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  1. I'm going out tomorrow and beating the shit out of anyone wearing a mask and feeling self superior. this will help.
  2. Absolutely William. And you know full well that when I get my arse in gear and can be bothered, the top spot that you're occupying is mine. The trouble is, I'm not sure I can be bothered any more. I might go all 'Decs' and call someone a nonce or something. I don't know.
  3. I think we should have given Farage a go at the top job. Let's face it, all politicians are self serving sneaky cunts. So let's at least have one with an IQ over 145. He is the 'Brian Clough' of politics. Easily the most capable of doing the job, but not popular with the fucking idiots who are intimidated by him.
  4. The government have claimed 'dibs' on her teeth in the event of her death. They can be engraved and used as emergency tombstones for paupers.
  5. As the international face and representation of Britain, I really wish he'd do something about his hair. He looks like a mentally ill person. In a world governed by intellect and common sense rather than money and power, this braying, inbred wankpuffin wouldn't be allowed to flip burgers. I hope he dies soon.
  6. A decent intro at last. And a subtly nuanced username to boot. Please don't turn out to be an overly sensitive spacktard. Welcome.
  7. I think he's great. I've always thought of myself as average looking, certainly no Brad Pitt or Chris Hemsworth.. but stood next to him I would feel rather the handsome devil. 'Hemsworth looks down on me and him. I look up to Hemsworth and down on him. He knows his place.'
  8. She's the worst kind of self obsessed wanker. She genuinely believes that people will be interested in what type of 'herbal infusion' she's been using to slosh out her mackerel satchel this week.
  9. Breaking news! : 'Easter bunny dies after spreading jam and marmite on same piece of toast!' Before he died, the bunny admitted that he was a victim of "mixin me toasties"
  10. I'm fully expecting Gwyneth Paltrow to release a book in the wake of all this... 'How MY VAGINA coped with isolation'. Accompanied by a new scented candle... 'This is what my cunt smells like in isolation'
  11. The one in the foreground is attempting to grab the photographers cock. But having forgotten her bi-focals, has been rendered woefully bereft of spatial awareness.
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