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  1. 'We're gonna need a bigger treadmill'
  2. It's only gay if you put an umbrella in it.
  3. No. Tequila. Not a massive fan of gin, I had a bottle of Bombay Sapphire last week, but that was given to me, so a shame to waste it. Christmas soon, so pints of baileys. The drink that doubles as a dessert. What's your preference booze wise?
  4. I can't remember Friday night or half of Saturday Albert, so it appears to have gone quite well.
  5. Can you imagine him when he pops round to his dealer to pay £30 for a gram of third division soap-bar with bits of plastic in it. Skinny jeans, Adidas baseball cap. Attempting to do that 'rude-boy, yardie' handshake and calling everybody "man". Cringeworthy.
  6. He's downstairs getting drunk. And he's going to kick the fucking shit out of you when he finds you in his bed.
  7. Jew course. you missed a fucking trick there.
  8. I wondered what had happened to that queer cunt off of the airport documentary series. Apparently 12.000 calories a day happened to him.
  9. We are the youth gone wild, they call us problem child...
  10. Fuck Monte Harlow. I've been earning 95 quid a night for supervising the door staff at Martello Beach. Money for unconscious pikeys.! happy days.
  11. Not really. I inherited. My dead dad's paying for the drinks. I hated that cunt more than I hate you. Take that as a compliment.
  12. Eric Cuntman

    Celine Dion

    As soon as I looked at this, every single sperm that I ever ejaculated, retreated back up my japseye. My balls are absolutely humongous right now. What a fucking pig.
  13. Fuck off. Reduced to grammar and punctuation cheap-shots? What a pitiful figure you've become. Still, at least it confirms my original suspicion that you were never more than a half arsed chancer in the first place.
  14. Well! You do know that when it's all over, and the internet is extinct, only Flidspack, in its glory, will stand proud above the wreckage. Like the ankles of Ozymandias, protruding above the wreckage of broken bodies and dreams. A reminder to generations to come, that Eric Fucking Cuntman was and will always be. The fucking best on here. Fuck off.
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