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  1. Cuntsman


    It took 20 minutes to come up with that? A truly addled mind
  2. Cuntsman


    Oh. Oh dear, I'm cut so deep. Somebody, help me . . . . . Is it not past your bed time, or is Uncle Ernie still busy?
  3. Cuntsman


    Here's one - you were starved of oxygen at birth
  4. Cuntsman


    Thanks for clearing that up. How long before the retard gets his balls fed to him? Is there a book running?
  5. Cuntsman


    Schizer. What the fuck is this?
  6. Cuntsman


    I'm trying to find a problem with your advice, but it's not working
  7. Cuntsman


    Not long enough I think. Been waiting for some talent to show up on the forum, so it may be some time
  8. Cuntsman

    Daniella Hirst

    I see you're still in full primary school mode Eric
  9. Cuntsman


    Sounds like yours had some Welsh leftovers on it
  10. Cuntsman

    British Sandwich Week

    It's always about sex, isn't it . . . .
  11. Cuntsman

    Cunts who cry to Admin

    I've found a few people on here who are remarkably sensitive, given the nature of the site. And now I've contributed that shite I'm off to help my Mum now with some knitting - she's knitting a jock strap from barbed wire for that fuck head frank
  12. Cuntsman

    Cunts who have their collars turned up

    A table for 100,000 Adolph?
  13. Cuntsman

    Mart in McGuinness

    Nice, but it was long overdue. Now come on Gerry, join in, you know you want to . . . .
  14. Cuntsman

    Ginger Twats

    I see that the drugs trolley has been round today