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  1. It's not really grassing anyway. In the real world, grassing is informing someone of a fact that they would otherwise remain unaware of. Whereas, anything you write on here is going to be seen by one of the prefects anyway. It's not grassing, just speeding up the arrest.
  2. Absolutely. I only usually grass up frank. For fun.
  3. Wish you'd thought of it, don't you.
  4. An egghead with AIDS.. Sounds like a sick yolk.
  5. Have you ever tried 'rodeo sex'? Next time you're on the job with Mrs Neil, shout out another woman's name and then see how long you can stay on for.
  6. Yes, the promising student (went to school once). Talented footballer (FIFA on PS3), who had no gang affiliations (2 dozen selfies posing with guns and cash). I hope "his" moped was returned to whoever he stole it from at knifepoint. Poor little lad. I'm glad he's dead.
  7. Indeed. And if an individual were to consider any image of a child to be pornographic, then surely that individual would be predisposed to regard children in a sexual context. Iffy.
  8. There are three types of religious cunts... poor cunts, desperate to believe there is something better than their shit lives. middle class cunts called 'Hamish' or 'Cressida', who are as thick as fucking pigshit. and rich powerful cunts, who don't actually believe in god, and simply use religion as a smokescreen for their greed and depraved perversions. it's a great system for the rich cunts. The other two groups defend them because they think that they believe in the same imaginary friend. While the rich cunts take their money and nonce their kids up.
  9. The trouble with this place is too many TLAs.
  10. It's given me a fucking brilliant idea. Set up a Lourdes type arrangement whereby believers can come and avail themselves of the healing properties of a 90 horsepower wood chipper.
  11. If I want to see tits and fannies, I log onto x-hamster like any normal civilised person. If I want to watch sport, I don't want to watch a pack of militant feminists being 'empowered' and 'going for it'. Ive got nothing against women in sport, when it's sports they're good at, like tennis, Chris Evert, Navratilova and Steffi Graf were all players worth watching. But I don't want to see women footballers playing to the level of 12 year old school teams, or female darts players, seeing who can get to double one in 26 darts.
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