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  1. Bratz

    Congratulations, you self-obsessed shitwhistle.
  2. Bratz

    Not at all. Since Nobby's absence, along with the growing suspicion Pen is a transvestite, I'm only interested to see a new female face on the scene.
  3. Bratz

    Strange, therefore, you contributed to the DMSO thread quite a bit.
  4. Bratz

    I note you were on DSMO, though only for a short while before its closure. How do you think I might have gotten on there?
  5. Bratz

    My 'projectionism' unto you has clearly rattled you, fucknugget. It wasn't my intention to make you so angry.
  6. Bratz

    Not as much as Cuntitudical fucknugget wishes he could multi-quote.
  7. Bratz

    You've already mastered the smiling emoji, which puts the fear of God into your adversaries. It might prove handy if you're still here in a few weeks. Even you can do it.
  8. Bratz

    The multi-quote facility is there for a reason. Would you like me to show you how to use it?
  9. Bratz

    I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you.
  10. Bratz

    Indeed. You've fulfilled the creative part of your self-appraisal with 'projectionism' – but where's the 'humour'?
  11. Bratz

    When she matures and grows up, do you think she'll post a photo of herself on the internet, with a tampon hanging out of her minge?
  12. Bratz

    Perhaps she's putting on a facade. Even at her age, she could be a master of 'projectionism'.
  13. BBC News. Again. Probably.

    In your case an old harridan whose arsehole resembles a broken meringue, having been bummed more times than Freddie Mercury in the Admiral Duncan bogs.
  14. England World Cup Squad

    You must have the distinction of being the only two punters on CC who've met each other.
  15. NHS Doctors Surgeries

    It's a gem, isn't it? We should be thankful he's not a National Express driver, otherwise people booking tickets from London Victoria to Newcastle would end up in a Plymouth surgery car park. What an inexcusably dense cunt.