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  1. Less importantly, where are they gonna find their jobs?
  2. Hmm, not so sure. The average football thicko without super-comfy Sports Direct clothing, on a National Express coach journey for example, might end up requiring NHS treatment. You vapid dickhead.
  3. Oh Billy, you really are hopeless. While I understand your vocabulary is limited to the Wetherspoon's menu, you ought to do everyone a favour and retire yourself, immediately.
  4. It appears you've got, er, the wrong end of the stick. Not you old bean – but the abomination (and his more recent guises) known as R-Soles.
  5. This is ironic, as it comes from someone who'd still be able to see if their eyelids were as thick as their legs.
  6. Billy. Being threatening across the vast sea of the internet really isn't intimidating in the least. Why persist in doing it? Have you considered joining all other C-category idiots from the lowest echelons of the Corner, such as Salty Piss Flap, Pen, Albert, Eddie, and the weirdo who's obsessed with canine shit, and starting a similar website aimed squarely at those a little dimmer than the usual puntership? You could entice Rick_B out of retirement by making him feel popular.
  7. A Like from Pen must be similar to receiving a high-five from a remedial teenager. Still, at least there's hope you'll make me laugh just once.
  8. Do you think you might teach Salty Piss Flaps how to be funny?
  9. The way you've structured this suggests Ape hates Muslims more than you, rather than what you meant to say. I genuinely enjoy your child-like prose Eddie, but you do give the impression of being more than a little thick at times.
  10. You aspire to be British, don't you? Seriously, I think it's great this site appeals to someone claiming to be an American. It appears you don't do humour, however.
  11. He must have used Heinz Alphabetti instead of traditional spaghetti.
  12. I suspected you could deliver a fine semi, Gyps.
  13. Wolfie

    Danny Baker

    I can just imagine him now, making his way into the lift of a budget package holiday Illa d'Or Club Apartamentos building, bottle of Blue Nun in hand, swathed in a shiny BHS Pierre Cardin dressing gown with matching gold slippers. What a wanker.
  14. Wolfie

    Danny Baker

    As opposed to himself? A display of 'crass ineptitude, stunted intellect and oikish cretinism' indeed.
  15. Wolfie

    Danny Baker

    You've taken things a step too far, Eddie. While it's Eric's choice to disclose such personal information on the internet, exploiting it to win an argument is, to use one of your phrases, below you – though hardly surprising. I hope appropriate action is taken. You vile, nasty fucking shitcunt.
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