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  1. One presumes that them Cockneys will thereafter refer to £50 as 'a bummer', rather than 'a bullseye'?
  2. Does no-one else see this Gove/cocaine crap as a pathetic attempt to show that he's human, with human failings, but really just a nice bloke\ he's 'down with the kids'\ 'Hey, I'm a fucking drug addict, all you smack heads should vote for me'? Attention-seeking, desperate, cunt-faced cunt. I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire. Unless I could piss petrol. I want him dead, and soon.
  3. How much did he sell it for?
  4. Cap'n Cunt

    Marcus Ball

    I'd pay good money to watch a big man of colour fuck him up the arse whilst he's bent over his office desk squealing for his mummy.
  5. I see Gove is set to give away 3 million British passports to various foreigners who have professed to live here for five years. But I'll still have to pay for mine. I hope the slimy cunt is going to pay for them from his own pocket, though I somehow doubt it. Cunt.
  6. She was trying to suck it's cock. Filthy fucking slope.
  7. I'm not even sure what it is. It looks like someone has done a bad job of photoshopping my nan.
  8. I'd pay to watch lesbians fighting, though.
  9. Is this that woman that got shot to fuck by the IRA last week? I don't really care either way. If you're going to stick your nose into other people's affairs under the guise of 'being a journalist' then you're just a nosy fucker and you should get a proper job.
  10. I don't watch adverts, Eric. Too many darkies in them these days.
  11. I think this LBGT shit is great. Sooner or later all the blokes will have turned into women or bummers, and I'll get to fuck all the wimmin. But not the ones that used to be men, or the butch lezzers, obviously. Or Gyps.
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