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  1. He hogged the headlines after coming out in rashers, apparently.
  2. Wolfie

    BBC Salaries

    Christ I loathe this cast-iron cunt. He's obviously so wrapped up in his well-publicised pledge to not accept two months of his BBC salary (approximately £150,000 per month) for not working during the coronavirus outbreak, he's forgetting the millions struggling to afford rent, mortgages and food (let alone private healthcare) who are forced to pay it under duress in the first fucking place. Gary – if ever you read this, know my abomination for your faux socialist self-indulgence could never be the equal of your obvious hypocrisy and greed. What a wanker. https://metro.co.uk/2020/04/02/gary-lineker-donates-bbc-salary-british-red-cross-amid-coronavirus-12499166/
  3. The NHLE must have recently upgraded the status of your static home. When is the blue plaque going up to commemorate your achievements as a leading authority on cheap Chinese glass ornaments and Bowie biographer?
  4. Ever since she gave me a nice feeling in my Spider-Man pyjama bottoms in the early 80s on TOTP, I've been smitten. Kim was (and still is) utterly delicious, and after all these years seems to have kept her feet on the ground unlike the vast majority of today's toxic, self-obsessed celebrities. With an easygoing demeanour and body like a Sunday roast with all the trimmings, she likes gardening, dog-walking, cooking and shagging. What's not to like?
  5. Oh shut up. You sound like fucking Margaret Thatcher.
  6. Could you ask the IRA to blow-up the Wuhan biological weapons laboratory on behalf of the rest of the world?
  7. @Mrs Roops You'll notice I chose my words carefully, using phrases such as 'All of the above is very probable' and 'It could well be this virus did not happen naturally', though if you wish to misinterpret my post then it comes as little surprise. It wouldn't be the first time. I'm still on the fence and I take onboard what you've said above; I was merely saying skullduggery is possible and increasingly likely. Why don't you think outside the box once in a while, rather than coming across as a mainstream news disciple who's been somewhat taken in by journalism graduates in their 20s tailoring data to a conventional news agenda? It's not as though you don't have conviction in your opinions, or indeed lack the confidence to upload a photo of your tampon-laden minge taken 30+ years ago, while bent over a cheap blue BHS sofa throw, for a bunch of internet misfits to revel over.
  8. I was going to bring this up, ready for your onslaught and accusations of tinhattery, but then you did it. All of the above is very probable, and I would also suggest the crisis could be the tip of the iceberg so far as biological weapons development is concerned. Whether leaked via accident or released with intent (the first unlikely given the Wuhan bio-safety lab's highest possible 'level 4 BSL-4' security status, what the past few weeks has shown us is China can virtually bring the worldwide economy to a standstill with a virus specifically engineered to target a mostly older demographic. Perhaps there's a more virulent version of the strain already formulated. As much as I loathe China's treatment of animals and its people (the latter far less), COVID-19 actually evolving from a street market now appears more unlikely as time goes by. Who benefits from this outbreak? Those who benefit from a crime are the most likely to have committed it. I'd be amazed whoever may have done this doesn't already have a vaccine (or vaccines) in place. I bet there are people in G8 government departments who know exactly what's going on, including the UK. China is a blueprint for the world's economy and would be an ideal country from which to experiment with an outbreak of a lab-created pandemic. While Neil has pointed out this thing has affected and killed so few when compared to other diseases and illnesses, if it goes on expanding, which it looks like doing, the heightening of fear and suspension of democracy (and government control) will only accelerate. China already controls most of its population via artificial intelligence, so what better way than to experiment with biological control? The world's supply chains are in utter chaos, streets are becoming desolate on a global scale, and people everywhere are panic-buying in supermarkets. It's a little more than suspicious that virtually all of the Iranian government contracted a particularly virulent strain of coronovirus during the last week in February – well before Iran's surrounding countries and governments became less affected. Italy is less obvious, though it's higher ageing demographic when compared to other EU countries may have something to do with the fast outbreak in the country's north. It could well be this virus did not happen naturally. COVID-19 is probably a mild form of the strain and will start to ease off in the coming weeks, but many of the control measures imposed by China (and other G8 nations) will not be rolled back. Technology appears to have brought cyber and biological warfare with it as the world's major threat. There's my tin hat, ginger slag.
  9. DA's already starred in a Bond film, so I doubt they'd recast her. (Red shirt from 0:20 sec onwards.)
  10. Absolute cockrot. The key component of any sport is unpredictability, and darts has this vital ingredient in abundance. That's why it's so popular. It is also clean. The alleged match-fixing archives are very short indeed and it's not rife with performance drug-takers as the physicality of the sport doesn't require this attribute. The skill needed to hit the eye of a needle time and again under stressful conditions however requires the calm head of a pro capable of calculating lots of numbers and potential checkouts with consummate ease and clarity. Those who have competed in sport at a worthy level know most of the battle is mental. Also, darts has evolved outside of its pub roots, turning into an activity any person regardless of age or body type has a fair shot of winning. This is just for you:
  11. I want to believe, but I can't - not yet. It should be the national interest that is central to the ethos of BBC journalism but we're still eons away from anywhere near this. Its style and bias still appears to be broadcast from some distant, foreign land inhabited by journalists who do not share the same interests or emotions as their audience. For example, as Brexit negotiations have progressed, it's become increasingly clear that it is the obtuse EU, and not Britain, which has been the main obstacle to progress. Yet time and again the fucking BBC creates a platform in which EU apologists are listened to respectfully while the attack treatment is reserved solely for right-wing, pro-Brexit British politicians such as Johnson and Farage, as well as Trump. And it still gives people like Sadiq Khan a disproportionate amount of airtime so as not to offend minorities borne from mass immigration tactfully hidden by the BBC. When someone throws an egg at Farage, or Trump looks at someone's tits, it's headline BBC news. And, to top it off, those at the head of the BBC are paid unscrupulous wages to influence the public at large who are in turn forced to fulfil their salaries in the first place. As with its reporting on coronavirus, mass immigration and multi-sexuality, the BBC by and large still uses liberal narratives to wrongly influence. A free Western society should be able to form opinions based on facts, yet nowadays millions - myself included - seek alternative sources of news. The BBC still chooses what it permits and forbids according what it wants its public to know, and to think its political agenda is on the turn is wishful thinking. I want it shut down, compartmentalised, and privatised.
  12. There's obviously the Led Zep thing going on above (again), which the Yanks have had a habit of spewing out with new rock 'supergroups' in recent years. As far as I'm concerned these guys still own the accolade of the purest rock & roll sound ever:
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