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  1. Eric Cuntman


    I'm finding myself increasingly drawn to Mecca, 4721, Archer, sir.
  2. I thought Uma Thurman did a good job in Kill Bill. But other than that, Gina Carano is the only actress that can convince me on-screen. It helps that I've seen her MMA/UFC fights. Cris Cyborg is a scary cunt though. I wouldn't want to fight it. Or fuck it. No wonder Gina retired after that one.
  3. Eric Cuntman


    Fenella, out of Chorlton and the Wheelies! Avatar of the month.
  4. Yep, good. comparison. I do like 'hot badass bitches' though. Gina Carano and Ronda Rousey are right up my street. Sexy and feminine isn't easy to pull off for a woman who can kick the shit out of most men she meets.
  5. Eric Cuntman


    He wasn't. The holocaust was just a misunderstanding. Eva was upstairs replacing a light switch, and she shouted down... "Adolf, I need you to kill ze juice"
  6. No, it's a faggot cunt. Luckily, that supraclavicular melanoma is close enough to the sentinel node to book an extremely quick metastasis to his lymphatic system.
  7. Eric Cuntman


    I like your stylo.
  8. Now I know why men have nipples! 2 in the chest, 1 in the head... Aim small, miss small.
  9. We have an advert running over here for a mortgage provider or something similar. It shows the wife, discussing finance with the fading celeb, and halfway through, the husband appears, holding a baby and pushing a vacuum cleaner around. Do you have this fucking social engineering shit in the colonies?
  10. Eric Cuntman


    No Frank. It is all about me. You may not be cognitively aware of it, but it is. I'm awesome.
  11. Eric Cuntman


    He's attempting to lure me into a Nuremberg style, right wing tirade, whereupon he will cleverly retort with 'Idiot'. He is awfully clever.
  12. Is that Gilda Radner? I thought it was Tracey Ullman.. I was just about to watch the video for 'Breakaway' and have a J. Arthur.
  13. Your insurgency has not gone unnoticed Gypsy. You will accompany me to party headquarters for... re-education. Get in van.
  14. I wonder if his career has continued in the afterlife... 'Jim's River Styx Fix'
  15. Fuck me. I bet he hasn't been able to look at a chair-leg without sniggering ever since.
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