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  1. Cap'n Cunt

    Owen Jones

    I'd like to confess to kicking this smarmy cunt in the head. Unfortunately I can't cos I never done it.
  2. Does anyone know where they stage Junior Mongboxing bouts? Asking for a non-existant friend.
  3. Cap'n Cunt

    The weather

    You might grow a bigger cock though.
  4. I don't see anything 'gay' (based on the apparently outdated definition of the word before it was hijacked by bummers) about having your arsehole fisted, or sticking your cock up a shit-encrusted ringpiece. The appropriation of the word 'gay' was quite a good marketing strategy, it evoked images of public-school chums mincing through verdant pastures and laughing like carefree girls. The grim reality is somewhat less wholesome. Lezzers are OK, though, apart from the dykey ones.
  5. I must say I'm getting pissed off with people who use the word 'racist' as some sort of insult. If someone calls me a racist, I take it that it signifies I have won the argument. The fact that I don't like slopes or sooties is largely irrelevant, as I dislike bummers too.
  6. One presumes that them Cockneys will thereafter refer to £50 as 'a bummer', rather than 'a bullseye'?
  7. Does no-one else see this Gove/cocaine crap as a pathetic attempt to show that he's human, with human failings, but really just a nice bloke\ he's 'down with the kids'\ 'Hey, I'm a fucking drug addict, all you smack heads should vote for me'? Attention-seeking, desperate, cunt-faced cunt. I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire. Unless I could piss petrol. I want him dead, and soon.
  8. How much did he sell it for?
  9. Cap'n Cunt

    Marcus Ball

    I'd pay good money to watch a big man of colour fuck him up the arse whilst he's bent over his office desk squealing for his mummy.
  10. I see Gove is set to give away 3 million British passports to various foreigners who have professed to live here for five years. But I'll still have to pay for mine. I hope the slimy cunt is going to pay for them from his own pocket, though I somehow doubt it. Cunt.
  11. She was trying to suck it's cock. Filthy fucking slope.
  12. I'm not even sure what it is. It looks like someone has done a bad job of photoshopping my nan.
  13. I'd pay to watch lesbians fighting, though.
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