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  1. Wolfie

    Stansted Airport

    You must be hoping devastatingly beautiful King's Lynn and Great Yarmouth don't follow suit.
  2. Wolfie

    Inappropriate people advertising products

    Isn't it time you invested in a new mirror, Withers?
  3. Wolfie

    Inappropriate people advertising products

    Frank must be putting in quite a sizeable order.
  4. Wolfie

    The Cenotaph Anorak v2.0

    Hence, is your obvious problem with British authorities and not British people?
  5. Wolfie


    Yet another lifeless pool of dehydrated smeg from the site's leading football & Tenants chav. It's a shame taking risks with fireworks didn't terminate your youth, or better still, ensure you suffered the longevity of alcoholism. Why do you bother, honestly?
  6. Wolfie

    Samantha Jones

    We all know you're single from your self-effacing video uploads, occasionally striking it lucky with some inebriated slapper who'll discover what it's like to wake up with a rasher of streaky bacon the following morning.
  7. Wolfie

    Samantha Jones

    What we do know is Roops used to have a gorgeous body. If the same photo was taken today, her tits would fall down the back of the sofa.
  8. Wolfie

    The Cenotaph Anorak v2.0

    You're right scotty; such careless words lend a new, unintended angle to my comment, while yours is even more intimidating with Harold Shipman staring me squarely in the face. I stand corrected.
  9. Wolfie

    The Cenotaph Anorak v2.0

    You know very well the point I was making, yet you decided to sidetrack it. I'm not going to evoke any more of your bitterness, though at least have the decency to put your argument across without acting the cowardly little faggot.
  10. Wolfie

    Samantha Jones

    It's good to see you're boxing clever, 'eav.
  11. Wolfie

    The Cenotaph Anorak v2.0

    Granted, but what makes our politicians any different to those who've been at the helm of Sinn Féin for the past couple of decades?
  12. Wolfie

    Northern Rail

    Good God. All we need is another boring, humourless fucking cunt with an unhealthy train obsession. Have you considered investing in some quality earplugs and standing on the live tracks at Ormskirk railway station, and counting to 1,000 with your eyes closed?
  13. Wolfie

    The Cenotaph Anorak v2.0

    While your Anglophobic trolling no longer surprises, through our previous exchanges you'll have seen my comments about my dislike of Britain's military history, which clearly wasn't achieved through benevolence. 11.11.11 however is a time to show respect for innocent soldiers and civilians who essentially died at the hands of remorseless politicians – as well as the pain their families suffered on an unprecedented scale. Most with an inkling of compassion understand this. It's not been 'hijacked' by any means, and rightly remains an important part of the UK's calendar. It also serves to remind us war is to be avoided at all costs. Which part of the above troubles your moral compass, Pansy?
  14. Wolfie

    The Cenotaph Anorak v2.0

    Have you ever fucked a person of African genealogy, Spunk?
  15. Wolfie

    The Cenotaph Anorak v2.0

    I'm generally not bothered in the least by anyone's appearance (other than Frank the fairy's middle-aged Miami Vice semblance), nor am I a Corbyn-hater by any means, but his showing yesterday was wholly disrespectful. It's at times like these we're reminded he is, like most leading politicians, merely an actor.