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  1. Piston

    Police speak.

    In the outside world, you have a rival for (self-harming) Cunt of the Week: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/man-stabs-himself-death-stab-proof-vest-jordan-easton-teeside-inquest-a8402961.html Briefly: Lad buys a supposedly 'stab-proof' vest. To test it, he goes home and in front of his family... stabs himself...fatally! Article says he wanted to test the item's 'abdominal' protection but he appears to have stabbed himself in the chest?! Total cunting, terminal disaster. All you managed was to piss yourself... Take care and for fucks sake steer clear of e-bay 'bullet-proof' vests.
  2. Piston

    Sir Christopher Chope MP

  3. Piston

    World Cup pundits

    Not wishing to be picky but are you sure? analyse ˈan(ə)lʌɪz/ verb verb: analyse; 3rd person present: analyses; past tense: analysed; past participle: analysed; gerund or present participle: analysing; verb: analyze; 3rd person present: analyzes; past tense: analyzed; past participle: analyzed; gerund or present participle: analyzing 1. examine (something) methodically and in detail, typically in order to explain and interpret it. "we need to analyse our results more clearly" analize verb : To insert an object into/up the anus of oneself or another ...a game? All 22 players...officials...? Monumental Punkape? LoL etc...or have I fallen for it, you nob?
  4. Piston

    People who post stories just to stir up shit

    Just as well you didn't. I fear that you wouldn't have made it through term 1 (p< 0.05). The mathematical underpinnings are not manipulable. The nature of the sample and the mendacity of the interpreter is a different matter. That said, your analysis of the bollocks presented was splendidly Roopsian :)
  5. Piston

    'Super' as an adverb

    Oh dear...no. Perhaps Roops will be along later to provide a tutorial on Newtonian gravity, or maybe to toss your balls off the leaning tower of Pisa. With luck, she might not notice...
  6. Piston

    Any Form Of Alcohol Free Beverage

    ?! Cunt! When oh when will people think about the planet's environment? The shit should have been taken to a licensed chemical disposal facility, as I did with my own mistaken purchase. It does taste like leper-piss (I imagine)
  7. Piston

    Poor white schools 'destroyed' by rankings

    Agreed. I went to one of the two wedding ceremonies of a Sikh lass and Scots Presbyterian bloke. The Sikh-do was at some big hotel on the Hagley road which turned off the sprinkler system so that the ceremonial fire didn't trigger it. The Sikh men arrived in full kit, including ceremonial daggers; the Scots in clan tartan with dirks. Fucking monstrous, great natured piss up afterwards. Half the guests armed to the teeth and nobody stabbed, you'd think they'd been drinking together for years. The 'return match', in Scotland, was said to be even better. Sikhs are well sound, sober or otherwise.
  8. Piston


    Let us pray that they make the legislation retrospective.
  9. The poor bloody Palestinians do have a legitimate reason to feel aggrieved but are merely low value pawns in someone else's game. Their role is to be the body count . The assumption that any criticism of Israel is antisemitic is absolute rubbish is undeniable. "Hamas and the Palestinian people" is a mistake, if meant literally. Hamas is Sunni muslim fundamentalist clusterfuck, from the shit-pit that was Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood. If you're Christian, Jewish any other sort of fucking Muslim... die infidel etc. Hamas is simply parasitising the Palies as part of their 'kill-everybody that's not us'. Both Israel and Hammas are content to see Palestinians die, as of course are many angry Palestinians themselves. Human stupidity really is fucking infinite (after Einstein?). Here Endeth Thought for the Day er Fuck off ... PS Just seen the bottom end of the Members' List: Manky, Snatch, Gobbler etc all about to fall off the end? WTF?
  10. Piston

    The Mutation Of The Left.

    I have consulted the goose entrails and they clearly indicate that 'Scrotes would be the victim offering of choice. PS ... and none of that humane pre-stunning nonsense!
  11. Piston

    Fergie Pops a Brain Artery

    Christ, this place is depressing these days. The ever more rapid descent from comment/banter into cackling glee at the misfortune of those who have achieved something beyond 'Likes' on Care-Home Corner is fucking brain- fuckingly awful. I it weren't for Roops' posts I wouldn't log in at all...again
  12. Piston

    Alabama Rot

    Fucking disgusting but fair. I think I was once served this at KFC.
  13. Piston

    Alabama Rot

    Which, presumably, afflicts equines and those who like to er...ride them? Neighhhh.....
  14. Piston

    Normal service resuming

    Stop fucking about and post the ordering details! This is legend-legacy gold. PS Can you stream Roops' Monumental Bitch Suffers Again....UHD 3D if poss. ?...purely for research etc...