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  1. London terror attack

    You certainly fucking do. I can't be arsed to explain...'baws might but I suspect he's busy. Herewith, your complimentary 'Fuck Off...LOL'
  2. London terror attack

    What sort of a man drinks halves? T- total twattery
  3. London terror attack

    Too little self pity for Frank? Dexy, Sticky or Quincy? If only it were the Cat...here pussy...
  4. London terror attack

    Given that 2% of bugger-all is as near zero as makes no difference then the cunt is either a carpet fitter or the fucking carpet. Why the sudden flid-storm? It's raining mongs at the moment.
  5. People who are spooked by The Vimtoad

    Pen, it is never wise to share personal images; the outfit does suit you though. You're not overdoing the Sanatogen or sniffing Mr Sheen are you? Stay safe.
  6. Frank's Funeral Arrangements

    Or brown kraptonite?
  7. New GAYDAR AI

    FIFY...at the expense of nudging rule 6 a bit. PS Rule 6: There is no rule 6...Bruce
  8. Spittle

    Yes but a number of our side seem to disagree about how the 'horsey' moves and others think that the game is actually draughts. I would weep but have no tears left to shed.
  9. Liberal Parenting

    A cunt you say...hmm, I wonder if we could get him to join the corner? He'd certainly bring a touch of class and wit compared with the standard: 'fuck off' and 'bleach, stripper...' etc I'd recommend him for moderator rank. He could replace Rick! He'd get on fabulously with you know who. Roops-Mogg: Moderators to the Cunts (who know their place!) Can we have an election? Please.....
  10. Small Aircraft Pilots

    Ah but he comes like a Saturn V
  11. Small Aircraft Pilots

    So...the major cause of air 'incidents' is Rick? With Rickish behaviour a close second? It's a fuckin' education this site is. Cheers Rattus
  12. Small Aircraft Pilots

    Character building literature, now sadly considered non PC. I've still got all my copies; 'Biggles Flies Undone' and 'Biggles Kills the Fokkers' were the best. Chocks Away
  13. ...and this time too, it would seem. Petty, spiteful and unwarranted, unless little Ricky came crying... Disappointing but tends to confirm the original assertion and provided 'baws with a golden opportunity, so not a total waste.
  14. Ye fucking gods! I got a ban for posting a picture of one fucking doll, nailed to a board. Apparently it was an image likely to promote child abuse, or some such shit (it was Ricksby ). You, on the other hand, have a full nursery wipe-out ( is that duelling banjos playing in the background?) and are still here! Twat-tastic.