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  1. The skanky slappers on 'Take Me Out'

    You must watch it regularly to know they are all skanky slappers. Shit like that is banned in my house.
  2. The Cunts Corner Music Exchange.

  3. Misuse of the phrase 'rock star'.

    That's only because of Simon Fuller, fucking them all without using a rubber johnny.
  4. Cunts that glorify the Kray Twins' bullshit.

    You get all these old Londoners saying how safe it was when the Krays were about. " you could go out and leave your front door unlocked" they always say. Yes, you could mi old treacle, but it had nothing to do with the Krays. It was because no fucker had anything worthy of 'alf inching.
  5. The Cunts Corner Music Exchange.

    It is and who would've thought that Jimmy Hill was such an accomplished pianist.
  6. The Cunts Corner Music Exchange.

  7. The Cunts Corner Music Exchange.

  8. The Cunts Corner Music Exchange.

  9. Disabled parking bays

    HaHa I realised my error hence the edit.
  10. Disabled parking bays

    I would have a guess at it being a raspberry with a ripple in it. Or a someone who has no use of their legs.
  11. Disabled parking bays

    The sad thing is ASDA don't sell nutty nibbles anymore. It's because women with purple hair and cobwebs hanging out of their bumholes have eaten them all.
  12. Disabled parking bays

    It's a bit like when you see something on sale and there's only one item left. I would gladly shoulder barge an 80-year-old woman over, to get the remaining bag of nutty nibbles on the shelf in ASDA.
  13. Disabled parking bays

    What get's me is, Someone who is supposedly disabled can walk around a supermarket for 2 hours, but they can't manage to go another 30 yards to where they have parked their spacka mobile.
  14. The Cunts Corner Music Exchange.

    Peter Sutcliffe wasn't just a highly skilled ball pein hammer user. He could belt out a fine tune.
  15. Temporary/Intern Employees

    He was a bit of a snob when it came to cigars. He thought they were for stuck up cunts.