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  1. Eric Cuntman

    Anjem Choudary dangerous cunt

    Precisely. The majority agree with cunts like Choudray. And the liberal new world order believe the results of the surveys that indicate only 3% of Muslims support extremism. Because they're all going to admit supporting terrorism in a street poll! But the leftie elite believe the bullshit, and the leftie elite seem to be in control of what the rest of us are allowed to think and say. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.
  2. Eric Cuntman


    'Secure that shit Hudson!'
  3. Eric Cuntman

    Lee Furlong the dirty scouse binrat.

    Have a like, for referring to Cassius Clay by his real name and not that fucking terrorist paedophile handle he adopted.
  4. Eric Cuntman

    eruv hazerot

    Dead Snow 2 tonight. 22:35 Horror Channel. cushions eh? I'll think about that one.
  5. Eric Cuntman

    eruv hazerot

    I love fondue Ratty, those little forks make ideal eel spears for Action Man.
  6. Eric Cuntman

    Asian grooming trials

    I must ask. Why do you call Jews earwigs? Is it because of those little curly bits of hair they have hanging in front of their ears?
  7. Eric Cuntman

    Asian grooming trials

    It's actually a page from an ISIS dating website.. "Meet gorgeous Jihadi men in your area, NOW! Over 14s need not apply"
  8. Eric Cuntman

    Asian grooming trials

    Ask Frank. He might show you a video.
  9. Eric Cuntman

    The Netherlands

    Have faith.
  10. Eric Cuntman

    The Netherlands

    Captain shrimpy
  11. Eric Cuntman

    Asian grooming trials

    You ok Albert? Your short man syndrome is very apparent today. I know your first instinct is to reply to this with an indignant assurance that you're not short and you are big and strong and clever. have you got a weeny walnut head?
  12. Eric Cuntman

    The Netherlands

  13. Eric Cuntman

    Asian grooming trials

    I think it's that none of them seem happy to have their picture taken. or maybe it's that they're all disgusting Pakistani nonces.
  14. Eric Cuntman

    Lee Furlong the dirty scouse binrat.

    What's the problem? It's not as if he vandalised a nice new building.
  15. Eric Cuntman

    Keira Knightly

    You don't really see irony do you.