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  1. Applescruff is clearly the Beatles nut. 'The Applescruffs' was the bands nickname for the hardcore group of fans that followed them everywhere.
  2. Leave Tracy Ullman alone. She was cute as fuck in the 80s. That video for 'Breakaway' affected me deeply as a 12 year old.
  3. Yes, but I had trusted the intelligence of the membership to realise that Janet S Porter wasn't actually married to John Lennon.
  4. I expect he was sick of people asking him if he was related to a four eyed hippie that was stupid enough to marry the worlds most obnoxious and talentless woman.
  5. The gays have worked hard to cosy up to the female species. Women represent over 50% of world population, now the worlds various government's chemical feminisation programmes are bearing fruit, at least 15-20% of males are queer. That gives the gays a worldwide majority of around 70% to support them in their perverse agenda, of ridding the world of nasty, warmongering white heterosexual men.
  6. Indeed. I thought it was just me that noticed the fucking idiot had quoted Gyps when replying to you.
  7. NAZIS = Evil ideology, based on hatred, intolerance, prejudice and intimidation. ISLAM = Evil ideology, based on hatred, intolerance, prejudice and intimidation. BRITISH RESPONSE TO NAZIS; Kill them all. BRITISH RESPONSE TO ISLAM; Welcome them, turn a blind eye to their barbaric ways, and prioritise them above our native population.
  8. Exactly. If he could perform miracles, why didn't he have a Bugatti Veyron.
  9. Did you plan on getting shitfaced and banned when you started drinking at lunchtime?
  10. He didn't have my charisma. And if he had, there weren't any antibiotics for it.
  11. That only hurt for about 90 seconds.
  12. It's genuinely worrying that you didn't need to actually check those posting statistics.
  13. There was another dish claimed to be the hottest in the world. It was called a 'Magmaloo'. I don't know if that was one of his. personally, I'm happy with a Madras. Burning away three layers of esophagal tissue doesn't seem particularly conducive to a pleasant dining experience.
  14. Does it not disturb you that millions of weirdos around the world actually fantasised about fucking 13 yr old cartoon characters with legs 20% too long for their bodies and eyes like digestive biscuits? I mean we've all tugged one out to Jessica Rabbit, but that's perfectly normal.
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