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  1. Remember when you were this good? Useless fucking brain damaged cunt.
  2. I'm not going to hurt @Eddie. We're both Dartford boys. Although I hated him at school. The sight of his enormous black cock in the P.E block showers after football, made me feel inadequate.
  3. She thinks a Rug Doctor is the bloke who comes round once a month and trims her pubes with a strimmer.
  4. I just gave you a fucking like. Mark Gastineau was a gay-porn looking cunt wasn't he. And could you possibly lower yourself to converse with me, and answer the question I asked months ago?... Was O.J Simpson really any good, or just hyped up because he became a film star?
  5. Phil the Greek must fucking love having her family over to visit. A load of bubble-arsed hoochie mamas, cackling at Jerry Springer on his 60 inch plasma. Slurping mad dog 20/20 out of the bottle, farting on the Chesterfields, and dribbling watermelon into the Axminster.
  6. Don't pay him any heed. He blows hot and cold.. and anything else he can fit in his mouth.
  7. In a way. I have to say though, if I were earning 70-80 thousand a week, I wouldn't give a flying fuck about being called names.
  8. At least he had the decency to wait until Ayesha was 9 before he raped her. What a guy!
  9. That Sinn Fein bird, Michelle O'Neill would fucking get it. Oh yes.
  10. I originally heard that joke at a stag night. 'My girlfriend thinks I'm a pervert, what the fuck does she know? She's only 6'
  11. Why can't they just take it on the chin though Rangdo? Like John Barnes. He even parodied it in that song.. "when I do my thing, the crowd throw bananas"
  12. Well pointed out. And also worth mentioning, the 'Hall Of Fame' is occupied by those of us who play the game in an honourable fashion. Unlike some, who tactically withhold likes when they get a sniff of the leaderboard.. ..not mentioning any names. (Stubby and Billy)
  13. Thank you for pointing out that it's a SAM. I had no idea.. Fucking hell!
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