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  1. Cap'n Cunt

    Slavery Guilt Complex Bollocks

    McCains Micro-Chips?
  2. Cap'n Cunt

    Bake off fucking cunts in the Final

    Ticks all the boxes. Would tick more boxes if one of them was disabled, or blind, or actually.......no, you can't have fucking white people winning, that would be wacist.
  3. Cap'n Cunt

    Andrology - Penis Fillers.

    Asking for a friend is a bit of a lost cause on here. Unless you're a bummer.
  4. Cap'n Cunt

    Halloween 2018

    I bought at least 4 pounds worth of Lidl faux chocolate for Halloween - I don't want chavvy cunts chucking eggs at my windows. Thankfully, none of these ne'er-do-wells actually turned up, so now I have a mountain of cheap 'chocolat' to eat. If I become diabetic, I'll blame America for this imported shite.
  5. Cap'n Cunt

    Bill Hetherington

    I'm not judgemental. I like to give everyone a fair hearing. You've had yours. I dislike you immensely, mostly due to your poor command of the English language - although this apparent dyslexia may be due to you having fat sausage-like fingers that are unable to poke the right place on your Tesco PAYG mobile phone. Either way, you bring nothing new to this site, so fuck off.
  6. Cap'n Cunt

    No clapping please, we’re Students

    Give it a couple of years of Sharia law and nobody north of Manchester will be able to clap.
  7. Cap'n Cunt

    Tampax spillage accident cunt

    I expect they expanded to fill the carriageway widthways.
  8. Cap'n Cunt

    Adrian Harrop

    So if I identify as a racist, I can claim discrimination if someone punches me for insulting a foreigner?
  9. Cap'n Cunt

    Grindr racism

    I though Dave Bummer was more appropriate.
  10. Cap'n Cunt

    The Reported Death of Charles, of Charles and David.

    I bet Dave will have his sideboard on eBay by Monday.
  11. Cap'n Cunt

    Tranny Madness

  12. Cap'n Cunt

    check out this pile of cunts

    The Village People have certainly let themselves go.
  13. Cap'n Cunt

    My wife

    Your point being?
  14. Cap'n Cunt

    My wife

    Perhaps you'd like to provide a link to your Facebook pics, so we could all assess whether you made the right decision in marrying her?
  15. Cap'n Cunt


    I don't see what's so bad about being called a 'racist'. I don't like anyone of any colour, creed or nationality. They can all fuck off, especially the brown ones.