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  1. Calm down. Have a hot salt beef and mustard on rye. Try the big ugly pickle. You'll feel better.
  2. Eric fucking Cuntman likes this.
  3. Shhh. You're embarrassing yourself.
  4. Don't trip and hurt yourself.
  5. Sorry. Any improvement on the gas situation?
  6. Enough of this now. It's velly lacist. Lick will come and flow us in coorer.
  7. Sucky fucky five dorra.
  8. No boom boom with soul brother, too bookoo.
  9. I know Ratty, I was thinking of being altruistic and cutting down one of those trees so he doesn't hurt his back this time.
  10. Mohammed is slightly preferable to Tyler, Mason, Reece or any other name that indicates the childs' mother is a fat, tattooed, Facebook addicted, semi literate fucking slag.
  11. Essure Coil Contraception Device.

    He can at least take comfort in the fact that Bill and Eddie have never PMd me to tell me they've had enough of him, he's finished, an embarrassment etc'. But then again, if they had, I wouldn't grass them up anyway, so they might have done.