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  1. Fucked by Facebook

    I assume by this he is no longer a Yorkshireman. Is there something you're not telling us?
  2. Nosey NHS cunts.

    I hope you've put these concerns to the NHS consultants with whom you play golf.
  3. Coarse fishing

    Agreed. I'm a lot more accepting of hunting these days per se, as long as it's carried out ethically, numbers are sustainable, and importantly, animals do not suffer. Humans seem to have lost the basic survival skills that enabled us to evolve as a species, instead relying on amoral crap that's farmed. This said, very rarely, when I am hungry and I have no choice, I occasionally succumb to McDonald's. Wrong, on every level.
  4. Coarse fishing

    Why am I not surprised? After you've strategically positioned your tent near an all-girls school, I bet cold weather and rain provide you enough time to sneak in a cheeky wank under your umbrella, your little tobacco-stained fingers grubbily going about their business like a fiddler's elbow.
  5. Coarse fishing

    Are you a Sports Direct fisherman, Neil? I imagine you're used to picking up knickers with a long bamboo stick, so coarse fishing must come quite naturally.
  6. Coarse fishing

    Catching something to eat, despite any given supermarket not far away, makes sense: the freshness, flavour and experience of doing so etc. But I have never understood why people spend £thousands to sit around in cold temperatures and driving rain to catch something inedible – and then put it back in the fucking water! Why? Also, fishing for non-food purposes seems to be the raison d'être of the outdoor, council estate chavster.
  7. All This Halloween Bollocks

    Did the fireworks side emanate from Ireland?
  8. All This Halloween Bollocks

    I bet it doesn't take Roops very long to get ready before going out.
  9. Lotto millionaire Jane Park

    How's it going, you vile cunt? Likely typical for your Sundays, have you blown an 8-ball up your arse in some backstreet Glaswegian pub yet?
  10. The Cunts Corner Music Exchange lV

    I'm more than pleased CC's leading hedonistically-charged rock star has decided to upload a song, and I'm sure you'd post more if the wild partying didn't hinder you. (Ps. I've just PM'd you. *taps nose*)
  11. Fucked by Facebook

    Perhaps this explains Ding's ongoing absence from the site.
  12. UBER

    You are right - our employment laws are piss-weak, though they still fall way short of our immigration policies in this respect.
  13. People with a "funny" eye.

  14. People with a "funny" eye.

    She sounds like a right flid, desperately in need of a visit to Spacksavers.
  15. More Transgender cunt bollocks

    Bloody hell Punkers; just admit it to yourself. All you need is your 'John Travolta' moment. I'm sure many will be behind you. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1304674/Gay-vicar-65-marry-Nigerian-male-model-half-age.html