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  1. Pugs & French Bulldogs

    Charles de Gaulle – 'The better I get to know people, the more I find myself loving my dogs.' What a perfect example of this you represent.
  2. The Minister for Loneliness

    Careful Bill. If you continue to get the upper hand, Rick might step in.
  3. The Minister for Loneliness

    I'm enjoying this immensely. Bill presently has Roops up against the wall with her Primark stockings & suspenders awry – though a distracting flash of the ginger gash will buy her time to land a jab-cross-hook combo. I'll put money on it.
  4. The Cunts Corner Music Exchange lV

    No. Has it fulfilled your expectations?
  5. The Cunts Corner Music Exchange lV

    I bet you'd have presented her with a well-intentioned pearl necklace for Anglo-Irish relations though, wouldn't you?
  6. The Cunts Corner Music Exchange lV

    Sexy, bright, feisty, violent, unique: a dying breed in a part of the world in which people have become too fucking scared to say how they feel. An angelic voice, too.
  7. David Cameron, the forgotten Cunt

    Could it be that our performances in the Eurovision Song Contest are actually fucking shite, and nothing more?
  8. David Cameron, the forgotten Cunt

    I wouldn't follow him into battle, but I would like to pick his brains over a couple of pints in a pub. With Hunt, I'd prefer to rip his fucking bollocks off with a claw hammer. I wouldn't be surprised if the cunt's own family didn't bother to visit the shortsighted, Oxford-educated sack of shit in his BUPA hospital bed afterwards.
  9. David Cameron, the forgotten Cunt

    I don't for one second believe Corbyn's NHS pledges will catapult him ahead in the polls. What do you deem sanity to be at the next election, Wvm?
  10. David Cameron, the forgotten Cunt

    This of course signals CCG misplacement of funding. What we do know is the May government's £337m winter cash boost has been used to service debt after decades of previous fuck-ups, which certainly hasn't helped the NHS. If money is not just the main problem, therefore, why do you think the crises is obviously getting worse under Hunt's stewardship?
  11. David Cameron, the forgotten Cunt

    Granted, but surely Corbyn's commitment to healthcare would enable considerably more funding for a desperate NHS – which you must agree is in pretty dire need. The Hunt-era statistics speak for themselves.
  12. Pugs & French Bulldogs

    No, it doesn't have 'to be said', because you keep on saying it. Dogs have 95% of the qualities we humans aspire to develop as we get older: loyalty, love, commitment. I fuckin' hate you, you evidently thick, tabloid-reading, verbose backwoods oaf. Shut your fucking teeth-lined anus.
  13. Pegasus Airlines new under sea flights

    Cricket, granted, though I suspect she's very well qualified to outdo most in the anal or bukkake department, based on her previous writings.
  14. Pegasus Airlines new under sea flights

    I sincerely hope not. This place wouldn't be the same without her, in spite of ending up with egg on her face during our latest difference of opinion. To be thrown into the cooler for vehemently putting one's point across, rather than the usual reasons, would very much undermine the rationale of the mods' modus operandi.