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  1. Temporary traffic lights

    Done.. Thank you
  2. Temporary traffic lights

    That's my fucking point you cunt.. I was about 3 feet off the ground. If i was unlucky enough to slip, which i wasn't, the worst outcome would of been a grazed knee. PS....are you and Withers dating?
  3. Temporary traffic lights

    I've never injured a worker... it's called common sense. You sound like the type of cunt that needs 3 people nearby you to change a light bulb. Sky needed to adjust my dish last week.. the 1st cunt that visited had the wrong ladder, the 2nd cunt that arrived refused to go up to it as it was too high. I told him to fuck off and did it myself.
  4. Temporary traffic lights

    So what happened before these were around? Were you unable to stop at roadworks or safely drive around them? Actually maybe you were... you sound like the type of cunt that hits 5 cars when parking in Tescos.
  5. Temporary traffic lights

    Hi Decimus. No I am not. That is why i would rather not stare at 5 fat cunts, in orange trousers and dirty vests for 20 minutes, whilst waiting at a red light they just put up. Cunts.
  6. Chris fucking Moyles

    Moyles is a cock for sure... But Evans is way ahead im my opinion. A narcissistic, self centred, self adsorbed, egotistical ginger cunt!
  7. Temporary traffic lights

    These cunts seem to be everywhere nowadays..what happened to using the simple road cone. I'm not even exaggerating when I say my route to work now includes around 6 of these time wasting, pointless, cuntish things. Even more annoying is when you finally pass the "roadworks"...... you usually see at least 5 useless cunts standing around chatting having a fucking roll up, when one cunt is all that needed to do the shit totally un needed job anyway. Roadworks, although always a cunt, were always bearable without these fucking things.... all down to some wise fucktard in Brussels I imagine! Cunts!