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  1. I suspect his mum works at McDonald's and steals the bog roll.
  2. Once in a while, a specific type of dickhead comes along who's so appallingly bad they're inevitably pigeonholed to the dogshit pit. You fall squarely into this category. I called you out for being a boring, weird little cunt just a few days ago and you responded with some unintelligible arsehole answer which, posted by either, would've humiliated even Panz or Pen into a frenzy of self-consciousness. You're utterly fucking dogshit, really. Your feedback confirms this. Why don't you join a typical 'I'm a cunt.com' where you can appeal to others of a similar level? You're either a vacuous teenager who spends their hours wanking and scrolling through the pages of Sports Direct, or you are an adult with a severe learning disability. Either way, the idiot siren is resonating.
  3. Similarly to millions, we've spent the past 4-5 months discussing such synopses – something you'd know had you bothered using the site's search feature. Keep up, you slow, backwards, remedial cunt.
  4. Thanks for the bubonic plague heads-up, KR. The nom however would've carried more credit had you not decided to authenticate it with a link from The fucking Sun.
  5. I've had a bit more time to consider Hamilton's actions in the past 48 hours. What a complete fucking tool. While obviously wishing to make himself stand out and feed his insatiable ego, he was the only driver with no face mask wearing a BLM shirt before the start of Sunday's GP. If black lives really mattered for Lewis, rather than making himself the centre of attention, he'd focus his efforts on contributing some of his $285m fortune to actually helping people from ethnic minorities to stop stabbing each other on the streets of London. Perhaps this is the point the BLM movement – and F1's leading cheesy bellend – have failed to grasp. Thankfully people are waking up to BLM’s real agenda. Hamilton, while proving too vapid to realise he's playing into the hands of a culturally Marxist itinerary, pays no tax in any country suffering racial issues and (for this reason alone) should keep his fucking trap shut about societies he contributes absolutely nothing towards. I admire the six drivers who had the balls to not be bullied by Hamilton's influence and take the knee. Why should they be forced to support a political movement that in the past month has created racial division and violence? Amazingly, one of BLM's main motives in recent weeks has been the historic white oppression of black people via slavery, yet Hamilton failed to acknowledge Mercedes' growth wasn't built on benevolence during the Third Reich era in the 1930s & 40s, nor is the mining of diamonds in Africa racially ethical – something he wears in abundance around his ears and neck. What a complete fucking hypocrite. A six-time world British F1 champ should be a national treasure, but the fact Hamilton has never been as popular as one-time champs Nigel Mansell or James Hunt says a lot about his egomaniacal desire to be admired. Being a proud Briton I'd never thought I'd say this but I sincerely hope Schumacher's record isn't broken by this fucking self-obsessed sphincter muscle. This is the measure of just how much I've come to despise the pompous cunt, though you can bet he'll still dedicate his next F1 win to career criminal George Floyd. Undoubtedly a great driver – but also a tax-dodging snowflake wanker you'd never tire of pissing on.
  6. Good old Jimbo, he never pulled any punches. This is the commenting of a man who didn't give a fuck about losing his job at the BBC.
  7. There's still time for Ferrari to negotiate a sponsorship deal with KFC.
  8. Wolfie

    BBC News

    This man (Kevin Hurley) makes a lot of sense. Free speech at its best from someone who knows best – away from the mainstream media and fucking BBC/Sky pro-BLM agenda.
  9. I don't think you're young enough for her, Billy.
  10. Making more friends, Pen? Nobody likes you. The only people you get along with use you for mining likes, but you're too fucking dim to see it. Why not jump ship to another site worthy of a lexically inferior, embarrassingly unfunny, hypocritical left-wing closet transgender fruitcake whose only mild talent lies in derailing threads? There must be a website you can upload a photo of your veiny monster cock to those who'll treat your tedious 24/7 online presence with impunity.
  11. Wolfie

    Rick Stein

    How's your pursuit of the Corner's most repetitive & boring cunt accolade going, GG? It appears only @Frank & @ChildeHarold stand in your way.
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