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  1. North Korean cunts

    Solly, Pen. My aporagies.
  2. For you, Ratty, five dorra. Me love you long time.
  3. If I ever have a kid I'm naming it after Frank. I don't like children, so naming it after an adversary will make the beatings more enjoyable.
  4. North Korean cunts

    Hahahaha! That's so hilarious!! Because Asian people pronounce "L"'s as "R"'s sometimes. You're fucking good you are, and so original. And you have Kim Jong Un as your avatar! Sheer fucking brilliance! Now some people find it difficult to notice sarcasm in text form, so let me make it perfectly clear that that is exactly what this was. Fuck off, work on something better, and when you think you've got something print it out and shove it down your throat - don't chew! Just let it slowly liquefy into a thick pulp that will block your airways and enjoy the sensation of slowly drifting off into the dark abyss.
  5. Set your ringtone to "Thar She Blows" by Steel Panter and have a work colleague phone you every time you go to the shelter. Spend your entire time on the phone discussing a make-believe acquaintance who is an obese fucking slob that you can't stand. Rinse and repeat 'till the subject finally gets the fucking point.
  6. North Korean cunts

    North Korea - the hemorrhoid on China's arsehole. Vaguely annoying, stinking of shit and likely to explode at any moment.
  7. Jim Hart

  8. TERF wars

    Kill her, Paul. No one would mind.
  9. TERF wars

    Kill him, Roops. No one would mind.
  10. PDC Champions League of Darts

    So that's what happened to Michael Jackson...
  11. PDC Champions League of Darts

    Have you ever held a Tommy helmet? Much heavier than even a bladed bowler hat. I mean, I could just bludgeon people with the thing, but that would hardly be as iconic... Might even be considered unpatriotic.
  12. PDC Champions League of Darts

    I have one of those, too. I went through a phase a few years back. I had aGP-7VM too, but whatever moron had owned it last used the drinking straw without draining it afterwards causing mildew so it stank. Also a Polish WZ67 army helmet (Polish surplus is cheap as shit) and an old tommy helmet painted black for some reason by the previous owner. It's all worthless shit, but it's what I spent my money on at the time.
  13. PDC Champions League of Darts

    I actually do... A GP5 and a Polish MC-1. Only for display purposes, as the filters are rumored to contain asbestos and went out of date around 1991, although I do have a few fresh filters sealed away in case I ever have to walk through a cloud of tear gas, the rubber is too degraded to form any kind of protective seal against radiation and the like, and the GP5 has a cracked lens, but the MC-1 would still be effective against tear gas and possibly mustard gas in the event that it would have to be used.
  14. TERF wars

    Would it still be racial genocide if we just killed all the gingers instead? No one likes gingers.