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  1. Wolfie

    Jonathan Ross

    Your mum is still alive?
  2. What you lack in sophistication, you more than make up for with your command of the site's underline feature. Welcome, 'DD'.
  3. I must admit I'd give the one on the left a thoroughly good roasting. Phwoar.
  4. Hmm. I'm not sure I agree entirely – not on some of your 'researched' comments on climate change. I'm aware you think you're a world authority on just about every historic and current affairs subject, but where do you source your facts? I agree the planet is warming at an unprecedented rate, however, I'm still on the fence (as it the scientific community) as to whether the rate is completely man-made, natural, or a combination of both. The recent Aussie bush fires have come under close scrutiny for this reason; as I said there's little doubt about warming but authorities are undoubtedly cashing in on people's guilt and exploiting green taxes as a result. If you want something a little more up-to-date (January 05), see this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=9&v=rxHcBDp4J84&feature=emb_logo
  5. This is an interesting take on things:
  6. A fat, stuck-up, ever-so-middle-class hairy moose. She's another of these got rich by being in the right place at the right time types who craves attention, though it does give me great satisfaction knowing she'll undoubtedly end up looking like a Greek grandmother in need of electrolysis on her arse cheeks to shit properly.
  7. Unsurprisingly the latest animal-borne supervirus from the world's biggest cesspit is gathering pace. What the fuck did the barbaric cunts expect, with no animal welfare or livestock production laws in place, keeping and mistreating pigs, birds, cows, goats, cats and dogs et al. like vermin in utterly filthy conditions? If this thing breaks out, I hope the selfish shits take it on the chin and absorb the brunt of it while international travel is prohibited. Cruel, backwards, slum-infested shitheap.
  8. Point taken, but when you look like you're wearing a Shrek mask, no amount of flirting can prevent picking up the pump handle for many years to come.
  9. Much of Monty Python was utter cuntshit praised far too highly. Occasionally mildly amusing, often very fucking unfunny – a bit like Salty, who modelled himself on it, thinking we'd immediately grasp his wacky, zany British sense of humour.
  10. Wolfie

    Brian Blessed

    Just imagine living in the industrial northwest or Surrey, Essex or London. Blair turned Britain into an EU migration state, meaning traffic issues became so bad the current problems are now irreversible. Conditions he created allowed 3.6m migrants (estimated legals only) to enter the UK – that's a heck of a lot more cars and traffic. All this, without asking the British people whether it was OK. What a fucking cunt.
  11. I knew you were a softy at heart.
  12. Moral compasses Meg & Harry have said they generously intend to repay £2.4m spent on the refurbishment of their home; surely the same ethical protocol must apply for £32m+ of taxpayer money spent on their fairly recent wedding. Having been in London last week, I couldn't help but think just how far such a sum could go to assist the thousands of homeless sleeping rough each night who desperately need help. Fancy living up to the perceived snowflake virtues you portray yourself to have, Meg?
  13. Why are British taxpayers funding the legal process and prison bill for this dangerous sexual predator to spend the rest of its life in the UK? While the noble & anti-racist BBC had described him as being 'from Manchester' (before insidiously editing its online news story days later in light of the fact he's from Indonesia's Jambi province), it seems rather unfair you and I should be paying for its meals, clean bedding and general upkeep. Seeing as Indonesia is a predominantly Islamic country, where homosexual rapists are undoubtedly given special treatment, surely the panfaced shitcunt is better off being extradited to serve as a deterrent for future wannabe offenders?
  14. Wolfie

    Darts equality

    A semi-final? She's definitely on a roll at the moment.
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