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  1. Piston's Politics: Lib-Dems warm to Tories: I have carefully examined Boris Johnson's mandate and must admit to being pleasantly surprised: Phew!
  2. ...and still do , it seems. Never mind, it is very tricky and I am in the dark too. All will be known in Allah's good time.
  3. A heart-warming outpouring of support! I'm sure our thoughts are with Southern at this time but I doubt they'll let him off.
  4. I do believe you've avoided the good question...shock-horror LOL If we take back Shamina et al then how, precisely, do they get de-rad'd and rendered safe? Bit of a chat and a promise to be good? (*) If there is no effective de-rad procedure do you still want the psycho's back on the street? Let 'em back and make 'em safe is easy to say, as you sort of have a couple of times. As with Spot. I applaud your humanity but... You haven't started subscribing to the Graun. have you? (*) Anything stronger might be considered 'torture', something she and her fellows can certainly do recognise.
  5. Without wishing to make inappropriate 'debriefed' references or continue the fruitless path of the current debate; what do you know about the UK's 'deradicalisation' prog? An old school friend, I still see a couple of times a year, joined the blues from school and is now a medium sized cog in the 'discrete' arm of the service. He's cagey re talking shop but (last summer) likened 'prevent programme' to lipstick on a pig, just laughed at the mention of 'de-rad' and reckons intelligence led policing simply doesn't exist any more in the uniformed service. So, how does this 'de-radicalise' thing happen, cut the red wire...or the blue? Seriously, if we can't be sure we can make these buggers safe why on earth would we drop 'em back amongst UK families (or prey, to be blunt)?
  6. No, nor anywhere nearby. Reporters with war correspondent experience yes, the 'refugees' were likely to tolerate them as a means of getting their pleadings out. Western diplomats might as well wear hi-viz targets on their back. I doubt we could have got the child out in any sort of short-order given the degree of 'unpleasantness' on display. I applaud your humanity but wonder if anger/emotion is clouding your vision. Stiff drink ?
  7. You are (as ever), sadly in this case, correct. A few snippets re the stealth MCAS: Boeing and its oversight, the FAA, decided the Airlines and their Pilots had no need to know. It can be stopped by the Pilot counter-trimming on the Yoke... ...which goes against what has been trained many times in the simulator for unwanted autopilot trim or manual trim runaway. How should they know that pulling on the Yoke didn’t stop the trim? It was described nowhere; neither in the aircraft’s manual, the AFM, nor in the Pilot’s manual, the FCOM. Source: https://leehamnews.com/2018/11/14/boeings-automatic-trim-for-the-737-max-was-not-disclosed-to-the-pilots/ So plane may be, as US FAA claim, fit for purpose...unlike the wingless-wonders at Boeing etc, for whom I hope the shit really hits the turbofan.
  8. Indeed and an earlier Lion Air pilot was quoted to the effect that they were never made aware of the systems existence. Nor were they trained for potential problems but since there is no 'off' switch anyway I guess that makes sense.
  9. Er... we had a British Consulate on-site ?!
  10. This is truly awful. It's so bad it's 'not even wrong'. The 'figure' you quote not consistent with those from the major education reports of the 1960s and 70s, I had to fucking read 'em so I know. I don't think you know what 'social mobility' is and as for 'potential social mobility'... Even the internal logic is broken. Show some pride and delete this shit?
  11. Piston

    The Common Ground.

    'Ello, I wish to register a complaint... about this parrot 'orse what I purchased not half an hour ago from this very boutique.
  12. Firm but fair-to-soft
  13. Piston

    Un Clever Cunt

    WTF?! I had thought that the Corner catching Crabs was an all time low.I was wrong. Along comes yourself, with a level of wit and repartee below the reach of even ground penetrating radar. Why the fuck are you bothering? It's like a bloke with a half-inch dick deciding to take up flashing. Embarrassing, delusional, multi-ID fuckwittery. There will doubtless be more along soon, I shall retreat to the pub.
  14. Piston

    Fucking Trains

    The fucking train is fucking late You fucking wait you fucking wait You’re fucking lost and fucking found Stuck in fucking Chickentown
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