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  1. Women’s sanitatary product advertised on TV

    His proposal for a game show, 'celebrity shit bucket'.
  2. Women’s sanitatary product advertised on TV

    Him and Roger irrelevant could have ruled the world. Take a firm grasp on it Mr Gimlet.
  3. Women’s sanitatary product advertised on TV

    'The Italian who went to Malta'. Photocopied, passed around humorous shit from the 80s. I suspect you were in the motor trade. That shit was normally blu-tacked next to a Pirelli calendar.
  4. Cunts who leave abusive notes on Ambulances

    If it bleeds, it can be killed. Let's pray.
  5. Curling

    Which you still claimed to have travelled to, and further embellished said claim by purporting to have stayed in a travelodge.. bit of a fantasist bullshit artist aren't you Albert? I bet your parents can't fucking wait for you to move out.
  6. Curling

  7. Curling

    So you dismiss the idea of a location and then immediately suggest one... thick fucking cunt. Do you still breastfeed? "Bitty".
  8. Cock n Cunt butchery

    @Albert Ross, I notice that you're hitting the 'cunt button' on my posts. Am I getting to you?
  9. Curling

    Caesars palace?
  10. Our Future Our Choice

    Jim McDonald?
  11. Our Future Our Choice

    Pointless to send them potatoes, they just bury them, forget where and then starve to death.
  12. Cunts who leave abusive notes on Ambulances

    I've seen it spelt 'amberlance'. Presumably the same fucking idiots look at the bonnets of motorway police cars and assume that the organisation is called 'ecilop'.
  13. Cultural Appropriation

    Where am dat wartymelon?
  14. Cock n Cunt butchery

    Or Schrödinger's cat. Now give this a fucking like, I've not only got rid of Albert tonight, but awarded you a disproportionate quantity of reward points and to be honest, I'm expecting some fucking reciprocal appreciation!
  15. Women’s sanitatary product advertised on TV

    Glory days, well they'll pass you by...