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  1. The Browning Hi-Power is my all time number one. Every cunt's copied it. Glock, Walther, Sig Sauer, the lot of them still use John Browning's recoil and Gas blowback reloading systems that he perfected in around 1910.
  2. Do the oily Levantine faggot raaahnd the fackin' cannister.
  3. Steve Wright wasn't as good as Mr Kipling. He only managed to put 5 tarts in a box.
  4. The one with Argonauts didn't seem like a bad sort.
  5. Kane Hodder's a scary looking cunt when he isn't in Voorhees mode.
  6. Nice. Full power 9mm in a pocket pistol not a lot bigger than a .25 Baby Browning. I bet all the Mulder and Scully types have switched to those as back-ups. If concealed carry was legal here, I wouldn't leave home without one.
  7. Jason Robards was alright.
  8. Perhaps we could get Dr Huffffffuuuurhhhhh, to keep their brains in jars so they can share the moment.
  9. He's screaming white supremacist attack, in every direction isn't he. It won't be long before Tommy Lennon is arrested. I'll fucking laugh my cock off if the CCTV shows four black cunts battering the little poof.
  10. Kittens fucking love laser pens. Little fuckers. I fucking love 'em.
  11. Look here. You are intriguing and attractive, but if you continue to be this contrary and argumentative, I may have to reconsider my position of definitely wanting to fuck you, to a maybe. You've been told.
  12. Fucking hell.. He looks like one of those Russian cunts that's been experimented on in a gulag prison laboratory.
  13. Lethal injection doesn't work on Geordies. Only vitamin-C can kill them.
  14. Precisely. Those aren't skinny jeans in the video. They're Mr Darcy's second-hand britches.
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