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  1. Tantric Masturbation

    I have nothing against Tantric sex as an alternative to default sex. People who may actually like their partners might want to enrich the experience at least for themselves if not for anyone else. And general purpose masturbation, practised within the realms of moderation and decency and most importantly CONTEXT is absolutely not an issue either. But pretentious cunts of the chattering classes and probably in some sort of masturbatory shame spiral , now want that a plain old wank, conceived and executed by most most normal folk usually within 15 mins, has to be elevated into a spiritual act and carefully managed by the application of technique learnt from silly Tantra websites. Cuntish or what?
  2. If at 17 someone walked up to me and said that the shit i was scratching out on that cheap strat copy was wonderful, worthy of recording and fame and 'here's a few million to get going, we're all your friends now' - i would have probably gone one to make far greater a cunt of myself than this feckless nonentity has managed. The real criminal is the industry which somehow has managed to contrive this absurd genre of music into something deserving culturally, shoehorning it into playlists by pretending its ancestry is rich and meaningful in the blues or whatever.
  3. Xmas Eve

    I look at him and i can only think how delicious a buffet style do at his family's house would be. A fusion of Kosher and Cantonese finger foods. Mmmm...
  4. Kim Jong Un (Having to be on Best Behaviour)

    In 2002, after the death of the Queen Mother, he said that the Royal Corgis were happy to hear about her death as they would no longer be blamed for urinating on the settee.
  5. Kim Jong Un (Having to be on Best Behaviour)

    The old colonel in uniform has probably been ordered to lay his legs overnight in a chilli, lemongrass and garlic marinade
  6. Kim Jong Un (Having to be on Best Behaviour)

    His hairdresser is in the Pyongyang Priory. Valium addiction.
  7. Kim Jong Un (Having to be on Best Behaviour)

    See the lad with his eyes closed, the one who looks like he's about to pluck up the nerve to ask Kim if he can get an Xbox? Above his head there's a third.
  8. Businesses Who Employ Spackers to Bag

    Have mine - I don't need them
  9. Kim Jong Un (Having to be on Best Behaviour)

    Smart of the CIA to disseminate misinformation/propaganda in the guise of a harmless puppet movie. No doubt you factored that in.
  10. Businesses Who Employ Spackers to Bag

    And what really irks me, when I see this happen to others (fortunately i have enough foresight and OCD to follow something like Apes suggestion above) is the lack of pride they have in their job. Can they not see the joy in an ergonomically packed carrier bag full of housewares? Ambivalent cunts.
  11. As an expert on North Korea having watched half a dozen or so vids on YT, I present this nom which is about their rather controlling leader/deity Kim Jong Un and the spectacular effect his presence has on peoples behaviour. The nom, pls be advised also covers the subject in general of Having To Be On Best Behaviour Around A Controlling Person Who Could Otherwise Ruin Your Life. Here he is no doubt on one of his choreographed, televised, glorified visits to some hospital or other.. The floor is so shiny it could be used as a spare mirror for the Hubble... and look at them all... Best behaviour, fucking terrified, poor bastards, if anyone dare coughed their whole families would dissapear overnight. What a cunt. Post Update: Look at the picture as a thumbnail or though squinting eyes until you get the fleeting impression that Kim is gangnam dancing , or I am a timewasting idiot, whichever comes first.
  12. Rick Parfitt Status Quo dead

    You cut and pasted from outside text so you could get the umlaut, i take it. Cos i can't fucking find one on my keyboard.
  13. Xmas Eve

    not bad, but be careful that your obvious shoulder-rubbing isn't misenterpreting you as a MI5 mole by the more paranoid ones.
  14. Xmas Eve

    He was most likely taking the piss..... didn't you hear him add '...accursed infidel' under his breath as he moved off
  15. Xmas Eve

    wont work. Jesus is an Englishman