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  1. Our Future Our Choice

    ...a furnace for the snowflakes! Be safe, be warm, begone.
  2. Cunts who leave abusive notes on Ambulances

    ... and on the other side too!
  3. Accidents

    Irony... ?
  4. Accidents

    The driver had undiagnosed fibromyalgia. They are the real victim in all of this, and he was only driving that train in the first place because of toxic white culture. This is why the railways need to be re-nationalised and we need to halt Brexit tomorrow. Car ownership is inherently a patriarchal hetero-normative activity, and the people in those cars could have easily taken green public transport if they didn't want to be hit by a train. In a bit of a hurry, so to be brief: Fuck Off Rick! Have a nice, but hopefully short, evening
  5. Extreme Liberalism.

    No fucking likes left. "baby please don' go" The loose quote is more irritating than Decs...apologies. Stay and fuck 'em.
  6. The cost of Valentine's Day

    Oh no you haven't, nor will you until you mend your ways. Seek help from a provincial GP?
  7. The cost of Valentine's Day

    Roops is wonderful and let you back in after your horrifying performance after she was, temporarily, defenestrated. Sadly, you have learned nothing and the old demon has returned. Suicide pact with Stickers, you ungrateful twat? PS I'm a doctor y'know...see avatar. Consider the Liverpool Care Pathway .
  8. Extreme Liberalism.

  9. New Oxfam Work Experience Programme

    Still the eternal optimist then. Do you think that anyone in authority has any interest in exposing this issue? The government has committed to an Aid target. The priority is to simply get the money out of the door so that the target is met. Whether it does good or ill is immaterial (to personal advancement) Similarly, charity execs. take a very comfortable slice out of their organization's budget. They are not going to voluntarily seek to rock the 'gravy boat'. It is now being claimed that teenage volunteers in UK charity-shops have been subject to molestation by managers. Our 'society' appears to be rotten to the core. Perhaps it always has been and I've been very slow to notice. I would dearly like to see some serious fucking consequences for some of the Teflon elite, preferably involving fire.
  10. NHS Winter Crisis v64.0

    Oh my! So many cliches in so little space. Might I suggest that you get out more, maybe spend some time living in 'poorer' neighbourhoods that those you have become used to. Isolation in a pokey consulting room can eventually loosen one's grip on reality. As you so ably demonstrate. Full marks for in-context fuckwittery though.
  11. Nigel Farage

    I fear the word was "bedwetters" m'Lady. Shall I make an appointment as messrs. Specsavers ?
  12. Nigel Farage

    Well said that man...although the imagery at the end was a bit hyperbolic. You were never in films by any chance?
  13. Nigel Farage

    They can join when they vote for Christmas.
  14. Nigel Farage

    The voice of moderation (heh heh). Spot on, as was your earlier post re 'uneducated' leavers. Also, let us not neglect the rich and so influential vested interest groups who are doing very well out of the EU gravy train and will fight to stop it being derailed: slipper-farmers, large land owners for whom single-payment subsidies dwarf the average uk wage, Euro MPs (what use are they anyway?) etc Bring me my bow of burning gold....
  15. Dennis K

    Indeed but I expected you to also draw his attention to the missing possessive apostrophe. Gentle to newbies week? Ed Well, apostrophe anyway (bloke is) and you are possessive about them.