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  1. Catholics

    It took 20 minutes to come up with that? A truly addled mind
  2. Catholics

    Oh. Oh dear, I'm cut so deep. Somebody, help me . . . . . Is it not past your bed time, or is Uncle Ernie still busy?
  3. Catholics

    Here's one - you were starved of oxygen at birth
  4. Lamb

    Thanks for clearing that up. How long before the retard gets his balls fed to him? Is there a book running?
  5. Lamb

    Schizer. What the fuck is this?
  6. Lamb

    I'm trying to find a problem with your advice, but it's not working
  7. Lamb

    Not long enough I think. Been waiting for some talent to show up on the forum, so it may be some time
  8. Daniella Hirst

    I see you're still in full primary school mode Eric
  9. Lamb

    Sounds like yours had some Welsh leftovers on it
  10. British Sandwich Week

    It's always about sex, isn't it . . . .
  11. Cunts who cry to Admin

    I've found a few people on here who are remarkably sensitive, given the nature of the site. And now I've contributed that shite I'm off to help my Mum now with some knitting - she's knitting a jock strap from barbed wire for that fuck head frank
  12. Cunts who have their collars turned up

    A table for 100,000 Adolph?
  13. Mart in McGuinness

    Nice, but it was long overdue. Now come on Gerry, join in, you know you want to . . . .
  14. Ginger Twats

    I see that the drugs trolley has been round today