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  1. Jude Law

    The only thing I liked him in was 'Love, Honour and Obey', and that thing about ram-raiders, I think it was called 'Shopping'. And Sean Pertwee stole the show in both of those. Sean Pertwee is a decent actor that never quite hit the big time. Like his contemporary, Sean Bean, who seems to be gaining momentum now that he's old and haggard.
  2. Cycle helmets

    Ta. Got it now. Tits like those only look good mounted above a big arse and chunky thighs. That poor cow has chicken legs.
  3. Jude Law

    A couple of his former lovers have revealed that he is woefully inadequate in the trouser department. Eh-oh Tinky Winky.
  4. Gender-neutral prefixes

    A good point, she seems to straddle both categories. God help whoever is straddled in the process.
  5. Dopey Pervs

    Ape, as a friend, I feel it only right to point out that at this moment, you appear to be absolutely fucking hammered.
  6. Gender-neutral prefixes

    So Mx is the new fashion statement for confused cunts is it. It was so much simpler when stroppy slags used to insist on being called 'Ms', which meant that they were either married and shagging around, or pig ugly and unfuckable, but wished to project an air of ambiguous mystery.
  7. Cycle helmets

    I have to know, what are 'OS tits'?
  8. Cycle helmets

    About 35 million quid.
  9. Cycle helmets

    Exactly, clocks up 350 miles a week in it, travelling to and from his briefcase wanker job, and believes he is solely responsible for the continued survival of the Patagonian larch warbler because he takes his cunting bike to the corner shop on a Sunday.
  10. Jude Law

    I'm sensing that you're not keen on him, most probably wouldn't pick up on this but I'm like Sherlock fuckin Holmes when it comes to this sort of thing.
  11. Cycle helmets

    Typical fucking self righteous, planet saving cunt who sneers at drivers of big cars, judging them to be irresponsible, whilst demonstrating his own leftie, snowflake, self important level of responsibility by giving his kid a 50/50 chance of surviving any journey. I want him dead, but I want to bang rusty barbecue skewers through his heels and into the marrow of his tibia bones first. Wanker.
  12. Terminal dossers who claim to be self employed

    Me too. I hate it when I miss something controversial, and then it gets removed. Maybe we should have a members only wall of shame, inaccessible to casual browsers and guests, where we could view offensive posts whilst logged in.
  13. Dopey Pervs

    Maybe your McDonalds has decent chips, but the ones served near here at the Weeley branch are awful. Languid with an odd, non potato like taste, and funnily enough, under salted as well.
  14. #metoo

    The French call custard 'creme anglais'. Wankers.
  15. Dopey Pervs

    I'm quite partial to a cheese quarter pounder from McDs. Their chips are shit though. Did you ever get round to trying the bacon, mozzarella and avocado panini I suggested to you a while back? I've only ever had one at a cafe in Bexley, but make them at home sometimes. Food heaven.