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  1. Wolfie

    WOT, no Brexit plan!!

    During your months-long absence a while ago, this is what many of us had been hoping.
  2. Wolfie

    Older men in shit clothes

    How very modest. When do you envisage tackling the mental side?
  3. Wolfie

    Shape of things to come

    You fall squarely into this category.
  4. Wolfie

    Diego Maradona

    It's just as well none of us is getting to you.
  5. Wolfie

    Anus horriblus

    Of course, Ireland's sufferance is totally unique, especially in the eyes of a UK politics-obsessed Anglophobe with a little too much time and alcohol on his hands. Here's wishing Ireland well in their 3/4th place World Cup playoff this afternoon, in light of them having such a great tournament.
  6. Wolfie

    Businesses that get you to work for them For Free

    I'm so glad you responded – I was beginning to think you didn't care!
  7. Wolfie

    Businesses that get you to work for them For Free

    I see you're being all laid-back and easygoing again, Pansy baby.
  8. Wolfie

    Anus horriblus

    'Anus horriblus'. Is this what your Latin boyfriend says each time you get on all-fours in front of him, Judge?
  9. Wolfie

    Mark Boon

    Ah, so you'll be driving when you come to visit. This means you'll have to stay the night after we've devoured my two bottles of chilled 2008 Sancerre.
  10. Wolfie

    Older men in shit clothes

    I think you meant to comment on the 'Shit men in older clothes' thread, Pansy.
  11. Wolfie

    Mark Boon

    Have you ever thought why so many people offer you their seat?
  12. Wolfie

    Litter Louts.

    Just type 'Thick Mick' into Google Translate, Mrs R.
  13. Wolfie

    Football comin home

    Well, if it isn't Mr Shit! What an interesting, studysome individual you're proving. You really are the weirdo in the park who prompts mums to grab the hands of their kids. You probably detest dogs because they sniff you out from the bushes. 'Hey mum – look at that funny man over there!' Not only have you demonstrated a human and dog faeces theme throughout, you also seem to have a slightly milder obsession with spunk and urine. And the words of your latest avatar: 'Taste My Arsehole Motherfucker.' How peculiar. The notion of you suffering from coprophilia grows ever closer. I don't hate you, r-soles. I pity you.
  14. Wolfie

    Mark Boon

    Shut up Pen, you incredibly obvious, grammatically challenged and painfully unfunny androgynous oaf.