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  1. Piston

    social decline

    Phew!!! Came home, watched the video...am popping out for a drink. The rest of the channel may need something stronger A like for the reply and a tip to buy brewery shares. Many once proud (give or take) institutions seem all to be threadbare... cheers!
  2. Piston

    Mums Net

    A brave admission Disappointing that nobody has made the traditional prostitute-abduction allegations. No standards these days. Truck off LOL
  3. Piston

    Useless scientists

    So for everyday transport then. Had an Alfa once upon a time. I was saved from suicide because it rained... and the fucker dissolved.
  4. Piston

    social decline

    The you've got some keen cunts up your way or it's a dumping ground for all the old, pale, male dinosaur losers from other forces (oops 'services'). Down here it's the new breed of ethno-feminist, uni-formed, snowflakes (no offence Snowy). The key priority is tackling the proliferation of social media crime ie Operation Facebook Play, in the warm with tea and hob-nobs. Hmm, cosy. These self-important cunts never leave the station for the real-world mean streets with real mean people, that's a job for the promotion stakes no-hopers. The town centre is often a no-go shit hole of begging, mugging, group- violence and vandalism. No evening patrols and certainly no provocative 'paddy wagons'. In fact no response at all! Their lardy arses are welded to the seats of computer desks and meeting rooms. Count your monumental blessings and fear for the future. Evenin' All
  5. Piston

    Useless scientists

    Fair point. It is common knowledge that male squirrels spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about their nuts. Whereas you appear to be totally nuts. Do you find yourself being often subject to unwanted tree-rat attention?
  6. Piston

    Rob Beckett

    Reminds me of the only funny thig said by the 'immortal' (he's dead) Bob Monkhouse: "People used to laugh when I said I was going to be a comedian. Well, they're not laughing now." (Doubtless stolen from Mike D)
  7. Piston

    Tranny Madness

    It gets worse, full article in Spectator: ( https://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2018/09/the-state-has-failed-karen-whites-victims/ ) The State did not just put a rapist in a women’s jail, they put a convicted paedophile in prison with children)... Fortunately, a few MPs are willing to speak out... David Davies, Tory MP for Monmouth, thus tabled an Urgent Question, a parliamentary request for the House to summon a minister to discuss the issues raised by the Karen White case... The decision to grant a UQ and summon a minister rests with the Speaker, John Bercow. He grants a lot of UQs... (but this time) He didn’t. Mr Davies says the Speaker rejected his request. There are whispers that at least one other MP was also rebuffed. ...it is at least worth noting that John Bercow is also the President of the Kaleidoscope Trust, an advocacy organisation that describes its mission thus: ‘We urge the British government and Commonwealth stakeholders to use their influence in support of the rights of LGBT people.’ So Bendy Wendy-ism now has the power to subvert the impartiality of the Speaker's office and thereby the functioning of the elected house ?! What a fucking dismal state of affairs.
  8. Piston

    Serena Williams in sexist row

    When your pubic hair becomes 'velcroed' to the astro-turf...
  9. Piston

    Mums Net

    I rather doubt that he would recognise his arse either. In a brightly lit room, with full length mirrors and both his hands free... he would come up 'elbow' every time. Time for the Liverpool Care Pathway?
  10. Piston

    Mums Net

    Soooo Mr Mental, you actually live in Oldham. Presumably the Cotswold stone, previously referred to, is B&Q 'stone-effect' cladding on your Victorian artisan's terrace... All your base are belong to us! PS Please make your mind up re liable vs liobel vs liabil, liabel etc. 'Libel' for preference but any one, used consistently, would save my sanity. Have a nice day and remember to take your medication.
  11. Piston

    When The Sisterhood Is Ill Served By Feminists...

    ?? Oh dear God....why did I log on tonight?
  12. Piston

    Foreign aid bullshit !!

    I'm sure that 'Mentalcunt, being the right-on PC guy that he is, would seek to explain that the wearing of such attire constitutes Cultural Appropriation and should be 'called out' by all right-thinking intellectuals. Go 'cunt go !
  13. Piston

    Foreign aid bullshit !!

    You'll be missing 'Baws too if Rick looks in...
  14. Piston

    When The Sisterhood Is Ill Served By Feminists...

    Indeed, the aim of these blinkered loonies appears to be the defenestration of men using ordinary women as cannon fodder and bugger wider consequences for society. Some of my favourites: The more famous and powerful I get the more power I have to hurt men. Sharon Stone I want to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high-heel shoved in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig. Andrea Dworkin (*) The nuclear family must be destroyed… Whatever its ultimate meaning, the break-up of families now is an objectively revolutionary process. Linda Gordon The proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at approximately 10% of the human race. Sally Miller Gearhart, in The Future – If There Is One – Is Female Men who are unjustly accused of rape can sometimes gain from the experience. Catherine Comins “In a patriarchal society, all heterosexual intercourse is rape because women, as a group, are not strong enough to give meaningful consent.” — Catherine MacKinnon “Men who are unjustly accused of rape can sometimes gain from the experience.” – Catherine Comins “All men are rapists and that’s all they are” — Marilyn French In that case, why is it not as illuminating and honest to refer to Newton’s laws as “Newton’s rape manual” as it is to call them “Newton’s mechanics”? Prof. Sandra Harding Dworkin has produced so much rabid rubbish that I wondered what she looked like.... She dead now so prob. lost a bit of weight but doesn't strike one as being 'hinged'?
  15. Piston

    When The Sisterhood Is Ill Served By Feminists...

    I suspect that your pursuer's eyesight is failing, you are in fact being subjected to Braille banter. Feel free to reciprocate (no, not a euphemism)