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  1. I thought the purpose of this site was to 'name the cunts of the world' not slag off the cunts of cunts corner, or am I wrong. Never ending threads that go off topic after a few comments. Fucking infantile twats with too much time on their hands trying to out-cunt everyone to the top ensures we all get shitface bored and fall asleep. R.I.P.
  2. Dai O'Rhea

    Donald trump

    Mwahahahaahhaaaar.... Mwahahahahahahaaaaar.... MWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA-hahaha-HAAAAAAAAAR-hahahahha-ahaaaaaar-hehehehee. Even Mark Hamill couldn't do it fucking better!!
  3. HAHAHAHA, fucking hilarious. So we have a cunt grading system that I wasn't aware of here and you're at the top of the pile presumably. Well I don't know where you normally have political debates, but for fucks sake don't let them know you come on here otherwise your cred will go right down the shithole.
  4. Yep, that's affirmative to the first two questions which incidently omitted to have question marks included I notice, so don't talk to me about English skills.
  5. So he's a ladies man, so fucking what. Seems rather strange that we now suddenly have an ex-apprentice loser claiming he's fiddled with her fanny, just after he's made mincemeat of that crocked cock abuser Clinton and his smarmy faced little squirt of a wife.
  6. Exactly the kind of remark I expect fom someone flapping in his own piss, clearly looking at the computer screen through a Carlsberg Specialbrew induced stupour, eh Mr Cuntflaps.
  7. My mates Ronnie and Reggie both had monobrows. Salt of the urf and loved their mum. Are you saying they were wankers and cunts?
  8. Lily Allen is like a lot of celebs that get bored and feel guilty about their opulent lifestyle. They start getting involved in big causes and shooting their big fucking mouths off to ease their feelings of guilt. The silly little cow has got carried away after seeing kids running around in the camp and has put her foot in it and now looks silly. The real cunts here are cuntychops french who seem to believe that this stinking rotten filth pit of a camp is the responsibility of the British. Not so Garçons. .
  9. Airr... I seeee... Offleh sorreh earled chep. Didn't min to get laffatorial, but I cood haf swawn you wear treng to belittle meh, and finde it rorther disquieting. One assumed one meerleh hed tobeh a cunt, end stick to ones point, instead awf geng awf etta tengent. Silleh meh. Well....eff thet's what you wornt, thet's what yearl jolleh well get. An eppsolut utter, unadulterated, pre-digested, oven fresh laid awf verbal cuntarrhea. Honestleh, what nosty nosty pipple you are!
  10. You supercilious tosser. What are you, some self appointed judge of everyone here? Right then Francis, sitting there with your fucking 1471 posts thinking you're the dogs bollocks, go and eat shit. CUNT.
  11. Looks as if this nomination has burnt itself out faster than sun dried shit off a shovel and turned into an everlasting slanging match with cunts trying to outcunt eachother without due care and attention. Not fucking surprised, it's 2016, not 1986 when cunty aerial photographs were thought a good idea to flog on doorsteps. That's my two pennies worth, now where's my bleedin fags.
  12. Not so fast, I've only just started enjoying my fucking self on this board of utter low life fellow purveyors of cuntishness!
  13. No, I am a dexterous cunt, no need for wooley mittens in my gaff. Got enough nicotine film on the windows to keep the cold out thank you. Aw shit, ash just burnt a hole in my fucking trousers replying to your shit comment.
  14. Ha Ha Bill, sounds as if you just found one of these fuckers in your late uncles loft and then got the arse up cos he wasted some of your inheritence money. Bloody hell, they haven't been trying to flog this shit for years and quite frankly I don't know how, as a seller you would make it from one end of the street to the other without getting a smack in the mooey for being a time wasting, privacy invading, tatt peddling, cheeky CUNT. I suppose these body odour minging wazzocks are now cold calling for PPI claims companies....Oh wait, I forgot, those cuntfaces have had their day as well!
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