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  1. Why? Do you want to add it to your collection of death videos?
  2. Khiwa: the death penalty is one thing, torturing is another. It's a step back to the Middle Ages. Knee-jerk idiot. Wiz: while I see the appeal of the death penalty, it's proven in other Western societies such as the US to not serve as a deterrent for serious crime. In my opinion, suffering a prison term (though far from an ideal solution) has a better track record: Ians Brady and Huntley are good examples from the UK, both of whom were tortured in a far more insidious and effective way, manifested by their desire to be euthenised on numerous occasions. Surely most of this ilk, such as this latest piece of sadistic shit, would opt for an easier way out?
  3. While on the subject of poorly educated arseholes, Pen, since when was the defendant and alleged criminal allowed to vote for their own destiny via jury inclusion, undermining the impartial verdict? Alfie said he'd 'served on two juries'. Jesus wept. You fucking thick felching maven.
  4. This question was answered at the time of the James Bulger murder, with both killers aged 10. The vast majority of those aged 15 or similar have enough maturity to know when they are doing something seriously wrong, unless they're mentally ill. Every sane adult who remembers the JB case would realise this, which leads me to believe only a thick cunt such as yourself would raise such a pointless argument in the first place. Prove me otherwise – if you can find a web link (of a qualified person: psychologist, social worker et al. making such a statement). And it's Wetherspoons not 'Witherspoons', you cringeworthy and grammatically handicapped rectum. Book author my arse.
  5. Surely you meant Fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap, Neil?
  6. Wolfie

    Robbie Williams

    A typically intelligent and insightful synopsis from the Corner's very own Mystic Smeg.
  7. Wolfie

    Robbie Williams

    Hi Gary!
  8. You seem to know a lot about its sights and sounds. Are you a second-hand car salesmen from Solihull with a shit Brummy accent?
  9. I'm a broken man, Stubbs. His compassion has got the better of him, which is why he's backed off and not responded.
  10. ...says the strangely curious person who uniquely uploads photos of her fanny and arse to the site. Perhaps CGAS might feel compelled to upload a photo of his 'superior manhood'. What a shame, for him, it's not been near a woman's cunt in decades.
  11. Your claim to be more than one person on this site is hilarious! Is this why the same right-wing, sexist, racist dickhead perpetually posts from the same computer with the same lexis, tone and general stupidity? You sad, lonely cunt. All you're doing is tearing yourself a deeper arsehole by confirming your status as someone who ought to be living at the turn of the 20th Century. It's little wonder nobody wants to spend NYE with you, is it? Admittedly I'm disappointed to see you resort to using 'Mehehehehehehehehehehehe' in your comments. I thought you were better than this. Clearly, I was wrong.
  12. You accuse me of being queer, yet make every effort to inform me that you have an 'exceptionally large appendage'. What a strange amalgam. Had you been on the site more often, you'd see I've had my fair share of run-ins with Roops. Unlike you however, with this particular female (and every other by the looks of it), I've come out on top more often than not. What a strange, deeply chauvinistic individual you appear to be – and hardly surprising you spent New Year's Eve with just your computer and wanking hand for company.
  13. While that may appeal to the knuckle-draggers at large, it does strengthen Roops' suggestion that you don't have a healthy and fulfilling sex life, instead drunkenly wanking like a spotty teen, because no woman could envisage a future with you. Is this why you spent last New Year's Eve alone, with nothing better to do other than navigate Cunt's Corner, despite generally being a part-timer?
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