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  1. Piston

    Alabama Rot

    Fucking disgusting but fair. I think I was once served this at KFC.
  2. Piston

    Alabama Rot

    Which, presumably, afflicts equines and those who like to er...ride them? Neighhhh.....
  3. Piston

    Normal service resuming

    Stop fucking about and post the ordering details! This is legend-legacy gold. PS Can you stream Roops' Monumental Bitch Suffers Again....UHD 3D if poss. ?...purely for research etc...
  4. Piston

    Normal service resuming

    I assumed it was Roops, gleefully using outrageous voltages on her new Monumental bitch's bollocks, having neglected to put a shilling in the meter. Still, the most exciting happening for months! More power Igor
  5. Piston


    Have a like, now I've got some again
  6. Piston


    The cunts hadn't the ambition to even apply! Bristol and Bumingham and neither need to come home (to live) thanks be...
  7. Piston

    Needing Fucking Reading Glasses

    Euphemism of the week! but I'm out of likes. My advice...avoid using the specs as much as poss. Your (well my..) eyes seem to get used to and dependent upon them very quickly and you'll soon need a stronger pair, which will be even harder to fucking find...without an even stronger pair... I'm over hereby the way...
  8. Piston


    Given that a first degree is now less 'elite' than a couple of O-levels in the 60/70s what's the point in degrees in the History O' Fart etc. No fucker benefits, except : the unemployment figures, fuckwit-feminist benefit-bunnies wanting "degree-level" jobs and University Vice Chancellors. Read this (if the opening picture isn't too much to bear) and weep: https://www.theguardian.com/education/2018/mar/10/happy-to-be-a-stopgap-life-in-a-boomerang-household-young-adults-parents This country is (has been) royally fucked...from the bottom up this time...
  9. Piston

    Monty Python

    Trouble with her orgasmatron: causing great disturbance to many of the corners' normally placid denizens.
  10. Piston

    Ad cunts

    Repeat bollocks...ad nauseam. Never mind, I'm sure your'e doing your best.
  11. Piston

    Ad cunts

    Oh dear. See the avatar? Know what 'irony' encompasses? Make a fucking effort. Mmmmmmnllllllnnnnggg fucking dribbling cunt...again.
  12. Piston

    Ad cunts

    Seriously? Where the fuck do you live, 1970? I know several (*). Common enough to be unremarkable. perhaps you need to get out more. (*) heterosexual couples. There's not a 'gay village' for many, many miles and witch-burning remains a focus of social interaction.
  13. Piston

    Cunts who leave abusive notes on Ambulances

    With her teeth, assuming you're a crown-cap not a corker.
  14. Piston

    Cunts who leave abusive notes on Ambulances

    Fucking brilliant song. Deci's Midnight Bummers, a Norwich band as I recall. PS where the fuck is Manky??