which would have been far more appropriate for the shirt lifter, aptly namely "Bend Me, Shape Me".
  10. Mike Hunt


    Yes, after careful consideration, I'm nominating myself (and I'm sure I'll get plenty of support for my nom)! Simple reason is, after hearing the news regarding Primodos, my first reaction was "Thank fuck for that...flads aren't a dying breed after all...still plenty of material to keep this site going!" Or have I been hanging around here for too long?
  11. Mike Hunt


    I suffer from Zymocenosilicaphobia (as, I suspect, do a few others on here).
  12. Mike Hunt

    Pawning cunts

    Met a girl outside a pawnbrokers a few years back. She kissed me under the balls...
  13. Mike Hunt

    New Doctor Who

    FFS, it's DOCTOR Who, not NURSE Who!
  14. Mike Hunt

    OFCOM Cunts

    First nom... The OFCOM cunts who produced this report... http://stakeholders.ofcom.org.uk/market-data-research/other/tv-research/offensive-language-2016/ The fuckers even got paid for doing it! Can anyone add to the list of 150 words and gestures? (I had to Google "Iberian slap"!).
  15. Mike Hunt


    How do you milk sheep? Release the iPhone 7.