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  1. People Who Live Past 100

    Some paint flecked dutch army combat trousers in a sage green, old Vans trainers and a checked shirt I bought circa '97. Don't worry though, if we go somewhere nice (like burger king), I have a regatta fleece to wear over the top.
  2. People Who Live Past 100

    I know. Its why I'm back. Latterly, we were the best ones on here. Sure Bill and Ed had their moments, but I couldn't cope with the biff handed masses and their spastic ramblings.
  3. People Who Live Past 100

    The green eyed monster rears its ugly head again. You just don't have what we have I'm afraid. Console yourself with the thought that you are loved by most of the slack jawed plebs on here.
  4. People Who Live Past 100

    I did respond and no reply was the answer. I am not myself. Forgive.
  5. People Who Live Past 100

    Alas, nothing Francois. Left grammar school at sixteen and straight to work. Ma famille were outraged. I was keen on the sauce at an early age and needed the lolly for such. My lass went to St Andrews last year - doing Kraut, Dago and some Carpet speak - she's bright and tee total. I'm hoping she'll keep me in Stolly if I see it through the next few years.....
  6. People Who Live Past 100

    Just awful. I'm mourning the death of comedy in your noms. Poor dullard. Just as well I'm back - I'm one of the best ones on here (Ed's been nicking that line in my absence)
  7. Aftershave adverts

    Look, I've given you a like now for old times sake, but I'm watching Hot Tub Time Machine and eating a doughnut. So it will have to wait.
  8. Justin Trudeau

    Close enough. I was cladding the new high rise luxury apartments in Catalan Bay in Gibraltar. We smoked endless tax free Embassy Number 1's as we worked, and nothing caught fire, so I've signed it all off as safe. Even if it catches fire it should be ok - the residents aren't dole scrounging nobodies and can look after themselves without moaning like fuck and blaming everyone.
  9. Eh?

    I hope...I really fucking hope, that you wrote this before you saw I was back ?
  10. Aftershave adverts

    I'm actually full of health and vitality (liver aside). Thin as a racing snake and tanned to an almost David Dickensen hue. Four months in the Gibraltan sun has done me a power of good. Thanks for asking.
  11. Aftershave adverts

    I think that's a compliment. I'm ready to forgive your previous insults.
  12. Aftershave adverts

    Thanks Ed. That almost makes up for your last 200 posts.
  13. Justin Trudeau

    Francois ?? This is a coincidence. You, and I returned to the Corner's rancid and mouldy crumb filled folds. I see that bag of arse water Deco is back too. I'm not impressed so far.
  14. Eh?

    Tot, you little fucking fuck. Get the fuck back to my fucking Eh ? thread you fucker. That aside, how is Frau Rat and rat junior ? Well, I hope.
  15. Aftershave adverts

    The very same. Unfortunately, alive and well (relatively speaking).