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  1. At which point did MC say his dog had attacked a cat? You vapid, remedial-class oaf.
  2. Would you like to collect the cat shit from my garden? This could be the answer to my problem, and I am sure you'd take great enjoyment from it.
  3. There are few words to describe just how much these intensely annoying little fuckers get right on my tits. Like thousands of others up and down the country, I'm a keen gardener who has to continually battle these selfish cunts who shit daily in my vegetable patches and raised beds. While I get on with my neighbour, who has three of them, things have gotten to the stage where I'm now throwing cat shit back over the garden fence. Yesterday Mrs Wolfie and I spent all day preparing our winter veg and mulch for the coming months, yet just this morning, the place looked like a war zone because the little shits decided to deposit their vile, disgusting, germ-spreading discharge among my chard and rhubarb. What's more concerning is when our little niece comes to stay during summer months, as a matter of being sensible, we have to locate the rancid cat shit before she might. People who own cats obviously feed them roughly twice each day. Where does all the shit go, I wonder? It appears to be OK if it's not their garden. I've always been respectful of others' pets, in particular keeping a watchful eye on my dogs (one of whom 'likes' cats), but now I've decided to turn a blind eye if they come into contact with one another and nature takes its course. I've also been eyeing up my shovel near the garage door, which may be put to good use well before the rain and snow come about.
  4. You'd like that, wouldn't you? Vile little arse ferret.
  5. At which point did I mention Nazis, geese or raped mothers, you deluded fucking anus?
  6. The Argies were thoroughly proficient at walking backwards in battle, such as at Goose Green. Did the French military also supply their expertise in this particular field? Lol.
  7. Not for an American, which means you'd still have trouble squeezing into a British ambulance as you make your way to intensive care as a high-risk, NHS-sapping elephant.
  8. It must make a change to gargling pints of spunk from dozens of toilet-dwelling club trannies.
  9. You're missing the point, sausage fingers. Did you choose to ignore the words 'invader' and 'bully'? Nothing has changed since the Viet Cong kicked your humungous butts out of Southeast Asia: not the shock to the liberal conscience when it wasn't allowed to acknowledge the truth that mass murder took place by its government; and not the concealment of true objectives in moral illusions by the richest country on Earth using its military might against the poorest nations in the name of civilisation. America continues to create wars and violate human rights to this day to fulfil its global economic agenda. Why defend it?
  10. Do you mean the adventure which came about after American authorities created a false flag incident in the Gulf of Tonkin, which meant regardless of their B-52 bombers, napalm, chemical defoliant experiments and sheer weight of numbers, American troops could not match the knowledge and tenacity of a people prepared to see off an illegal invader and bully?
  11. It's little wonder a fifth of the world's fattest people can't locate the piece of land in which they live on a map.
  12. The 'great US of A' is not a country. It's a consortium of multinationals with vastly limited history who live in segregated states, each sharing the common denominator of having different laws full of narrow-minded people who portray themselves to have an identity because they're indoctrinated into believing so by their 'elected' leaders. From my experience of travel, America among them, your 'country' is one of the most controlled and restricted areas on Earth which, sadly for its brainwashed demographic, feels it has the God-given right to police the rest of the world. 'Land of the free' my arse.
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