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  1. TV socially engineering

    The thought of that self-satisfied smug cunt lying in bed smiling with spunk running down his many chins makes me heave. But more on-topic, I used to shag a black woman and she was fucking marvellous in bed. I wouldn't marry one, though. I want my kids to be a healthy pink colour and grow up to be Aryan Supremacists.
  2. Nazi dogs.

    If I posted a video of me circumcising a dog, would that offend Nazis?
  3. Lack of evidence

    So if he's legally dead, he could do whatever he wanted without fear of punishment. In his position, I'd get a bit rapey. And I'd off Pen and her alter-ego.
  4. Happy saint paddys day

    40 shades of shite.
  5. This american video on youtube

    To be fair, we've been invaded by Mohammedians without much of a struggle.
  6. Stephen Hawking is no longer talking

    What is this 'ladder' of which you speak?
  7. Racist BAFTA's

    Why? Is one of your 'uncles' trying to force you to marry him?
  8. Stephen Hawking is no longer talking

    Fuck, what if they accidentally rebooted him with Punkape.exe?
  9. Post-event Car Parking

    No, she/he/it is definitely on the spectrum.
  10. Women's equality day

    Is it 'steak and blowjob day'?
  11. £6 grand for curtains

    It's curtains for him, then. I'll get me pelmet.
  12. Post-event Car Parking

    " It makes for an amusing spectacle though if you sit and glug your Thermos of coffee while these idiots all spike their blood pressure, which most of the wobbling blobs can ill afford. " Sat in your mum's Ford Fiesta in a car park drinking Lidl coffee from a thermos flask. Fuck me, you certainly know how to have a good time.
  13. Needing Fucking Reading Glasses

    60-60 vision? You'd be able to see individual sperm.
  14. Women's equality day

    Until they can piss standing up they shouldn't be allowed to vote.
  15. Asthmatic Sir Brad

    Now, there's a good example of a cyclist who should be chainsawed. Cheating drug-addled cunt with his stupid-looking bicycle.