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  1. Cap'n Cunt

    Flying Termites

    It's not termites, it's ants. You fucking mong.
  2. Cap'n Cunt

    World Cup 2018 on TV

    I bet England has more darkies than Colombia
  3. Cap'n Cunt

    Moorland Arsonists

    They're trying to fight fire with fire. Never a good idea.
  4. Cap'n Cunt

    Gender neutral passport cunt

    It's rather irrelevant what this thing identifies itself as. Nobody's ever going to want to fuck it.
  5. Cap'n Cunt

    Everyday bombs

    Next time I leave a bomb lying around, I'll ensure it's in a bag clearly labelled 'bomb', thereby making it less suspicious.
  6. Cap'n Cunt

    McCain Chips

    You might want to look up the spelling of 'Teresa' before you do that.
  7. Cap'n Cunt

    People overly enamoured with japan

    The fact that they all look the same dusturbs me. And it IS a fact... http://www.foxnews.com/world/2018/06/13/dead-husband-turns-up-alive-nearly-year-after-wife-given-wrong-body.html
  8. Cap'n Cunt

    William 'Skunk' Hague

    Ex-leader of the Conservative Party (for about ten minutes) and pointlessly-knighted Hague is calling for the legalisation of cannabis, as it's proving to be too difficult to stop people growing and using it. What next? Suckdick Khan legalising machete attacks because it's too difficult to police? When the government give up on things because it's too hard, we're in deep shit.
  9. Cap'n Cunt

    Smart motorway new camera cunts

    I had one too. I ended up lost in France.
  10. Cap'n Cunt

    Sainsbury's undercover security operative

    I rarely engage in conversation with the lower classes, however I've made an exception in your case. Fuck off.
  11. Cap'n Cunt

    Sainsbury's undercover security operative

    What she really meant was "I'm on a minimum wage zero-hours contract and I'm not paid enough to listen to the ramblings of a senile hermaphrodite"
  12. Cap'n Cunt

    Random Seating

    I bet you won't be whining if you end up sitting next to a Thai ladyboy who sucks you off over the Alps.
  13. Cap'n Cunt

    The Government's Failure to Tackle Islamophobia

    Yeah, but then they might open my garden gate and let in lots of Africans.
  14. Cap'n Cunt

    The Government's Failure to Tackle Islamophobia

    I wish history would be repeated. I'd love to shoot some Germans. And perhaps have some slaves to do my gardening.
  15. Cap'n Cunt

    Safaa Boular

    Can you make false tits out of semtex? (Asking on behalf of a friend).