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  1. I think he's 'god-curious'.
  2. And Dixon of Dock Green. Will always be remembered for Flash Gordon though, when he played an ugly, hairy cunt with wings (not Linda McCartney)
  3. You wank a lot and watch Kung-Fu films don't you Stubby?
  4. That's, surprisingly accurate. It's fairly clear that there is a campaign to dilute the aryan race down to a brown soup. Little white girls are being indoctrinated to the ideal of white women only pairing off with black men. Just watch any television advert. We are being ethnically cleansed, by stealth.
  5. Don't try and frighten me woman. I'm not even frit of Dracklia's and Frankenstein's anymore.. Only skellingtons and werewolfs.
  6. Leave @Earl Albert of Ross (Bt) Alone. He is under my protection and will therefore be immune to your curses, hexes, and other gypsy tea-leaf witchcraft shenanigans.
  7. Eric Cuntman


    Prison bumfest = bonobo colony 1 degree of separation. I should've been a barrister.
  8. Eric Cuntman


    He was chicken hawking within 3 months of being locked up. If I was away for five years I would put up with wanking for the duration. All that bollocks about only doing it because there's no other outlet is bullshit. They do it because they were already poofs.
  9. 'You know why I hate Canada? Because half of you speak French, and the rest of you let them." J Sadowitz.
  10. Eric Cuntman


    Both true. Eddie Richardson was the hardest cunt from that era. Whilst locked up with them, he beat the shit out of both gay twins. Lol
  11. Eric Cuntman


    I wonder which one of the Kemp brothers Ronnie Kray wanted to bum when they visited him in prison. Probably both. I fucking hate queer gangsters.
  12. That's him. Still gives me the creeps.
  13. Careful, you little fledgling bastard. If it was just a dig at Schofield. Fair enough. I forgive you.
  14. I've always liked you Nurse Cunt-Attractor. Anyone with a 'Saw' gadget in their avatar is alright by me. It makes me want to play a game.
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