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  1. Jude Law

    Sean Bean has made a name for himself in his later years because he's always killed before whatever show/movie he's in inevitably turns to shit in the later seasons/hours. He'll never be remembered for his many years as Sharpe to the youngsters today, but his last stands as Boromir and Ned Stark have made him legend. No one talks about Elijah Wood these days, do they?
  2. Cycle helmets

    The least you lycra wearing cunts could do is give us some entertainment as you belligerently pedal along in front of us on narrow streets at a snails pace. Being forced to dress up like Power Rangers is a light punishment for your kind in my book - I'd have you all get off your toys and dance on command to anyone who has a real license and the inclination to make you do so. Even apes can ride bikes if they're trained. Just because you can manage it without stabilisers doesn't impress me, and you don't have the strength to disembowel a man with your bare hands, so the only real way to prove yourself better than that shit throwing lot is through the medium of dance.
  3. Jude Law

    He's called fucking Jude. Jude! What do you expect?
  4. Jude Law

    He's never really amounted to much other than lead roles in shit movies and supporting roles in shit movies, so at least he's consistent. I always forget that he's a man until I see his generic face pop up on the screen due to his deceiving name and entirely forgetful presence. He makes the likes of Brenden Fraser and Billy Zane look like Patric Stewart and Ian McKellen in comparison, and the continuous disappointment of him not having tits and a growler only make me hate him more.
  5. Endris Mohammed

    I imagine so. Shame he turned the heat off too quickly though - nothing worse than under cooked, rubbery bacon. Crispy is the way to go.
  6. Endris Mohammed

    Well perhaps he won't hold such severe views on bacon after experiencing similar treatment.
  7. Endris Mohammed

    How on earth did he manage to burn off his eyebrows and hair but leave his beard intact?
  8. Protestantism

    The senility is kicking in with old Pen. She probably thinks she's back working in the telegraph office.
  9. Charles Manson

    I always got him mixed up with Richard Branson for some reason. Maybe because they both have the same dead eyes and emotionless smile...
  10. Bubba/Bill/Quince Minger

    If the legend of her crotch is true I imagine she'd need an angle grinder...
  11. Ads that are cunts

    They could have pulled off Drogo and Danerys OK...
  12. Bubba/Bill/Quince Minger

    I don't really have any, but I could send you my Somalian bank account number instead.
  13. Bubba/Bill/Quince Minger

    Nor should you. I was just soothing Fender's paranoia. I'm entirely trustworthy - in fact I could remember your credit card numbers for you if you want.
  14. Ads that are cunts

    Even the Geordie cunt in Game of Thrones - Davos Seaworth - is Irish in real life. I don't think Ant or Dec would have suited the role very well.
  15. Bubba/Bill/Quince Minger

    I'm not fooled by anyone on here. I see you all for the potential backstabbing and pathetic little wretches that you all are, who would happily set me on fire just to watch me squirm if we ever met and I had my wages in my pocket. Not Ratty of course, he's a king among men, but the rest of you cunts can be assured that my guard is always up and I'll throw any of you cunts under the bus if and when it amuses me.