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  1. Wolfie

    Cunts don't get a round in

    Well said Wiz. I can't think of anyone better qualified than Roops to pass judgement and execute rule 12, such is her expertise and understanding of it.
  2. Wolfie

    U.K. Moslems who don’t celebrate Christmas

    You posted this on Christmas Day at 9.30am, which not only indicates a sad little cunt with no family or friends, it also means we only have to suffer you for another two full days. 'im Smasher on ISAC(is a cunt)' indeed. Just 27 posts is enough to confirm your pointlessness to this site. Kill yourself.
  3. Wolfie

    Cunts who get massive Xmas bonuses

    You don't strike me as qualified or skilled enough to warrant the sort of salary affording of a '20 large' watch. Whether wealthy or not, one thing is clear: you've the education (and breeding) of a Greek street donkey, or Victorian chimney sweep. Your written skills and ability to compromise fall way short of the required standard of a Chartered surveyor (and property developer). Add to the mix your soft and spindly boy's hands (you quickly deleted the photos you uploaded), and inability to insure your car correctly, as well as not acknowledging your blatant racism may severely compromise your alleged career, and it strongly appears you're nothing more than a piss-poor, Primark-swathed student foolish enough to assume he's convincing the majority of an adult site into believing otherwise. Retire yourself, stupid little boy.
  4. Wolfie

    Lord of the Cunts

    Perhaps you failed to recognise the sarcasm in my comment re: your brilliance, such is the arrogance which blinds you. Anyhow – let's look at Site Rule 12: 'Do not make sexual references about other members' family and relatives.' Thus, which part of the above was clearly violated by my wording of 'daughter-hiding'? At which point did I mention Neil's family or relatives? Why was paedophilia implied when, as I've previously explained (which you tactfully ignored), daughters span a huge range of ages? I'm happy to follow site rules and be brought into line when relevant, though, again, you fail to justify why in this instance. Could it be you're actually incorrect and clutching at straws, because I've trumped you on this occasion?
  5. Wolfie

    Lord of the Cunts

    You're typically brilliant at throwing site contraventions at members to prove them wrong, while taking the moral high ground. In this instance, however, no rules have been broken - hence your inability to provide one. You can't prove me wrong, can you?
  6. Wolfie

    Lord of the Cunts

    There's no need for a PM in this instance, as I thought the public at large could see your explanation. Editing the word 'daughter' obviously says something, though clearly not enough. Does this word somehow imply an underage misdemeanour, despite all daughters per se spanning a vast range of ages and generations, or could it be highlighting your sensitivity even though it's not actually infringing site rules? I'm still waiting for an answer, especially the one which clearly defines the reason for its prohibition.
  7. Wolfie

    Lord of the Cunts

    Roops: may I enquire why referring to Neil as a 'Viagra-snorting cashew cock' and edited warrants removal in contravention of site rules? Much worse has been said – and allowed to remain. Thanks so much.
  8. Wolfie

    The Ford Capri

    Would the Jihadi John trio who carjacked your, er, RS5 in a McDonald's drive-thru at lunchtime been able to handle it?
  9. Wolfie

    BBC sports personality of the year

    Expensive clothes can remedy this, Eric.
  10. Wolfie

    Dan Roan (BBC Sports Correspondent)

    That must be a Tyrannosorearse Rex.
  11. Wolfie


    I've returned to what appears to be a colossal idiot.
  12. Wolfie


    Assumes the brain smaller than most.
  13. Wolfie

    Christmas lunch cunts

    You strike me as the sort of well-read gentleman who easily affords the very best brand names endorsed by the Royal Family. You use Fairy liquid, don't you?
  14. Wolfie

    Stansted Airport

    You must be hoping devastatingly beautiful King's Lynn and Great Yarmouth don't follow suit.