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  1. How can anyone feel compassion for Tony Blair's chief spin doctor who served up the biggest lie in modern British history, forcing his country to war in the Middle East under a cloud of complete falsification while kissing the arse of George W Bush's corrupt administration? With the unnecessary deaths of more than 1 million innocents on his mind, I'm not surprised the cunt is feeling depressed. Arrogant, colossal wanker.
  2. Wolfie

    The End Of May

    Yeah? You'd be up her shitter after a few beers, you filthy cunt.
  3. He was brilliant, wasn't he? This is no joke Panz but Kenny and his at-the-time BBC boss David Mallet conceived a Video Show character entitled 'Irish Cunt', although he was deemed too much of a misinformed, obnoxious and politically opinionated wanker for largely adult audiences to find funny.
  4. Wolfie

    Jeremy 'cunt' kyle

    Yes Eddie, you fucking prat.
  5. Wolfie

    Danny Baker

    Rattled! Retire yourself from this site – permanently. Your non-stop guff disrespects the many commenters who continue to suffer you every day. 'Glowworm' indeed. The only familiarity from your perspective is the barbed, shit-curdling Chinese sex toy which finds its way up your colon each day. Take the Swiss clinic option, you vile, thick, cumfarting tranny.
  6. I'll wager you haven't had a cock near you in years. The same however can't be said of Pen.
  7. You must've been quite a hottie back then, before you lost your battle with the hairy ankles and bingo wings.
  8. Wolfie

    Danny Baker

    Jabba the Hutt must have put in a starring role throughout this version as Neil caught reflections of himself in the screen.
  9. Wolfie

    Keith Flint

    Your thoughts on Carradine vs Seagal?
  10. Wolfie

    Keith Flint

    While Moon's death attracts more publicity, Entwhistle's passing was surely one of the greatest in Rock 'n' Roll history who, at 57, was reported dead by the strippers he was in bed with after a cocaine and alcohol-fueled evening.
  11. Wolfie

    Keith Flint

    To my knowledge neither was found hanging by the neck, with an orange in their mouth, in stockings & suspenders.
  12. Wolfie

    Keith Flint

    Apparently his death can't be ruled as suicide, as the coroner has said it may have also been 'accidental'. Right now I'm sure Keith is discussing it in detail with Michael Hutchence.
  13. What's your reaction when some pissed-up dickhead gets cocky while you're working on the door? Are you good enough to use just your palms and keep out of range of the cameras?
  14. You've crammed over a millennium of comments in under just four months – all sharing the same common denominator of being utterly fucking shit. You're trying hard, and I'm all for newcomers enriching the site, but I honestly believe you have little to offer. What a waste of time logging on to the stale tripe you post that only remedial teenagers would find mildly amusing. Not only do you come across as being a clumsy, Pot Noodle-loving Neanderthal who went permanently truant at 14, you're completely shit at what you have seemingly spent hours each day doing.
  15. A cunt's cunt. (Though far more funny and original than King Billy.)
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