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  1. I think he's all right. Burger and a pint for a fiver? Top man.
  2. I was having a shit at the time.
  3. Their ladies' genitalia are sideways, so I hear.
  4. Sell it to a paedophile. You might get enough for 12 cans of Tennants Extra.
  5. At least it's too late for George Michael, thank fuck.
  6. He could have just blacked up. That's better than becoming a bummer.
  7. I see Essex police are trying to identify the bodies. Good luck with that then, they all look the fucking same even when they're alive.
  8. Cap'n Cunt

    Owen Jones

    I'd like to confess to kicking this smarmy cunt in the head. Unfortunately I can't cos I never done it.
  9. Does anyone know where they stage Junior Mongboxing bouts? Asking for a non-existant friend.
  10. Cap'n Cunt

    The weather

    You might grow a bigger cock though.
  11. I don't see anything 'gay' (based on the apparently outdated definition of the word before it was hijacked by bummers) about having your arsehole fisted, or sticking your cock up a shit-encrusted ringpiece. The appropriation of the word 'gay' was quite a good marketing strategy, it evoked images of public-school chums mincing through verdant pastures and laughing like carefree girls. The grim reality is somewhat less wholesome. Lezzers are OK, though, apart from the dykey ones.
  12. I must say I'm getting pissed off with people who use the word 'racist' as some sort of insult. If someone calls me a racist, I take it that it signifies I have won the argument. The fact that I don't like slopes or sooties is largely irrelevant, as I dislike bummers too.
  13. One presumes that them Cockneys will thereafter refer to £50 as 'a bummer', rather than 'a bullseye'?
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