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  1. Shut up Billy. You're like a fucking Carry On film on steroids.
  2. Wolfie

    They/Them cunts

    Is it of Asian lineage?
  3. It’s not unusual for someone who has a multiple of homes worth millions in London’s prestigious Notting Hill or the cosy Cotswolds to portray themselves as a caring socialist, and to criticise a country which has provided her a lifestyle the rest of us can only dream about. Had she actually worked for her money, like the vast majority of us do, I am fairly certain her stance would be very different indeed. I’d love to see someone like Katie Hopkins tear the spoilt little brat a new arsehole live on TV. What a hypocritical fucking cunt.
  4. What makes you so certain you call pull it off nowadays? Perhaps you've already purchased a costume which enables you to relive your youth, safe in the knowledge your leathery flaps racing towards the South Pole will be fully camouflaged.
  5. Having returned from this summer's European road trip, I can confirm Bruges punches well above its weight in not just the architectural beauty but also the colossal fucking rude cunt stakes. The city's restaurateurs (chiefly waiting staff) are among the most ill-mannered and thieving fuckpigs on the face of the planet. Even though we ordered a main meal and drinks in one such establishment, the terse, hairy, skinny little four-eyed Francophone serving us threw a major hissy fit when Mrs Wolfie ordered 'only' a bowl of fries, saying "I will not serve you just fries", so I politely asked why – and he flipped, making a huge scene in the process which was totally unnecessary and embarrassing. Despite my reluctance to pay for our meal in full (which included getting fleeced for little pots of ketchup and mayonnaise priced €1.50 each), and to not let such rudeness and robbery ruin our holiday, I contentedly left my legacy in the restaurant's only toilet, curling out days' worth of holiday food in the shape of a foot-long floater which would've undoubtedly needed a knife and set of Marigolds to flush. This will be accompanied by a scathing review. Rude, vile shitcunts. What a shame the Germans didn't blitzkrieg the fake fucking tourist trap 75 years ago.
  6. 'Who knows you’re own grasp of the English language.' Oh the irony. Come on Billy, keep up.
  7. Agreed. I'm against the death penalty, but for a different reason. Take Ians Brady and Huntley, for example. Just look at how much each suffered/suffers through incarceration, both wanting to die because they hate prison life so much. The death penalty for them would've been the least painful way out. Essentially, I am happy to pay taxes which contribute to their suffering – not as an act of sadism but to help fund proper and full sentencing which acts as a deterrent.
  8. I was reading this the other day, and then I gave up. The same just happened again, despite a good sleep and a couple of espressos. For the benefit of others (quite a few, it appears) give it up Billy. Find a website fitting of a clueless chav with a bigger collection of DVDs than books. You colourless, boring dickhead.
  9. More than a whiff of hypocrisy, Frannie.
  10. I can't agree, scotty. The point is the more guests the wedding has, the less waste is created by not sourcing new food – and thus further waste. There's not enough food to go around the world, you know.
  11. It's Crocs for me. The Gran Reserva 904 Rioja, and tears, and spunk – often borne from a lonely, late night and drunken wank over Gyps – are easy to wipe off. They also look great with odd socks & shorts. Fuck off you borderline Liberace fudge rat. You're done here.
  12. Takes one to know one. I bet your top-lip does a great Tom Selleck, you middle-aged Romany hag.
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