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  1. Christmas

    I am often relieved by the good Lady's posts... and I meant the nom resurfaced not intimations of Harman bothering... and I wasted a fucking age posting this from a machine that doesn't have my login remembered...and the the bastard network froze... Hope you choke on Stickers' Like, provocative fucker.
  2. Christmas

    Well. here's one from January that's just resurfaced: I'm too busy to come round and unzip your flies every time you want a piss. Call social services and get a fucking grip. PS Am going Christmas shopping tonight (thanks Wolfie), I'll see if I can make a nom out of that. Seasons Gratings (sic)
  3. Christmas

    I have, go look. Lazy lard arse. Crappy New Year. Lol PS Not forgetting Fuck Off! PPS It seems you're getting me mixed up with someone who values your feedback on my nominations, Ape
  4. Christmas

    It seems you're getting mixed up re feedback versus a critical evaluation of 'opportunistic, utter bollocks'. Happy Xmas (in fucking advance) and a Very Happy Brief New Year.
  5. Ads that are cunts

    Game, set and match. This fails at every level.
  6. Christmas

    Please, for the love of God, tell me that irony was involved in the above...
  7. Christmas

    Oh fuck, not already? Wolf, this clearly pre-written atrocity is a crime against humanity. Just when you think the consumerfest might pass un-noticed...and you've started Roops off! Cunt!
  8. Ads that are cunts

  9. Ads that are cunts

  10. 0.25% interest rate rise

    Good nom. Take the fucking 'property ladder' (retch) and ignite it at the bottom...burn you climbing bastards burn...
  11. 0.25% interest rate rise

    Ding? You was multi all dis time? Cnut
  12. This topic is now closed to further replies

    Well, it's not what I usually come for but I'll give it a try. Who's giving it and can I use PayPal?
  13. I fear, your lordship, that you may be lusting in vain. It may be that the logo is a mere diversion and that the lady has engaged a professional gigolo to service her own insatiable growler. If only you had got in quicker. This covert practice may be the 'dogging' which I have seen mention of in Her Majesty's Daily Telegraph. Woof woof!
  14. BBC Training Manual: Handy Tips No. 3 Presenters should avoid taking it up the arse, when live on camera.